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  1. Nice calendar sale..... $$$ Sea Otter in Seldovia Harbor, Alaska Paulette
  2. If you have the same images on another site it may be that people will choose to buy at the cheapest price. Alamy sales are not frequent but usually higher price though we have been seeing some wee prices lately. This is a new and unhappy situation for us. Paulette
  3. Is anyone else only seeing a little blue box with a question mark in the boxes that show "Stock Content", etc.? I'm using Safari. Paulette
  4. Making garlands and selling flowers in New Delhi, India Mexican marketplace, Olvera Street, Los Angeles, California Grand Central Market in Grand Central Terminal, New York City Paulette
  5. Don't use the new tab. I see in your avatar here that you have 3 images. If you click on that number you will see them. They changed the criteria for the new tab and I think now it uses the date the photo was taken. I don't know what that would mean for you since I believe you are not submitting photographs. Paulette
  6. I just got up and I don't like it. Confusing to the likes of me. Paulette
  7. So terrible. Being in public service these days seems dangerous everywhere. Paulette
  8. Thank you, Lisa. That is charming. Paulette
  9. Lucky me today. I spent some time relaxing in our courtyard garden. Probably one more day of this and then it will start to get chilly, Paulette
  10. He also made the film about Jay Maisel... "Jay Myself". I met him quite by accident when I went to a gallery to see an exhibit of these amazing day to night photos. I wasn't expecting anything with animals but the first image was of albatross on Steeple Jason Island in the Falkland Islands. It was shortly before I was going to the Falklands and I noticed this guy talking to a friend about the image. I realized he was the photographer and got to talk to him about the Falklands and his experience taking that photo. One of those wonderful New York City happenings. Paulette
  11. Editorial website.. bulk discount (sigh) and a distributor so less than $ for me. Grizzly Bear in Lake Clark National Park Paulette
  12. Shakespeare used to make up words to suit his purpose. Fine fellow. Paulette
  13. Thank you for the reply. We have wondered about that admin fee for years. It's good news that we will get our 50% on DACS at least. Paulette
  14. I am curious about whether Covid patients are given any instructions for improving lung function in the future. I do yoga and the breathing exercises helped me when I was dealing with asthma for a number of years. I had a gizmo from the doctor that let me test the strength of my exhale and I was on medication but no "physical therapy" for my lungs. I still carry a rescue inhaler just in case but I haven't used it in years. Paulette
  15. So glad you are back, Mick. As far as I'm concerned the only good thing about being in the hospital are the amazing nurses. Wonderful people. Paulette
  16. Website use and social media... $$ Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya Paulette
  17. Thanks for calling him, Allan. I was worrying too. Paulette
  18. Everybody is accustomed to amplification nowadays and I miss the sound of the un-amplified human voice. I do get it beautifully with the choral music of the Voices of Ascension. They have four concerts scheduled for 2021-2022. I have missed them. Paulette
  19. We must have very good hearing compared to the rest of the world these days. I also find the sound too loud in almost all movie theaters and it is usually too cold as well. I've learned to bring a sweater and usually wind up stuffing some Kleenex in my ears. Definitely not a comfortable experience. I remember "in the old days" I used to enjoy the previews but now they are even louder than the feature. Paulette
  20. How fabulous, Betty. I saw one in NYC a few weeks back and thought of you. We don't get them much here. Not many butterflies of any kind. Paulette
  21. Having a car in NYC is a nightmare. They are only nice for taking a trip to the country. Paulette
  22. Self-publish book in Australia...$$ Polar Bear in the Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
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