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  1. February 2019 Challenge: "What is Love?"

    Male lion with cubs in the Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa Alaskan Brown Bear siblings hugging in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA Little chick cradled in rough hands Paulette
  2. Alamy measures

    I suspect that the tech people at Alamy are buried in work getting set for the new and more complicated commission structure. Fixing Measures is not likely to be a big priority under the circumstances. I don't remember such a long period without Measures in the past but I understand how it could be happening now. Paulette
  3. Hello from Istanbul

    That is very interesting and I would include that in your caption and also perhaps in a longer version in "additional information." The article Wim linked to should give you some keywording ideas. I wouldn't have thought of "feral birds." This is a really wonderful film about parrots in San Francisco ... Paulette
  4. Hello from Istanbul

    You have a very impressive portfolio. I think you will do well. I am going to criticize the green parrots. I assume they are not native birds so the story would be to find out what they are including the Latin name. Then the caption should include the fact that they are probably birds brought in as pets. Are there many of them? Are they a pest? I also would not put "closeup" in the keywords. You don't have a close-up and if someone is just looking for that kind of bird yours would not likely be good enough. They are only likely to be used for a story about animals brought in as pets. Paulette
  5. February 2019 Challenge: "What is Love?"

    I go from AIM because I like the size better from there. I enlarge the image, right-click and copy image. Then I paste it into the post. I know some people are still able to drag and drop but I don't know where they begin. Paulette
  6. This looked like useful information for heaven's sake. A red arrow? Don't stop your valuable comments, please. Paulette
  7. Odd Alamy Measures

    I can't get anything after Feb 6. Paulette
  8. They may have had their submissions rejected. If their camera is not suitable they might just give up. Occasionally someone introduces themselves and seems to think it is just a forum to talk photography. Some people have time on their hands and are lonely. Paulette
  9. Images sold in February 2019

    Travel client. Marketing package use. Very nice fee Baby elephants coming for their feeding at the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa Paulette
  10. Thank you for posting this, Kumar. Some of us are far away and won't be attending the meetings. Paulette
  11. Poor Discoverablity

    Location field is not searchable. You need to put it in captions and tags. Paulette
  12. 500 sales

    It also looks like you haven't uploaded anything new for a while. Just sitting back and collecting the fruits of your labor? Paulette
  13. Vote for the January 2019 Challenge

    Congratulations, Michael. You see, you could indeed beat the cute baby animals! Paulette
  14. Poor Discoverablity

    You also have "Chiang May Railway Market" on some images that are not a market. Incorrect information can do a lot of harm. Don't forget you need to deselect an image before moving to the next one or the information will carry over. One of the worst things about our image manager. Paulette
  15. Hello from argentina

    Email Paulette

    NU means Novel Use and I suspect you have the same website that I have had. I've had two of them. I'm going to opt out in April because I just don't see that sort of sale as novel use. The app use in perpetuity seems particularly awful. Paulette
  17. Favourite photos uploaded February 2019

    I think the night mode only makes jpegs. Might be the same with other special modes. Paulette
  18. Non Exclusive check box

    Go to Attributes on the filter bar and scroll down. It is towards the bottom. Paulette
  19. Non Exclusive check box

    When I checked I found I had done them all but it showed me all my failed submissions. So sad. But I have definitely improved. None were recent. Paulette
  20. Vote for the January 2019 Challenge

    All these images make me happy! Thanks for including my upside down bear cub. Paulette
  21. MAC built - in FTP server

    Thank you, Edo. I have to go out to feed a little cat named Biscuit but I'm going to wait a couple of hours until the temperature gets out of the single digits. Paulette
  22. MAC built - in FTP server

    Allan, I have not used FTP for Alamy but I've found Fetch very user-friendly on my Mac. Paulette
  23. Favourite photos uploaded January 2019

    Wonderful image. Paulette
  24. Images sold in January

    Book sale.. Lion cubs in the Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa Paulette
  25. Portfolio Banner Picture

    I got that with Safari. I was able to load an image with Firefox. Paulette