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  1. That's perfect. Many thanks. The plants did have strong smell and sticky feel.
  2. I'm still stuck on this. Any ideas or shall I delete? Portugal Atlantic coast in March. Looking down from overhead.
  3. From the website: Over 300,672,731 royalty-free images with 1,395,156 new stock images added weekly.
  4. Surprised to see some of mine on SS through distributor - in Editorial at proper prices, these are RM images
  5. Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 04 October 2019Duration: In perpetuity
  6. That's very interesting and thought provoking. With so many billions of images sitting on hard discs around the globe, and with the current state of technology and storage, it would take a new entrant into the stock industry a very short time to match the number of images on Alamy and SS combined. Using the Instagram numbers you could have a new entrant rivalling Alamy for numbers within just one week!
  7. So something like 350,000- 500,000 new stock photos being created on a daily basis across all stock agencies/portals? *gulp* I'll be uploading about 20 later on.....
  8. Relating the plans outlined by James West to the graph it seems we are about to launch into the 'product extension' stage and an upturn in fortunes as Alamy chases after the Tier One agencies and grows revenue. That's the vision that was sold to me - the reason for the 20% reduction in commission on my non-exclusive images - so I would like to know how things are progressing. Are things going well, what innovations are taking place, all that sort of stuff. Where are we?
  9. I've been suffering the last weeks with dodgy foot and then knee. Recurrent. Didn't really think about the connection but I do hang my camera from right shoulder almost permanently. Having just about got over that I now have Conjunctivitis. Been looking at Conjunctivitis.com That's a site for sore eyes.
  10. As others have said it is still very possible to be the only one with images of certain, admittedly specific, subjects. And I agree with the view already expressed that is probably the way to go - most of my sales this month are of that type - very specific/obscure. And then, also as has been pointed out, if you play the Alamy game reasonably sensibly it still opens up occasional sales of heavily over-subscribed subjects because of Alamy Rank. ( mosque in Cordoba) I do agree that Alamy software is all very clever. But will it ever stop? 100,000 a day is 36 million year ( I think?). In ten years will we be discussing Alamy at 500 million, along with our increasing aching joints 😊
  11. Very true. But I am still staggered that so many images are being produced and uploaded each day. I suppose a lot must be from agencies, museums, and other existing collections.
  12. Perhaps there will always be software solutions to be found. But equally if those 5000 images per month are never seen then what is their purpose, and what is the purpose of spending time, effort and resources in making sure that they are hidden? This is my failure to understand. I have no doubt that Alamy have good reasons. It is just that I don't understand them.
  13. Yes, that policy made sense in the past but as the collection approaches 200 million it seems increasingly crazy and unwieldy. There have to be substantial costs involved in managing all this and what are the benefits of millions and millions of unsaleable and barely saleable pictures of people's pets, sunsets, un-located beaches, holiday snaps etc. There's one guy with over 2 million public domain pics automatically harvested and automatically resized. I recall when Alamy had under 1 million images. Surely there comes a point where some sort of change of direction just has to happen. 106,000 every single day. Wow
  14. Just what is the point of uploading such a ridiculous number of images?
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