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  1. Appropriate. Looks a bit like tumbleweed blowing across the forum.
  2. Big in numbers not so much in sales. Not leaving, but not contributing. Doing other things, pursuing personal interests. Feel sorely tempted to delete my account but what would that achieve? So am going to wait 6 months and see what happens to my revenue. Producing new images was already a marginal economic enterprise and am not here for the cake recipes.
  3. Searching the caption : 'Closed rural Post Office Shottisham Suffolk UK" found my image and a couple of similars. No idea what proportion of Alamy images is listed by Google ( but of course these will go after your account closes). Presumably you have downloaded all the metadata so have all the captions ready to use So IF the user has used the Alamy caption you have a chance. Otherwise it's going to be down to uploading small images to Google Images and hoping for the best.
  4. A different story but nonetheless interesting. Using somebody's photo on a billboard without permission. Sacha Baron Cohen sues over cannabis billboard featuring Borat character https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57817404
  5. Yes I agree. I see these upbeat tweets about getting out shooting new exciting images. Not for 40%. No way.
  6. See my comment above about those nursing grievances. It is fairly simple. Don't dish out insults and abuse and you won't have to feel 'bullied' by the responses. As I said nobody is saying the guy can't say what he wants about Priti Patel. It is you complaining that nobody is allowed to respond or disagree with what he said.
  7. And equally other people are entirely free to respond and comment as they want. That is what you appear to have a problem with. This so-called 'culture war' against 'wokeism' seems to be largely about the 'right' to be unpleasant. It seems to me to be primarily about grumpy old men wanting to nurse grievances. That is a general comment. You are personally, of course, peace and light to the world.😄
  8. Yes that is true she does look chubby in that picture. I think that is because that is what she looks like. The self-satisified smirking and her politics are both fair game. Her size is not. Especially not as a way to criticise a woman.
  9. I certainly do keep all my JPEGs. What I virtually never do is rework a RAW file but I keep multiple copies of them anyway just because it is the received wisdom. I have my JPEGs on Photoshelter and also iCloud - ready to send wherever whenever. The cost of disc space is not a consideration for me.
  10. I have asked for a lot of image checks over the last few months and cannot praise the Alamy team more highly. They do a superb job. But what isn't so great is the reporting back system once potential infringements are passed on to the team that investigates. I have some from February/March and have not heard back. I did enquire a little while ago and was told rather firmly that if there was something to let me know about then they would have had let me known about it. So things are left hanging. I fully expect to change the status of all my images to non-e
  11. I feel sure that is not the experience of many Getty contributors. Your stance always seems to be about your own exceptionalism and value compared to others. That may be true but also, by definition, it is not representative of the experience of the majority. Getty may indeed value your rare historical images. That is not really my point. G do licence the vast majority of their content to media companies for very low fees. Fact.
  12. Not really working for me to be honest Edo. Also there seems to be artefacts around the tower and cables and above some of the skyscrapers. I find the tower and small park on the left distracting and my eye is pulled into that corner. Sorry
  13. To give this perspective I think you need to realise what Getty are offering They have global reach and offer subscription deals to virtually all the media and publishing companies in the world. Once broken down the fee per image it is very low indeed, and given Getty's commission what the photographer ends up receiving can literally be a few cents. But one major difference between Getty and Alamy is that these super sweetheart deals are ONLY available to these media partners. If an individual, small company, charity, any non-subscriber, rocks up for an image the cost will typicall
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