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  1. In the Account Balance tab you will see two figures: Balance carried forward and Cleared balance. Sales are added to Balance carried forward immediately, but don't get transferred to Cleared balance until Alamy has been paid. If your Cleared balance is less than $50, you are not due a payment. Sales usually clear within three months, but in some cases it has been years.
  2. The image that was zoomed during the Measures downtime turned into a sale on the last day of the month, so one for $10 gross. At least it was exclusive. Every time I get a sale, I want to upload more images. But every time I upload more images, Alamy does something - I'll be charitable and say "questionable" - that makes me regret it.
  3. The headline figure on the homepage has continued to fall from 155 million images to 153 million. If they are cracking down on the "agencies" that upload thousands of images and then fail to do any real keywording, so much the better. But if they are losing quality content, which is more likely, then they have shot themselves in the foot. Though that would be consistent with Alamy's apparent desire to drive away their best contributors.
  4. One zoom for me, and two for the same search term in AoA. The 'Found images' thread suggests that I wasn't the lucky one: should find out for sure in three months, but for now assuming the worst. At least my CTR has gone up, but even that may be meaningless now.
  5. Just to repeat: Alamy Measures has been broken since the 7th, so NO ONE is seeing any views reported. There are several threads covering this: Alamy say they are fixing it, but don't hold your breath.
  6. There probably have been views in that period, but no data updates = no views reported.
  7. I had to log out to get the last two posts to show, and the time stamps update. Also having some issues on another forum, so this may be external to Alamy.
  8. I noticed that some of the 'xx hours ago' figures are wrong, so maybe there has been a rollback after a buggy new version was released, and now they are trying again.
  9. To be fair, it may be a cultural thing. "Charity" may have significantly different connotations in America, what with TV evangelists asking for donations to fund private jets, etc.
  10. A default option sends the message "This is the most common selection, and therefore the one that is probably the most applicable to you." Alamy have defended the huge number of refunds on the grounds that many people think they are buying the item rather than an image: "personal use" helps to reinforce that belief. If a use which would obviously be applicable only to an image were the default, it would help to stop genuine mistakes, and make claims for refunds on that basis much less plausible.
  11. …... Well, at least the efforts and sacrifices of early adopters were not wasted on most contributors.
  12. When Alamy attempted to introduce submission and storage fees (not optional), I notified them that I didn't accept the new terms and wanted all my images removed before they became liable for any fees. I suspect that 90% of all contributors at the time did the same, as Alamy backed down and offered the choice of red, green or blue plans instead. Perhaps those of us who were around at the time owe the rest of you an apology: we could have followed through and killed Alamy off before it grew large enough to start exploiting contributors. Sorry.
  13. Alamy claim to want to rise to Tier 1.5, but are doing everything they can to drive away the kind of contributor who would help them achieve it. Instead they are, knowingly or otherwise, attracting the kind of contributor who will pull them down to Tier 3. Many new contributors seem to think Alamy is a social media site rather than a business: which is an easy mistake to make given that that is how Alamy has been presenting itself. Alamy has always been good at producing gimmicks and dressing them up as innovation. It sometimes seems as though the software developers are working on their own pet projects rather than trying to solve the existing issues which have been holding the company back. Unless there is a paradigm shift towards true innovation, rather than introducing new 'features' just for the sake of it, things are only going to get worse. Tackle the key issues: don't keep papering over the cracks.
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