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  1. Sometimes the subject outweighs the quality of the light. CB7JF8 has sold twice for a total just short of $$$ gross, despite the cloudy background and flat light. If I shot the same subject again under better conditions it may well sell more frequently, but I would have missed out on sales if I hadn't uploaded the less than ideal image.
  2. I'll re-post it here for convenience as the thread title matches: 2019 October - Attention to the Reflection (Urban) September - Faces August - Climate July - Children in Action June - Remembrance, Honouring, Celebrating May - The Thrill and Joy of Sport April - Women's Role in Todays Society March - Eating February - What is Love? January - Happy New! 2018 December - Converging Lines November - The City October - You Wear It Well September - Think Local August - NEWS July - FUN June - National parks scenery (pure nature) May - Twilight April - In or On the Water March - Without leaving the house (or garden) February - Winter Activities January - Music 2017 December - Taste November - Iconic October - Failure September - Critters August - On The Beach July - Street Art June - Festivals May - Transport April - Proverbs and sayings March - Urban Wildlife February - Urban Landscape January - Friendship and Friends 2016 December - Behind November - Trees October - River September - Our Native Land August - Digital Manipulation July - Pedal Power June - Help May - Worm's eye view April - City March - Joy of Travel February - The Blue Hour January - Silhouettes and Shadows 2015 December - Motion November - Solitary October - The Decisive Moment September - Concept August - Travel Magazine cover July - Skyline June - Environmentally Friendly May - Communication April - Little March - The Good Life February - I don't know why I like it.. January - Informal Portrait of a Stranger 2014 December - Festivities November - Autumn Colour (Color) October - Shoot Local September - Music August - Bridges July - My Favourite Place June - Perspective May - Rules April - Abstract/Minimalism March - Health February - The Unusual / The Weird / The Lucky Shot January - Sunset 2013 December - Peace November - Cold October - Harmony September - Triumphant August - Taking it easy July - Heat June - Night May - Excess April - In the Air
  3. Some kind of tribute along those lines would be fitting. R.I.P.
  4. One for $76 gross. Best month for some time, provided it sticks.
  5. Most of Alamy's customers are picture editors/researchers, who are looking for specific subjects, not just "pretty pictures". They will search for those specific subjects, and expect accurate captions. Adding false information to "make it sell" won't go down well here. (And John is not spelt Jonh: make errors like that in your keywords, and again your pictures will not show up in results.)
  6. Today a previous zoom converted into a sale for $76 (direct and exclusive.) The last sale I had that side of $50 was in 2016, so a welcome boost.
  7. X, Y and Z are the standard labels for a three-dimensional array, so depending on how Alamy's database works they may be reserved characters. Or there may be some other reason: we will probably never know.
  8. I believe Alamy's announcement that they were imposing submission and storage fees for all contributors was before your time. They backed down then because I suspect that 99% of the contributors at that time requested deletion of all their files before fees came into effect, and Alamy would have been left with about 100 images on file. Would you have continued to supply an agency that had tried to take the majority of the licence fee in the form of storage fees (deducted from the photographer's share when a sale is made)? I've made some submissions since then, but with all the other things Alamy have done, trust is in short supply.
  9. You will be aware that there have been several incidents over the years which resulted in many contributors leaving. I've stuck around, but stopped uploading and at one point deleted many of my earliest images. I'm still procrastinating over whether to start submitting again.
  10. My last CD submission, May 2007, had one failure. The other 11 images on the CD were accepted. This is the only failure I've ever had, so can't say if it was a case of "We'll let you get away with it this time, but don't do it again" or general policy at the time. It may have only applied to submissions on physical media, due to the cost involved in re-submitting.
  11. That is also my recollection. At first, they said no sharpening at all. Then the issue was raised of difficulty passing QC due to the anti-aliasing filter on DSLR sensors. I think (but may be wrong) that they were pressed on the issue at a meeting and responded with the "minimal input sharpening okay, but no output sharpening" line, which was subsequently reported in the forum. I can't remember it ever being formally set down, but again I could be wrong.
  12. I'm not familiar with the program you are using, but it is probably best to avoid using any 'auto' adjustments. Could you have accidentally applied a huge amount of unsharp mask or some other effect? I've sometimes moved sliders without realising it until I zoom in. If the in-camera contrast and sharpening are High, there can be interaction if those actions are subsequently repeated in post. Alamy's original instructions were to turn in-camera sharpening off, and only apply a minimal amount in RAW conversion to compensate for the anti-aliasing filter.
  13. It was working earlier, but now I get a data error when it tries to load the graph. Edit: Graph now loads, but can't get through to Measures.
  14. It is possible to make sales with a small number of images: I've had two this year with only 177 images remaining on sale (although admittedly one was due to a specific one-off event.) Having a varied selection of subjects helps.
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