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  1. Commission change - James West comments

    I agree the best sales are still print, John. Problem is, there are fewer of them compared to even 6 years ago. When I look at my sales report, most of them are low value. I need to have amnesia every time I remember thinking a $60 sale was mediocre compared to the rest I had. Ahhh, those days are gone. I used to buy paperback novels like they were candy. At around $8-$9 a pop, churning through at least 8-10 a month, they added up. Now I have a kindle. I belong to Bookbub, which send me 5 or 6 books a day in my genre. Many are free for download. Some are $.99, some $1.99. Rarely, (couple of times a year) I pay $8 or $9 for one. It’s been 2 months since I downloaded anything that wasn’t free. Hitting writers and publishers in the pocketbook? You bet. Betty
  2. Commission change - James West comments

    What many of us forget, me included, is that print medium is going the way of the dinosaurs. Newspapers are failing, and many of those that are still here have cut features. I have seen it with papers I have long subscribed to. Whole sections, like travel which relies heavily on images, pretty much disappearing. Other sections cutting half their pages. Then the newspaper physical size decreasing, to cut paper costs, so smaller pictures used. Those good textbook sales? Many textbooks are going online, now. Magazines failing, some of them (usually specialties) asking their readers to submit stories and photos. And the readers do it just for the glory of seeing their stuff in print...bragging rights to Uncle George. So here we have a bloated library with maybe 30% being really good images, but extremely difficult for a buyer to wade through the dross to find the gems. Shrinking print outlets. Much of the sales being used online, so no need to pay for those larger sizes. People giving their work away. These above points arent aren’t going to get better. Only worse, folks. Somehow my brain just found clarity, and I don’t like what I found. Betty
  3. It’s pretty bad for me in the US to try to upload in the early evening like I always have done, so they’d be approved the next day. Instead, I forget about how slow it is, and after three hours trying, Miss the QC window. Guess I need to start at noon. I haven’t figured out yet what I’m going to do about the 40%. That sort of takes the eagerness to build a portfolio away. Yes, Bill, money needs spent fixing that. But I don’t agree it should be the suppliers bearing that burden while management is giving funds away. That’s not good business sense. Most successful businesses plow profits back in to the business. It takes money to make money. First things first...then when everything is running well, think about charity. Alamy has it backwards. When Alamy fails, and it will if they keep on doing what they’re doing, there won’t ever be anything left for charity. There is that old adage...Charity begins at home. Betty
  4. It’s easy for you to say. I downloaded FileZilla several years ago and could never get it to work. I’m not smart enough with technical things. Please come to my house and I’ll give you free reign to set up FTP for me. I’ll even bake you a pie. Betty
  5. Alamy on an iPad Pro?

    😂 You do have your trials, don’t you?
  6. Commission structure single thread

    Thank you, Bill. So true. I’ve bounced back so many times I’m lopsided! 😁 Good thing I’m an optimist at heart.
  7. Commission change - James West comments

    Thank you, Gen. I’m trying to push through it. Being an optimist by nature helps.
  8. Commission change - James West comments

    Allan....please give me your email. I will give you mine and you can keep yours private if you like, and send it to me. Xxxxxxxx xx per your advice Allan. Thanks I would be very distressed to lose you as my friend...I have a feeling we’ve both suffered losses recently. Betty
  9. I had my provider out last week. I complained about the speed, how long it took to upload. He checked everything, and (sorry, I’m not technical,) but my upload speed was 298 out of 300 being the fastest possible. He suggested it was on Alamy’s end. I believe this is correct. I remember when it was a matter of course to have an image, no matter the size, (And I used to upload huge D800 files) zip through in 15-30 seconds. Even when the system was overloaded, it took about a minute per image. Now, and for months if not a year, uploading is a joke. Last evening it took three hours to upload 15 images. That’s pathetic. This may be one area that Alamy wants to use our 20% to fix, however unfair. Betty
  10. Commission structure single thread

    Merry Christmas from Alamy. After caregiving for years and having very little free time to get out of the house and shoot, now being a widow I thought I’d be able to concentrate on my craft and make more income. That income is sorely needed because my income has been cut, one source of income disappeared with my husband’s death, and another greatly reduced. Now this news. Double whammy for me. I worked for a doctor full time for 5 years, then because of health issues, began working half days. All I asked of my doctor is, “Do I get paid vacation and/or sick leave now?” If I didn’t, that was ok, I just wanted to know where I stood. Time passed, I kept asking, but never got an answer. Then I became very ill with pneumonia, and hospitalized for a week. That’s when my cowardly employer let me know through another employee during my hospitalization that I had no benefits. I pretty much think I was the best employee he ever had...I arrived 15-20 minutes early every morning and went straight to work. I was the one who stayed until the last patient was done while every other employee went home at 5. Try screening patients quickly enough to keep 4 exam rooms full, answering the phones (two lines) and checking out patients (taking money, making return appointments) all by yourself. Harrowing. Sometimes working an hour or more overtime, unpaid. I was on salary. I remember how I felt when my employer gave me the news while I lay so ill in the hospital. I lay in the bed sobbing. Not from getting no sick pay, but the sense of betrayal after my loyalty at his kicking me while I was down. Some of that feeling is happening now. Helplessness. But I did learn that loyalty is a one-way street a long time ago. I don’t understand why I’m surprised. Betty
  11. How was your November?

    Lousy month for me. Half the sales, and all of those low value. Things will get better, they always do. I’m not worried. One bad month isn’t going to tank me. Betty
  12. Post Processing

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with your images. I like them.
  13. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    I’m tired just reading about it.
  14. I had a work around when I had an Android phone. I uploaded them to my iMac then sent them email to my iPad, saved, and then uploaded to the app. It was a pain. I have an iPhone now.