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  1. Not so easy. Maybe a bit bigger but can't see font size numerals.
  2. Righto, that's my next mission. I could be some time.....
  3. Previoulsy you could click through to the thumbs, then click to get a big picture and still not have a caption. Now the caption is there for each full sized image and also a shopping cart. As you say not bothered about a caption on the actual homepage image - which is only there temporarily 'cos I wanted to show my kids! ( not a great photo!)
  4. Haven't got that far yet! Personally not too keen on black.
  5. I didn't copy any HTML. My About information seemed to transfer over okay. Perhaps copy the text from your Custom Pages somewhere and then paste once you have created new pages in Site Builder. Creating and naming new pages is easy. Overall it is all much easier than I had feared. In the past I had a few half-hearted tries but didn't really give it a chance. So far so good and I'm pleased to be doing something new and exploring the options. www.geographyphotos.com Still don't expect too much...
  6. Harry, This feature does exist. I have now learned how to switch in on so that the homepage gallery images have captions/download/purchase options.
  7. Thanks Harry. It'd probably going to be best that I phone one of the specialists suggested above because I just do not understand the technical stuff - my brain just will not absorb it. Some of the alternative ideas at the bottom of that page you linked to are very enterprising! I have seen a Youtube video of somebody using their Mac computer as a light source and some sort of Heath-Robinson device to hold the slide in front of it. All I want is a system that I can buy, set up, and use.
  8. I have a Canon 5D. What exactly do I need to buy to be able to copy 35mm slides in the way that has been described here ( I think using a Nikon camera) using a slide holder illuminated by a light source behind I am prepared to buy what is needed and would prefer to get properly set up. lens? adapter? slide holder? Thanks in advance.
  9. Just to add a little without wanting to disagree with the views of others. I think that shooting for stock is about utility as well as 'best images'. Somebody has got to have a use for the image sufficiently strong for them to be willing part with money. The image has to fill an actual need. This view is probably because my mind tends to think more about illustrative/editorial content rather than pure photography. Basically stock is a huge area and there are no fixed answers. There is plenty of room to do your own thing, but in the end you do need there to be somebody who actually wants to use the image that you are creating.
  10. I've changed the order of the navigation so that 'Galleries' is top of the list.
  11. What I mean is that those images - the stained glass ones by Henry Holiday do have captions and metadata - but it doesn't show on the homepage. So you don't actually get to know what you are being directed look at. Which to my editorial type mind seems wrong. Yes, I'll have to select images for the homepage as a Portfolio and then put everything else in the Galleries section
  12. I should have that. You mean the ability to purchase downloads. I've done a sort of ersatz simplified RM editorial deal using their RF label ( because I don't know how to change it) and find the normal RM calculator wildly over-priced. It should be £25 for editorial commercial use ( at the moment - it's all a mess) But you will only come across this if you go the Galleries. There's an 'Add to Cart' option when you view a single image.
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