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  1. At first look, Michael, I thought the man in the wall picture has a hold on the fiddler’s hat! Very nice image. Where’s my Po’ Boy.
  2. This is one of my favorites. I had never been out of the 48 states, and had only ever dreamed about seeing a tropical island. I only had to take about 15 steps from the veranda of the vacation cottage my sister & I rented to take this image with my Nikon D800 on a tripod, at 3 a.m. It was magical. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.
  3. I have no idea whether buyers search for number of people, because I really don’t use All of Alamy. I would imagine some do. In case they do search for number of people, I include that. Well, I fill out everything optional. But if a buyer uses, “gardening, one person” I want my image to come up higher in the search rather than what just using “gardening” in the tags. Although “one man gardening” could be part of the caption. Mine are usually more precise...”young woman trimming a rose bush” or “senior man mowing a lawn”...and so on. Actually, I always try to put in the tags the number of p
  4. I did make turkey and dressing. Overkill. My son was planning on flying from Alabama to be here but canceled 30 minutes away from getting to the airport...several hours away from where he lives. He told me if he were exposed at the terminal or on the plane, then gave the virus to me and I didn’t survive, he couldn’t live with it. And he couldn’t...I know that. When he made the advance reservations, the numbers had gone down to the lowest they’ve been. Who knew it would explode again to the extent it has. So it was me, my daughter and son-in-law eating a dinner that would have fed 6-8! I’
  5. I believe the hottest I experienced in Oklahoma was 112F. I was around 9 years old and we didn’t have AC. Most people didn’t, then, it was way too expensive for the average working man. Is it a dry heat, Gen? More tolerable than searingly hot and humid. Hubs was stationed on the Mohave desert for a year, and the heat was much more bearable because as soon as the sun went down, it got cool. Even daytime temps felt better than South Texas in the summer with humidity in the 80s and 90s.
  6. I’m allergic to Codeine. No rash or any of the typical things. It cause me to have nightmares with my eyes open. I guess you’d call it hallucinations. It was prescribed in a cough syrup for a sleep-robbing severe cough after the flu. So instead of coughing, I lay there with my eyes open watching bad movies. I tend to be very careful with any pain meds. I’ve had surgeries and been prescribed 20-30 pills. I take one the night at home after the surgery. Maybe one more the next day, but that's not a given. Then acetaminophen occasionally. I absolutely hate anything that messes with my mind, a
  7. Don’t feel bad. I have a larger port than you and I licensed nothing in September, 3 in October, and nothing yet this month. Before the pandemic, I was licensing a steady 5-7 images a month. It is what it is, and I just keep plodding along and refuse to stress over it. Why? Pulling my hair will only make me bald, but have no influence on licenses. If a license drops in during these last few days of November, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. My zooms have taken a nosedive since Covid, also. I’m showing 9 at the moment, when the usual is 20-25. Publications are probably hanging on
  8. You need to fly over tomorrow and partake of our Thanksgiving dinner Thursday! 😁
  9. We’ll have a small gathering of four people for Thanksgiving dinner. I made pie crusts today and have them in the freezer. I’ll make pumpkin and pecan pies. I’ll brine my small turkey tomorrow. I have white bread pieces and cornbread already dried for the dressing. I add ground pork sausage (crumbled and browned) to my dressing along with onion and celery, seasoned with salt, pepper, turkey drippings and sage. Of all things we have, I love dressing the most. I never liked it stuffed in the turkey, but bake it in its own pan. I make a lot of it, because it’s so good leftover. My daught
  10. That’s good. Eating outdoors in Florida is certainly doable. Too chilly here to be very comfortable. But if that was my only chance to see my sister, I’d do it!
  11. Ah yes, the old one-handed shampoo. I did that for a long time because of a frozen shoulder, then for weeks after surgery. Not fun. I’m one of those who will have to be in a coma before I let my hair be dirty. The morning after a code blue from a respiratory arrest, the doctor brought another doctor in for a consultation visit, and found me freshly shampooed and working on my hair. I had hung onto a chair and scooted to the sink in my hospital room. I waited until the nurse left from taking vitals, then sneakily did it. I knew better than to ask.
  12. I would love to taste your blueberry pie. After the one in Maine, I’m a fan.
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