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  1. Personally, I was more struck by the irony of the tweet that states "A large proportion of the population are standing up and demanding change."
  2. Sorry, that was probably my fault. Alamy nuked two threads I posted in instead of just deleting my posts, so I'm reluctant to contribute now.
  3. It probably is DACS, as mine showed up today. I only got two, one of which was $0.03, which seems odd. Seeing a proper statement with deductions listed would make things clearer.
  4. I got two, although one of them was only $0.03. I really think we should be shown the full details of deductions, etc.
  5. I've fitted a new actuator head to the CH zone valve, so now the central heating is back in working order. Seems the old one stripped a gear, but the microswitch can be salvaged and perhaps the motor too if it can be separated from the gearbox.
  6. One thing about the promo video: The only frames that tell anyone that Alamy is a picture library appear for about a second each, and the voice-over doesn't mention it at any point. I suppose it's aimed at those who already know the nature of Alamy's business, but those who don't might be left wondering what it's all about, unless they freeze the relevant frames.
  7. Newspapers operate a self-reporting system, so it can take up to three months for the use to appear. Record the details, and if it isn't reported within three months raise it with Alamy.
  8. Thank you for the clarification.
  9. Alamy, that was not the question I asked, and I'm sure you are aware of that. But to clarify: If you collect DACS or other "other income" for a contributor to the sum of, say, $100 gross in the relevant year, would they then only need $150 in gross licence revenue to remain in the gold tier?
  10. Just added an extra layer, no central heating yet. I need to order a new operating head for the CH zone valve: the old one burned out last year.
  11. Yep, that contributor probably has the largest collection of images here outside of an agency. You haven't been around long enough to know who it is.
  12. @Alamy : Will DACS and similar payments be included in the commission tier calculation? They represent income that the contributor's images have earned for Alamy during the relevant year, so they should be part of the calculation alongside licences, yes?
  13. The company is probably in full crisis management mode over the rebilling debacle / fiasco / scandal (delete as you deem appropriate) so fixing Measures is likely a low priority at the moment. I can't see the rebilling issue being as limited as has been suggested, and it probably requires work from the IT crowd.
  14. The commission structure is meaningless, as you are changing the commission on sales retrospectively. There is no value in being on platinum if a year later the licence gets refunded and rebilled at a lower rate.
  15. It doesn't have to stop at 40%. In February I had a licence credited at 50%. Next year I will be kicked down to silver, and if that licence gets refunded and rebilled then it will go from 50% to 20%. We've seen that Alamy apparently has no time limit on refunds.
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