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  1. The nice thing about the window wells, Allan, is the windows wash themselves. All that water, you know. 😉 As far as the basement goes, I have a fully furnished living area with a large screen TV down there, plus a bedroom, bathroom and large storage area. The window wells are necessary not just for light, but in case of fire, one can escape through the windows. When it storms and threatens tornadoes, I can go down there for safety and be comfortable. That’s also where I have my inversion table and another table where I cut my watercolor paper. That’s where I hang my artwork. Whe
  2. You lucky man. I wish I could afford to have those kind of windows installed. I have seen them advertised for years. I really do need new windows. I have had a couple of them rebuilt. They are the original wooden windows from when the house was built in the mid-1980s, so there is some rot happening. It would take thousands to replace 29 windows. Oops…32. I forgot the three in the basement wells.
  3. She’s home and in incredible pain. I spent several hours with her. I watched her deliver her two sons without a whimper. She’s very stoic. But this is more of a pain reaction than I’ve ever seen from her. She’s whiplashed severely, so her neck is bad. And it feels to her like she has broken ribs, though they aren’t. They’re very bruised. I think she’s torn cartilage loose from her ribs, and I’ve heard over the years that’s more painful than broken ones. It was all my son-in-law could do to get her out of the car, up the steps into their house and into a recliner while she sobbed. This is
  4. My daughter, the one who lives in Wichita, had an auto accident this afternoon. No broken bones, but she has a very bad back and neck, (runs in the family) and that’s where she’s hurting plus a bad headache. She was taken to the emergency room by ambulance and is still there. I had a hard time reaching her husband at work (he does government hush hush work and has to lock away his phone) but he finally got the message and is with her. 6 hours later, she’s still waiting to be seen by a doctor, but she has been triaged. She has had a CT of the head & neck and X-rays of her chest & ribs.
  5. The way you explained it Edo, (step by step) it worked for me. Thanks. That means if not for logistics, I could trade you for about anything for one of my apple pies. 😁 Here you go.
  6. Red means you don’t have a caption. The bar that is orange and can turn green needs to be ignored. It gauges how many tags (keywords) you have. Some people keep adding tags that don’t really further searches by adding meaningless tags to turn the bar green. Just add only appropriate tags and if that means the image only needs 15, so be it. Don’t pad them. If you have an image of a dog, you can have dog,dogs as tags. Some buyers only wanting a picture of one dog may search “dogs” just because they want to see a lot of pictures of dogs! So plurals work. You can always say in the captio
  7. Thank you. I’m looking forward to being a spring chicken! how funny is that. That ship has sailed
  8. I enjoy laughter, also. If you’ve read all of my posts, you’d know that. This person laughs at serious posts, where a laughing face is inappropriate and out of place. Meant more as derision. But that’s okay, I’m amused by that person’s sorry life that he/she has nothing else to get kicks out of but doing that.
  9. Tomorrow, a service will clean my windows. At our old place in Oklahoma, we had a slab floor and the windows were easily accessible from the ground outside…at the most, using a stool to reach the upper panes. Here, with a foundation, the windows call for a ladder. Probably about half of the time, my husband cleaned the windows or we did it together. It’s just me, now. Last year I tried to clean them by hauling a heavy ladder around but that hurt me. In the fall, I called the service and in an hour or two, my windows sparkled. There are 11 windows just in the bird room, and around 17 more
  10. You won’t. I had a fail a few months back and didn’t lose it. But it is a shock when one goes a long time without one. I agree, one slipped by me, QC was right. It was borderline, but I shouldn’t have uploaded it. There was some sharp areas, but not the area where it should have been.
  11. There would be millions fewer images out there if we still had to go through all of that. I admit when I joined up, I didn’t have to do it too long before the switch. But it was long enough. If I’d known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have wished for the change. Besides everything mentioned, there were trips to the post office and mailing costs. Then the looong wait began. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we have to wait for the images to pass QC before sending in the next? It seems like about the best one could do is around 2 subs a month. Do any of you remember the date we were a
  12. That’ll be the day, John. That’ll never happen considering where stock is today. As much as I love the ease of digital cameras, they did us in. Also the ease of uploading compared to sending in disks. All of that would have eliminated a lot of people who wouldn’t go to the trouble of mailing CDs and waiting all of that time to hear if they were accepted. And man, it was a pain, wasn’t it?
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