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  1. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    I'm glad you are reaching out for help. I have found that there are a lot of people in the world who really like helping people. I always smile at the button in elevators here that says "Help Is On The Way". Paulette
  2. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Oh, Ed. I am so sorry. I wish I had a brilliant solution. All I can think of is that some kind expat should take you in hand and guide you. I hope someone can help. Paulette
  3. I do like this in terms of the ability to show chosen images but the old "your Alamy homepage" only searches within your own images (though there is a way to go to the Alamy homepage). Paulette
  4. So, stock photography...

    The word "stacking" still gives me shivers. I figured you must have forgotten. Paulette
  5. So, stock photography...

    NO NO NO. You have been here longer than I have so may have blocked out the nightmare of STACKING. All of our best images hidden by some randomly chosen image that didn't represent the subject well. If you are thinking of a system in which we can voluntarily stack our own similars that would, perhaps, be OK but when Alamy did it there was much moaning and groaning until they saw the error of their ways. Paulette
  6. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    Gave a green to counteract. Dreadful red arrows. I give them a mental red arrow. Paulette
  7. Images sold in December

    Thanks. I'd be willing to continue with novel use if I thought there was a real justification for it but this one makes me think I will opt out in April. Hard to be optimistic right now. I did sell this image once before for a good price. Paulette
  8. Images sold in December

    This was a novel use sale that has me puzzled. I found it on a website recently and was expecting the sale. I honestly don't know what was novel about the use. Does this look like it should be under that special deal (and in perpetuity)? Polar Bear Cub in the Svalbard Archipelago, Norway Paulette
  9. December Challenge

    Herd of Burchell's Zebras, Etosha, Namibia Sand Dunes in the Namib Desert, Namibia, Africa Dirt road in the Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  10. Hi from England

    I like your images a lot. A couple of suggestions about keywording. Add plurals. Someone looking for a dog might search "dogs". Wildlife should have the Latin name as well as specific name. What kind of otter? Paulette
  11. Favourite photos in November 18

    Oh, lucky you being in Namibia. I love what you did with the giraffes drinking. Everybody (including me) just shows them with their reflections in the daylight. Paulette
  12. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    In NYC we only have one year leases and two year leases. You can buy, of course, but there is no guarantee that your "maintenance" won't go up and up. So I guess "long term" is not in the cards here except that there are a lot of safeguards against landlords just kicking you out. That's one reason Ed had the funds to move to Spain. I am so glad to see him settled and the lease seems long enough to me and, I hope, to him too. Paulette
  13. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    What good news. I am in Santiago on my way to the Falkland Islands and happy to get the news while I have wifi. So splendid. Paulette
  14. Marketing package... F3K90M Glaucous Gulls in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  15. Alamy Measures, Customer Search Activity

    I've never seen that. If it shows a search term in my Measures it always shows at least one view. Are you looking in All of Alamy? Paulette
  16. I'm sure you will sell more. I enjoyed looking at your images. Paulette
  17. Somehow I am going to Havana?

    AAAhhhh Betty. I send a hug. To tell the truth, on this Election Day I had a bit of a laugh at somebody being unwilling to set foot here on their way to Havana. Cuba is a place with a government I am willing to disparage. Paulette
  18. Well, yes, the luggage situation is dire. Supposedly only 44 pounds once we get to the Falklands and are flying in tiny planes. I will have to repack (in the airport) so I can leave my heavy bag behind and just use a duffle and wee carryon. I'll probably have to wear the same clothes every day. I'm not going on a cruise ship. We will be seven photographers and have been given instructions on keeping back from wildlife. Apparently the penguins often approach on their own. I doubt that I'll try the video on the RX100. Seems iffy. Thanks for all tips and comments. Paulette
  19. Next week I leave for a two week photo trip to the Falkland Islands. Penguins! If you have any tips I'd love to hear them. One friend of mine wants me to take some video because the penguins are so funny when they walk. I have never done any video. I guess if I put the camera on a tripod and press the video button I will get something but it would be nice to hear some advice. I'm not thinking about selling video though I don't think I should eliminate the possibility. I will be using the Nikon D500 and D7100. Also the RX100 for brief times we are in towns. I share my images with friends using my Zenfolio account and I see that you can upload video there. I'll have to explore that when I get home. I am excited and nervous about the trip. We will not be in vehicles and I have some worries about how far I can walk with a heavy backpack. I think we will not be rushed, at least. No getting in the vehicle at 5AM. Though I guess getting out at sunrise will still be the goal. Paulette
  20. Hello from South Africa!

    QC only checks for technical quality. They won't judge the subject. One nice thing about Alamy is you get to do the selections. Start looking at the threads in the Forum about Images Found and Images Sold to get an idea what sells. Also go to your Dashboard and Alamy Measures.. All of Alamy to see what people are searching for. Good luck on the 1000 images. If one fails all fail so most of us do much smaller batches. Paulette
  21. Hello from South Africa!

    Hello, Rudi. The first thing I would say is keywords, keywords, keywords. They are almost more important than the image because if they are not good no one will find your pic. Animals should be specific. What kind of rhino? You should include the Latin name and the place where they are. People will search for a specific park. Your tree should also have its scientific name. Take a look at images that appear high in searches for your subject. Check out the keywords. Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourself here. Paulette
  22. Importance of Captions

    Put as much as you possibly can in your captions. They have a very heavy weight in searches. I'm not sure why you think the date taken is important. Some people only put the location in the caption if it is important. Paulette
  23. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    This month I am getting my highest payout ever. Thank you, Alamy. Paulette