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  1. Alamy gives agencies a free pass on pretty much everything: individual contributors are treated as second-class citizens in that respect.
  2. First ten, all gross $ and rounded down, with first sale in 2004: 144 106 237 84 79 86 84 167 38 37
  3. Difficult to tell from that shot, but if it was about the size of a hornet and had a yellow 'nose', it could be Volucella zonaria, a large hoverfly. The eyes seem to meet, which means it is male. Someone else may be more certain: this is just a suggestion. Edit: Too slow again!
  4. My first Alamy sale was an image that I had just included to fill up the CD. It probably won't sell again due to its age and the hugely increased competition, but while I've deleted a lot of my old stuff I've kept that one just in case (and simply because it was my 'first'). I'm pretty sure I deleted at least one image that should have remained, but can't be resubmitted as it wouldn't pass QC now. So if in doubt, it's probably best to leave things alone.
  5. We are here to make money for Alamy, not ourselves. And all of us are producing micro-grade images, because Alamy is converting our aRGB files to sRGB with no colour profile. They have given up on big-ticket clients and gone down-market, hence the abundance of PU sales, which seems to be their new target demographic.
  6. There was no 'may' or 'preferred' about it: the requirement was aRGB. Just as we were told not to sharpen, and turn in-camera sharpening OFF. Then the stance changed to "don't over-sharpen". Or did it? Did we ever get an official reply on that, or a definition of 'over-sharpen'? Were files that were submitted unsharpened subsequently sharpened to allow them to compete? Communicating with its contributors has never been Alamy's strong point, and this thread has demonstrated that. If I hadn't read it, I would still be under the impression that aRGB was required. To paraphrase a certain sci-fi character, Alamy is starting to damage my calm.
  7. And Alamy (presumably) tells them what they want: a business doesn't use an off-the-peg forum designed for consumers. An unintentional 'upgrade' may have accidentally slipped through (there has been instability in some of the available features lately), but that wouldn't bode well for security.
  8. It was a business at one point, but now it doesn't know what it is. That's why we are seeing people signing up thinking it's a social media platform, and 'customers' buying images of pills because they think they are getting mail-order drugs. Alamy has lost its identity. Look at what happened to Maplin. They turned their back on their core clientele, the electronics enthusiasts ("makers") and became box-shifters trying to appeal to the general public with gadgets. It didn't work out well for them.
  9. Same here. As a single male, being seen with a camera anywhere near kids in this neighbourhood would not have a good outcome.
  10. Well the online list is back, but so is the issue of posts not showing unless you are logged in. It would seem the two are connected, or there has been a roll back.
  11. Well I have had two zooms, but they rarely convert, and even if they did in this case it would probably be either one or the other, not both. Still, misplaced optimism springs eternal.
  12. So does that mean that the fraudster gets to keep the file they downloaded, but the contributor has their payment taken away? Please clarify.
  13. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition - and presumably other such prestigious contests - require RAW files for authentication (during the second round of judging, if you've made the shortlist). DNG files are only accepted if they were generated in camera at the time of capture. Obviously this is a special case, but worth keeping in mind if you think you may choose to participate in such events.
  14. At some point I would like to hire a 5DS to try it out. I tend to shoot a lot of subjects which require subsequent cropping, even with a long tele lens, and I'd like to see how well the 5DS stands up in that situation. I'd also want to see how well my computer handles the larger file size: I think it could get a severe case of indigestion, as it is quite old now. That's probably going to be the deal breaker as far as actually buying one is concerned.
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