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  1. QC means quality control. I don't get the number 3 but I would guess that it is a special QC for your first submission. After the first one not all of your images will be examined. Paulette
  2. I have been having these periodic problems for a long time. Right now I am OK after clearing the cache and deleting ALL of my history. That creates annoyances. You can email CR and give them the version of Safari and Mac operating system you are using and ask that they look into it. They also ask for a screenshot of what is happening but I should think saying the log in page comes back should be sufficient. I agree that it's ridiculous that Safari has repeated problems. It's not like no one uses it. Paulette
  3. been awhile

    One of your robins is on a stand and the other is on the ground. Same caption for both? A month is not a long time here. Perhaps you will never like this agency but if you want to try you'll have to put in more effort and be prepared to accept some advice. Paulette
  4. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Thank you. I do love, love, love the animals. Paulette
  5. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Yes, she can do very well with that. Even better, of course, if she can get an 80-400 which is what I use most of the time. I have plenty of images I shot with the 70-300 and if she ever gets close to the animals she will prefer that one. Before I started going to see the animals in the wild I liked to shoot everything very close, My first experience was with the beautiful big brown bears in Brooks Falls. I immediate discovered I needed to do "environmental" shots that put the animals in their home (since I didn't want to walk right up to them).. It's a different way of composing and can be wonderful to play around with. Mostly she should always take the time to stop shooting and look and appreciate without the camera in front of her face. Africa is wonderful and I probably won't get back there again so I envy her. Paulette
  6. How long for payments to clear?

    Mine was a stock image. Maybe not The Sun. Maybe a different paper but it was the same day as yours. Paulette
  7. How long for payments to clear?

    Yep. That newspaper sale from Dec. 22 has cleared at last. Paulette
  8. Favourite images uploaded - May 2018

    Oooohhh. That is fabulous. Paulette
  9. May Challenge TWILIGHT

    D2KK03 Polar Bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada DMBM55 Quiver Trees in Namibia, Africa EH0WP8 Zebra Foal in Namibia, Africa Paulette
  10. How long for payments to clear?

    I had a newspaper sale also on that date and I notified contributor services last week. They thanked me for the heads up and said they were turning it over to their credit control team. Paulette
  11. Multiple Delete Function for AIM

    Yes, I agree. That is one of the many things about this image manager that are maddening. Just having to read what I have in little boxes slows me down. The care I have to take in merging keywords so I don't wind up with a nonsense phrase and have to delete it and start over. Not being able to copy and paste but having to click on faded tags when I want to use keywords from an older image. Having to click "Add Caption" instead of just having a box where I can immediately start typing. Having the first part of the location disappear as I type so I can't see the whole thing until I'm done. It goes on and on and I know I only hurt myself by not uploading as often but I dread the darn thing. The old image manager also used to tell me when I had forgotten to put something in attributes. This one has me needing to proofread everything. It's a disaster as far as I"m concerned and it looks like we are stuck with it no matter what we say about it. Paulette
  12. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Ed, I think some Americans started a rescue organization in San Miguel years ago and if you miss your dog walking perhaps you could find them and volunteer. Paulette
  13. I have just passed but am having trouble logging in to Alamy again. I guess I will have to (yet again) delete my history in Safari or use Firefox. Paulette
  14. Where can I find my portfolio link?

    <<<<<<<<<<<< Here in your post. It says right now Images 3. Paulette
  15. Alamy and Safari

    I have periodic problems, too. Sometimes clearing history helps but it has side effects that can include returns to Captcha. Paulette
  16. hello

    Jpegs are compressed. The 17mb requirement refers to the uncompressed size. Your camera will produce 24mbs. If you are just starting out in photography you should be aware that this is a professional stock agency. You might want to start with some classes or a camera club. Paulette
  17. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    One of my favorite images sold for three figures for a book. Happy. Paulette
  18. All is well in Safari now. Thank you, Wim. I had tried the Apple + but it didn't seem to work. Maybe I was so frustrated I wasn't doing it correctly. I am not the best at learning software and just staying on Safari is comfortable. Except when I am locked out of Alamy. Paulette
  19. I'm on Firefox for this because Safari cannot open Alamy and cannot open the sign in page for the Forum. I suppose there is some way to make Firefox give me print larger than ant tracks but I'm not in a mood to learn it. Perhaps if I erase my history yet again in Safari I can use it but I'm tired of the side effects of doing that. Going to read a book. Paulette
  20. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    This is going to be fun. It's like all of us are getting a trip to Mexico. Paulette
  21. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Yep. I thought San Miguel was a photographer's paradise. So glad you are settling in. Paulette
  22. Dust on sensor...

    Am I right that some Nikons don't have the clear plate? Or is it something else that is now missing on cameras like the D500. Paulette
  23. Alamy survey

    I assume I'm not the only one who received a survey from Alamy today. It is really a quick and easy one. One question asks how they can improve. I, of course, asked for an improved image manager. I didn't want to go into detail and just said I'd be happy with the old one with larger thumbnails and the ability to batch delete and append keywords. It felt good to be asked. I just hope something will improve. We have been asking for things for the image manager from the beginning and nothing changes. Maybe now? Paulette
  24. Beautiful photo of a beautiful creature. Paulette
  25. I've finally joined the forum

    Glad to have you here. I looked at your tips in the blog and look forward to what you have to say here. Welcome. Paulette