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  1. Changes to Alamy Contract

    Has anyone else reflected on the compete removal of clause 27 from our contract? The one which begins 27. Infringements 27.1. Alamy reserves the right to pursue Infringements (where the Image has been sourced from Alamy or its System, including where the Image is exclusive to Alamy and where an Alamy credit is present). You agree to Alamy pursuing these Infringements either itself or using third parties. I may be getting this completely wrong, but it appears Alamy are removing any commitment to chase third party infringments.
  2. Keyword (and caption) suggestions please

    I concur with Keith and Vincent on the ID of this setup as a hand winch. I can't find anything exactly the same as the one in your picture but it does look like a Tirfor manual winch or cable puller. If your original photo allows you may be able to see the maker's name on the black label on the side, in which case I would include it in your keywords. Other keywords I would consider adding are: manual hoist, portable manual hoist, cable puller, anchor block, temporary fence, wire rope winch, manual hoist.
  3. Keyword (and caption) suggestions please

    It appears to be a cable anchor point for something, but it's not clear what is being anchored. Do you have a location or any other photos of the surroundings? ETA. I can't see the picture in the Alamy database yet so I can't see what caption or keywords you have put in so far.
  4. Clarification on no releases and editorial only

    As much as the responses of contributors, from whom you will likely get a varied range of replies, depending on how risk averse they are, I would quite like a clear response on this from Alamy. I'm sure they have in the past encouraged contributors not to limit their images unnecessarily, but I don't know of any clear guideline from them when the 'editorial only box should or should not be ticked when there are people or property in the image and the 'no releases' box is ticked.
  5. Drone vs Nikon D810

    Before you can sell drone footage commercially you will almost certainly need to undertake formal training and comply with the regulations imposed in whichever country you are filming. In the UK this means being licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority, The cost of the training, the licence and the required insurance costs all need to be factored into your decision. The cost of the drone itself is only a part of the equation. Do some detailed research on the requirements for undertaking commercial drone photography in your location, it will help you to make an informed decision.
  6. New blue for AIM

    Here, here. Well said, sir. The updated AIM is an opportunity missed in this respect, usability on normal computers being sacrificed, I suspect, on the altar of usability on handheld devices. The wrong priority in my view.
  7. Royalty Free or Rights Managed?

    RM sales with multiple reuses do occur, but they do still tend to be somewhat more restrictive than 'anytime, anywhere, any publication, for ever and ever, amen' which is what one gets with an RF licence sale.
  8. Tracing sold photo`s

    If you look at Sales History on your Alamy dashboard you will see some details of the sale, which may give you a clue as to where to look. However, finding exactly where your usage occurred is not usually easy. You may have a look at the monthly have you found thread, which is particularly good for UK newspaper uses and occasionally others too. If you do come across your image, please post it in the have you found thread (if not already there).
  9. Royalty Free or Rights Managed?

    An image sold as RF can be used by that buyer as many times as they want with no further royalties paid. An image sold as RM can only be used for one specific purpose and its licence fee is set in accordance with the type of use. The upshot of this is that, Alamy tells us, customers tend to prefer RF as it gives them maximum flexibility and value, while many photographers, myself included, prefer RM as it gives the possibility of repeat sales to the same customer (and I have had a few like that). Most of my images are shot as soft editorial, images intended to be of use to a newspaper editor, book publisher, documentary maker etc. Each image tends to be very specific in subject and I don't expect to make multiple sales of any individual image so I set them all as RM in the hope of making the most of each sale that does come along. If I was producing generic illustrative imagery which could be used many times in many ways by a purchaser, I would probably set it as RF and hope my picture found favour against the thousands of similar RF images out there. I do have an archive of RF images on microstock dating from the days when I was unenlightened and contributed to such places (and I should say with due respect, learning something of my trade there). However, it pains me greatly when I see such images used over and again, having been sold for a few cents. In some cases I have sold many instances of the same RF image, but all for a few cents each. I get more satisfaction today from a single RM image and, despite the reduced RM licence fees we are seeing these days, still significantly more cash in the hand than RF microstock sales. I remain an RM, soft editorial, enthusiast through and through.
  10. Alamy's 2017 Annual Accounts released

    Thank you for posting this, Mark. I always find it helpful to have an insight into Alamy's state of being. The tsunami of figures in a set of accounts may be largely incomprehensible to many here, so I for one am glad of any insight which can be offered by those who can interpret these things. One thing I would say though is that even the numerically challenged should take the time to read the first few pages of the accounts; the Group Strategic Report gives some useful insights into how Alamy operates.
  11. Cleared sales

    Alamy is a traditional photo agency and many clients will be buying on account, hence the delay before payments clear. Small amounts does not necessarily equate to small customer. Where the small amounts are newspaper sales it can take quite a while for the payment to roll in (several months sometimes) and you will often see batches of payments clear towards the end of the month. However, even when a sale is made through the website and payment is made by the customer up-front, Alamy still operates a 45 day clearance period.
  12. Zooms/sales ratio

    Only very rarely do I see a zoom corresponding to a particular sale. However, for what it's worth, my ratio is close(ish) to yours at 4.2 zooms per sale.
  13. Hi from Dumfries in Scotland

    Hello Jayne, Welcome. The best advice I can offer at this stage is to scan the Alamy website for useful information, particularly in respect of submitting your initial images. You would be amazed at the number of new contributors who dive in without reading even the basics of what is required, and find themselves coming a cropper.. If you haven't already done so, read the Alamy blog on Selling Your Images on Alamy. If you then have any questions, search this forum - it is more than likely that they have been asked before. The forum is also a goldmine of useful information on how to sell stock photography, but you will have to sit down and do some determined reading to get the benefit of it.
  14. Capitals for Places and Names

    That's nice, or is it Nice or is it NICE? Depends whether you re looking for a pleasant picture, a city in France or the National Institute for Health and Care Excellent. Spacecadet is probably right in the sense that the search engine doesn't differentiate, but it would make quite a difference in readability and understanding when human customers scan your captions. I would capitalise and punctuate correctly in all cases. I don't think it takes that much more time and effort and it may make a real difference in how your images are perceived by the potential buyer.
  15. Alamy Search slow?

    It's not just you. Search results are coming up but load a little hesitantly, even over my fibre broadband connection.