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  1. Turkish newspaper sale... CEGGX5 Masai Giraffe in the Masai Mara, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  2. I also keep wondering why Jeff is not using Lightroom. It seems perfect for his needs and setting up some presets or using the ones already there can give him some choices. Paulette
  3. Mass reverse image search

    Indeed..... " I run this bookmarklet with those lightboxes: ?¿ src-img" .....Alas, this doesn't work anymore. I really miss it. Paulette
  4. Valencia, Spain?

    At last. Hooray! Paulette
  5. Valencia, Spain?

    You will take a siesta during the hottest part of the day and the windows should have "persianas" that completely block out the light and heat. They are interlocking slats that come down as a blind and I gather they are usually plastic now but used to be all wood and excellent for blocking out the hot sun. If you were managing without A/C in NYC I think you will be fine. The architecture is built to keep out the heat. Paulette
  6. For a UK magazine... E97YWC Polar Bear mother and cub in the Svalbard Peninsula, Norway Paulette
  7. September challege: THINK LOCAL

    A couple of my images of the corner of Waverly Place and Waverly Place have sold. One of our Greenwich Village street oddities... DPEM83 Signs at the corner of Waverly and Waverly, New York City S0Y2YF Sidewalk Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York City BCMN56 Cat in window in Greenwich Village, NYC Paulette
  8. Viewing my images

    They won't appear in a search for your name unless you have put your name in the keywords. The easiest way to see all your images is by clicking the blue number under your avatar here. You can then bookmark that in order to be able to go to your images at any time. Paulette
  9. Hello from London, UK

    Lovely portfolio you are starting out with. I would suggest doing more with the keywords. Add plurals. Someone searching for tomatoes is likely to use the plural but may use the singular. Vegetable, vegetables would be a good idea. If you do a search on your subject and look at the keywords contributors have used it can be helpful. Paulette
  10. Hi from the UK

    Thank you. I have taken amazing trips. Lake Clark National Park is such a wonderful place to get close to bears. Paulette
  11. Is this really different from using presets in Lightroom? Paulette
  12. Hi from the UK

    I suggest adding Latin names to your beautiful animals.....African Leopard, Panthera pardus, Brown Bear, Ursus arctos, African Lion, Panthera leo.... Mind you, your spellcheck will drive you crazy trying to change them. Paulette
  13. September challege: THINK LOCAL

    Yes, I believe "rummage sale" is usually in a church and we also have "garage sale" and "yard sale" at homes. In NYC it might be a "stoop sale". Then the "swap meets" are a community thing. Paulette
  14. September challege: THINK LOCAL

    Is that what you guys call a "Jumble sale"? I can see why... Paulette