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  1. My intention was for it to be about Alamy contributors who use Photoshelter. In the past Alamy and Photoshelter have kind of co-identified each other as 'allies'. Hosting your pics on PS does not breach any exclusivity with Alamy. PS is a really useful way to organise and send pics to Alamy apart from its other uses. To me Facebook is pile of crap.
  2. Changes ( improvements) are supposedly imminent at Photoshelter - new templates for web pages, new Sitebuilder, and the ability to host two domains from the one account. I have bought www.oldslidephotos.com for my old slide photos so that they are in a separate area from my other stuff. I thought it might be useful to have a group of Alamy users to help each other and offer advice etc. Also for those wanting to find out more or who are considering joining. My site is here and I have not done anything to it for a while because I'm waiting for the changes to come: www.geographyphotos.com There are referral codes available from any member which give a small discount. Please post your Photoshelter web page
  3. I just had two pics removed from Getty after a manufacturer of ammonia nitrate fertiliser complained that I had breached their trademark - maybe a bit touchy after half of Beirut has been blown up and seeking to disassociate the brand from the product? The pics showed bags piled up in a barn with some context. They are still on Alamy and I hope if contacted that Alamy are more robust.
  4. Could be worrying for us in terms of the suggestion that copyright can't automatically be created on private property ( or of private property?) Not clear if this is about registering a trademark or copyright.
  5. Thanks. I think you have got the answer. This was another well loved Supermarket, McKenzies had two entrances, one on Hinemoa Street (where the Pick n Mix lolly stand was) and the shop could also be accessed from Tutanekai Street. The supermarket part was opened on 28 June 1966 and a 3 page write-up and advertising appeared in the Daily Post, pages 11-14. On the same day Tikitere Hell's Gate celebrated their new instant geyser! The McKenzies Department Store had been on the same site from [1937] There have been a number of shops over the years since McKenzies closed it's doors (1988? exact date not found). Among them Silvana Models; La Rouge Perfumery ; ?. The space was transformed from one large store into 8 smaller stores. Currently occupied by Jaycar, JK Kids and Just Kebab on Hinemoa Street and Pumpkin Patch, Rotorua Discounter, Just Jeans and Gould Photographics (possibly also where 'Envy Shoes, Handbags and Clothing is now) on Tutanekai Street. (to be confirmed)
  6. ...of this department store, part of a nationwide chain, which later on was taken over by Woolworths. I can't see any on Alamy of McKenzies. This was taken in 1974. Looks like a smaller provincial town but having tried I just can't locate it. Bank of NSW on the corner, the Camera House shop on this side and Ayson's jewellers also tucked in there. Further along the street is Bells Busy Centre written on a shop front. The woman in the brown coat is called Mabel. Any ideas please?
  7. And back near the start of the journey in 2016 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-37730614
  8. Well worth watching. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-54165866
  9. I think its a coffin. There was a huge tragedy in 1898. SS Mohegan was wrecked on the Manacles nearby with the loss of 106 lives. Many bodies were brought to the church at St Keverne - I came across a photo of the bodies in the church by Gibson of Penzance who are family famous for their pictures of shipwrecks and aftermaths. There's a mass grave in the churchyard at Keverne but some bodies were transported to London and even to USA. The Gibson archive went up for auction a couple years back and there was lots of coverage about them. They fetched £30k at Sothebys.
  10. Well done. Yes indeed. Like me you must have found a similar held by Helston museum. This photography family had a particular specialism which in 1898 explains what the men are carrying from the church.
  11. I'll say no more. But if you have a little time this one has an interesting story behind it. From a magic lantern slide with no clues at all except what is in the image and then Google.
  12. My first sales. Started with my film scanner ( cost over £2000) in Feb 2003, first sale end of October 2003 - the same image sold twice, one for a book, the other or a CD - total over $350 at 65% to me. And this was then relicensed for 50% in 2006 when the initial licence expired. No wonder I took to RM.🤪
  13. I look forward to an update on Alamy's new strategic direction ( or whatever it is called). They keep piling up more and more images so presumably they see purpose in that effort and expense. I also see Alamy as head and shoulders above the rest. I've stopped submitting elsewhere and may pull the plug on G completely given a couple more insulting sales statements of micro stock prices. The money is useful but self-respect is more important.
  14. Thanks Allan, looking at pics of Bognor there seems to be a road between the buildings and the beach - but this could be a different section. If Bognor I suppose this was taken from the pier.
  15. This one gives me a smile. Why didn't I think of taking a picture like that - with my cooking it would have been a cinch...
  16. 1p each And creating each new slide today probably costs £1. 🤢
  17. Zero? Okay I might be interested in bidding on yours 🤪
  18. Will probably be bought by an Ebay trader who will trickle them onto the market for years to come, and quite likely make at least 10 times from doing so.
  19. Not going to bid. I put exactly that point to the seller who told me that he would try and upload some examples. But how do you choose representative examples from such a large number? Most are too 'modern' for my taste. They don't have vintage quality and there will be digital equivalents. Others sound obscure - branch lines of long closed railways. I only posted really out of interest - thought it might be an education to see how our lifelong work might be valued once we are gone!
  20. Under two hours to go and the bid is over £800. Still a bargain price. I'd have thought £2500 -£3000
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