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  1. Are you getting any help, Edo? I'm sure there is help available.... social services or private charities. When the pandemic started the senior center I had registered with started calling me once a week to see if I needed anything. The Salvation Army called to thank me for donations but also to offer help. One of my neighbors is getting free groceries delivered (I think through a city agency). And, of course, there is Meals on Wheels and God's Love We Deliver. My friend is lucky to be able to spend at least a little on help and she also has another friend besides me who can come to her place.
  2. For a marketing package $$ Sea Otter in Seldovia Harbor, Alaska Paulette
  3. Oh my, oh my. Something bad did happen today. My friend who cancelled our Thanksgiving dinner because she was afraid she had Covid fell and broke her arm. The good news is that she had the rapid Covid test last Friday and she is not ill. But she has been through this before a few years ago when she broke her wrist. That was the left one and now she has broken the right arm. She called me from the Emergency room and at that point they thought she had broken it in two places. Fortunately, it turns out to be only one break and she is splinted and has a sling. The Emergency place is a 15 minute wa
  4. There is a very funny scene in this film https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/withnail-and-i-1987 in which the guys discover that the chicken a farmer has left for them to eat is a live one. Fortunately, the slaughter is not shown but the bird that goes in the oven is very funny. Plucking is not a skill they have mastered. Paulette I found the chicken scene....
  5. I became a vegetarian because of a dream I had. Too scary to relate here if you love animals. I do eat fish now since the nutritionist at Sloan Kettering advised it when I had cancer. I'd still hate to be in the position of killing the fish though I think I could probably do it. Other creatures no way. Paulette
  6. Love the one with the hat. Perfect for a greeting card. Paulette
  7. The chef at that lodge was truly wonderful and we were willing to forgive the coffee because our meals were fabulous. The chefs in the Falklands all seemed to be from Chile. The other trip where the food was wonderful was the ship in Svalbard. The chef was Russian and we ate very, very well. Paulette
  8. At the Sea Lion Lodge in the Falkland Islands they would put a French press on the table and we would dutifully press it. Then we realized that it was instant coffee. No grounds. Paulette
  9. Wonderful choices, Wim, but you've left Bella's little girl out of the poll. Now we know you are no longer perfect... but much more than good enough. Paulette
  10. Ok now. After that HORRIBLE image I have to relate my one experience with shingles many years ago. I thought it was an insect bite at first, but the location at my waist and the way it was changing had me rush to my doctor. He gave me an antiviral shot that can knock it out if you get it soon enough. I was just over the time limit (think that was 72 hours) and it worked. Shingles gone. Since then I have had the two shingles vaccine shots. So if you ever suspect it don't delay in seeing your doctor. Paulette
  11. This just started. I wanted to look at someone's images and when I clicked the blue number I just got a blank page and indication that it was trying to load. The same with my own mages. Paulette It is fine now. Should have just waited a few minutes...
  12. I don't know if this will help, Betty, but I recently got Prolost Dehaze and this is their instruction for adding to Lightroom. I think it should tell you where to look..... Open Preferences (on Mac that's Lightroom → Preferences, on Windows it's Edit → Preferences). Click on the Presets tab. Click Show Lightroom Presets Folder... This will locate a folder called Lightroom. Open that to reveal the Develop Presets folder. This is the folder that you'll copy the preset folders into. If you have Store presets with this catalog checked, the Develop Presets folder will be in the Lightroom
  13. Wonderful idea. I am always looking for shortcuts since I'm not much of a cook and don't have much of a kitchen. I really like the mozzarella balls that come marinated in a garlic and spice olive oil. I save the oil to mix with equal amounts soy sauce and marinate my salmon in it before cooking. Yummy. Paulette
  14. I don't get pain relief from morphine-- which is supposed to be so powerful. Basically, I am still in pain but just don't care. Percocet has always been very effective at eliminating pain and I've usually saved a couple from the dozen or so I was given. Just in case of an emergency need. I haven't ever felt an urge to take them as some sort of intoxicant. I know they can be dangerous for some people. It's interesting how differently these thing affect us. Paulette
  15. Black Friday refers to profit, I think. No RED ink on your balance sheet. Paulette
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