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  1. If it was that good they wouldn't turn to Alamy. I am not in a position of any privilege and have good empathy. This forum is for Alamy contributors not debate of other agencies.
  2. I suspect that Alamy is competing with Getty for market share rather than attempting to become a micro stock site.
  3. People who want to support micro stock have been putting forward these same non-arguments for around 20 years now. Ultimately it is pointless to try and discuss it with them. The fact is they want to submit to micro stock and want to - between themselves - come up with justifications about how inevitable it is. It started off with excitement about the wonderful new world micro stock would create that would get rid of the stuffy old professionals who were stuck in the past, and now it is a sort of morphed into a twisted self-fulfilling argument about inevitable forces, 'evolution', and technolo
  4. Nobody is forced to supply microstock, those that accept those fees are not in the best position to complain about getting them at Alamy. Alamy has to compete in the same market.
  5. Just because the very occasional Alamy sale is similar to a microstock sales does not make Alamy indistinguishable from microstock. That just doesn't make any sense to me. I have had quite a few recent $$$ sales. And where did the 'race to the bottom' start - at Alamy or the micro stock site you refer to? I also had one of these, my pic was non-exclusive so I got 10 cents. Ho hum...
  6. This reminds me of trying to buy a copy of the Guardian in rural Ireland. I said that the copy on sale was yesterday's and I wanted today's. Come back tomorrow and we'll have it replied the shopkeeper.
  7. Thanks for that. Just found out that virtually all the websites I added this morning are ineligible! Looks like all the BBC uses are also no good. Time to wave the white flag I feel and just hope that what I have found is worthwhile. Also found that some of the ISBN's accepted on the DACS form show up as different than on the CLA form. Just impossible for a stock photographer to keep tabs on all of this given the limited information we have.
  8. I'm not following your reasoning here. Just because the police have bought one of your images surely doesn't mean that you won't be challenged and possibly fined. And I can't see that on its own makes you a professional photographer. Whether you want to get involved in a discussion with a police officer when entering Dyfed is your call. If you are a professional photo-journalist and you are doing your job then you have every right to be out covering news stories. If that is not the case not sure what you are hoping to achieve.
  9. Apart from the BBC (and UK newspapers which you can't claim for) I haven't found any web sites to claim a significant number of images for. Any suggestions about which non-newspaper Alamy customers use our images on web sites? I'm assuming they need to be UK.
  10. Thanks, very useful. What I am doing first is to use the sales spreadsheets I have. Remove all the Personal Use, obvious print use only etc Identify one known use by image ref ( ie the BBC one above), then order the spreadsheet to pick up all others with the same/similar licence wordage - only slight changes over the years. Using my sales sheets from somewhere else I have found 410 BBC uses - so that is some sort of compensation for the pathetic penny fees. 😁 Then repeat with other known uses on major sites. So then I will Cut and Copy that out
  11. Thanks for the update. I've also seen an email sent by DACs confirming that it is just the domain name and the number of uses that is needed. No idea about how best to search for these uses or how DACS can match them with uses. I gather that the site has to appear on the CLA usage list to attract a payment. As you say the URL I entered was simply simplified to the generic BBC one. How can I search for all BBC web uses for 'geogphotos Alamy' ?
  12. I have entered a few more but am really hoping that we will get a clarification. I have loads of BBC uses but once the BBC is entered you can't then post any other BBC URLs - you have to give a total for how many BBC web uses you have ( as an example). But how can this be matched with users if the individual images and pages aren't recorded? The system allowed me to enter newspaper web uses though those aren't supposed to be included. So, it seems it will allow any and every web site, except ones where you already have a book or magazine use - so are you then supposed to combine
  13. Wow that is impressive. Thank you. I got the wrong date. It's the one of Vigo on 21/07/20. Alamy are aware and told me just today that they are chasing it.
  14. Starting just recently file upload buttons have stopped working on several sites. I can still drag and drop files and they will upload but the actual 'Select File' button - and this, as I say, is on several sites - is just dead. Mojave 10.14.6 Safari 14.0.2 I can see from Googling that this has affected others but haven't found a solution - apart from using Chrome when it works as normal. Any ideas, and why would it just have started recently - some sort of update that I didn't know was happening maybe?
  15. I can quite easily imagine seeing a picture like this in a textbook with an activity for students to create hypotheses trying to explain the landscape. And then - the important part of the enquiry - considering what needs to be known, and how to go about finding out - how to challenge alternative hypotheses and evaluate evidence. Textbooks these days do not simply impart knowledge to a passive learner. Though to be honest I don't think that this picture would be the one for a textbook - more suitable for a travel feature or brochure.
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