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  1. First 3 images for QC review to be accepted or not?
  2. Certain rules for some?

    I can see the sense of this. The original price is twice as high. Alamy takes 50%, so does the agency, leaving the photographer with the same amount as if they had a direct sale
  3. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    So sorry, getting my dates muddled up!! Silly me. Apologies.
  4. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Deleted. Sorry.
  5. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Maybe I am doing something wrong but I can't see yesterday's Royal Wedding images on the Live News feed. Are they there somewhere?
  6. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Looks to me that somebody got around the hassle by uploading shots from the live broadcast coverage. EDIT) Pleased to see that these have been removed
  7. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    I did come across an Alamy image ( not going to name and shame) which gives the full names of man and woman standing in their house, and then gives the full address including house number. Now with or without GDPR that seems unnecessary and risky. The information is not required, they are not famous, and the house interior could be anywhere. I can't see that we have anything to worry about in doing editorial unreleased images in public spaces. I don't think I have ever asked an unknown person to share their personal data with me for use in an image caption.
  8. Geological feature ID

    We have at least one professional geologist on the forum so I will hold back a little on my amateurish suggestions for now. That certainly looks like a dyke - I'd definitely use words such as igneous, intrusion, intrusive, also eroded/erosion/differential erosion/rates of erosion, wave cut platform. I'd also include sill as a keyword just in case because the rocks could be tilted/folded. I don't know the technical term but joints/jointed/weathered/weathering. If I had to give an answer in a quiz I'd probably guess something along the lines of pressure release jointing. But as I said...hopefully a professional will be along soon. Us human geographers are more comfortable with waffly concepts than hard science
  9. My website is locked

  10. Supertag experiment

    Thanks Mark, this has proved to be all very interesting!
  11. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    I don't think most people care less or know anything about it. We can breath easy as long as we are respectful and sensible. .
  12. Supertag experiment

    Are we in agreement that images with zoom history get preference in search order and that this is independent of any change in pseudo for that image?
  13. My website is locked

    Me too! Yes, excellent service is offered when companies are keen to pick up new customers. Not such good service after they have their customers and decide that it is more profitable to cut costs. Then the point comes where they want to get rid of customers but will carry on accepting payments through inertia. The same old story over and over. So, GoDaddy do no doubt, as advertised, offer a 24 hour telephone service ( no emailing ) but when I phoned at 6.30am hoping that it would be quiet there was probably just one person in their jim-jams more interested in eating their cornflakes than speaking to whiney customers. So I am left listening to Ms Super-Excited jumping around about how thrilled they all are to hear from me. I really am grateful to you Jill. It's very kind of you. Anyway, I have survived so far without a website and so has the seems.
  14. My website is locked

    Yes, Jill. I suppose I will have to make a transatlantic call and spend 30 minutes on hold. But kind of you to look for me and much appreciated. I had that early this morning trying to get somebody at GoDaddy in UK ( where I am also having log in problems for the same reason). All I had was recorded message from some super-excited American woman hyperventilating about how eager they were to meet my needs and even surpass my expectations. But after 20 minutes nobody answered. I phoned last night and after eventually getting through all the blather was told that there was a 15 minute queue but how excited they all were about my call. If truth be told my expectations remain unsurpassed.
  15. My website is locked

    It is actually very sobering to have an experience such as this. Dead links, phones that just ring and ring or are no longer even connected, emails that bounce or are just ignored. First it happened to my email ( which I paid a subscription for). I even sat down and wrote them a letter . That must have given somebody a good laugh! They kept taking the money long even after the service stopped working, stopped redirecting mail. And then the gradual consequences of one broken hub in the network. That email address was my identity so no how do I prove who I am? Stopped receiving messages so now my website is down and I can't log in anywhere for which I used that email address! Password reminders won't work because I haven't got the email! It seems to spiral. Imagine this happening to your bank, the site where you have your investments, where you have all your digital assets? Scary how much we rely on this strange digital cloud world over which we actually have such little control. It is all fine and dandy as long as it works but then...