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  1. Forgive me if I've posted this twice. I thought I did it but then didn't see it???? Two identical sales for editorial website so I think one will be refunded... $ Grevy"s Zebra in Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Kenya Paulette
  2. Gorgeous photo, Mr. Standfast. Paulette
  3. The last time I visited Los Angeles I really appreciated the availability of Uber and Lyft. In years past I either had to rent a car or depend on a friend to take me around. My friend still drives but not for long and unfamiliar distances and I'd be afraid to try to drive now --- being so out of practice. I do keep up my license in case of necessity. One thing that keeps me in NYC is the thought of how limited I would be elsewhere because of needing to drive. Paulette
  4. Three images of polar bear hunting and catching a seal sold for a magazine in Taiwan. They add up to mid-$$ Polar Bear sniffing for a seal in the Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  5. Personally, I only delete obvious horribles but you are being very professional, Betty. The wildlife photographers I have taken tours with only save the ones they expect to be able to sell. The old saying is that the difference between a professional and an amateur is the size of their trash. Paulette
  6. I think your photos are gorgeous. You can do more with your captions. Be very specific about what is in the image. You have "small fishing boats" as a caption for a variety of images -- one just the rope tied up -- one the bow of a boat. Are the dolphins really in a "pool"? Where is the pool? I think most animal pics should give a location as that may be what the article is about. Don't be afraid to say it is a zoo. Zoo photos do sell for articles about zoos or that particular zoo. Paulette
  7. I think I may have to avoid Washington Square Park altogether these days... not to mention many streets on the way from the Village to Soho. Really bad day today. I went down there 10:30 am and came back 2:30 pm. Sightings included... one guy barely on his feet high on something. At least his eyes were closed and he wasn't on the move. Then a beggar came into a deli while I was buying a banana. I saw two more beggars and two definitely crazy guys.. one was shadowboxing with a lamppost. The east side of the park is pretty OK but now the west side --- even along the edge and the corner with the chessboard tables is full of sketchy characters. Sad. I know I am not "politically correct" calling these guys beggars but I'm feeling out of sorts about what is happening to my city. Paulette
  8. I'm not using an iPad. I still have the original one and hardly ever use it. I'm on a MacBook Air. Later when I have some time I'll look again. Maybe I missed something. Paulette
  9. I tried that again and I did see a clickable address but it just took me to my preview page and when I copied it it wouldn't work for insert URL in the forum. I've made a note of the address you gave me before in case I need it. Paulette
  10. Nope. Tried it. I do have the Develop on my menu and could get the page source but it was totally mysterious to me and command f didn't show me anything I could see. Thanks anyway. Probably I would just have to use Firefox if I had to show someone else's image. Paulette
  11. OK. That seems to be reasonable. Thank you. Paulette
  12. Thanks, but seems hard to me. It's just a bunch of stuff I don't understand. Paulette
  13. I'm not understanding this. So if I go to one of your images.... what next? What am I copying? From where? Paulette
  14. Yes. When the image is enlarged in the Alamy Image Manager (click on the + sign) you can right-click and get the little menu that allows copying of the URL. It's probably the same menu that Lars sees in his method. I do use Safari but I'm sure it works the same way in Firefox. Paulette
  15. I just got some good news about a cat-sitting client. I was asked to start taking care of her cat because she was in the hospital for "something serious" and would be having surgery. Today I got an email informing me that it was a benign brain tumor and she is doing well. Sounds like a really frightening experience -- for her and for her family. The kitty is a sweetheart and I get to continue to take care of her for now. Paulette
  16. What a nice story (and photo). Paulette
  17. That was my year of studying in London --- straight from Southern California with none of the right clothes or experience. I wonder how I survived. There was also one of the famous fogs and that was rather fun in its weird way. Paulette
  18. Thank you, Cecile. We are getting nests every year. You will notice they used some untraditional nest material of blue and white plastic. I'm a couple of blocks from Washington Square and I think they see us as a safe nook away from a lot of people. They don't stick around once the babes have left the nest. Paulette
  19. Check out Stockimo. Paulette
  20. I finally got around to uploading the robins we had in my Greenwich Village garden. I love the way they look like they are singing together.. American Robins in New York City Paulette
  21. This has somehow made me think of a Southern expression I just learned. "Don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining." Those Southern expressions are the best. Paulette
  22. Oh my goodness, Wim. My head is spinning. I am using Safari on a Mac and my method is to enlarge the image in the image manager and right-click to copy the URL. The images are smaller but I can make them bigger (and squashed) by changing zooms to comp (or the other way around) in the URL The vertical images don't get squashed so I usually do change the URL for them. Paulette
  23. Editorial website.. $ Polar Bear mom and her cub in the Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  24. One plan I haven't acted on yet is to look at what I have on my hard drive but have never uploaded. In the time of travel for me I concentrated on those images but I know I also took some images around the city that should be uploaded. But I am very lazy about the whole process so don't upload a lot. Paulette
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