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  1. I could introduce you to a venomous snake or two Edo, if you are missing that kind of thing. Visit the aptly named Adder Hill, on the moors behind Cragside in Rothbury, Northumberland. Regarding the weather, the recent storm caused our parked caravan to take a short stroll down the drive. Fortunately no serious damage done. However it did demolish a large section of the perimeter fence around our allotment site. I was tempted to drive to the coast to photograph the waves crashing over Roker pier, but the police were advising against any unnecessary travel. The last time I drove in
  2. Indeed a patient but strangely satisfying task. I clearly need to up the iron count, we do have a clothes iron but I guess that would be disqualified ?
  3. Giles is featured on the BBC radio programme Soul Music , playing Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack. Not my usual taste in music, but very interesting to hear the personal stories associated with the song.
  4. I'm hardly qualified to enter this conversation with only one soldering iron and a spare bit, not to mention a tin of flux. However I do possess an ancient wooden parallel scriber or marking gauge inherited from my grandfather. I used it recently to repair a garden bench. Whilst on the obscure, hanging on my garage wall and gathering dust is a valve spring compressor, which was used to remove valves from those old fashioned IC engines that we once used to power our vehicles. I can also probably find a valve grinding tool and a tin of grinding paste. Time I recycled thi
  5. It's back to mask wearing on public transport and in the shops, due to the new mutation of the Covid virus. I'd not stopped wearing a mask in these circumstances but many people had. I guess that I think that this new clear instruction from above is a good thing, in this situation. Interesting to see if folk comply.
  6. Life's too short to be looking at the credit card account every day Mark. I download my statement when I get the nod that it's available, i.e. once a month. I guess I would take a look if I suspected anything fishy, or lost the card, but I've never had cause to. This is the first time that I have ever had to query the content. Any disparities have always down to my (or her) error !
  7. Here's another good thing that happened today. Last night I was, in the fashion of a nerd, checking all of the entries in my credit card statement against my spreadsheet. I noticed that I had been charged twice for rail tickets purchased earlier in the month, two deductions of £102. This morning I rang the rail company Crosscountry and spoke at length to a person at their call centre. He was helpful but was unable to resolve the problem, however he did promise to pass it on to the team that dealt with such matters. Oh dear, I thought. An hour later I rece
  8. So my wizard heating engineer turned up this morning with two of his mates. They listened to our noisy CH boiler and immediately diagnosed a problem with the condensate drain. They sawed through the condensate pipe and took the cover off the sump to find it full of water and gunge. De-gunged it, re-soldered the pipe and re-assembled. Took about 20 minutes. All is well with the world.
  9. They look technically OK to me, and I find that many people asking for a port review have images that are too dark. Some of your shots are portraits of individuals, unless theses people are famous I'm not sure that there is a market for them, others show people doing stuff, and that's what is more likely to sell. I would get in closer on the cut outs - or objects taken against a plain background, they need to impress when viewed as a thumbnail alongside the competition. Best of luck !
  10. Thanks Sue, I think that the problem lies where the cable plug enters the monitor, it's an old Acer but still working fine as a second monitor. My main monitor is an old Dell, but that has never given any cable trouble. Both monitors were inherited from previous PC setups - waste not want not. I've used 2 monitors for years now, and would hate to go back to having only one.
  11. The new growth in the spring and the warmth of the summer sun. Currently hibernating.
  12. All issues near resolution or resolved. Varnished bench, it was warm enough in our south facing garage. Another coat should finish the job. Gremlins appear to be lurking within the plug or socket supplying power to the monitor. I'll take the plug apart today, and check the socket extension. Received an e-mail from my wife's pension provider with an annual statement for tax purposes. Reading the small print you can request an annual printed statement, rather than rely upon their web site. Just as well as we've still not been able to access it. Gas
  13. Having repaired our garden bench I filled some cracks and holes in the wood and gave it a coat of varnish. Then the temperature plummeted, looks like it's going to be in single figures (degC) for the foreseeable future, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish the job. There is no minimum temperature limit on the tin, but it's generally 10 degC for most paint finishes. I did contemplate carrying the bench into the kitchen, but I don't want the house to be filled with the smell of paint. And while I'm here, my second computer monitor packed up last night. I've no idea if it is th
  14. Best of luck with the op Betty, it should transform your life in a good way !
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