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  1. Sales do not necessarily clear in the same order they are made. They only clear when the client settles their credit account with Alamy. If a sale occurs near the end of a credit cycle it will clear quickly, but if it is at the beginning of a cycle it will take months to clear. If a client goes into administration, Alamy becomes a creditor and has to negotiate for part of the debt according to bankruptcy regulations, which can take a year or more.
  2. One for $25 gross (direct). First of the year; also three zooms, but I don't expect any of them to convert.
  3. Ah, sorry. I thought you were using the extender in the lens.
  4. Just to clarify, the built-in extender in the 200-400mm is 1.4x, not 2x, so that would be 560mm. 1.4x extenders degrade image quality less than 2x, and the latter are usually best reserved for use with primes, although the results may be acceptable if used with a very high quality zoom like the 70-200mm 2.8 L IS. If possible, I would suggest hiring a lens and converters before you commit to a purchase, so you can assess the actual image quality of the combination.
  5. Just bumping this for the next winner. Someone may want to start a new appropriately named thread and copy over the list, as I won't be maintaining it going forward.
  6. Yes, you're right. Now it's official: Alamy has driven me insane.
  7. Up to this point it has only been possible to opt out during April. Unless Alamy starts doing things differently, you will need to act when the window opens, or you will be locked in for another year.
  8. No, the best option is for Alamy to communicate with us.
  9. One of my molars is currently half the tooth it used to be. It'll either be fixed or pulled on Thursday.
  10. Go to your Dashboard, click the Balance of Account tab, and select All for Time Period. In the summary the line Total Payments to You will give you the amount you have received from Alamy to date. This does not include any balance that remains unpaid as it is below the threshold, and is also subject to reduction by any future refunds. This will also not take account of bank charges, conversion rates, etc. so to get the true figure you need to add up the amounts you used for your tax returns.
  11. I borrowed a couple of my dental x-rays from the dentist, and photographed them on a light box. Several zooms, but no sales so far, so I clearly don't have very interesting fillings.
  12. Regardless of whether or not it is "inputted as a normal sale", deductions have been made. So why the value of 0.00 for deductions, on a formal statement of account? "Currently the admin costs work out roughly to be around £1 per contributor..." If this is the "current" deduction, can you give an indication of what it was in the past? This information has been withheld for several years, and charges change. Thank you.
  13. I broke my right wrist in high school. Didn't require surgery like Michael, but had a half-cast for about a week to let the swelling go down, then a full forearm cast to the knuckles with a thumb loop for several weeks. Had to keep writing which was difficult, and probably didn't help with the speed of recovery. I did lose a little mobility in the joint, but nothing really significant. Hope it turns out okay for you.
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