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  1. Alamy Measures Update

    I just got one today. Pretty slow month so far, though.
  2. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Yes, while in one’s home, he/she shouldn’t be bombarded with someone else’s noise. That was happening to us. Men tinkering with their autos in their driveway or in the street blasting salsa music, which warred with my quieter, self-contained country and western I preferred to listen to!
  3. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Nothing stays the same unless you own a deserted island. Even then, all it takes is a hurricane. When we bought in Oklahoma City on a quiet cul de sac, there was a field behind our house. Loved it. Then about 10 years ago, a subdivision was built. Dust coated our property blown from tree removal, grading, etc for a couple of years. Next was kids kicking soccer balls over the fence, dogs barking, and the loss of privacy in our back yard. There were many changes on our quiet street each time a homeowner sold, and someone from a different culture bought. Good people, just different. So many cars that couldn’t fit in double car garages plus wide driveways, and pretty soon it was difficult to thread our way home. Loud parties, dances held in one garage and driveway to the point one dance in broad daylight killed our open house while we trying to sell. Nobody could get through all the parked cars and humongous trucks to get to our house! Not a single thing illegal, frightening or anything like that, but all of a sudden it was like a strange and noisy environment! I’ll bet many of us could tell stories about changes not of our doing. Mine was mild, as those things go. Ed’s was not a change alone, it was a disaster to his life. Stand firm with your block, Paulette. I do miss those delicious tamales one neighbor gave us a couple of times. Never tasted better. They probably miss the apple pies I baked. Betty
  4. February 2019 Challenge: "What is Love?"

    I think she needs to shave her leg.....
  5. February 2019 Challenge: "What is Love?"

    My three.
  6. Odd Alamy Measures

    Not that I know anything, (technically behind the post) but I wonder if the updates are delayed because Alamy is amending the software to recognize 40% from 50%. Betty
  7. People?

    Alamy is more of an editorial site. I do have some released people images, but I can’t say that they have been hot sellers. I think most of those sales were editorial where having a release didn’t matter. I can’t remember any that licensed for advertising. When I realized that, I quit getting releases. Hassle-free! Of course, one big released license could change my mind! Betty
  8. People?

    I enjoy posts like this, usually started by others. They make us put our thinking caps on and help us maximize chances for sales, by pointing out areas some of us just haven’t thought about. I’ve gone through my images and added a few tags I never considered because of those posts. This one, I started more or less to make contributors aware whether or not they were shooting only “things” and rarely including people. The side benefit morphed into tag inclusions. Grrreattt! Betty
  9. People?

    I do that, Edo. When the subject warrants, I try to have each. I do sell verticals. Not that I have suitable images for this, but I would think book covers would warrant verticals. Although much of the time a vertical can be cropped from a horizontal. In fact, I often do it myself. I usually crop to the 8x10 size. Edited to added...just taking a quick count, approximately 25% of my sales are verticals.
  10. People?

    I try to religiously use horizontal and vertical. Many times while preparing in AIM, I double check that I have the appropriate tag, if not, I add it.
  11. People?

    1131. Using a simple search “person”, I have 1131 images with that tag. How many do you have? Nice to give one an idea whether one should concentrate on including more people in one’s shoots. Or not. Betty
  12. Upload Problems

    Did you notice whether Alamy has shut you out from uploading because of the failure? If you have failed more than once, that may have happened. You can upload again in 10 days, if so. I hope you’ve read the submission guidelines carefully. You need to know and understand the things that cause failures. dust spots C/A camera shake unsharp images excessive noise borders poor definition and contrast Other reasons You can shoot any subject you desire, but they must be developed in a professional manner. Betty

    Sounds like the American football games I attended. After 9-11 we couldn’t bring in our own 89 cent bottle. I use to freeze two bottles and my hubby stuck them in his socks under his pants during the early games blazing hot weather! He walked funny through security stations. Said “security” was a joke, obviously! Soon as we got in the stadium, he pulled them out. I think it was mostly a way for the university to rake in the dough, because they obviously weren’t stopping some contraband from coming in.
  14. How was your January?

    4 for approximately $250 gross.

    You got robbed. Just a whopper alone, no meal, I believe is $3-something here. Of course, airports usually do have sky high (pun) prices.