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  1. Frustrated is putting it mildly. That makes two agencies I spent a lot of time uploading to, only to have them fail. Darrell Young was a contributor to the Photoshelter one. He’s a good guy and invited a bunch of us who were interested in nature/wildlife to contribute to his new startup. I think he created his agency to give us a place to go. He eventually realized it required more time and money than he had. I think he unwittingly grabbed a tiger by the tail. It failed, too. Nevertheless, between the two, I invested countless hours for nothing.
  2. Are these the same, John? https://www.cnet.com/how-to/11-best-hidden-windows-10-tricks-to-know-now-that-youve-upgraded-from-windows-7/?ftag=CAD-04-10aac3a&bhid=22192089406943586061747728902091 Ahh, I see my link is embedded in yours, down a bit.
  3. Wish you could have gotten in the building, and wish I were there to witness (photograph) it. Then I might have put in a couple of kicks to the shin myself. ☺️
  4. Just imagine...we can go to a shop and buy something. Unbothered, unnoticed. No headlines shouting BETTY SHOPS THE BARGAIN RACKS! With an unflattering photo of me peering at a price tag splashed across papers. Think of how you live your daily, weekly life. How your vacations go. Then think how it would be if you were famous. Not of your own making, like a movie star or athlete, but born into it through no choice of your own. Many of the simple pleasures in life like walking peacefully on a beach while watching the sun come up, is denied to you. I'm sorry the royals have to put up with it. They lead lives of pomp, rigid manners, rules and expectations, cloistered within their castles and homes with so many servants they have little privacy there. Some manage it and accept it, some may not. I can’t ever blame Harry and Meghan and I almost feel panic at what they have to put up with. Betty
  5. The dam finally broke for me...4 so far. I’m not shooting off fireworks for the prices which are lowish 1/4 to 1/2 of $$. Betty
  6. You guys! I haven’t liked being stuck since I turned a corner to fast on my tricycle and got dumped in a bed of goatheads. Hands, knees, feet...and a 5 year old screaming her head off unable to move.
  7. Very interesting read. In a week or so when the weather is better, I’ll wait for a somewhat less windy day (the best I can hope for) and drive the 15 miles across town to see the color of the leaves and state and color of the pomes. See, I learned something. 😁 I will also look for thorns.
  8. Good idea, John. I’ll do that as “shrub with winter berries” 😊
  9. By the way, the Abelia was taken in Will Roger’s park in Oklahoma City. The park had a lovely butterfly garden there, and the Abelia was the border around it. There were many other blooming plants and shrubs that were huge butterfly attractors, including trumpet vine. Then somebody in charge in all their un-wisdom bulldozed the butterfly garden and allowed the Iris society to take over the land. Of course, iris doesn’t have a long blooming period, and when I visited, I never once saw a butterfly on one. Not saying they don’t visit, but I wasn’t willing to stand around in the hot sun waiting for an hour, perchance. The first time I saw what they’d done, I went home and chewed nails, stomped around, said a few choice words, and every time I thought of it again, I repeated the action.
  10. Thank you for trying, John. I probably should strip the caption and tags and put it up for deletion. I’m not nearly as good as you with plants. The last thing I want is to wrongly ID a plant. I love shooting plants, but the field requires the most work of all. Well...bugs are close. Betty
  11. No, Mark, the two I just posted clearly aren’t the same shrub I posted for ID. I remembered the bronze color on the Abelia, which initially led me to think that my new image might be Abelia. But the Abelia I took in spring/summer years ago have green leaves with those smaller bronze ones that seem to be bunched around the flowers. The leaves on the new one with the berries are sturdy leaves, a bit thicker, and glossy compared to many leaves you see. Ow, my head is hurting again! Sorry...that’s been going on for a long time. I need to see the doctor..... Remember I never said the shrub in the flowering pictures is the same shrub with the berries, only that it was my mistaken initial impression.
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