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  1. Is that it? I seem to be good at finding plants I think are pretty and then somebody tells me it's a weed. Paulette
  2. I've heard about a woman who is wearing a clown mask. She loves making people laugh. Good for her I say. Paulette
  3. I forgot to add that I LOVE hearing about fence posts. I think it's great that you can worry about fence posts. Sounds like such a healthy activity. Hooray for fence posts. Paulette
  4. Here is my latest report from the epicenter. It is really boring so feel free to skip it. I just went out in the world today for the first time in 5 days. People are cheering medical workers and others on the front lines at 7pm every day but I don't face the street so I cheer quietly in my apartment. It reminds me of the weeks (months?) after 9/11 when people would gather on the West Side Highway to cheer the people going down to work on the Pile. We New Yorkers like to present ourselves as hard-boiled but we are quite sentimental about these gatherings for our heroes. I am lucky to have a courtyard garden here so if the weather is nice I go for a walk around and around. Yesterday I saw our porter Mr. Singh. He was wearing a mask and we waved from a distance. There is a robin building a nest! I wonder if he is one of the ones born here last year or the year before. That reminds me that I have photos of that on my hard drive. Uploading them would be a good activity. So last night I got mail for the first time since last Wednesday. Two friends are having birthdays this week and I haven't sent cards but it is probably a good thing because the postal service seems to be having a hard time. I got the statement for the largest part of my nest egg and opened it with great fear. Fortunately, I am conservatively invested and though I have lost a lot it is not a total disaster. Whew! So I started by saying I went out today. We are now being told to wear masks. We are supposed to make our own so as not to deprive our nurses but I had scored a couple at the beginning of this that don't look likely to be good for medical workers so I wore one. I did not feel like I could breathe properly so I'll try a scarf the next time. I have three cotton ones that seem possible. I don't know how the wonderful nurses manage to wear those masks for hours. I could never do it. The store was not crowded. There was plenty of fish, berries, fruit, vegetables. They haven't found a way to put up plastic screens for the cashiers but they have face shields as well as masks. What science fiction movie am I in? They have changed the credit card reader so we don't have to sign. When I got home I washed my hands and keys, put away the groceries and washed my hands again. Then I used a bleach cleaner on my doorknobs and light switches. Wake me up when this is over. Paulette
  5. Yes, time to celebrate. So nice to hear good news from Italy. We are the "epicenter" now in New York City and there is always some good news here too. It was a beautiful day here yesterday. Congratulations on reaching 5,000. Paulette
  6. Whoa! What's happening here? Is he leaping? Underwater shot? Performing newt? Really fabulous. Paulette
  7. I didn't know about these cuties. "Carnivorous" sounds alarming though ... Paulette
  8. Travel client. Marketing Package Use....$$ This woman loved to pose! I wish I could send her a percentage. They are so poor. Samburu Maasai Woman wearing traditional attire, Samburu Village, Samburu, Kenya, East Africa Paulette
  9. What an amazing bird. The tail feathers look like they were stuck on as an afterthought... "taking off" Haha.. Paulette
  10. I called my friend who is in the Old Actors Home now. He has memory problems and they are not allowed visitors for obvious reasons so he has not talked to anyone about what is happening. He was aware of the virus but he doesn't use a computer or, I guess, watch the news and was continually amazed by what I told him. He hadn't realized it is all over the world. When I described the empty streets and no theatre, no movies, no museums, restaurants closed, he kept being surprised and kept saying he is glad to be where he is. I am glad too and, for once, I didn't have to feel bad that he is no longer in the City. It was so nice to talk to him and it cheered me up. Paulette
  11. Thank you for the heads up. And thank you for continuing a good level of activity considering what everyone is going through. Paulette
  12. You might enjoy the videos and photos by this photographer.... https://www.leilajeffreys.com/video-art I saw this exhibit here and loved it. https://www.olsengruin.com/artworks.php?artist_id=422 The videos are hypnotic. Paulette
  13. So sorry to hear she hasn't improved. Will continue thoughts and prayers. Paulette
  14. Is your daughter doing well Betty? Paulette
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