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  1. Cheers Phil, Anna and Ian ! Times online 11th Business Mick Flynn Provident Financial group, personal credit provider, head office, 1 Godwin St, Bradford BD1 2SU, UK - K8HM1J Cyberstock Using iPhone smart phone to display website logo of Monzo mobile banking app - H920D0 Richard Tugwell Schrodinger Building, Oxford Science Park - PKRFTE Robert Evans New Look Store. New Look Shop London - the flagship New Look shop in Oxford Street in Central London - 2A0Y60F Watford, UK. 8th Apr, 2021. People queue to enter a branch of Greggs baker
  2. Used to illustrate this article Anna "University professorships are subject to grade inflation Title of lecturer is phased out at many academic institutions to improve staff status at no cost"
  3. Times online 10th World Michael Runkel Lions (Panthera leo) at a waterhole in the Etosha National Park, Namibia, Africa - JH277N Ondrej Prosicky Lions fight in the sand. Lion with open muzzle. Pair of African lions, Namibia in Africa. - 2FJTC44 Jordi De Rueda Roigé Ancient wooden hull of a roman ship in the ruins of the ancient archaeological site of Herculaneum 2EA9JTP Kabul, Afghanistan. 9th May, 2021. funeral ceremony of the victims of a car bomb Sayed Mominzadah/Xinhua/Alamy Live News - 2FMGKAC Business Stephen Gostick
  4. Take a look at the Images sold and Have you found any Alamy images threads. They will give you some idea of what sells. Alamy is a UK centred company so inevitably a lot of the sales relate to UK subject matter, but there are offices and agents elsewhere, and photos from around the world do sell. Alamy suggests that you shoot locally, as you should have a knowledge of your own territory. Also exploit any specialist knowledge or access to subject matter, maybe through work, family or a hobby that you might have. As has been suggested above, comprehensive and accurate ke
  5. Cheers Clare and Iain ! Sunday Times 9th For subscribers - a series of eerie photos of sunken ships (Not Alamy) Magazine The Print Collector/Heritage Images The sandpit, Victoria Park, London, c1900 (1901). Artist: Unknown. - HT28P5 Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. 31st Mar, 2021. A sea of litter Cannon Hill Park Sam Holiday/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2F6C122 Travel check in tui - can't find it Allard Schager Coimbra Portugal as seen from across the Mondego River - M6H8BH Mauricio Abreu Comenda and Sad
  6. I've been kept for over 50 years so hoping the arrangement might continue ! How otherwise would I get my hair cut ? Our courtship was interrupted by our going to separate Unis, but survived. It involved a lot of hitch hiking. I shared a house for a while with a work colleague and we would each cook Sunday's dinner on alternative weeks, so I started married life with more practical cooking experience than my wife, but she took over when I worked full time and she was looking after the kids. Good to hear that your son is going to cook for you, our sons are also into cookery it's wha
  7. Cheers Pearl, Ian and John ! Times online 8th Travel Mikehoward 2 The Douro Valley at Pinhao, Portugal - 2F5X2DP Nino Marcutti Road in Dalmatia, Adriatic Highway in Makarska Riviera - GX1F7F Janos Gaspar Spectacular recreation place and kayaking location. Beautiful Emerald color Soca river and gorge, 2A6JT4A Illustration Art View of Voidokilia beach in the Peloponnese region of Greece, from the Palaiokastro (old Navarino Castle). - W8RC6Y Westend61 Spain, Menorca, Son Bou, beach with sunshades - 2D5YBYT MIKEL BILBAO GOROSTIAGA
  8. That's a sad story Betty, but I'm sure you make world class brownies now ! Re kitchen cleanliness I'm normally the washer up, a job I quite enjoy, so no problems with dirty pans etc. I don't cook much but I am called upon to make fish pie, Spanish tortillas, salad dressing, and, my favourite, onion gravy. Our old but reliable cooker doesn't have a fan oven, and tends to burn things at the edges, so not the best for pizzas or bread, otherwise we'd make that kind of stuff. One of the guys we share our allotment with makes fabulous focaccia bread with olives and rosemary,
  9. Herself being away looking after the grandbairns, I was able to experiment in the kitchen. Old Billy from our allotments had given me instructions on how to cook Yorkshire puddings, so I thought I would give it a try. The oil must be smoking hot Billy said, so hot it was. Made 4, ate 2 and then returned for afters, all gone. Very nice. I find it difficult to judge quantities when cooking for myself, and would rapidly become overweight were it to continue for any length of time.....
  10. Cheers Iain and Simon ! Times online 7th World Washington, DC, USA. 11th Dec 2018. Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) at Politico's 6th Annual Women Rule Michael Brochstein/Alamy Live News - R7WPEN US Air Force Photo An Air Force Airmen tighten bolts on the upper stage of a LGM-30G Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile : EFKMA1 Imaginechina In this unlocated photo, cartons of Mengniu milk are for sale at a supermarket, 31 August 2019. 2A7JBCN Business Chris Batson Green shoots and plants showing growt
  11. I've been using the % search for many moons but never thought of leaving a space ! Obvious when you think about it, but it had eluded me. Thanks Wim !
  12. We've had this discussion before, and views are mixed. Many readers want to see the pictures, but quite a few contributors want to know about the hits, but don't want their photos displayed here - successful ideas can be and are stolen. I have decided to only show pics if :- A They are particularly interesting and B Because of the unique circumstances of the shoot, they are very unlikely to be copied. You can't please all of the people all of the time 🙃
  13. We were told to leave the foot and needle down and the lever above up. As I understand it, this takes stress off a spring and avoids de-threading the needle. My wife just told me that the chap who did the work was 73 years old with no intention of retiring.
  14. Cheers Iain ! Times online 6th World Roy Johnson Looking north to Grand Central Terminal from Park Avenue and 35th street, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA RM0GB3 Business WENN London’s Eurostar workers are on strike in a dispute over shift work and unsocial hours. Mick Lynch 12 Aug 2016 HC70X9 Alexandra Segova Woman in medicine mask filling car tank on a petrol station 2C7EC8D Ceri Breeze Pontyclun, Wales - August 2020: New electro diesel high speed train operated by Great Western Railway. 2CB8E1M brinkstock Jo
  15. My wife's elderly but normally reliable sewing machine started to act up. I was summoned to fix it. In the past I've removed debris, applied a few drops of oil and all has been well, but not on this occasion. It all looked Ok but it didn't work properly. She was able to contact a local repair man, who came to the house this afternoon. This guy was a magician, he gave the machine a full service and replaced parts that he reckoned were too worn to be of further use. They looked fine to me, but not to him. He was right of course and the machine is now running, well, like a sewing mac
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