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  1. Thanks for the plane id By 1960, Silver City's 40,000 annual cross-Channel flights transported 220,000 passengers and 90,000 vehicles while network-wide freight haulage reached 135,000 tons a year.[7] The following summer, the airline reached agreement with a French rival to co-finance construction of a branch line linking Le Touquet Airport with the nearby main railway line to reduce surface travelling time from/to Paris.[7][27] Unsustainable losses as a result of the loss of the Libyan oil industry support flight contract, increasing competition from roll-on/roll-off ferri
  2. Planes of Silver City Airways airline car being loaded into Bristol freighter plane, England, UK c 1960
  3. My resubmission, excluding the failed image and two similars, has passed. My attempt at creating a tree silhouette against stormy sky ( thinking along the lines of a book cover) was adjudged to be 'soft and lacking definition' which isn't actually out-of-focus is it? More a nicer way of saying 'WTF is this supposed to be'? 😄 The lesson for me - don't try and be creative, stick to what you know. Anyway, will not doing any more stock for the foreseeable future. Time to delve into the Archive.
  4. I suppose I feel that because I have lost confidence in my ability to assess the quality required and consequently doubt past decisions made about images.
  5. And when they say to 'make sure to view images at 100%' maybe they should add a bit to that if you are using the display under discussion? Many of my images on Alamy submitted over the last 17/18 years would be borderline for QC including some good sellers.
  6. I think the message is clear to those who are used to viewing at 100% - probably best to switch to 200% before you end up in QC hell.
  7. I have been using this same Retina display for years. I haven't just switched to it. Maybe since 2017. Now when I open up images at 200% that are QC passes I am left unsure. That's what I mean about losing confidence. I can do it in a technical sense it is just one more click but the basis of my assessment of images has changed.
  8. I see the bars on the left and can just about distinguish steps if I look more closely at 100%. The steps become much more obvious at 200%.
  9. My problem is that I have got used to assessing images at 100% - have done tens of thousands at this size - so feel like I have lost confidence now in my ability to judge if I need to switch.
  10. Thanks Cal. I have been submitting since 2002 so thought that I had a good enough idea.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I have submitted tens of thousands of images viewed at !00% including many that I have resized to 3800 pixels because they were borderline. So how did they pass?? I have a small number of images yet to submit and then I am going to take stock 😁. Too much messing around and can't get answers.
  12. My QC nightmare continues. With the 27 inch Mac do you view images at 200% or 100% ( I don't think that 100% is truly 100% from previous discussions here...or something like that). With getting over 70,000 pics online I thought I was a reasonably competent judge of what QC expect but obviously not. I have a very large number of dark churches, low light, high ISO accepted but now wonder if that was fortunate. All of those were assessed on 27 in at 100% not 200%. Being aware of this will allow me to half the size of any that might have any hint
  13. I can't do it either now! Exactly the same thing happens that Paulette describes.
  14. YAY!!! Thank you So need to change to Chrome to do this.
  15. Only silver lining I can think of with very expensive textbooks is additional photocopying which if it happens in UK helps with DACS,
  16. This is what I see using Chrome: No better than Safari
  17. I still haven't figured out how to do this. Using Safari when I click on an image all I get is a Preview option which downloads the image to my HD. I don't see any option to copy/paste or copy a link. What am I missing, or is it not possible in Safari to post image on the forum from Alamy.
  18. MAYBE???? https://global.oup.com/education/content/tech_support/credits/?region=uk Try searching the credits for these textbooks. Work down the list one at a time. Whatever happened to the micro stockers argument that it was all about serving a new market and would not affect traditional stock? Still, plenty of you people feel that you 'have no choice'. Then why not go and see how much each of those textbooks costs?
  19. Edit is top right where the three dots are, along with Report and Share.
  20. Thanks for all the tips. I tried the four links suggested by Wim but can't get any matches for my pseudonym searches. I'll keep looking for these needles in this huge haystack 🙃
  21. Try phoning Alamy first thing Monday morning and ask for a spreadsheet of your files before they do the database update. Not sure if that will work but it is what comes to mind.
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