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  1. That is devastating news, Michael. I wish you a speedy recovery with no more complications that you were already dealing with. And I hope those dissipate. You’ve pointed out what we’ve been seeing over here. Not only are fully vaccinated getting Covid, but they are capable of shedding the virus and infecting others. Others being vaccinated and unvaccinated. Please take care of yourself.
  2. It’s amazing what one learns about bird behavior through the lens of a camera, or camera down waiting for an opportunity. The courting is especially wonderful.
  3. Happy you solved your problem. Stuff like that can drive one crazy, for sure. I hope you didn’t lose hair from scratching your head. 😉
  4. You are correct. Some of the images I’ve posted here are several years old. If you have something from 10 years ago you want to share, post it.
  5. What a nice photo, and how great you could meet up! My good thing is finally we’ve had a break from the heat, here. It’s downright chilly for a change.
  6. As mentioned, the start date in June never changed. I would assume that the client put the image(s) to use in June, well within the 50% period. If they didn’t use the images in June, then why didn’t the resell reflect a new start date? Zip up your pockets, folks.
  7. I would say I’m glad I wasn’t singled out, but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. I think it’s a shame, but not our shame.
  8. I sold an image in mid June (three months ago) for $89.00, my take at 50%. Today I see it was refunded and resold at 40% for me. Must be nice to make untold amounts of money from all contributors who get shafted when we finally get a decent license amount.
  9. I’m watching Oklahoma/Nebraska football! The 50th anniversary of the Game of the Century and I’m in heaven.
  10. Fascinating bees, gorgeous birds and outstanding scenery. And as the stupid say, “that camera really takes good pictures, doesn’t it?” 😂😁🤣 Good job, Gen, you rock.
  11. Same here. But my zooms are healthy and my CTR is way up. I do expect some sales to eventually roll in. Absolutely not stressing about it. These blank spots happen now and then, and usually happen after a good month like I had in August.
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