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  1. Valencia, Spain?

    Not really saying anything except the person I mentioned has found enough to interest her and satisfy her for 88 years in one small village.
  2. Valencia, Spain?

    Given all this talk of globetrotting and the world as our 'oyster' ( where the heck did that saying come from?) make mes think about an 88 year old friend in the village. She has never ever spent a night out of the village, including the births of her three children. She continues to live a healthy, active life in tune with the seasons, her surrounding and community. Have the rest of us lost that wisdom?
  3. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    For what it is worth: Correlation coefficient of 0.09 60292,65 2441,4.9 1409,26.5 30342,55 19281,41 1761,17 5960,14 5452,48 3082,88 324,10 8746,51 6106,29 23913,14 1940,20 4033,29 7078,24 4012,255 9276,44 1022,24 9497,32 1808,18 3262,30 2809,26 9076,15
  4. Valencia, Spain?

    Isn't Seville famous for being particularly hot in summer?
  5. Ethics and Model Releases

    Yes, and I don't usually bother with optional.
  6. Ethics and Model Releases

    In the past the Alamy system asked a question along the lines of ( can't recall the exact wording): Does this image contain property? There was much forum discussion over this but I for one decided to cover myself and say 'Yes' for pretty much anything that was man-made and belonged to somebody. So 'Yes' it contains property, and 'No' I do not have a Property Release. Then the buyer could decide what they wanted to do with that information.
  7. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    Deleted - too close to lunch time
  8. Statement from Alamy

    Wow, that's a bit of a shocker. Was never clear of the reasons James stood down ( assumed something to do with Manything making loses), pleased to see him return, but what happened to those reasons of his to step down to start with - wasn't it about Alamy needing a new direction, new vision, James needing a change, a new direction.... Perhaps we can have a new Ask James video?
  9. I've had this happen before. It blows out a puff of dust with quite a big horrible noise and then the fan whirrs for a while also making a scary noise. Like you I thought that the end was nigh but that was a long time back and the Mac is still going strong. It seems like some sort of self-cleaning system. Fingers crossed for you
  10. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    Tending to legless street beggars? ( something of an in-joke)
  11. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    I think the analysis is more about self-reflection. Do your own score and see how it compares, try to work out why, that sort of thing.
  12. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    Maybe early 14th century blunderbuss?
  13. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Good to see an $185 direct sale appear
  14. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    More to do with high quality images of the right subject matter, tight editing, good keywords. But having said that a 'good' low zoom ratio is only one factor linked to actual sales.
  15. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    209.5+14.14/7 =31.9 Wim - 4.9 - expert sniper John Richmond -14.14 Maria J - 16.9 Kat - 26.5 - better than average shooter Gvallee - 41.2 Funky - 55 Ian - 65 - scattershot Don't be shy people, please don't only post if your result is 'good'.