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  1. It helps to begin by deciding whether the image you are shooting at any given time is intended for commercial use (e.g. advertising) in which case you need to ensure that all people pictured are model released and no property (physical property or intellectual property) appears in the image where the owner might claim their property is being used in a way they might not approve of (leading to the possibility, even if slight) of legal action. If your image is intended for editorial use you have a lot more freedom. I work on the basis that if I am on a public right of way then I can photograph and use editorially the things I see around me .There are some exceptions to this, such as photographing around courts of law and ministry of defence property. If the property I am standing on is privately owned then I can be asked by the owner not to take and/or use photos from such property and sometimes this is made explicit from the outset by signs and suchlike. Increasingly the terms and conditions applied to entering private property which is likely to be of interest to the photographer (zoos are an example) bars the use of photography altogether or bars the commercial use of photography (in this context 'commercial use' includes any resale of imagery for profit, editorial or commercial). In such cases permission can be sought but often involves a significant fee. The key for me is to always have in mind the question as to whether I am in a place where I might need permission to sell my images, and if so, I go to whatever lengths are needed to establish what their policy is. Other photographers take the line what unless it says explicitly that commercial photography is not allowed, then the location is fair game. Much depends on your approach to life, and I am cautious by nature. You can't rely on other people having images on an agency of any given location. They may have permission which is not immediately apparent, them may have made a calculated decision to take the image and damn the consequences. Most likely though, they have taken the image without investigating what is and isn't allowable in any given place, snd you may not necessarily wish to follow such an example. The important thing to remember is that the onus is on the photographer to establish what they can and cannot do - Alamy's contract places the responsibility firmly on the photographer's shoulders, even though the purchaser also has responsibility for not using an image inappropriately.
  2. Alamy Measures Update

    Alamy are well aware of the problem with Measures, but said late last week that they are unable to put a time frame on setting it to rights. The suspicion is they are too busy implementing changes related to the new contract and the 50%/40% split. The Forum is indeed operated by a third-party and the continuing problems remaining unfixed is more of a mystery.
  3. Alamy measures

    My comment about low quality images being removed was based more on tongue-in-cheek hopefulness than any realistic expectation.The question of consulting the contributor doesn't arise because Alamy are unlikely to take this (desirable) action.
  4. Alamy measures

    No, a reduction in the overall number of images on Alamy is not normal, it usually increases by tens of thousands on a daily basis. I did wonder if the overall reduction is linked to measures not updating, but in that case one would expect the number to be static. We can only only hope the lost images include large numbers of poorly taken and keyworded similars, which we don't need. It does no one here any good if high quality photography disappears from the site and the overall reputation of Alamy is diminished.
  5. Alamy measures

    I'm wondering if the issues with Alamy Measures, or more likely the time being taken to bring about a fix, are linked in some way with the reducing numbers of images in the Alamy collection. A week or two ago the Alamy front page was reporting some 158 million images, this is now down to a little under 156 million. Makes me think there is some tinkering going on in the background, though it could be that some contributors may have started proceedings for leaving and deleting their portfolio over the reduction to 40% commission.
  6. Alamy measures

    It seems very unlikely that only Alamy Measures would be affected by a security issue, and not the login to the main site or the forum. Alamy Measures has gone un-updated for days at a time in the past, though not usually for quite so long and not usually without Alamy acknowledging they have an IT issue. That is indeed a little puzzling, tending towards concerning if Alamy remain tight-lipped about the issue.
  7. ISBN Search Website?

    I struggled too at times, entering an isbn or issn number would then leave the form waiting for up to several minutes for a response from the website. Got it done in the end, but I only had a handful of titles to add to my publication list - I imagine you have rather more to enter than I had.
  8. ISBN Search Website?

    I found the ISSN portal this morning while doing the DACS thing. Some of it is free access and some is subscription, I've not explored it enough to know how useful it really is, though I did find the ISSN of The Sub-Postmaster Magazine through its facilities Oops Mark was quicker than me....
  9. Odd Alamy Measures

    The Alamy Measures report shows the latest available data in the upper right corner, viz. 'Last Updated on : 07 Feb 2019 07:33 GMT'
  10. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Alamy Measures hasn't updated since Thursday morning last week, see the discussion here. This means that views and zooms are being reported as unusually low for the past seven days, though I would say that is slightly odd that you should have no views at all in that period. No doubt Measures will update at some point. No sales at all in a one week period is not so unusual on a portfolio of your size so I would not be panicking on that score.
  11. Keywording is exhausting

    This is absolutely true, but good keywording is just as important as being able to take and process a good picture. At least you are not making the mistake of trying to fill every one of the fifty available keyword slots and falling into the realms of irrelevancy in doing so. Perseverance and relevance will bring rewards in time.
  12. Alamy and new recs

    Your experience of sales, being based in Austraila may differ to other contributors who are based in different parts of the world, but have a look at the threads suggested by Phil for some broad guidance. Alamy has an Australia office and the Aussie content team frequently tweet content requests - not that it is a great help to you if you are the wrong side of the continent and have a family to care for .
  13. Images not on sale yet.

    I notice the images you do have on sale have very few keywords. Have the missing 7 got at least five keywords each (five is the minimum)?
  14. iPhone RAW pictures and QC

    Uploading camera phone images through the normal Alamy route is a definite non-starter and a certain QC fail. You need to look for the Stockimo app which offers an alternative route to Alamy and a different QC system.
  15. No sales after a half year

    I was just about to post pretty much the same as Niels has said, so count this post as strongly reinforcing his words.