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  1. I had something like 430 images before I made my first sale in Feb. 2008. I went on to make a total of 8 sales for the year. You must realize there were only 60 some million images to compete with then compared to the vast number now. The fact you made 2 sales already is something to be pleased about, showing you have interest. I tended to focus on wildlife, mostly birds in the beginning. Not an easy subject. My first sale was of a hummingbird. It was only after I diversified more that I did better. just for Lafs...my first 10 sales were for (rounded up or down) $100 48 205 185 80 51 (considered low) 80 250 80 56 Little bit different than now, huh? And I got 60%. Or is my memory failing, was the % more in 2008? Was it 70%? But I did get a $250 and a $160 this month, so not griping. Betty PS, it would be interesting for y’all old timers (been here 8-10 years or more) to list amounts of your first 10 licenses.
  2. 😁 I’m basking in mid 90s F degree weather. I’d go for some British weather about now.
  3. Thank you for posting the image. Nice! I wonder if there are any people who can build these old ornate buildings? They probably have all died off. Yes, it all comes down to cost. A hamburger with meat and mustard for $1.50, or one with meat, mustard, tomato, onion and pickles for $3. Betty
  4. Licenses down by a handful compared to this point last year, but revenue healthily up over last year to date. 40% ^ Betty
  5. I just visited the fujix-forum, and saw a video about Google Lens. It is an app that comes on a lot of the android phones, I believe through Google photos, but is available for download and use on iPhones also. I assume it could be downloaded to iPad? Unsure. Anyway, in action, if you have a good photo of an insect, a plant or a dog, the app will identify it or give you several similar options to investigate. In the video, it identified plants, bugs and a labradoodle was in a 3 option suggestion. Might be worth having. I would want to see if it can be downloaded to my iMac, where I work. It doesn’t do that well with rare seldom seen insects. Anyway, I think sometimes for me I’d like something to give me at least a place to start investigating. I think anyone using it for stock should verify, for sure. Betty https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Lens
  6. https://www.alamy.com/stock-image-riverside-elementary-school-built-in-the-collegiate-gothic-style-in-161114183.html?pv=1&stamp=2&imageid=5D043FCB-8310-4086-AB2D-1E16EF0DD5EC&p=35439&n=0&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=0&IsFromSearch=1&srch=foo%3Dbar%26st%3D0%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D100%26sortby%3D2%26resultview%3DsortbyPopular%26npgs%3D0%26qt%3DSchool%2C%20Ponca%20city%26qt_raw%3DSchool%2C%20Ponca%20city%26lic%3D3%26mr%3D0%26pr%3D0%26ot%3D0%26creative%3D%26ag%3D0%26hc%3D0%26pc%3D%26blackwhite%3D%26cutout%3D%26tbar%3D1%26et%3D0x000000000000000000000%26vp%3D0%26loc%3D0%26imgt%3D0%26dtfr%3D%26dtto%3D%26size%3D0xFF%26archive%3D1%26groupid%3D%26pseudoid%3D%26a%3D%26cdid%3D%26cdsrt%3D%26name%3D%26qn%3D%26apalib%3D%26apalic%3D%26lightbox%3D%26gname%3D%26gtype%3D%26xstx%3D0%26simid%3D%26saveQry%3D%26editorial%3D1%26nu%3D%26t%3D%26edoptin%3D%26customgeoip%3DUS%26cap%3D1%26cbstore%3D1%26vd%3D0%26lb%3D%26fi%3D2%26edrf%3D0%26ispremium%3D1%26flip%3D0%26pl%3D Sorry I don’t know how to post a picture on my iPad. But follow this link and you’ll see beautiful architecture on an elementary school in Ponca City, Oklahoma, where I used to live. All three of my children attended this school, a block and a half from our then house. God knows when this will be razed and an ugly generic one story cement and glass block will be erected in its place. This is happening everywhere. Betty
  7. I love the old the best. Nobody knows how to design beautiful buildings these days. They go for “interesting” “ugly” “cheap-looking” (whether they are or not) and....”clones”. Betty
  8. I agree about new content. When other things in my life keep me from uploading regularly, I notice a falloff in sales. When I upload weekly, it seems my images are positioned better and sales pick up. Betty
  9. By the way. Of the last 16 images I uploaded that will go on sale tomorrow, only 3 or 4 are optimized. Just at or barely over 40 tags. Most of the rest have 20 something tags only.
  10. The general consensus is to disregard that feature. The most important thing you can do is only use relevant tags. Trying to pad your tag field simply to get in “the green” will cause your images to show up in searches where they shouldn’t, thus hurting your CTR. That said, when I tag, I also use plurals. Someone searching for a single beech tree will often search “beech trees”. Child, children, person, people, juvenile, infant, baby, babies, 1 year old, 1-2 years old, one year old, and such. These tags won’t get you into CTR trouble because they are relevant. Also put in approximate ages of adult people, and distinctions like Caucasian, Hispanic, etc. What you don’t want to do is list “beech tree” when it isn’t the main focus of the image. What a buyer doesn’t want when searching for a beech tree is a shot of a model-T Ford with a distant shot of a beech tree in the background. For instance, how many relevant tags can you think up for a rubbish bin? 😊 I do always fill out the optional page. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get the green bar if you have 40 relevant tags already. Betty
  11. Yes, images of birds, animals, etc are hard subjects to sell because of competition. Yours are very nice. Caption and tag the common name and the scientific name. For instance: common name, scientific name, perched on a “common name”, “scientific name” tree in “name of your area”, country. Use this for caption and repeat those tags in the tag body. Also, don’t take a lot of common birds animals, but seek out and photograph the ones that are harder to find. It’s ok to shoot the common ones for representation, but a sale will be more likely from the hard to find ones. For instance, one of my captions. “Northern Cardinal female, Cardinalis cardinalis, perched in a crabapple tree, Malus, in Oklahoma, USA” If that bird was in a different situation, the caption might be: Northern Cardinal female, Cardinalis cardinalis, perched on a bird feeder eating seed. Oklahoma, USA. Betty
  12. I’m happy this conversation was reopened. Some useful information has been offered. Here’s hoping you have a place within the week, Edo. Betty
  13. I find it hard to believe that Liverpool, the place others here thought you’d easily find a rental, won’t rent to you. I think it stinks and smacks of ageism. Makes me want to give someone a piece of my mind. In the US, you can get sued for that. There are laws. If one has the money, the agent better have a da**ed believably good made-up excuse for turning someone down based on age, sex, religion or nationality. Sorry if I’m offending...but I have a very strong “fairness” gene. Betty
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