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  1. Have you looked at Account balance on your Dashboard? It shows which sales are cleared.. meaning Alamy has received payment. Paulette
  2. I've been out early lately walking to my cat-sitting jobs in the Village and I see little kids (probably kindergarten age) being taken to school. Lots and lots are being taken by their dads. I do love it when kids have good fathers. Hooray for good parenting. Paulette
  3. Hmmmm. "Swarthy with a prominent nose" sounds like a guy I would be attracted to. Jewish? Italian? Sounds good to me. I wonder why it would sound like a bad thing. Paulette
  4. Amazing, Gen. What a place to live and great images. Paulette.
  5. Editorial website.. tiny fee... Grizzly Bear Cubs in Cook Inlet, Alaska Paulette
  6. So not on Mulberry Street then? You would have been in the "frozen zone" for a long time there. I was only frozen for a few days, I think, and only a six block walk to the soldiers stationed at 14th Street. I had a bone density test at Sloan-Kettering on the next day and a lot of the people working there had to walk a long way from lower Manhattan to a spot where the transportation was operating. it seemed nobody was staying home. People gathered everywhere. It was comforting. Paulette
  7. I am so glad you were not there when they fell, Edo. Even long after the air was unhealthy around the pile. And you were living only a mile away. That whole area still feels creepy to me. Too many ghosts. And today we remember the people (mostly men)who went in to save people and the many who lost their lives while they went about their work on a beautiful fall day like today. Paulette
  8. I did a kindness for a stranger today but it seems puny compared to those folks. A woman got onto the bus and as she pulled out her mask the elastic broke and she was going to have to hold it against her face. I was carrying a package of the disposable masks and i gave her one, of course. We do help each other in NYC now and then. It was a funny bus day with people getting into conversations. I was on my way to get my mammogram and sonogram. I remain cancer free. Hooray! Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7) will be the 21st anniversary of my diagnosis. I'm so lucky. On the way home on the bus
  9. Apparently my clients were not asked any questions. I think I will wait. i am 80 years old (yikes!) but very healthy. As it happened, I had a complete physical right before the lockdown here and my doctor told me he expected I would survive if I got the virus. Not that I want to get it even if I do survive. I did get a high-dose flu shot last week. Paulette
  10. I just ran into a client who told me she and her partner have just gotten their booster. Hmmmm. They had their two shots about the same as i did... the second one mid_Feb. Paulette
  11. I suggest you put the Latin name of wildlife in your caption and keywords. Paulette
  12. We are being told here now that people who have had Covid have more protection from it than people who are vaccinated. That seems to make it more complicated as people are being required to be vaccinated in order to work for big companies. Paulette
  13. The yearly PhotoPlus Expo in NYC has been cancelled. I had been putting off signing up because I still feel cautious in spite of being vaccinated. Very discouraged these days because a few months ago things were looking up here. Paulette
  14. Magazine use for a healthy $$... Maasai women wearing traditional kangas in Kenya Paulette
  15. That's a shame. Of course, we also have the fruit and vegetable carts. I remember when my Canadian cousin came to visit she and her husband were very impressed by all the food carts. Cooked food sold on the street. Paulette
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