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  1. I hope somebody is giving hell to the people who are not taking care of you properly. The staff of a hospital from top to bottom is so important. I was fortunate to have my cancer treatment at Sloan-Kettering and I had a conversation once with a technician about the pride they feel in the place. It kept them always wanting to do their best and I benefited from that. Paulette
  2. Is your leg OK now? So glad you can do things yourself. Waiting for someone to help you can be very frustrating. Keep up the happy attitude! Paulette
  3. I met an old friend at a photo gallery that turned out to be closed! I had thought to check whether it was open on Mondays and the website said it was. Apparently, almost all of the Chelsea art district is closed on Mondays. Arrrgh. We walked around a bit and then had lunch at the Empire Diner. Here is a nice piece about the history and the time I first knew it...http://www.pcblackmagic.com/empire/history.htm It was such a bad neighborhood in the 70s that we would take a taxi to and from. It was the place to go after a show. Fun to be there again. Then I walked home down a mostly deserted Hig
  4. I was absolutely terrified when I was diagnosed with cancer. I am one of the very, very lucky ones and I have a friend who had a much worse situation than mine and is sailing along now. They do have a lot of weapons against it these days. Fingers and toes crossed that your latest treatment has success. Paulette
  5. I am so glad they finally got a handle on helping you with your pain. So nice to hear you being your usual cheery self. I'm not surprised that you are the favorite. Paulette
  6. The eyes in the first one are so expressive! Paulette
  7. Oh how awful. I was glad to hear the bones are good. That makes a difference. I hope you get better care going forward. Paulette
  8. I've been copying too... putting documents and some photos onto an external hard drive in case my old machine breaks down before I get the new one. Paulette
  9. Yes, and when I looked back at it I saw they came in at 1AM and 2AM. Not the hours of Apple Stores. Paulette
  10. I half-way fell for phishing emails purportedly from Apple this morning. I say half-way because I was aware I should not call the phone number provided but I did click a link and put in my Apple ID and password. Oh nonononoo. The encouraging thing is that when I tried to log in to my Apple account a few minutes later to change my password it would not accept that old password so they apparently already knew about those criminals and were invalidating keywords on their site. I'd had my password for decades and am sorry to lose it but grateful that nothing worse happened. I hadn't had my coffee
  11. I don't quite get what you did but you need to create the lightbox first... click Lightboxes on the black banner above the images. After you have created it go to your thumbnails. With your mouse over an image you will see a plus sign below... + ... click it and that images goes into your lightbox. Paulette
  12. Wonderful fun. The black and white definitely suits the subject. Paulette
  13. Oh my. I like to use B&H because they have my sales tax exemption and it can make a big difference. Although I'm not sure it works for a computer. We'll see. They are generally good to deal with for fast shipping, etc. So I will just devote myself to getting everything I need onto an external drive so it is ready to go on the new machine. Paulette
  14. Well pooh. I got myself all revved up to order the computer even though I'm not ready to start on it. I figured it would be here for when I was ready. It turns out it is only available with 512GB storage. So I asked for notification when it is available. A shame because I've arranged to be home all day tomorrow for delivery. Plenty to do in the meantime. I keep making lists.... Paulette
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