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  1. Love seeing new-to-me birds. MizBrown, lying seems to be prevalent about the virus. In the U.S. there are too many reports to be totally dismissed from family members about hospitals that are listing deaths as Covid-caused even if someone dies from something else. Maybe it’s because the hospitals get paid a certain amount from the government if the death is Covid related. Hmm. So Covid deaths are being inflated. I’d be interested to know if it is by a significant amount. Right now, the largest age group of new infections in the U.S. is the 20-35 year olds, who, when stay-at-home was lifted, raced out to the bars, beaches and protests, and is the group that scorns masks more than other age groups. I heard on the news this morning about a brother and sister, both in their early 20s, who died from Covid. Young people suffer from the “Not Me” syndrome. Betty
  2. Tax deadline here is April 15. Extended to July 15 this year because of Covid. With all of that extra time to get everything together for my tax preparer, I still managed to procrastinate until last Weds. I’d rather scrub toilets for a day as work on tax stuff. I usually get everything turned over one week before deadline, whenever that should be. Cecile, Michael, I understand. It’s one thing when you are raising them and your word is law. It’s another thing when they are adults and are positively certain they know more than you and try to bend you to their will. Not that teenagers don’t think they know more than you, or try to “bend” you, but see: *your word is law*. Betty
  3. Be sure you tell her how much you love her and the pictures she produces. And sing her a love song if you have a voice that won’t crack the front of the lens.
  4. I’ve had 2 in July. Both together add up to medium high $$. Not dismal, but nothing too exciting. The first sale came only a couple of days after it was zoomed.
  5. Book, mid $$. The nice thing was this was going on over my back fence a few years ago. Just stepped out of my house with a camera.
  6. Those were the days shortly after I’d been painting watercolors. My mind was heavy on composition, and of course I love birds as you do. If they wear feathers, I’m a fan. Even noisy, pushy seagulls. Yeah, I understand on the deletes. Been thar......done that.
  7. Ah! A woman after my own heart. Before I got into stock and was shooting film, I seeded a huge washed up twisted, gray tree near a lighthouse in Oregon. I had the lighthouse in the BG, threw crumbled cookies (all I had) on the tree trunk, scrambled backwards with all that driftwood and rock tripping me in order to get seagulls with wings spread landing on the weathered tree. It took several tries because the gulls swooped so fast and ate the crumbs before I could back up far enough to frame the shot. The resulting image look almost black and white, but it had a bluish tint because the day was misty. It won a best in show in a local contest, so it was worth my nearly breaking my neck. We were on vacation, so this was not a planned shoot. I just saw what was there and my mind painted a picture. So I had to set it up. Gen, I’m very sure you have done the same thing. In your travels, you stumbled upon a scene and your imagination directed you. I love it when that happens. Because that’s what it is, a spontaneous happening.
  8. Beautiful bird! So do the birds come to eat the termites or what? And what do the termites eat without a house around?
  9. I’ve never identified a species of hover fly. I just tag “hoverfly”! Insects can be hard.
  10. That’s an obvious question since the earliest settlers were mostly the British. You’d think they would know a robin if they saw one. But what I’ve noticed, many people aren’t into birds so mistakes could happen. I was walking with a friend one really warm day in late January When a robin landed nearby. I said, “Oh, look, the first robin of spring!” (Even though it was winter). She looked at the bird, then at me, and said, “That’s what a robin looks like?” She wasn’t into nature at all, whereas I knew a dozen birds by sight and named them correctly by common name by the time I was 8 years old. Robin, bluejay, sparrow, blackbird, starling, Cardinal, Scissor-tailed flycatcher, (I just called it a scissortail) mockingbird, turtle dove, hummingbird and a few more including Canada goose (called it Canadian goose then) and mallard duck. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. I would think some avian brainiac who sketched and named them for books had a reason for the names. Our robin is called American Robin, so that distinguishes it from yours as not being the same.
  11. Yours doesn’t look like a junebug to me. This one is what is commonly called June bug in my part of the USA. But maybe they have different forms of them. As a kid, I saw older kids tie a string on one of their legs and watch them fly in circles as they hung onto the other end, before letting them go. They lay eggs in the ground and as larvae, called grubs, they eat the roots of your lawn doing much damage in a heavy infestation.
  12. Yikes! I can see why you don’t want her to lick/chew on that so it can heal. I had to put a cone on one of my dogs once after surgery so she wouldn’t chew her stitches.
  13. Air, earth, water, and perhaps the firey lights on the tree? St. Croix, U.S.V.A. I got up hours before dawn for this. Will Rogers park in Oklahoma. Representing water and earth. This one, what the heck. Unimpressive to most. Not me. Water, earth. All of these pictures represent who I am. The thrill I felt each time I pressed the shutter, to be there, in that special time, at that special place.
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