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  1. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    If I'm reading the GLA guidelines correctly, press card carrying professionals are deemed to have been granted permission in those locations while shooting a news story. I as a non-card carrying freelance would not have that privilege.
  2. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    Pity you didn't have time to mention to him that he can't sell stock shots he takes in Trafalgar Square unless he has a press card or has applied for a permit.
  3. Got my first sale! Feeling Good!

    Even medieval buildings have someone who owns them. You need to check the situation with any building you photograph - I can't comment on the buildings in your images, but in the UK similar buildings are mostly owned/managed by national organisations (English Heritage and National Trust). They have strict policies which bars photographers from selling images for reward if they are taken in the property or on land around them which is not a public right of way. Many historical buildings have a website associated with them and the policy regarding commercial photography will often be laid out there. FWIW, I tick all my architectural images as RM, Editorial Only.
  4. Bad Stock Photos

    Hmm, it may be technically fair use (though I thought the source of each image ought to be credited in such cases). However, what I'm getting at it that such fine distinction as 'fair use' is probably lost on most non-photogs, and seeing watermarked images freely used on a Twitter feed simply goes to reinforce the widely held notion that anything (image, text, music) found on the internet is free and fair game for whatever use people want to make of it. I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but it does jar with me somewhat when I see such usages and even those with a vested interest (the photographers) turn a blind eye to possible infringement. I know we are swimming against the impossibly strong tide of the idea 'the internet is free' but I like to think we are still trying.
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    That article also has Luss beach, Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond busy on a hot summer day, Scotland, UK P6MJK9 Kay Roxby
  6. Bad Stock Photos

    Should we be encouraging people to post unlicenced watermarked stock images on Twitter (even if only by increasing the number of views)? Isn't it the kind of thing we rail against and are told there is nothing Alamy can do about it?
  7. Five pseudos missing from Measures, all absent apart from my default pseudo.
  8. Timelapses: Hyper zoom tutorial

    I see the website and photographer concerned with Hyperzoom is UK based and the term has been properly registered as a trademark in the UK. After this little nugget of info, I am out of my depth as I have no idea how that affects generic usage of the term and/or usage in other parts of the world.
  9. Timelapses: Hyper zoom tutorial

    The more commonly used term for this kind of footage seems to be hyper-lapse. Hyperzoom seems to be a refinement of this generic technique which Geoff Tompkison has trademarked. I haven't gone into it in detail and I'm not a lawyer, but I guess if we stick to hyperlapse there is less likely to be an issue.
  10. Name that cow?

    if you know the location it is worth using Google street view to have a look at the farm entrance - some farms specialise in a particular breed and advertise that on their signage. Similarly, googling the farm may provide some information which points you in the right direction. The ear tag IDs the creature individually, but I don't know of any publically accessible database which you can refer to to get the ID.
  11. Views up

    Could it be, perchance, that you are based in Salisbury and have a high number of images from that location. Salisbury has been rather prominent of late and may feature in the occasional news report. For some reason it occasionally happens that someone takes it into their head to search for Bolton and I find myself with several hundred images viewed, few zooms, if any, and probably no sales either.
  12. Grindstone

    For entertainment while cooking or eating, or anything not requiring serious thinking, you are spot on. I would add The Navy Lark for good measure. BUT I can't think and listen at the same time so I have to forego the pleasures of vintage talk radio while keywrding. I used to think it was a generational thing, but maybe it is the case that some people are just different.
  13. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Jeff Greenberg speculated that there had been a change in the search engine on April 30th in ranking shake-up of some sort. I didn't comment on that thread at the time but I looked at my benchmark searches and concurred that something had changed as my images were appearing in noticeably different (mostly lower) positions. That thread didn't really take off and the discussion fizzled out. At the end of May there was further speculation about a reduction in the number of zooms some contributors were getting, based on the notion that a pause in submitting affected the zooms a contributor gets. That notion didn't seem to hold much water but I did add a comment in that thread that I thought the reduction in zooms being experienced may be linked to the search engine change Jeff had noticed some weeks earlier. Looking at my Alamy measures data now I can see a clear pattern where I was getting below Alamy average CTR (and my own previous average CTR) throughout 2017, followed by a massive boost in views, zooms and sales which took my CTR well above average, and which lasted until early May 2018. Whatever change had been made in late 2017 was reversed in early May 2018 and since then my views, zooms and sales have become almost non-existent. It presumably follows that if my own zooms etc have declined then others will have had the opposite experience (assuming Alamy's overall sales have remained the same or better). The reports of varying experience I'm seeing seem to bear that out.
  14. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Things were going swimmingly for me following a tweak to the Alamy search engine in late 2017, which up until then had been very poor compared to previous years. Zooms and sales then returned to reasonable levels. Then, as Allan notes, Alamy made another change to the search engine in May 2018 which returned it largely to the state it was in 2017. As a result my views, zooms and sales have again been decimated.
  15. Trying to understand how people find my images

    You need to have at least five keywords and a caption. You also need to have waited for the database to have updated (overnight on weekdays only). Have a look at this thread and the other threads it links to for more info.