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  1. Well....if you want to drive a point home.... My 50 pairs of shoes made it, so all is good. I think I sold 25 pair in the garage sale. My problem is like before the pandemic started. There was a 1-day unadvertised sale at Penny’s for ankle boots. $60-80 boots for about $13 a pair. I just happened to go in for something else and saw the signs. I bought three pair for less than I would have paid for one pair, regular price. HOOO-HA. The next day they were back to full price.
  2. I have a large storage room in the basement. The rest of that floor is a living area, 3rd bathroom and a bedroom. I worked diligently and sold a lot of stored stuff in my garage sale last fall. I think I still have 20-30 boxes in there, along with a large shelving unit full. A funny story. When we moved, we hired a moving truck. The company assured me the truck they sent would hold everything from a 4 bedroom house with two living areas. Well, it didn’t. The day we had to leave and turn the house over to the new owners, my grandson made a 4 hour round trip to borrow a large enclosed trail
  3. You reminded me of a consequence of Covid. Right before it became a big deal, I had an older upright freezer in my garage. I decided to get a new one, and did. I sold my old one. Within a couple of weeks, the virus exploded and all of a sudden people bought all available freezer stock, and others wanting one were told they would be months on back order, especially when the workers were getting sick at the manufacturing level. Of course, people wanted to be able to stock up and freeze food, even hoard, so they didn’t need to go shopping as often.
  4. Somewhere in the eastern US. This guy doing what I’d like to be doing. Trout fishing in my waders.
  5. Love this and, ahem, I understand the “point” of your cloning.
  6. By the way, the Koolade pie was good. And I forgot to take a picture of it. There’s some left, maybe I can just take one of a piece.
  7. Jose, to illustrate about stores, markets, and such, I just sold an image of a storefront of a business that happens to be in the news these days. Many times, you can take a lot of pictures of this type and they just sit there.....until a news story breaks about one and yours is situated to be in the race. Maybe a chain decides to close 1/3 of their stores. Maybe an important CEO is fired and a new one is hired. Maybe a business goes bankrupt. On and on, so whoever is writing the news or story needs a picture to go with it. I find those images are worth taking. Betty
  8. I have set up templates in Bridge that give me keywords for often shot subjects. A bird? Click on the template and I apply all common keywords including scientific name. Then I add a few for anything different if necessary, like weather, or what the bird is perched on. Just my own way to doing what you do in LR but without the ‘Betty’ land mines! I knew you would get it sorted.
  9. ^ ^ ^ Exactly why I only use LR for adjustments and not cataloguing. I can get myself into messes real easy, but I have trouble getting myself out of them. That’s the last thing I want to spend my time on...extricating myself from a mess. Or not being able to! Good luck, Bryan. I know you’ll get to the bottom of it, because you’re persistent. Sorry to say, I don’t have the patience.
  10. That's the kind of weather that usually happens around here. We may get an arctic blast that lasts for a few days, then a warmup happens. This polar front is very unusual. The last one I remember that went on so long was 1983. Even then, while it remained below freezing for around two weeks, I don’t remember single digit highs and 17 below at night. I guess I’ll have to wait another month or two to see which of my plantings have survived. I lost all of my hollies in ‘83. And this cold was deeper. The one positive thing is daylight savings will begin some time in the first half of March
  11. It finally reached the freezing point today. Heat wave. The 15th was my daughter’s birthday, a cold, bitter day with light snow and a vicious wind. I took her out for a birthday lunch for Mediterranean dining. I’m not sure she appreciated me dragging her out. We had the place to ourselves. She did get a free piece of delicious raspberry cheesecake from the restaurant since it was her birthday. The bad thing is the streets were snow-packed and loads of sand had been put down for traction. The salt wasn’t working...the temperature was too low for it. When I pulled my car in the garage, I sa
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