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  1. I've never seen a kookaburra but remember singing about them in Camp Fire Girls in California. A nice happy rousing song. That's a lovely photo. Paulette
  2. I think we used to all start at three stars and it took failures to move down to two. Are you sure you always had only two? Maybe the submission you are waiting for has a flaw. Hope not. Paulette
  3. I think the competition for "beautiful" wildlife is too fierce most of the time. The very best in wildlife photography is already here with the National Geographic Collection, Andy Rouse, Martin Harvey, etc. What is more likely to sell is behavior or "funny" or "cute". Polar bears sell because of all the articles about global warming. So animals in the news or for tourism are more likely to sell here I think. Also any animals that are underrepresented. That said, I do well here compared to other people I believe (and also make more money cat-sitting). Paulette
  4. A year ago in March I was cat-sitting for a woman who had traveled to Europe. She had to come back early because of the pandemic. All of my bookings stopped at that point. This weekend I am working for her again. She is not in Europe, of course, but I now have a few people who are traveling in the US and my business is fine. Paulette
  5. You have used the caption for your image 2EKA45W on a number of other cowboy images that don't have a cowboy holding a gun. Accuracy is important for each image. I suggest also putting "cowboys" in the tags. I add singular and plural always. You have a lot of good images and the best are the ones that don't look posed. If you have had zooms pay attention to the search words people have used. That may give you an idea about which of your subjects will draw customer interest. Sometimes it does depend on whether your images suit a subject in the news. My polar bears do better than any of my other
  6. Thank you. Those little polar bears are winners. Paulette
  7. Direct sale for the front cover of a book in Germany and a lovely, lovely $$$. Polar Bear Cub in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  8. I have watched it many times. It is such an amazing story of an unlikely connection with another being. And he can take me places I will never go. I also spoke with him a bit about his experience with the spirit bear. Once the bear had accepted him as no threat he was able to spend time very close by. Paulette
  9. I had a problem not being able to format a card and Sony replaced it. I think they would also have accessed the images if I had needed that. Paulette
  10. Welcome. You are obviously a very accomplished photographer. It will take some time but I think you will do well. Paulette
  11. I had a beautiful little mourning dove on my windowsill this morning. I heard it calling and it sounded close but I made the mistake of thinking it was in the garden so I moved up to the window without realizing it was right in front of me on the sill. It didn't fly away right away but once it saw me it stopped calling and then decided to leave me. Such a lovely creature. Paulette
  12. Oh, thank you, Michael but he is in a class way beyond me. Have you seen his Ted Talk? Paulette
  13. I am in the "images found" thread today... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/24/arctic-ice-loss-forces-polar-bears-to-use-four-times-as-much-energy-to-survive-study and am thrilled that I appear in the same article as Paul Nicklen. He is such a wonderful wildlife photographer. I met him a few times when he had a gallery in Soho and he is just as nice as his work is beautiful. Paulette
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