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  1. Ah, well, let’s stop it there. Perhaps Dave didn’t understand how the newspapers work. I really don’t much, either. I think I probably would have expected a license to be reported also, if I’d known the image was in print. Realize not all of us, especially people like me who almost never have a newspaper license, (so we don’t pay attention to those threads) know how they report and pay. I’ve had a couple of sales to UK newspapers, but never saw the images in print and didn’t know how late they paid. The sale just showed up on my page like all others. I kind of think tempers are short with a
  2. Why do things have to be made so difficult? I don’t blame you for being steamed. In the past since moving, maybe once or twice a month I’d drive to Sonic and get a hamburger with French fries or tater tots. On Tuesdays, they have the burgers half price. A couple of months ago, I joined the line of cars, only to find when I got to the pickup window that I had to pay full price because I didn’t order it through the app. What app? I didn’t know nothin’ ‘bout no app. I haven’t been back. They can shove their app where the sun doesn’t shine. I understand about progress. I understand
  3. This is a very simple painting, expressionism, but the style I like. https://www.artmajeur.com/en/olvakulin/artworks/11078860/original-watercolor-painting-it-will-be-windy
  4. John, you paint in a style that touches a chord in me. I really like your work. Somewhat of a loose realism. I do similar work these days. When I say similar, though, no two painters paint alike. When I first started years ago, I painted somewhat tighter. I left it for years, and starting over, I seem to prefer to paint in a looser style. Not saying I don’t like tighter watercolors, I do, and admire people who have that kind of patience. With me, the object isn’t to make it look like a photo with all of the detail, but a suggestion of the scene done where I can easily tell the subj
  5. I’m not speaking on that. All I meant was meanings can be overlooked. His statement belongs to him, not me. I just try to give benefit of doubt when I think something said might be taken several ways. We all need to be as kind as we can be, especially in these troubling times. Don’t you think?
  6. Aww, poor birds! Very funny, though. I wonder if they get cirrhosis of the liver? 😂
  7. Perhaps he meant not holding back sales but holding back reporting them to the contributor, since he mentioned knowing of a sale that was already published but not reported to him. Sometimes meanings get lost in the written word.
  8. The 2nd is the daughter with health problems. She hides it all and is a wonderful, loving Gigi.
  9. I use default for x-trans and they seem fine. X-T1, X-T2 and now X-T4. I don’t see over sharpening artifacts.
  10. I think I’ll leave mine exclusive until I get some idea if it is financially wise. I don’t chase my own. If Alamy chases and I get anything, it’s better than nothing. If it’s a wash, I’ll change.
  11. You can see the sky choices in A1. They fixed that, obviously.
  12. Yes I did, an ophthalmologist. I watched him do cataract surgery and I assisted in office surgery which usually was opening up chalazions. Infected oil glands in the eyelid. First time…patient lying on back. I hand sterile instruments to doc. He slices open the lump. Patient feels faint, doctor tells me to break an ammonia capsule and wave it under her nose. I do that, getting a good look at the blood and pus around her eyeball. I feel faint. Sit on a stool and wave the capsule under my nose and the doctor catches me at it and grins. I was better the next time.
  13. It’s great buying those rather than spending the big bucks, isn’t it? You have slow growing cataracts. Mine were, too, until suddenly they took a leap. You’ll know when they do. I started to say, when you can’t read the street signs until you are on top of them driving…😁 but that works for walking, too.
  14. Good choices, Allan. The blended trifocals have too small of areas for mid and near, especially the mid-range. I tried them once when I could get them at cost when I worked for the ophthalmologist, and wore my neck and eyes out trying to find the thin line that worked. I didn’t keep them. My reading glasses, though, work for reading and the computer. I don’t need correction for distance. So it’s one pair for me. Cataract/implant surgery corrected my astigmatism, so I can get well-made readers at rhe pharmacy for about $30. If you don’t have astigmatism, you could have gone that way.
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