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  1. Calendar sale... Mother polar bear with cub in the Svalbard Archipelago Paulette
  2. Probably here if you are looking for it.... https://theculturetrip.com Paulette
  3. Your experience with writing articles should help you. I would have said the bobbins would sell to someone doing an article and, indeed, you used them. Special knowledge is valuable here, in my opinion. Paulette
  4. You will need to be careful in doing your captions and keywords. When you finish with an image you have to deselect it before moving on to your next one or you will have a mis-labeled image. I looked to see what the colorful bird was and it has a caption saying it is a white pelican. So after doing your pelican you didn't deselect the pelican. It will very likely take a long time and many images to make a sale. No quick money here, I'm afraid. Paulette
  5. No, we're OK. I'm still talking like a Californian. Paulette
  6. Thank you for including mine. I've always liked that one. Paulette
  7. We didn't have the ability to mark images as editorial until recently and I doubt that everyone has gone back and done it on older images so there are a lot here not so marked. Paulette
  8. I suffer from extreme envy when I see where some of you live. Enjoy! Paulette
  9. You obviously have special knowledge in this area and that would give you an advantage if you shoot specifically to these issues. Yours could be the only images available for the subject if someone is writing about it. Paulette
  10. I really admire your work. It is beautiful and I think it will sell eventually. I don't do the sort of subjects you have but I suspect the textile images will be more likely to be useful to someone writing an article. Even better would be to include people using the machines. My sales on Alamy are for magazines and newspapers with the occasional book and a couple of greeting cards. When you are deciding on subjects think in terms of subjects in magazines and books. Watch the forum for images we report having sold and you should get an idea. You haven't been here long and have very few images. It always takes much longer here than on the microstock sites. Paulette
  11. There is a new shingles vaccine that is given in two doses. It is worth watching for if it isn't available yet there. Some aftereffects that feel like mild flu for a couple of days. It is more effective than the old vaccine. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/shingles/public/shingrix/index.html I don't know if there are age restrictions. Paulette
  12. Hooray. Mine has arrived. A bit less than last year but the added German money brings it to a bit more. Paulette
  13. Last year it said .....Other income........DACS Payment..... Nothing this year. Maybe tomorrow..... Boo hoo.... Someone is allergic to cats. Paulette
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