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  1. Cheers Steve, another for you today! Sunday Times 17th Home Greg Meeson/hitandrun model houses on a map of britain showing the difference in house prices in north and south - Image ID: AN0X2P Travel Mitja Kavčič Sunny day at lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora guarded by statue of a gold horned Capricorn - Image ID: M0C43B Adrian Sherratt A group of skiers at the Vogel Ski Centre in the Triglav National Park of Slovenia - Image ID: C46CCN jochem wijnands Slovakia, Jasna, group of instructors dressed up to the eighties celebrating the end of the season - Image ID: BKRT05 eye35 Queen's Gallery Galerie de la Reine Galeries Royales Saint Hubert Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert Brussels,Belgium Eu Europe - Image ID: TR7JM9 Robert Fried Art Nouveau by B de Lestre at 92 Rue Africaine in the city of Brussels Brussels Capital Region Belgium Europe - Image ID: BNBDAF keith morris General view of the Market Hall during the Abergavenny food festival, Monmouthshire south wales UK - Image ID: BEA8HG David Cheshire Skyrrid mountain from the Sugar Loaf Abergavenny Monmouthshire South Wales - Image ID: A161KM - A crop of this? Money Roberto Herrett Investec Asset Management offices in Gresham Street, City of London, London, UK. - Image ID: DC6PT6 Greg Balfour Evans Row of high street banks (Lloyds, Barclays, Nat West & HSBC), High Street, Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey, England, United Kingdom - Image ID: PFWBME - No credits Alexander Blinov Samara, Russia - January 8, 2018: Emblem of the Royal Dutch Shell oil company against the blue sky - Image ID: KXADNN M4OS Photos A man looks at his iPhone which displays the UK Government HM Revenue & Customs HMRC (Editorial use only). - Image ID: GR44M2 Mark Richardson Nottingham, England, UK. 26th Jan 2013. Overnight snow has started to thaw as the sun shines and the temperature rises creating extremely wet conditions and a risk of flooding. - Image ID: D2JTD6 Justin Kase Chester Rows covered shopping walkways at 1st floor level seen above branch premises Yorkshire Building Society City of Chester Cheshire England UK - Image ID: CTGJH3 Business UrbanImages A cream slice in a shop window with the name of Patisserie Valerie on the wrapping. - Image ID: R1CW3T dennizn AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: - OCTOBER 8, 2018: Classic Rock magazine in a hand over a stack of magazines. 50 years of Led Zeppelin on front cover. Classic - Image ID: T39NC7
  2. Cheers folks! Times online 16th Weekend CW Images St Justinians Lifeboat Station and Ramsey Island Pembrokeshire Wales - Image ID: DAY758 Dorling Kindersley Dracaena marginata (Trocolor) sowing green leaves with red margins, close-up - Image ID: PFRAJE De Agostini / G. Cigolini Houseplants - Commelinaceae. Inchplant (Tradescantia zebrina 'Purpusii') - Image ID: HMWC79 Travel Wayne Lynch King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus), St. Andrews Bay, Island of South Georgia, Antarctica - Image ID: E1WWC2 Marina Pissarova Beautiful landscape of Ala-Kul Lake in the Tien Shan mountains with white foggy clouds in Karakol national park, Kyrgyzstan - Image ID: 2A2077H Peter Eberts Castel Gandolfo, Papstresidenz - Image ID: C1MX2G Valerio Mei Frascati (Italy) - A little city of Castelli Romani in metropolitan area of Rome, famous for the many Villa of pontifical nobility. - Image ID: R3RJJE PETER COOK Nemi Strawberry Festival, Province of Rome. Italy - Image ID: B6J210 Andrea Matone Villa Aldobrandini Frascati, Italy, Europe - Image ID: B44E6J Money andrew payne Britain's housing market depression, despair, economic, economy, estate, falling, fear, finance, finances, foreclose, foreclosure, fragile, fragility, - Image ID: J33D70 UrbanImages White Renault Zoe Dynamique NAV electric car charging at kerbside charging point. - Image ID: R0GB9D Steve Morgan Cars in car park at retail park - Image ID: EFJ9XM Jeffrey Blackler Branch of NatWest Bank, Islington, North London - Image ID: HPJ0CF LatitudeStock Harrods is a world famous department store in Kinightsbridge; it is lit up spectacularly at night - Image ID: EB4JBC Business David Gee 3 British Telecom BT engineer installs a new domestic phone line and broadband internet copper wire to a telephone / te - Image ID: DJ781F Andrew Paterson Harveys Furniture Store and Bensons for Beds - Image ID: D0R4H8 Register Anna Stowe Golden evening light falls on the west facade and spire of Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, England, UK - Image ID: CE92DJ Saturday Review D.G.Farquhar Abbotsford House Melrose home of Sir Waler Scott Scottish Borders Scotland - Image ID: BXX8ND
  3. A great subject for horrible winter days. I don't have many but this one has sold
  4. Apols another duplicate post - I pressed Save but nothing appeared to happen so pressed it again, twice!
  5. I started a Facebook group for our allotment site, not everyone agreed to join but we have a group of regular contributors and rather more lurkers. It's a great way to share knowledge and warnings of imminent disaster - e.g. rabbits etc. Most posts illustrated with photos, more efficient than words! Interestingly, although they are in a minority on the site, the majority of posts come from the female members. More generally I just enjoy pratting about with the camera. I generally avoid automation, finding it more satisfying to do most tasks manually. This occasionally leads to failure, e.g when I forget to set the IBIS to the correct focal length, but mostly it works just fine and keeps me happy.
  6. Not at all, but that's history and today the Nissan factory and associated supply chain is only 8 miles away - and hopefully still will be if B****** comes to pass!
  7. Imaginative challenge! Empty road - across Bowes Moor Northern England Empty seats in winter Wooden house with empty sky
  8. Cheers Clare! Sunday Times online 10th Home Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg 2 Miami Florida Wynwood Art District Art Basel muralist mural spray painting Black man face artist painter - Image ID: DPGHNN Sam Oaksey Butcher's Broom Ruscus aculeatus Hermaphroditum Ruscaceae aka Kneeholly, Jews Myrtle, Sweet Broom or Pettigree at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew - Image ID: MB5148 Chris Rose/PropertyStock Profuse Wisteria flowers on a stone house wall full frame close up - Image ID: GW7Y73 Travel Kim Kaminski The Orient Silk Road Express train travels from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan, to end in Turkmenistan. De Orient Silk Road Express t - Image ID: H6JMC9 Kay the photographer Cirencester town centre and Cirencester Park aerial photo, taken from the top of the parish church, typical English town - Image ID: PRG6YC Money Greg Balfour Evans Row of high street banks (Lloyds, Barclays, Nat West & HSBC), High Street, Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey, England, United Kingdom - Image ID: PFWBME - no credits YAY Media Closeup of a young couple looking through window at estate agents - Image ID: WHYMP4 Jonbj 24 hours of Le Mans 2009 - Michelin tyre - Image ID: BE5PM4 Newscast Exterior shot of a Nationwide branch. - Image ID: EDBRA4 Kumar Sriskandan Superdry clothes store, Cambridge UK - Image ID: C45KB7 Markus Mainka Skiathos, Greece – July 31, 2019: Thomas Cook Airbus A321 at Skiathos airport (JSI) in Greece. - Image ID: WXMXB8 Business Alex Segre Rack of birthday cards in Clinton Cards shop, England, UK - Image ID: BDWDA1 Islandstock Lidl store UK. Lidl store sign againste blue sky. - Image ID: TARM9H M4OS Photos The M&G Investments logo is seen on an LED screen in the background while a silhouetted person uses a smartphone in the foreground (Editorial use only - Image ID: TD987P Scottish Edition Lynne Sutherland St Andrews University graduates on their academic procession along North Street towards St Salvator's Quad to meet their guests - Image ID: PK5D8T Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee Sunset dusk at Glasgow Mitchell Library public library in Glasgow Scotland UK - Image ID: PEKNG8 Magazine Alexandre Rotenberg Front view of the Leon healthy fast food restaurant in the City of London, England, UK - Image ID: M8H6B6
  9. I think that it's becoming tougher all the while, although it's good to see John managing to buck the trend. My sales numbers and revenue grew consistently until they both peaked in 2017, since then I have seen a significant fall in both. i.e. 213 sales in 2017 and down to 179 in 2018, with 2019 not yet at the 2018 level. This is despite continuing to upload throughout the period. Being kicked out of Live News might have had some small influence, as, while they don't always sell at the time, they occasionally pop up later, and I no longer seek out or upload any news images. No doubt Ian is also correct in that statistically an individual's results are not too significant and certainly that would be the case for a single month, but perhaps less so over the course of a year.
  10. Times Online 9th Weekend Chariclo Assortment of nuts in glass containers - Image ID: CR2T2C Zoonar/Nailia Schwarz Elderberries - Image ID: D8N2FW HERA FOOD Sliced ginger root on table. Healthy ginger. - Image ID: KKBYT0 John Martin Clerodendrum trichotomum var fargesii - Image ID: BY6MT6 Clare Gainey Gaultheria mucronata berries in Autumn. - Image ID: MBGBWC blickwinkel/McPHOTO/HRM Japanese holly (Ilex crenata), garden bonsai - Image ID: EBT1E1 Travel travelstock44 Berlin Wall . East Side Gallery, Oberbaumbruecke, Berlin, Germany - Image ID: EFXPW4 A. Astes East side Gallery graffiti in Berlin - Image ID: CX3313 travelstock44 Cherry blossom, Teltow, Mauerweg, former DDR border , near Berlin, Brandenburg, - Image ID: MXT38B Findlay La Vielle Bourse de Lille, originally the Chamber of Commerce building, situated in Grand Place near to Place du general de Gaulle, now housing cafes, - Image ID: PJ1W4W - probably a crop of this? Raga Jose Fuste Germany, Europe, travel, Moseltal, Moselle, Cochem, Castle, agriculture, bend, clouds, Mosel, nature, river, tourism, valley, vi - Image ID: D0W3CA Money LightField Studios Inc. cropped view of senior woman holding cup of coffee at home - Image ID: RG9866 Jane Williams Young white couple looking through an estate and letting agent's shop window at houses to buy or rent in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK - Image ID: H1P238 Islandstock Woman looking at Samsung QLED TV in electrical store. - Image ID: J6YJKH Business Alex Segre Young first time buyer looking at the property for sale in estate agent window in Highgate, London England UK - Image ID: ATMHMY Jason Batterham 2 Lots of people Christmas shopping on Carnaby Street, London. In London, England. On 17th December 2016. - Image ID: HEHA1H Robbie (Robert) Shaw WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE ON EASYJET AIRBUS A319. - Image ID: PTH6WN Hanover, Germany. 04th June, 2016. People dressed as chaos warrios from the Warhammer universe pose at the MCM Comic Con in Hanover, Germany, 04 June 2016. Exhibitors, stars and fans will gather for the event to be held from 04 to 05 June 2016. Photo: SEBASTIAN GOLLNOW/dpa/Alamy Live News - Image ID: G2WH4W
  11. Can't afford to be too pious about this as I recently discovered two long standing almost identical images, processed from the same file, in my collection. Grateful to Alamy for immediate duplicate deletion! I try to avoid more than one shot from the same position but with a different focal length, however every rule is there to be broken and last week put two such up for sale. It does depend upon the subject, in an ideal world a landscape and portrait would be good, but, as others have said, not often possible.
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