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  1. I have several hundred images on my computer, I have the captions and keywords for them on an Excel spreadsheet kindly provided by Alamy. For my own purposes I would like to get the metadata for each file in the IPTC fields of the images. I am an Excel 'very basic' user. How would you go about doing this? Thanks
  2. Percentage PU sales

    Not sure how you can prove that to the satisfaction of a judge. Very few cases end up in court. They are super keen on mediation and trying to reach amicable agreement. Of course only in my opinion that is why it is best to refer such issues to Alamy rather than make a mountain out of a molehill. But I can tell you that actually going to court is no fun at all.
  3. Percentage PU sales

    Because I have been down the Small Claims route twice and I do not think it appropriate over a 30 quid 'dispute'. Far better to ask Alamy to have a friendly chat.
  4. Percentage PU sales

    Good point, probs best to ask Alamy to discuss it with them. Small Claims would not be appropriate.
  5. F22 - what is the point?

    Agree with that. And keep well clear of F22!
  6. What is this called and what causes it? I did set the camera incorrectly ISO 200 ( usually it is 100), very bright sunny morning, approx F14, 1/400. All other shots are okay ie) castle taken from other side Is it due to the sun's angle coming in from left side? 100% Have had to trash 4 pics Uncorrected, opened from RAW
  7. Alamy partnering with a printing company?

    Have you done any marketing directed at people who might be interested in these pictures? Not that I have done it myself but that must be the key - the sales site is just the platform.
  8. Percentage PU sales

    That's the kind of arrangement I am suggesting in the ideas section.
  9. Alamy partnering with a printing company?

    I was thinking about an extension of this sort of thing. So, for example, a village could order a set of 1000 postcards of their church to sell for fundraising. Or a local entrepreneur could get a selection of postcards and other print products to sell through the local shops and pubs and aim to make some profit. They don't get given the actual file, they place an order. Harness the energy of communities and small entrepreneurs to boost Alamy image sales while keeping the image files 'safe'. Encourage business start-ups to use Alamy pics but keep control of the process.
  10. Percentage PU sales

    Fair enough but its not clear which licence the small caterer could have chosen from the options available. Would they be better shopping elsewhere in future where the customer is welcomed?
  11. Percentage PU sales

    I don't suppose anybody does so hardly a unique or surprising view. For all we know Alamy might have advised this catering customer to use that PU licence as a 'best fit'. I think we need to welcome buyers and encourage them to come back. Give them the benefit of the doubt rather than treating them with suspicion. There is an opt out for PU.
  12. Percentage PU sales

    These are the very people we want to encourage because their entrepreneurial spirit can help us all at Alamy. Let's not drive them off to get their images elsewhere.
  13. I mentioned the idea in an other thread. Alamy partner a print company so that images licences can be ordered and delivered as finished print products without the need for the image to actually be released. Postcards, giftcards, calendars, canvas prints, mugs and and the rest. Alamy would do the processing of the image licence sale and then release the image to the printer for fulfilment. The printing company would have their own website with all the details/order process etc and be able offer highly competitive pricing because of volume. A choice of 150 million images to make your own gifts, fund-raising merchandise, and print products to sell.
  14. Percentage PU sales

    It suggests to me that there is a need for some sort of 'small business user' licence. Perhaps the PU one seemed like the best fit for this small caterer? 'Non commercial use only, not for resale' - perhaps they thought that this covered their website use offering their services. The small business use would be a better fit. But then the small business marketing package does not allow advertising So, I think that there is genuine room for confusion for newbie buyers. Maybe there could be a suite of small business/entrepreneur licences including ones encouraging people, for example, to sell postcards/giftcards/calendars through printing ordered and delivered through Alamy ( and image not actually released).
  15. Percentage PU sales

    June - Nov 17 ( 6 months) 9/211= 4.2% Dec17-May 18 ( 6 months nearly) 17/202 = 8.4% 100% increase in PU Overall 23/413 = 5.6%