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  1. Our local newspaper runs picture features on a regular basis featuring local photos from their archives of maybe 20, 30, 50 or 100 years ago. They are always popular and people love looking for places, events and people they have known. Of course these photos are from the newspaper's own archives, from the days when local papers actuallt employed real photographers. Old photos have value. On that basis I will never discard an old photo, even if I take new versions of the location or subject. Eventually these old pictures will be the ancient archive which become a treasure trove of
  2. Very good. Congratulations on a decent sale, it's good to know they still exist. How nice it would be if it were the harbinger of more of the same for each of us.
  3. The Times Saturday 3rd April 2021 Bryan does sterling work reporting images from The Times each day. As he's not available on Saturday I've stepped into his giant shoes for a day (albeit a day late). My respect for the work he (and indeed others on other publications) does knows no bounds. The day is ending and I have still not managed to look at several sections, let alone peruse the print edition which lies unread. Kudos, Bryan, for your services for which a mere ocasional upvote is scant reward. The title I've reported of each image is the caption in the newspaper.
  4. Thank you for all your responses (and good wishes). It's been no great surprise that many have a similar pattern of first ten/last ten sales value, the greater differences being for those who go back a long way (submitting on CD and a six week wait for QC sends a shudder down my spine). I've been encouraged though that some have mentioned recent decent sales. I'll mayby rouse myself, dust off the camera bag and make sure the lens is clean and the battery charged....
  5. That's the trouble with being self-employed. I can't make my mind up whether I'm retired or not.....
  6. I was just composing a reply to a new contributor asking about the lack of sales in his first months of being a contributor here. That prompted me to look back at my own record and I realised I had just celebrated my 10th anniverary at Alamy. Looking back at my first sales, it took just three months to get my first sale, but it was not until I'd been here nearly two years that I reached the dizzying heights of ten sales. What startled me most though is that those first ten sales achieved a gross value of $695 - heady amounts. Compare that to my last ten sales which took three mont
  7. There is much to be gained by studying the forums at length, in particular threads on the Introductions forum where the kind of questions you are asking come up quite frequently. Many new contributors, with some exceptions, do not make sales until they have maybe 1000 photos in their portfolio spanning a wide range of subjects. Alamy is not microstock and sales patterns differ. Study the monthly images sold and images found in use threads to see what sells, both in subject and in how the images have been processed. Look also how they are captioned and keyworded. Specifically takin
  8. You can find a substantial discussion of this topic in this thread.
  9. I've not heard anything about an increase on my Times Print and Digital subscription and I've only a week to go before my next set of subscription tokens is due. If I had to bear a 50% increase (£43 per month at present up to £64 per month?) it would make for an impossible position, even though I love having theprint version in my hands. I'm sure The Times reported increasing the number of subscribers during lockdown - it would seem a retrograde step to drive them away again with a hefty price increase.
  10. I'm staying well clear of any place which is even remotely busy for the foreseeable future. Round my part of North West England the rate of infection is over double what is being reported for central London and new cases have doubled here each week since the schools returned. We are a long way from being out of the woods on this on our own terms, let alone the risk posed by the Covid wave on the continent arriving here as well. I've been vaccinated once but I'm not invulnerable. I fear for what might happen as the UK lockdown is eased further.
  11. Until recently SS has always sold video in greater amounts for me and for a similar return per download as P5, which is why it is so painful to see the SS commission rug snatched from under my feet. I don't do much micro-stocky video (or photography), so I don't ever expect to sell a clip multiple times. I do soft-editorial, often of local subjects nobody else would bother to cover, so it's nice to get a half-decent payout on the rare occasions when they do sell. My main P5 portfolio has been non-exclusive up to the end of 2020 and has sold at the rate of approx 1 sale per month pe
  12. They made me laugh and cry last week when they proudly announced that, since I had sold 10 video licences since January. I was now entitled to the princely rate of 20% (up from 15%). The only trouble is that nearly all my sales at SS are via a subscription clippack which nets me a grand total of 35 cents (up from 26 cents) per sale. You'll not be surprised to hear I'm in the process of deleting my SS video portfolio and growing my exclusive collection at P5 which pays 60% on a retail price you set yourself. Sales are only occasional but at least they give me a feeling of satisfac
  13. Forget about video and 360 degree clips for now. Video contributions are not accepted. Get to grips with uploading ordinary photos befoe thinking about 360 degrees. It looks like you have not yet submitted and passed QC with your three photos for assessment. Until you have done this you will not be able to do anything else. Extensive guidance is provided here
  14. I can't venture an opinion as to why your browser is behaving that way, but I am having no problems with my saved passwords on either the Alamy main website or the forum. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10.
  15. It is of course for Alamy to judge. The rise of the internet has seen use of the moving image blossom and print decline in recent years, so I would have thought it might repesent a good move. They already have the basis of a video stock system, though I agree that to ramp up their systems to do with video what they already do with still imagery is a very big ask. The old owners of Alamy declined to go further down the video route and invested their capital in other ways. Now that the piper calling the tune is the PA, maybe things will be different?
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