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    Took a peek at your images, only first page. The only image I enlarged to see the tags were the one that says, “chocolate peanut butter”. Is this a candy? It looks like candy cooling after being cooked, and sliceable once cooled. Much the way we make (candy) fudge in the U.S. This would be called “chocolate peanut butter fudge” here. I assume there are other ingredients besides chocolate and peanut butter, like milk or cream, and sugar. If so, and then cooked, would make it candy. To me, chocolate peanut butter is something that would come in a jar from the manufacturer. Something that has been cooked would be something else. Although if that is a common term for the product in your country, in fact a candy, then it would be known by your countrymen. But it would not be known as a candy in the U.S. or anywhere else. I suggest you flesh out your tags so that whatever this food is, it would be recognized. If it is a candy, then use that tag. Check your other images to see if you’ve used common tags that would be recognized everywhere. Things like that could account for low sales. Betty
  2. Lightroom purchase

    I save a 16 bit tiff into PS from LR for just as you say. Sometimes I want to use layers for manipulation, or do other things to the image. I make these changes on the tiff. You don’t want to do that on a jpeg and lose quality. For instance...I take a picture of a flower. The background is soft and good except for a fairly large distracting bright spot. I use tools in PS to eliminate that bright spot, leaving the flower to shine without distracting elements. All best done on a tiff. I also do my tagging in Bridge on the tiff. Once the tiff is polished, and a jpeg is saved into my upload folder and a copy next to my RAW, I delete the tiff. Those who are very proficient with the Lightroom tools do a lot there, and feel no need for the most part to do much in Photoshop. I was a late adopter of Lightroom and was already very comfortable in Photoshop, so I just continued with what I was used to. My Lightroom use is white balance, use of the sliders and perspective control, noise reduction and some CA work beyond the auto control if needed. Sometimes if noise is really not obvious on the subject, but is in the BG, I select the background in PS and apply noise reduction. It’s way faster than using a brush in LR. Betty
  3. Lightroom purchase

    Boy, wouldn’t that be heaven! There could be two options. As is, and the second option that could be chosen is what you outlined.
  4. Valencia, Spain?

    Lol, Edo, it kind of looks like an oyster on the half-shell to me.
  5. Lightroom purchase

    When I have a shoot, I upload the RAW files to a dated and named folder I create on my computer desktop. Then I import to LR. Adjust an image in LR, and then open it in photoshop where I spot and crop if I want. The finished Tiffs are saved in the same folder with the RAWs. I keyword the Tiffs in Bridge, then save a jpeg copy to another folder titled ALAMY ###. I then delete the tiff, while saving a second jpeg next to the RAWs. MDM catalogues his in LR, but the original images are still his, he just uses LR to find them on his own computer and hard drives easily. I don’t use LR for that, but many do. LR used to catalog will point to a set of images you have on your own devices. Those finished-with folders are mine. When done with all images in a folder, I save two copies to desktop HDs, then delete the folder from my desktop. Those images are mine even if I decide to drop CC. Adobe never has them. All the Adobe CC is is a rental program. You are renting CC. Same as if you rent a house, put your own furniture in it. If you decide to move, you give up the house, but the furniture is still yours. Betty
  6. Valencia, Spain?

    No matter where you are, anyone can shoot table top, even if one is in a town of 10,000. As long as you can buy groceries or have a place to shop for subjects. That would get very boring, but as a supplement to any other shooting, it would help.
  7. Lightroom purchase

    Bear, I think you might be a bit misguided. The Adobe CC is installed on your computer. The only thing you need the Internet for is the download/installation, then you need to be online some time each month so Adobe can check it. You actually aren't working online while using it. If you fail to pay your monthly dues, then Adobe will make CC inoperable. (and you ARE online every time you get on this forum, or upload, or buy something online, or...or...) It's something that goes on behind the scenes you aren't even aware of. It's automatically charged to my credit card each month. When I open Photoshop or LR, I am not on the internet. Ever. I open it just exactly like I did when I had a stand alone. MDM, if I'm wrong, please tell it like it is. Betty
  8. Lightroom purchase

    I understand not wanting to go the subscription route. Yet, I would hate to see anyone pay the money for a stand-alone, then in a year or two, get a new camera and end up having to go the subscription route anyway. Wasted outlay that would have been better used. Plus all the time spent searching for free software that would convert the new camera’s RAW output, trying it, rejecting it, moving on, etc. My stomach clinches just thing about doing that! Betty
  9. You’re welcome, Edo.
  10. Is there anything in the menu that turns the touch screen off? That would be useful for those who don’t want it. I imagine it’s something that could grow on you, though. Betty
  11. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Yes, I do make a few sales of them. But times are tough these days. I was spoiled because the first time I shot some, I sold one within a week or so of uploading it. Thought I’d hit the gold mine, but after all, it was just luck. I waited...and waited...and found somebody had blasted the mine tunnel 90% closed. But I keep shooting and get the occasional. Betty
  12. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Only 2 so far. But one for a nice $$, another for a very healthy $$$. Total not far from the total of last month, (11 I think?) which number of licenses were my best month ever. Betty
  13. More than happy to help, Ian! Nice to see new people who appreciate the help/advice given. Some don’t. Betty
  14. Copying keywords

    I’ve done mine forever. Different for each pseudo. That way, I can group plants or wildlife in a search. Wildlife...B LaRue, plants...A LaRue. General, Betty LaRue. Two more.