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  1. Property Release Question?

    Good job, Paulette. 👍
  2. Yes, it asked for fingerprint ID. I’ve never seemed to get fingerprint ID to work, but I’ve just bumbled through it. Before, it never asked for fingerprint ID. Beats me why the change. Betty
  3. I’m curious about the auto fill part of logging in to the forum and AIM on my iPad. In the past, when I clicked the curser on one of the sign-in blanks, the options showed up below. I clicked on one, and it auto filled. After I updated my IOS yesterday, those options have disappeared. Now I have to type both in every...single...time. I don’t like it. It’s bad enough we have to sign in several times a day without having the auto fill available. Is it the update, or does this come from Alamy? Betty
  4. Property Release Question?

    No, you do not need property releases for these images. You list them RM, or RF-Editorial, and tick “Yes” in the box that asks if there is property, then tick “No” in the box that asks if you have property releases. Don’t list them as just plain RF. My belief is, if I have a landscape and there is a very distant house or farm, barely there, I will sometimes list RF. But if the property consumes a good area of the image, or has identifying features, I won’t use RF. But in those circumstances, using pure RF can be iffy. This is just my humble opinion, and I’m sure others might disagree. Betty
  5. I don’t have a clue if taxes were withheld. There is only the dollar amount I have in my coffers showing, nothing else. For some reason, I struggled with filing on my own. I spent a lot of time doing it, getting rid of the unsuitable images, then sweating whether I was doing it correctly. I finally figured it was worth 50% to forego the angst. Betty
  6. I’ve shot with these DX cameras and have images from all on Alamy. Nikon D70, D200, D300, D7000. Then got a full frame, didn’t like it. Bought a Fujifilm X-T1, then an X-T2. Along the way, I’ve shot the original Sony RX100 and the RX100-2. Have pictures from the RXs on Alamy, also. Right now, I have the two Fuji and the two Sony RX cameras. Love them all. Betty
  7. Panasonic Lumix G7 Not sure if the above link will help you, but it looks to be a place where you can scan threads that might be helpful. And a place to ask questions. Betty also
  8. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    This year appears to be on track with sales volume of last year. But payouts are much less. I’ve added images. I would expect volume to be more. But I’ve not added at the clip I was doing in ‘16. I was too busy painting and doing repairs to our former house in prep for sale. Plus caregiving ate up most of my time in ‘17 and most of ‘18. Hopefully, volume should increase for 2019. Betty
  9. Alamy claimed for me. It came through today.
  10. When I saw the header for this thread, the first thing I thought was “Why Full-frame?” I began with DX, the Nikon D70, and have many images on Alamy from it. I tried full-frame for a few years, then happily went to crop mirrorless. Betty
  11. Tracing sold photo`s

    That info, Ivan, is a closely guarded secret by all agencies. After all, they don’t want us attempting to sell direct. In actuality, the buyers might want their information protected for just that reason. Betty
  12. Only if you take the alligators, too, Michael! I have a basement to hop into if a tornado comes. It’ll take me about 10 seconds to get to safety. Where are you going for safety in 10 seconds if one of those animals charge you? i guess your freshly stinky pants would make it turn tail and run! Betty
  13. That’s why I only submit one batch at a time. I wait for it to pass before wasting my time uploading another if the first should fail. Tomek, you must take care to double check all your images before uploading them. That means inspect each at 100% magnification to see if there is noise or dust spots. Check for C/A. Check for sharpness. Check what camera they came from!! I’m not trying to be rude but truly offering advice. You are not ready for a professional market unless you take care to know exactly what you are uploading, and that each and every one was carefully inspected, and know what camera they were taken with. Your post suggests you made those multiple uploads in a hurry without checking much of anything. I wish you luck with further uploads. It’s doubtful you will ever succeed sneaking in images taken with the wrong camera embedded with the ones taken with an approved camera. QC are smart! Betty
  14. Toronto meet-up?

    Sounds like great fun. <sigh>