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  1. The last time I used Lightroom (the old standalone version) I was importing my robin photos. I couldn't do anything in the right panel so couldn't do what I usually do to the filename and couldn't add keywords but I went ahead and imported. Then I continued to only be able to work with the center panel. I could move to the next photo using the arrows or the thumbnail strip at the bottom but, again, couldn't add keywords. I finally shut it down -- optimizing the catalog. As I thought about it I wondered if I had allowed enough time for Lightroom to load into my ancient and very slow laptop. Maybe I had started using it before it was ready. So today I took a deep breath and opened it. I let it "warm up" for ten minutes and tried it. Hooray! Everything is working. Lesson learned. Paulette
  2. I'm finding all kinds of enjoyment difficult these days. I cheered up a little yesterday when things were more normal... but that was because of passing loud construction noise on my street. I didn't know I missed it. I do so love the activity in this city so its just too odd when it is quiet. I did pass someone speaking French into his phone and that felt good. Paulette
  3. Wonderful cartoon for these times. I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste it so here's a link.. https://laughingsquid.com/its-for-your-own-good/ Paulette
  4. Are you at least getting the automatic response from emails? Make sure your computer is giving you "contributors@alamy.com". There is another address that they use in sending you emails and for a while my computer was using that one to email them and it doesn't work. Paulette
  5. Thank you. They were new for me also. Paulette
  6. Ohhhh. The dreaded lampshade. Paulette
  7. They can be very generous with corpses. She was feeding you! Paulette
  8. During the pandemic they can't really follow us as well as they previously did. They have never, to my knowledge, read every word. We are supposed to help each other and behave ourselves. Paulette
  9. My folks lived in a cowboy-friendly town and the place called Annie Oakley's had french toast with peanut butter between slices. Yummy. Paulette
  10. It could even be a Maine Coon, Edo. The New York Cat-sitter doesn't know! Paulette
  11. I think he does understand now. I think he thought that the 45 days meant an automatic payment after that amount of time. The language problem made it difficult to sort out but I think he's OK now. I suppose he will speak up if I am mistaken. Paulette
  12. I don't know what you mean by "reset". When i look at my Account Balance on my dashboard I can see which sales have been paid to Alamy. If Alamy has not been paid it says "uncleared" in the right hand column. Is that what you are talking about as "reset"? The truth is that some clients take a long time to pay Alamy. I have two sales for a book that are from March 10. These sales are not cleared and I won't get that money until after Alamy has it. Books can be delayed or cancelled and therefore can take a long time to pay. Have you looked at your Account Balance? It is one of the choices on your dashboard. Paulette
  13. That's interesting. I didn't even know that page existed and it mentions personal messages. We don't have them anymore. The problem, Wim, is that I would like to get the notifications that someone has quoted me but lately they have started telling me that someone gave me an up or down or trophy or laughing face or whatever. These just get in the way and are annoying. Paulette
  14. My guess is that you are not using Safari. Dragging and dropping won't work for me and I'm too lazy to move to another browser. I get what I want but I do wonder if I would be able to put up other people's images if I run a Challenge again because I have to do it from my Image Manager. Paulette
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