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  1. Is THAT what those strange lumps are on my upper back?? Oh, boy, I’m a gonna have wings! 😊 Rather not have the pollen baskets, thank you very much. We ladies carefully watch the condition and shape of our legs. Thanks, John.
  2. If you add another 2000 images of the quality of what you have, and caption and tag them correctly, the sales will come. You have a beautiful (but tiny) portfolio. Every living thing, animal or plant, needs the scientific name. Most of mine have sold with the search terms being the scientific name. That said, do your due diligence in finding those scientific names. Worse than having none is identifying something with the wrong term. Betty
  3. In Tennessee where I just got back from, there were layers of thick yellow pollen all over everything! My car was covered. I felt rather like the bumblebee in your image every time I went outdoors.
  4. I’m back home as of noon today. Sure feels good. Echo is happy to be in her large cage again, too. Drove in a lot of rain today, but the trip was uneventful otherwise. My son went back to work today. He’s been off for a couple of months caring for his wife, but his employer has paid him full wages for the whole time instead of full pay for two weeks, then 60% the rest of the time. That’s a wonderful boss. BTW, I took back roads on the way home and didn’t have to fight hundreds of semi trucks (lorries). Wonderfully peaceful. Thank you all for your compassion. It meant a lot. Betty
  5. They did improve. But whenever I worked them over was awhile ago. It seems at least the past 6 months, anyway, sales have declined. That said, working mine over has resulted in sales of old images. But life circumstances have kept me from uploading on a regular basis. I have a firm belief that uploads every week seems to help my images come up higher in searches. I’ve done good to manage a few once or twice a month for quite a while. During the time I was adding 80-100 a month was best for sales. And during the time I have had less output, everyone else has uploaded a LOT of images, so competition is fierce. If my family can stay healthy, I just might be able to get myself in gear again. Here’s hoping. So keep on fixing your tags. It does help. But while you do, be steady with adding images. Betty
  6. You hand the guy your camera and a dollar...or euro, direct him to take the shot, and you own the picture and copyright. (IMO) Otherwise he owns it. If you are his boss and pay him a salary, he takes a picture with your camera not at your direction, it can get murky. We were told by a copyright attorney that the pictures he took with a company camera owned by his employer during the work day was my husband’s. Concept, etc. like a painting...conceived in the mind. But the copyright was given to the company by a judge. This in the USA and dependent on whether we got a judge who usually ruled for big business or for the little man. We had the bad luck to get one known for ruling in favor of big business. Betty
  7. I’ve definitely noticed fewer sales per month over the past year. A rare good month now and then. My zooms are healthy. Makes me wonder if they are being stolen.
  8. I believe that is addressed in the information Alamy provides. I don’t remember offhand but I think the information is there. I just looked, saw nothing about size. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-vectors/best-place-to-sell-stock-vectors/?section=1
  9. I agree, John. Doing every single image...what, maybe a year and half ago... made me want to jump off a cliff, but I saw results. I had to do them, the new AIM scrambled them so badly. During the process, I realized how awful my early-years tagging was. I’ve been making regular sales of some pretty old images since. Even an A now and then. Just had an A zoomed. Edo, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few concept words to your shots of people talking, eating together. Like “friendship, companionship” (laughing, happy) or If several are doing a job together, use the phrase “working together” Usually concept words won’t come back to bite you. Betty
  10. Agreed. When my kitchen caught fire, and then it was out, I stood visibly trembling with my hair gray from smoke. A firefighter came and put his arm around me until I quit shaking.
  11. I read yesterday info from Alamy that you need to use the exact tag or phrase said in the request. It helps Alamy find your image quicker. So if it says: “Alice’s pub Dublin” put that exact phrase in. Betty
  12. Actually, yes. I spent two days coming and will do that going. I stayed at a mid-range Days Inn and it was very clean. I have gotten lots of hugs. And sooo many people have said they were so glad I was here for the family. I knew my son would need me and he has. I’ve been through this minefield recently and have insights. But mostly, it’s emotional support. And I appreciate you all and your support.
  13. I will be home on the 25th. Both of my daughters will be coming for the services and one will drive back with me. We will spell each other driving. It’s a 16 hour trip but will take longer because I may shoot a few pictures. You guys and gals are the best. Betty
  14. Thank you all. And yes, for what it’s worth, which is a lot to me, nature is my greatest healer. All my prayers are said outdoors, rain, snow or shine.
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