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  1. Another 69 years to add to the list of aged persons. Joined a photo society at school aged 12 and learned how to develop and print, been messing around with cameras since then. Like others I regret not joining Alamy earlier, the fees were comparatively mega back then. I confess to be technically fascinated with the kit and enjoy changing lenses, altering camera settings and rarely use auto focus. I enjoy handling the beautifully made metal bodied lenses from the film era, while I also appreciate their wall to wall sharpness on the crop sensor camera. Drives the missus mad, but I'll wait interminably for the sun to show up, the clouds to look good, or for a suitable pattern of people to appear. However some of my best shots were down to chance, although of course you make your own luck by just being there and prepared. I enjoy key wording and in particular the research behind it. Don't watch much TV, hate adverts, but spend hours locked away in my man cave, often listening to the radio, processing and key wording. Becoming a tad disillusioned with stock now that there is so much competition and dwindling fees, might at some stage go back to shooting arty unsaleable stuff.
  2. Probably not bullet holes then 😉 Mad axe man attacks building. Did somebody mention providing a key for rendering? Possible decoration? All very odd.
  3. Thanks for the further contributions folks. The plaque also has a hole, in fact I noticed that first. It appears to have been pierced from above. I don't have any other photos unfortunately. My tentative theory is that there might have been small arms fire from above, from across the street, which might explain the strange shape of the holes. However I won't be annotating the photo to that effect unless I get some positive proof. The plaque is a fire insurance mark, as I understand it, if you paid the company they would mark your house with a plaque and attempt to put out any fire that might occur. Further research suggests that the company subsequently became a large conventional insurer. Can't find an online tourist office as such but I contacted a guy who hosts a Ventimiglia blog, and he was kind enough to reply very quickly, but he couldn't add anything to the story. Information is very scant about this place, I've another shot of a prominent local feature that I cannot find anything about - don't want to waste your time on it! Things may change, they're currently building a high security posh yacht marina intended to pull in the super rich from Nice and Monte Carlo etc.
  4. Thanks for all of the suggestions. 😊 I've already tried Google translate, but the tourist office sounds a possible way forward.
  5. I took this shot in the historic Italian town of Ventimiglia. I was interested in the old iron plaque issued by a fire insurance company, but didn't notice the hole in it or those in the masonry above. I've tried to research the history of the town but, not speaking Italian, haven't been able to find any relevant connections other than details about the company issuing the plaque. Anybody know anything about the possible bullet holes?
  6. Someone explained how to do this a while ago. Using Chrome on Win 10 PC, open image as if you were a customer. Click to enlarge, then drag that image to the top of the screen making a new window. Open that window and right click on it to obtain the address. Copy and Paste the address using "insert image from URL". Too late you appear to have solved the problem!
  7. Not had to wet clean the sensor of my Sony a6500 as yet despite changing lenses every other shot. Things have moved on since the days of, for example, the Canon 5D mk1 which seemed to go out of its way to find dust to attract to the sensor. The mk2 is a whole lot better, but the little Sony is remarkable. Maybe the action of a DSLR mirror sucks the stuff in, and mirrorless, although counter intuitive, appears far less prone to the problem.
  8. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 01-August-2019 ; End: 01-August-2024 Fee - censored 😬
  9. Thanks for taking on the task Colin! Strange moulded sand face seen in France Workers concentrating on the job Youth posing with wrap
  10. Don't see why not, particularly if you submit a series of images using the same technique when it should be obvious that this is your intent and not a processing error! I've seen Alamy photos sell where nothing is sharp, but it is clear that the tog wanted to convey an impression of speed.
  11. I effectively kicked off my selling with Alamy by studying the searches made by customers in AOA, previously my results had been at best mediocre, then suddenly the sales started to appear. Now however, that approach no longer seems to work, the competition has magnified manyfold and those same images of unchanging objects rarely sell. I clearly need a new trick or two!
  12. AOA - Somebody has been looking, without success, for a shot of a sign pointing to Liverpool and Everton football stadiums. Football related might be worth a try?
  13. Thanks for the links, enjoyed looking through his work. Some things are a whole lot better now, did you notice the exhaust from some of those ships?
  14. Been away for a while and missed voting! Never fear, a great selection of shots and thanks for including my effort!
  15. One of my favourite places, my allotment
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