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  1. Alamy usually responds very quickly. Did you at least get the automated response that would tell you they got your email? Paulette
  2. That looks like a submission from an agency. Are you sure you have not put that image with the agency? Paulette
  3. I think you guys should meet at the Alamy stall. Too obvious, I guess, for anyone to think of it. Paulette
  4. You are doing the right thing. A small number of relevant keywords will serve you better than trying to reach the deceptive "discoverability". We think Alamy has made a mistake with that measurement. Irrelevant keywords will harm you. My method for finding words I may not have thought of is to simply look at what other contributors have put on their images of the same subject. You won't want to copy but you may find some gems. Paulette
  5. I had a zoom today on my bloody little polar bear. I've always found him adorable but doubted anyone would buy him. We shall see. I am enjoying all of your entries. I already have many more than 8 favorites. Paulette
  6. Thank you, Maria. That seems to work for me in Safari. Very useful since I make a Lightbox when I am picking the finalists. Paulette
  7. I once had a personal sale of an image and then two months later one other from the series of the same subject was sold for the rear cover of a book. I figured the personal sale may have been by the author. The fee for the book was a lovely $345. So let's hope something similar is going on for you. Paulette
  8. Why don't you test it. Note the position of an image in a search and then add it to the caption. Wait 24 hours for the update and then see if it has moved. Paulette
  9. Whoa, Kumar. A lot of feathers in that pic. Paulette
  10. I expose all the way to the right and Lightroom can be incredible at bringing back detail if I have blown it out. Paulette
  11. And after only 6 months. I think it took me a year and a half. Paulette
  12. I know NOTHING about software but this doesn't make sense to me. If Safari used to work and now doesn't after they changed the software it is likely that it has something to do with their software. No? Expert opinions appreciated. Nothing to do about it probably and I do have Firefox. Safari is not some odd little browser that no one has. It comes with Macs and computer-challenged old folks like me probably just stick with it. Anyway, Alamy did step up to answer the question and I appreciate that. Paulette
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