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  1. Images slow to appear in AIM?

    I wondered. Mine uploaded yesterday still says “processing”.
  2. My initial submission failed. It was a stab to my heart, but nobody else knew it. I wanted this profession so much I just kept plugging away. Over the years, I had more failures, back when we all were punished 30 days. That minuscule CA in the upper right corner I missed? My fault. The dust bunny in the sky? My fault. The worst of all was my failure to discern when “soft” crossed the line. A change in camera systems fixed that. Plus my killer “if in doubt, toss it” attitude I developed. It’s a long learning process for some of us who need an anvil dropped on our heads to get it. I finally got it. Just get on with it and don’t whine. That said, I whined a bit about the filtered creative image where I deliberately added grain for the “vintage” look that suited the image and it failed for noise. That one still smarts. Betty
  3. Resizing photos to a larger file - HELP

    What the heck does PITA mean? I’ve wondered that for years.
  4. Property Release - Demolished

  5. Slow/disappointing month

    4 direct double figure sales. Better than last month which was dismal.
  6. Resizing photos to a larger file - HELP

    What camera, how many mp does it shoot? You may have fallen into the trap newbies often do. If your camera is 6 mp or over, and you aren’t cropping them, they are large enough. The 17mb size Alamy refers to is before you change to jpeg. The final jpeg will vary according to content. A small object on a white background will seem smaller than a photo of a rose bush, for instance. Many final jpegs could vary from 3mb to 7mb, according to how much content (how busy or simple) the image has. And that’s ok. You want to pay attention to the dimensions, a final jpeg of a RAW will still have the same dimensions, such as 3000x2000 (example) or whatever. Betty
  7. A new one on me

    That’s the way I understood it. Everything, from photo to final art rendition should be from the artist. If you take a photo of an iconic subject then turn it into a painting or other art object, you’d better keep your original photograph as proof the photo is yours and the final rendition is yours. Betty
  8. If you want to succeed in this business, you must have perseverance and a thick skin. The very fact we are in photography means we are creatives, and creatives tend to get a bit emotional about their work. You must learn to set that aside and learn from your rejections. What reason was given for the rejection? What can I do to correct it? Whatever reason for the rejection, inspect all future images to insure they don’t have the same fault. When I say inspect, that means enlarge each image on your computer to 100% and inspect for chromatic aberration, sensor spots, especially in the skies, for noise, and for sharpness. Be sure your white balance is spot on, and the images have good contrast. My first submission was rejected, too. And through the years I had more rejections. Yet here I am, selling. Perseverance!! My biggest fault when it came to my failures was falling in love with a particular image to the point of turning a blind eye to its faults. Probably the most painful thing for me about this business is to toss one of those images that has faults but otherwise has something special about it. AARRRGGG! Betty
  9. A Simpler Workflow

    I have both the original RX100 and the 3, and have never set aperture or SS. Always on auto and a few times one of the night modes. I have submitted hundreds that have passed easily. They are the only two cameras where I have ever shot auto for stock. But still RAW except for one of the night modes that only gives jpegs. Possibly the hand-held twilight mode. It’s been a couple of years since I used the night modes. Betty
  10. A new one on me

    Once upon a time in another life I was a watercolor artist. I often painted from photographs, but first I set out and took the photograph I used for reference. I was aware of copyright even then, and thought using another’s photo was against the rules. Maybe I was all wet. Before I started watercolor, I painted two oils. The one that was successful was my 2nd painting from a photo of an old barn taken from the highway on the way to visit my mother. The first I was just trying to figure out what the heck I was doing, since I never had instruction. Neither was mother immediately claimed the barn painting, (which came back to me at her death) and I donated the other to Goodwill. That said, I always made changes from photo to painting. If a branch stuck out ugly in front of a barn, it didn’t in the final painting. Different sky. Add a windmill. Whatever to make the painting sing. My understanding was that if one used another’s work, there had to be quite a large percent that was different from the reference, and then you could sell it. I did sell sell the watercolors. All painted from my imagination or my own photographs. Betty
  11. Old guy, new stock shooter

    I have never heard it discussed here about flower patents. But you have raised a valid point. I would think a rose like “Peace” would be safe, it’s been around for a long time. If one knows that about flowers, all good. If they don’t, and new cultivars come out all the time, RM or RF editorial would be the safest way to go. For instance, “Knockout” rose bushes probably are still under patent. Doug, thanks for pointing that out. Although I have never heard of legal problems over selling photos of flowers, that doesn’t mean there have been none. Betty
  12. Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts, or reference for artists. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use First time I saw “reference for artists “. Betty
  13. Sales and account activity

    Generally, multiple sales of the same image will cause it to move up in the search results. If no more sales happen...I don’t know what happens. Wiser people than I might know. Betty