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  1. One contributor did have a batch that got stuck and apparently overlooked in QC. That was only resolved after he sent an email to "the top". Using the online user list, I've seen that Alamy have viewed your post. However, it is their policy not to reply to any questions posted on this forum. You may find that the issue has been raised behind the scenes and gets resolved, but Alamy won't let you know that here. You may have to email Contributor Relations, but at the moment their response time is obviously greatly extended.
  2. Cystolepiota bucknallii is the best I can come up with as well. If it was in a beech wood that would add weight to the hypothesis.
  3. Greyer plumage, round spots, and an upright stance would indeed tend to indicate Mistle thrush (Turdus viscivorus).
  4. I've been playing online Solitaire and Mahjong, but it's been decades since I played a 'real' computer game. There is one I would like to have a go at, but (a) I don't own the console required to play it, and (b) I think it is now out of print. So I've been playing vicariously by watching run-through vids on YouTube.
  5. On the subject of drink (which was the current subject elsewhere), I picked up a bottle of wine for my birthday and made it last three days. That's probably the end of my alcohol consumption for this month. I've been stretching the supplies out to minimise trips to the shops, and have lost about 4kg so far. Another four and I'll be at my target weight, but it might be better to get there a bit slower.
  6. That song is actually on my playlist, sandwiched between a Blondie track and the theme from a cartoon show. Yes, I'm weird.
  7. I can hold out for two or three more days before venturing out to the shops, so hopefully it will have stabilised a bit by then. I'm glad I froze a load of blackberries from the garden last year, though I'll probably get fed up with them if I work through the whole stock. Some ice cream would help. On the bright side, making the reserves of food go further has already started to drop my weight a bit.
  8. One advantage of keyboards and synths is that they can be played into headphones. Reduces friction with the neighbours and, in the case of synths, encourages extra care to avoid patching unstable feedback loops: a sudden blast of howl isn't fun.
  9. I've done some gardening and should do some more. Electronic projects -- making circuits out of old components and housing them in re-purposed ice cream tubs -- feels a bit too post-apocalyptic at the moment, and summoning the enthusiasm for photography is difficult. I had intended to keep DVD/YouTube binging in reserve, but have already succumbed (though the Farscape marathon is being held back as a last resort). Tomorrow I need to throw myself into some work.
  10. %20 is the 'space' character.
  11. I might join in the noise making, although I only do "ambient". Of course, there is always photography inside and in the garden. Perhaps time to dig the childhood Lego out of the loft and get some shots. I had meant to put it up on eBay soon, but that isn't likely to happen for a while now. There are still electronic projects I want to build: I suspect many will now fail to come to fruition.
  12. Given the global situation, retreating into a world of fantasy sounds quite attractive. As for favourite TV, there's one word: Farscape. If you haven't visited the Uncharted Territories, Scorpius wants to know where the hezmana you've been.
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