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  1. 12 sales for $167 gross. I've only cleared $34 so no payout this month.
  2. I mark the RF as no release and tick the box for editorial only. For years I only had RM, it's only fairly recently I've put some as RF so a small percentage.
  3. 13 sales for $112 gross. Same number of sales as last month, but less money.
  4. Sunday Times print Kay Roxby Wood mouse - apodemus sylvaticus - climbing up plants and flowers in Scotland, UK garden - Image ID: 2C6JJ9M
  5. 13 sales for $175 gross Half way through the year I'm around 35% of 2019 sales and 33% revenue.
  6. No surprise I had a poor month with 16 for $103 gross. Luckily all sixteen were direct sales so when my share clears I'll get a pay-out.
  7. Thanks Nigel for the two spots in The Sun. They've used both photos before, it's just a shame their prices are so low these days.
  8. A reasonably good month with 14 for $237 gross. Also had some of my recent sales cleared.
  9. Now the evenings are getting lighter I guess there will be thousands of 'clap for our carers' photos added over the next few weeks.
  10. Pearl Bucknall Image ID: 2AXJGWH Great Laxey Wheel, also known as the Lady Isabella Practical motorhome June 2020.
  11. Graham Hunt/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BA776Y Country Life 1st April Solace in solitude at Corfe Castle, Dorset: as public spaces empty, Nature seems to be going out of her way to be as beautiful as possible
  12. Good sales with 7 for $500 gross including two $$$. I didn't make payout for the first time in years with only $36 cleared.
  13. I decided I had to change something since my revenue graph was heading south, so I deleted about 1800 images. It will be interesting to see how 2020 goes.
  14. A good month with 16 sales for $513 gross, although I should probably knock 1 off as it sold last month then refunded and sold for a few cents less.
  15. My worst year for revenue since 2010 with 192 sales for $3960 gross.
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