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  1. I find it interesting that all this is about RM. We are so often led to believe that RF is now totally dominant. Yet here are two obviously successful businesses doing well out and expanding based on managing image rights to those that want it.
  2. I like to keep my eye on industry news by visiting the BAPLA site from time to time. I have read through this several times and visited the websites of the two companies. I am not really much the wiser. I think that Image Data Systems is some sort of image aggregator so perhaps our images already end up with them? Never heard of them before. Uk based and been going for 30 years. https://bapla.org.uk/fadel-acquires-uk-based-company-image-data-systems-ids/ FADEL®, innovator of brand compliance, rights management and royalty billing software,
  3. https://blog.geographyphotos.com/2021/10/08/they-dont-have-to-be-pretty/
  4. I'm sure that there was a post here about other options - maybe it has been censored. Let's just say that Alamy does offer a lot of advantages - ease of upload at the photographer's convenience, no waiting because of staff shortages when others aren't so automated, no disappointment over editing. But the disadvantages are also there : especially with the fall in revenue. Sometimes a problem just doesn't have an obvious solution. Not sure why Alamy is so twitchy about mentioning the existence of un-named other agencies - given that exclusivity has no comme
  5. Part 1 is the total numbers of images used in books/magazines - you add to your cumulative total each year. Part 2 is the amount due for uses matched with records kept in schools/libraries and so on - ie) institutions that purchase a secondary use licence. This is where you need to find the ISBN/ISSN details in order to find matches with actual uses. As we know the proportion given to Part 2 is gradually increasing. I can't find the actual figures on the DACS site. I think it grows to 40% for education use and less for other uses. But that is just from memory.
  6. No, when you cleared balance is $50 you will be paid automatically. You do not need to ask Alamy. Payments are made at the start of every month - so if you have $50 at the end of this month your payment will be sent on November 1st. It takes a few day, or perhaps a week, to be in you bank account.
  7. The $62.10 is your share of what clients have spent buying your images. But they haven't all paid Alamy yet. Only $31.10 is ready for you. The rest is still owed by the buyers. That's just the way it is. Other agencies only inform you once the money has been paid.
  8. Okay, I think it is just people who claim direct that are posting here. I guess it will take a bit longer for Alamy to divvy it all out.
  9. $31.10 has been 'cleared. That means that Alamy have that money to pay you. When you reach $50 'cleared balance' you will be paid.
  10. Andy, If you haven't done it would be worth logging in and checking that your claim has been allocated. A couple of years ago I waited and waited and the payment never arrived. It turned out that though I had submitted Part 1 I had never submitted Part 2. Fortunately they hold some money back and were able to make a payment even though it was less than I would otherwise have got. DACS remains a shining light in our world of stock.
  11. One reason that there is less to go around is that DACS is open to anybody in the world who has UK image sales - and Alamy, and other agencies have taken advantage of that. Seems like money for nothing to all their contributors who never previously claimed. And best of luck to them. All I would say is that other countries are not as generous and limit claims to residents of that country. Just an observation not really a grumble as I am delighted with my payment this year - by far the highest ever.
  12. I would also like to know if an Affiliate is permitted to publish un-watermarked Alamy images on their website. Then looking at Mick's link this image is used by another website ( and reading their information they claim copyright on all images used but do allow for free Personal Use.) This could be a real can of worms.
  13. I'm flat out on the sofa with lovely fire going in the woodburner.
  14. Thanks for that though not sure that I can do anything, Ta anyway. 🙂
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