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  1. One of my molars is currently half the tooth it used to be. It'll either be fixed or pulled on Thursday.
  2. Go to your Dashboard, click the Balance of Account tab, and select All for Time Period. In the summary the line Total Payments to You will give you the amount you have received from Alamy to date. This does not include any balance that remains unpaid as it is below the threshold, and is also subject to reduction by any future refunds. This will also not take account of bank charges, conversion rates, etc. so to get the true figure you need to add up the amounts you used for your tax returns.
  3. I borrowed a couple of my dental x-rays from the dentist, and photographed them on a light box. Several zooms, but no sales so far, so I clearly don't have very interesting fillings.
  4. Regardless of whether or not it is "inputted as a normal sale", deductions have been made. So why the value of 0.00 for deductions, on a formal statement of account? "Currently the admin costs work out roughly to be around £1 per contributor..." If this is the "current" deduction, can you give an indication of what it was in the past? This information has been withheld for several years, and charges change. Thank you.
  5. I broke my right wrist in high school. Didn't require surgery like Michael, but had a half-cast for about a week to let the swelling go down, then a full forearm cast to the knuckles with a thumb loop for several weeks. Had to keep writing which was difficult, and probably didn't help with the speed of recovery. I did lose a little mobility in the joint, but nothing really significant. Hope it turns out okay for you.
  6. Views have halved and so far zero sales this year, compared to three last year. I've had totally dry years before, but this is probably the end of the road.
  7. With a tiny collection my CTR tends to swing between extremes, but I've been watching the mountain range slowly drift to the left of the graph, and this month the last zoom disappeared and I've flatlined.
  8. Yes, the interference is confusing the issue. If it is half-tone, it must have used a fine cross-line screen rather than a mezzotint.
  9. The Darkroom Handbook by Michael Langford describes using half-tone screens for effects and also in the preparation of screens for silkscreen printing. The primary use was to obtain the illusion of continuous tone from high contrast processes like lith. It also mentions that there was a sheet film, Kodalith Autoscreen, that was fogged during manufacture with a cross-line screen to produce half-tone masters without using a screen in the darkroom. However, half-tone works by producing dots of different sizes: the images shown appear to have a constant-sized texture rather than half-tone dots. So
  10. I intended to hire a Sigma 105mm f1.4 Art at some point this year, but the way things are going that probably won't happen now. I've been avoiding public transport, and I'd have to make several trips to justify the cost of hiring.
  11. The second one looks more like a Cessna 170, as the 172 has tricycle undercarriage. But I could be wrong, and I can't immediately place the first one. Okay, from the shape of the wing root the first one may be a Piper Cherokee, PA-28-?, but there are a lot of variants to choose from. Again, I can't say that with total certainty.
  12. Distributors are third-party agents who sell images on behalf of Alamy. They take a cut, then Alamy takes a cut, and you get what is left. You can opt out of the distribution scheme in April, which would mean you get a bigger cut, but would only get sales where buyers have gone directly to Alamy. DACS is a payment for incidental use of published images via photocopying etc. It is an estimate of unreported uses, and you could claim direct if you have details of where your images were published. Unless you opt out, Alamy will automatically claim on your behalf and again take a cut.
  13. I'm tempted to post a link to the 234 page datasheet for the PIC16F87xA microcontroller chip, but that would be evil. 😈 Betty: I hope he used a suitable connector or splice, otherwise you could be in for more problems when the ground becomes wet. If you get a breaker tripping when it rains, you will know where the problem is.
  14. This is a long shot, and usually applies to older equipment, but some capacitors get lazy if they are not powered for extended periods of time. If you can keep the drive powered up for several hours it would potentially reform any lazy caps and the drive may start working, but the chances that this is the problem are not high.
  15. Make sure you deselect the image(s) you were working on before starting to tag another group, or the info you added to the previous image(s) will be overwritten or added to. This has caught a lot of people out.
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