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  1. Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts, or reference for artists. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use First time I saw “reference for artists “. Betty
  2. Sales and account activity

    Generally, multiple sales of the same image will cause it to move up in the search results. If no more sales happen...I don’t know what happens. Wiser people than I might know. Betty
  3. Old guy, new stock shooter

    I’m a transplanted Okie. Just moved to Kansas from Oklahoma City at the end of February this year. Wichita is treating me well, though.
  4. No Photo Sales

    I have enough trouble getting sales with my 5,000 images competing with millions!
  5. Old guy, new stock shooter

    RM, with releases, can be sold for everything. RM without releases can only be sold for editorial. Uncle Henry mowing the lawn with a release....can be sold for editorial and advertising. List as RM or RF Uncle Henry mowing with no release, can only be sold for editorial. List as RM or RF-editorial. Can only sell for editorial Chevy Silverado. Only list as RM or RF editorial. Can’t sell for advertising Fresh home-baked brownies on a plate, list as either RF or RM, sold for all uses. Editorial and/or advertising A cutout or tabletop-shot image of a pair of pliers even without a brand showing, must be listed RM because the manufacturer will recognize the design. List as RM or RF editorial. Can’t sell for advertising The front of a restaurant, List as RM or RF editorial, can’t sell for advertising Sometimes a buyer might purchase something with people as small as in your picture and still use it for advertising. Any blowback is on them, you’ve covered your behind by choosing either RM or RF editorial and on the Optional page, you’ve said Yes for people and No for “Do you have releases?” Betty
  6. Old guy, new stock shooter

    Some here would say editorial only. Some would say RF. I tend to err on the cautious side. It is done both ways by contributors here, but most would say editorial. I’m only saying this because of past threads I’ve seen with arguments from both sides. Myself, I never could quite agree that a shadow needs a model release, or a finger. If you list RM, all doubt is removed and you don’t have to wait for a shoe to drop. How you handle it depends on whether you play the ponies! One thing to think about. You mention people in your caption. If you are honest on the Optional page and count people, say yes there are people, then you must list RM or RF editorial. Betty
  7. Old guy, new stock shooter

    Royalty free can be used for advertising. All property, any people, parts of people, shadows of people need releases. Yet if you have an image of a flower, tree, other words, a non identifiable as to ownership, generic image, it too can be RF. Any of the above, even if released, can be listed as RF, RF editorial, or RM. Many photographers here have released work but prefer everything sold as RM. if everything or everybody in the image is released, then you don’t have to list as RF, you can list as RM. If you have an image of property, such as a car, phone, building (if it’s the subject and not just a distant part, or any people in it, then it must be sold as RM or RF editorial if you have NO releases. Since just plain RF can be used in advertising, you must not use that. Lawsuits happen when we make money on a company’s branded product without releases. If you upload two images of the same rose, you can list it however you want. But Alamy prefers us to choose either RF or RM for both, not split them. If you take an image of a red rose and one of a yellow rose, then it’s not frowned upon to have one RF and one RM. If you have a person holding an iPhone in her hand, and you have a release for the person but not the phone (from Apple), you must list it RM or RF editorial. You’re not going to get a release from Apple, so why bother to get one from the model? Now, if the phone is no longer in the picture, that model release works. Confused? I agree in the beginning of one’s stock career it’s as clear as mud. But clarity over these issues soak in with time and forum reading. At this point of your career, until you understand the nuances, I’d suggest listing everything RM. You won’t make mistakes that way. Betty
  8. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Bogie hasn’t sneaked up on my blind side since we moved. And I can barely see the scar on my big toe these days.
  9. Old guy, new stock shooter

    Wow, Miles, very nice images. I don’t know what camera you use, or if it’s just your post production. Whatever it is, keep doing it. And, welcome to Alamy and the forums. Good questions. Ones I were afraid to ask when I joined. I did have some failures, and tossed the whole submission when I did because I didn’t understand. I was afraid to ask questions then, some years ago, because the forum wasn’t friendly then. It is now, so fire away when you need to. I spun my wheels for a long time. Things I did wrong: As I said, tossing whole submissions Deleting all images with people in them, however important or incidental, unless I had releases. I didn’t understand submitting under RM I didn’t need releases. I didn’t understand editorial. At all! I tossed some good ones. Lots of them. Poor tagging...called keywording then Not understanding the importance of the caption...all important tags should be worked into the caption AND body of tags. All in all, I was rather dumb. I did try. I bought a book on stock shooting and studied online. But at that time, the information was sadly lacking. You can’t get the answers if you don’t know the questions. One tip. What’s in your collection right now is mostly from a vacation shoot, or one local attraction. The more diverse your collection becomes, the better. Plants, animals, people doing things, food, businesses, weather, travel destinations....the list goes on. Oh, and you need a lot of images! Betty
  10. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Yes, adjusting well. But I’m living in a renovation mess and will for another few weeks. Thanks! Betty
  11. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Again, RX100 of any iteration shines. One of the best cameras of this decade considering size, quality, and portability. I use mine a lot.
  12. Keywording

    I agree wholeheartedly about making location tags. Location is represented in two places, always.
  13. Smelling bacon frying in the oven right now. Better than doing it on the top of the stove. Soon to be bacon and tomato sandwiches. Eyes closed against the dust motes. Can’t escape the coughing and wheezing, though. Things coming along. Tile floors removed, Kitchen lights gone, hall bath gutted and new shower/bathtub installed, Sheetrock up and mudded. Next up, Sheetrock in the kitchen, then new quartz countertops. And the gutting of the master bath hasn’t begun, yet. Bogie and Echo enjoying living in their own room which opens onto our living area, do they can enter act with us. This, too, (mess) will pass. 😳 if my lungs withstand. I have gotten a snap or two of the workmen.
  14. Hi there, Allan! From the mess of my torn up, dusty home in the middle of renovations! Betty
  15. No, you can’t. Delete, reprocess, upload again. Betty