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  1. What a horrible teacher, but I'm so glad your mother 'straightened her out'. Would love to know her methods 🤣 Luckily I wasn't given a hard time for left-handedness. Well, at 5’2”, my tiny mother stormed into the classroom holding my hand. She was red-faced and shaking all over with anger and the teacher saw it. Mom told her I was born left-handed and she (the teacher) from that day forward would never bother me over it again. And she never did. My mother was very sweet, timid and mild-mannered. Not that day. Mom told her off in front of me so I wouldn’t have to be terrified anymor
  2. Everything you read about “needs” right now say a photographer “needs” the larger screen. But if you’ve been working on a 21.5” monitor, I would expect the 24” will look very nice. When I joined Alamy, I was working on PCs with smaller monitors, too. I do wonder if that’s why I had so many failures, but pretty much all of us were working on smaller monitors then. I think it was because I wasn’t that good at evaluating my images.
  3. I well remember walking through the darkened house, barely shuffling my feet, looking through barely cracked open lids. Glad those days are over.
  4. Today I read that your planning on the laptop, Ed, but several days back before you first went to the Apple store, you said you were thinking about the mini. You changed your mind, kind of like me wobbling all over the place between the next Gen iMac or the mid 2020 iMac. Decisions, decisions. I hope you get what you want soon, because you’re in a worse pickle than I was in. I have mine back, clean and hooked up. I’ll give it a test run tomorrow. Keep taking pictures, you’ll have something to work on with your new computer. Don’t forget those skies for the sky replacement tool. I go
  5. Apologies to Ed in the other thread, I should have posted here. While no decision is made between the latest iMac-to-be, I’m also looking at a mid 20-20 27” iMac. 1TB SSD hard drive Standard screen, Retina display, not nano glass. Some reports say images don’t appear as crisp (sharp) with nano, and there is some “sparkle”. I’ve done fine without it up to now. AMD Radeon Pro 5700 8 GB GDDR6 upgrade cost worth it for better performance here. 3.8 GHz Intel core i7, 8 core (very tiny improvement in choosing i9-10 core and not worth the cost) 10GB Ethernet port, importan
  6. Buy the extended! I never do, but maybe in this case...
  7. I’m not positive that the 20/20 iMac with the Intel chip isn’t the way to go. My old 2012 iMac was plenty fast when I bought it, and from what I’ve read, the lasted Intel chip iMacs beat that. Exactly how fast of a machine does one need? As someone pointed out about a car (Geoff, I believe) do you need a car that goes 120mph in 60 seconds if you plan on driving 73-75 mph top speed, like me? Just because there is something faster, does one automatically think they have to have it? Some of the articles point to the power usages being high for certain filters like blur, radial and sharpening
  8. I saw that, too, but it’s hinted that it may be erroneous. In any case, if true, it would be covered by the warranty. Because if it’s true, the innards would wear out super-fast and within the warranty period.
  9. To ask a probably stupid question, you are checking “ALAMY<MY ACCOUNT>My Image Manager”, right? Nothing there?
  10. BTW, I found out PS uses more cores these days. Also read about “threading”.
  11. Exciting news! Thanks for the video. On left-handedness...I hope your teachers didn’t put you through what my first grade teacher did to me. She hit my bent back hand with a ruler 4 or 5 times when she caught me using my left hand. That is...until my mother got hold of her! it went on for weeks. I didn’t tell my mother until she asked why my grades slipped. I thought I was a baaad girl at the age of 6. My grades shot up after the... ah-hum...straightening out of the teacher. Her stomach probably roiled with acid every time she saw me using my left hand after that. I was the only lefty in the
  12. Good for you! I had to look up what SSD meant last week, lol. Yesterday was understanding cores. I read an article that said some years ago that Photoshop of that time only used one core, leaving the speed of any other cores on the table. I wonder what it does now? Literally, the only time I use my computer is for my images, CC, etc. I do all my reading, searching, forums, on my iPad from the comfort of my easy chair. So if LR and PS doesn’t use multiple cores, why buy one that has the most?
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