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  1. A Simpler Workflow

    I've spent quite some time looking for a photo processing package that was both free, straightforward and with some powerful features without being overwhelming. The aim is to teach my daughter how to get the best result from her Powershot SX bridge camera. The only package I have found so far which sees to meet my criteria is PT Photo Editor . I think it appeals to me because it is similar in visual layout to Lighrtoom and has many of the features a beginner will need and a few more to stretch themselves with when ready. I have only recently found this and so can't comment in depth on how it well works, but as it costs nothing (unless you decide to go for the Pro version), it may be worth a punt.
  2. A new one on me

    I've not seen 'reference for artists' before on Alamy, though I have on one or two occasions been asked by a painter, in person, if they could use my photo as a reference - essentially rendering my photo into a watercolour on canvas. The terms of the licence above suggest that the artist could not then go on to sell prints of their watercolour, though I'm by no means sure about that.
  3. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    I was reading the sentence in Alamy's reply above ...personal information to a photograph of a living person will only be allowed for journalistic and news reporting purposes, where the person has given consent... and thinking that it meant the subject had to give consent, even for journalistic purposes. Reading it more carefully I can see that it means ..for news reporting purposes OR where the person has given consent. False alarm. As you were.
  4. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    The change to the contract regarding no longer including personal ID info in the caption/keywords is quite a big change - I assume it will apply retrospectively and we will need to amend descriptions in some cases.
  5. My zooms are plummeting since I paused submitting

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months. I had a terrible 2017 for zooms and sales, while some other contributors were commenting how well they were doing. From early 2018 my zooms and sales recovered, to the extent that I have more revenue in the first five months of 2018 than the entirety of 2017. It seemed to me while browsing the forums that some of those who did well while I languished in the foothills seemed to suffer some decline when my outlook was improving. I suspect whatever change was made five months or so ago has now been reversed, fully, or partially and the swings and roundabouts are now leaving me behind again. One thing these experience is telling me is that while good shooting, captioning and keywording are absolutely essential if one is to have any hope of thriving here, at the end of the day success or failure requires the beneficent smile of the Alamy gods too.
  6. My zooms are plummeting since I paused submitting

    I think Alamy tweaked the search slightly at the end of last month - I have a notion that someone posted a thread to that effect which didn't run for very long. I have just experienced a golden period of several months where I was getting a CTR of around 1.0, but this month it has dropped to less than the Alamy average, and I think it is something Alamy has changed rather than just a statistical blip.
  7. Happy Accident

    Since Alamy QC inspect only a very small sample of each batch submitted, and rely on the contributor to exercise their professional judgement in making sure that all images submitted are capable of passing QC, it is statistically much more likely that it was another image in the batch was the one which passed QC. Don't let an episode like this lull you into a false sense of security. Some contributors like to push the boundaries of what can be done with processing images submitted, but do so with one eye on possible rejection. personally, I stick to submitting stuff I am (fairly) sure will pass.
  8. new pseudonym

    You will be able to see your new pseudonym when logged in on your existing account. If you look in Alamy measures, Your Images you will see it there - as long as some images from it have turned up in search results. If nothing in the pseudonym has been searched in the selected time period the pseudonym will not appear in the list. If there have been no relevant searches on that pseudonym, you can see the images in it by going to Alamy Image Manager and choosing the relevant pseudonym from the drop-down menu. You can also use the Advanced Search facility to type the pseudonym in the Contributor Name box. Finally, if you've only just added the pseudonym it will not appear until the database has updated (usually next day, late morning, UK time).
  9. No Sales - Please help

    On your dashboard, go to alamy measures and click on 'your images'. The resulting table defaults to the last month. Click on your pseudonym and you will see the list of search terms which have brought up your images for a view. You can also se the total number of images viewed by the customer on that search. Click on the individual search term to see the images concerned. Appearing here mean that the image has been returned in a search, zooms occur when a genuine buyer clicks on your image to get a closer look. Alamy's roots are in the traditional photo agencies which predate microstock and they still operate largely the same way, though some sales are still the instant type from the website. Even when the sale is instant though (and shows up quickly in your sales report) it will still be some weeks before you get paid. Being an old fuddy-duddy, I prefer the way Alamy works to microstock, even if I have to wait.
  10. No Sales - Please help

    Hello Steve, You only started submitting a couple of months ago. For many publications that's not even enough time to bring a draft copy to a state of readiness, let alone publish, receive an invoice and pay the contributors. Even if one of your images has been identified as a possible purchase, it may be many, many months before a sale registers. Similarly with newspaper usage. It bear repeating again and again that Alamy is not Microstock; there is no instant gratification here and contributors here have to be in it for the long haul if they want to reap the rewards. Hang on in there. Summer is here and there are lots of shooting opportunities. Now is the time to be shooting and, for me at least, autumn and winter are for processing and uploading. If you do this and still have no sales this time next year you may then start to wonder whether you are doing the right thing at the right place. Note: if you are getting 'thousands of views and hundreds of zooms' on a portfolio of 900 images you might want to check if the searches they are appearing in are relevant to the searchers needs - if not asses whether the keyword which brought up the image is really relevant to it. Views which are irrelevant to searchers' needs will eventually hurt your search ranking. I get about 2500 views per month on my 3200 images and about 20-25 zooms, which is probably a bit low, but I have pruned my keywords to ruthlessly exclude false positives in searches.
  11. Certain rules for some?

    I don't think so. I know the agency and dabbled with them briefly but I know of nothing regarding a video library there.
  12. Certain rules for some?

    Do you mean Alamy will accept videos? They've kept that quiet! Do they still require a minimum of 500 clips?
  13. Certain rules for some?

    I notice it's cheaper to get (at least one image I've identified) through Alamy than it is to download it on that agencies' own website. I wonder what their contributor thinks when (s)he gets a lesser amount through a distributor sale than a direct one? Hang on, I think I can guess.
  14. Excellent response from losdemas with just the right amount of clarity with brevity. For what it's worth, I always mark any photos containing people or property (which is nearly all of them) as 'Editorial Only', so it's quite clear to any would-be purchaser that they cannot license them for commercial usage.
  15. QC backlog today?

    My Friday morning submission is still in the queue. I've not fretted too much about it so far as I guessed that the bank holiday weekend will have slowed down the flow. I'll start to panic if they are still in the queue this time tomorrow.