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  1. I’ve had seven surgeries, breezed through them. That included appendix, knee and shoulder.The docs usually gave me 24-30 pain pills and I’d take one or two that first post-op day, then no more. Easy. My move in 2018 was a nightmare because of my circumstances, but it’s in the rear-view mirror. A year from now, you two, Edo and Allan, will be saying the same. I will say though, the older we get, the more vulnerable we feel. We just have to pedal harder. Betty
  2. You know why we call them pants, don’t you? On a hot summer day, long trousers cause you to “pant”. 🤣😁 (not)
  3. That was my diagnosis also, 😁 Dear Allan, Dear Edo, May both of your trials and troubles be resolved soon. There is always light at the end of that trite tunnel, I’ve found. You just have to wade through the detritus at the bottom first, and hope your not wading through the sewer where the light is coming from a manhole. Allan, enjoy the pre-op meds, when all of your troubles melt away for a bit. I remember after a procedure the nurse told my family to try to wake me, since my breathing wasn’t good while so deep under. There I was, all snuggled down in a pre-warmed blanket loving my nap, with family shaking my foot over and over to wake me. I never wanted so much to kick someone in the teeth. Restrain yourself. Betty
  4. I’m with you. I’d have been bundled up, too. Many a time with a wind chill of 40F, I’ve walked into the supermarket in jeans and coat while someone nearby wore shorts, a tee and flip-flops. Brrrrr. Takes all kinds. Good luck. I’d say first order of business would be to find a doctor, but one usually doesn’t do that until they settle in one spot. Which is first, the chicken or the egg?
  5. May I kindly suggest that in future, don’t upload so many similars? I think you have roundabout 18 of an airplane wingtip when no more than 2 or 3 would do. Same with the field of flowers. If you got rid of most of the similars, you effectively have a much smaller port. Sometimes, depending on the subject, you can do a horizontal, a vertical, a zoomed in and a zoomed out. That’s four. Try many different subjects, your sales opportunities will go up. 10 of the same against 10 different subjects. Think about it. You have 9 more opportunities. If your image starts out well, not underexposed or taken with high ISO, it should hold up to adjustments. I regularly increase contrast, correct white balance by using either the white, gray or black dropper, straighten, and do other tweaks in LR or PS. They pass fine. One thing I’ve learned, if my image is not taken under optimal light conditions, I use selective noise reduction to the dark areas. My biggest cause for failures back in the day was for soft and lacking definition. That came from my trying to sneak one by when I clearly wondered if the image was sharp enough or not. Now, I just bin those I think are on the edge and move on. I also got better reading glasses! 😊 As time goes by, you’ll get that discernment and it will become very natural to you. Just be sure to enlarge the images to 100% and it’s surprisingly what you’ll find. Unsharp Noise Dust bunnies, especially in the sky Bits or a LOT of chromatic aberration ugliness, especially where lights meet darks That tiny bird in the sky that QC thinks is a dust bunny. Get rid of it! A year or so ago, I got rid of some similars. I didn’t have overly much to delete, one or two of some subjects, but all together I must’ve deleted a hundred or two. I might’ve uploaded 5 different shots of a piece of chocolate cake (using this as an example). With fork, without, closeup, zoomed out, etc. what I found was that there were always 1-3 superior (to my eye) images. Yet the chance of a buyer searching for a piece of chocolate cake might bring up the lesser images first and the best we’re on deeper pages. I prefer my best to compete. If all five are equally well done and sufficiently different...closeup, zoomed out with copyspace, vertical, horizontal, etc, I’ll leave them all. Usually 4 is the limit, 5 at the most. And, of course, I have a lot that just have one shot used. Keep in mind this is only how I do it, others may go about it completely different. But the general consensus has always to err on the side of fewer similars. Believe it or not, there are a few photographers on the forum who have only ONE of a subject or event. Their ports are small. Yet they regularly outsell a bunch of us with 4-10 times more images. Blows my mind. Adding similars just because I took them and they’re sharp enough isn’t a good reason to add them. I struggle with it continuously. Betty
  6. LOL, I understood what he said (meant) from the git-go. Maybe I just understand Allanese better than you because Allan and I travel through some of the same rabbit holes. Hallooooo, Allan! Glad you are spared those hours, Edo. Betty
  7. You have some fantastically beautiful, well-taken images. You’ve included people, +1. I didn’t spend much time looking at captions and tags, but I did notice TRNWNJ you have misspelled a word in the caption. Spings should be springs. Keep on with what you are doing. You have a lot of travel images. Don’t forget to get more personal with people, closer ups with somebody doing something like cooking, serving a meal, washing clothes, children playing, a family picnic, party or celebration. Or a waiter serving in a restaurant, a worker tossing pizza, etc. Betty
  8. That’s strange. It’s been a long time since I had a fail, but I’m sure I’ve resubmitted an image or two that had removed dust bunnies and they were accepted. Maybe things have changed since then. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. I have many more images than you, and probably fewer similars. I have not made a sale this month. It happens. Cyclical. Sometimes I go for several months with fewer licenses, then I rebound. I’ve learned to not overly sweat something I cannot change. It’s much healthier for my body to be without anger, angst and resentment. I’ve lost my husband and daughter-in-law this past 9 months. I’m dealing with grief and trying to help my son through his terrible grief from losing his dad and wife. Those things are much more important in the grand scheme of things. How many images I license pale in comparison. Betty
  10. You made me tired just reading about it. 😊 Hope you come home with fantastic material.
  11. PP669N, for instance, says it is a rest area. I see roads going through hills, but no rest area. It’s possible you shot this from a rest area, but that doesn’t count. The only thing that counts is what the image shows. Dont even say in the caption, “image shot from a rest area in *****. The fact that “rest area” is in the caption is searchable and will give you false hits. Some, not all, of your blues are muddy. If I can find a true white, gray or black, I can use the white balance dropper in LR or PS. If there’s nothing to click on, sometimes tweaking the slider toward cooler or warmer helps. Give Auto s chance also. It will greatly help your skies and color balance. And like others, I agree quite a few are too dark. Are you shooting RAW? Correcting images work ever so much better in RAW. Betty
  12. I use the 3 version and am very happy with it. I also have the original, and it’s great. So surely the 2 between those is also great! These little cameras are liberating. Betty
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