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  1. Over the weekend several members had amounts deducted from their accounts, in some cases thousands of dollars, for "storage fees" which Alamy used to levy on certain commission plans. This has now been reversed, but there is some suspicion that it was a future policy that escaped from testing prematurely.
  2. Some people did opt for the Red and Green plans that included storage fees. And now Alamy have the large collections from agencies (which would no doubt be exempt from storage fees), so even if every solo contributor left they would still have a product to licence. QC costs would be reduced due to images coming from a (supposedly) reliable source, and there would be no more uploads of holiday snaps (although, thinking about it, that is the type of contributor who would accept a contract with storage fees...)
  3. Alamy announced that they were introducing storage fees about a year after I started contributing. I told them to delete all my images, as I did not agree to the new terms. They had few contributors back then, and I suspect that 99% of them sent the same email, as Alamy backed down and offered the choice of Red, Green, or Blue commission scheme. Now Alamy holds all the cards, and they can do what they want. I predicted that this would happen (and it will at some point, even if they deny it now). It's the plan they had all along, and now they can finally get away with it.
  4. I haven't been affected (yet), but would still like to hear the explanation. I see from the Online Users list that Alamy have viewed this thread and moved on. Hopefully a response will be forthcoming at some point.
  5. If you do that, you will be subject to the terms of the new contract.
  6. I think MizBrown is talking about the political situation in their country of residence, not anyone on Alamy.
  7. No. The choice between the three plans was only offered after Alamy tried to impose fees and the contributors revolted.
  8. Alamy tried to charge for QC and impose storage fees on every image submitted. That is why I have so few images on file: if they tried it once, they can do it again. Back then they were so small that the photographers could force them to back down. Now Alamy holds all the cards.
  9. Prediction for next year: Alamy will be renamed PA Picture Library and storage fees will be reintroduced for any images submitted by individual contributors rather than agencies.
  10. Just the latest move to favour large agencies and kick out the individual contributors.
  11. Sales do not necessarily clear in the same order they are made. They only clear when the client settles their credit account with Alamy. If a sale occurs near the end of a credit cycle it will clear quickly, but if it is at the beginning of a cycle it will take months to clear. If a client goes into administration, Alamy becomes a creditor and has to negotiate for part of the debt according to bankruptcy regulations, which can take a year or more.
  12. One for $25 gross (direct). First of the year; also three zooms, but I don't expect any of them to convert.
  13. Ah, sorry. I thought you were using the extender in the lens.
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