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  1. I have stopped uploading to the distributor I mentioned previously. I have resumed Alamy uploads and have been working like crazy to catch up with myself. We do have choice over who we supply. As I have mentioned before ( and I always get loads of red arrows) I am mystified by those who willingly support micro stock ( and therefore accept that business model) and then complain about similar fees at Alamy. Surely willingly helping sustain a business model based on low fees ........???
  2. Just stepping back from this for a moment. I am in all distribution and also NU but had none of mine included in this China deal. However, I did have some China sales at around the same time through another agency - well essentially they are just a distributor as they don't seem to sell direct at all - and I got 2 cents for each!! My point being that at least Alamy does offer opt outs even if the operation is not foolproof. Other agencies/distributors don't offer such options, and they don't enter into any dialogue either. I understand that fees of c 10 cent
  3. Thanks for the Friday update. I'm very much looking forward to finding out about these new potential sales opportunities. Just what is needed right now.
  4. I'm very sorry to learn that you have been unwell Betty and very pleased that you on the mend. Take care
  5. Q) You had transportation? A) Well we had one pair of shoes
  6. Fascinating collection of videos from USA photographer/videograper
  7. Spencer aged 12, Nelson 3, Percy 14, Beatrice 8, Frank 9 months - five children from the Armstrong family died of diphtheria between October and December 1891. Puts my grumbles into perspective!
  8. Grace, my suggestion would be to put your money into equipment so that you can do it yourself. If you get Alamy's permission you can submit via the Archive route and not have to go through QC. The minimum image size for Archive is just 5 M instead of the normal 17.
  9. Don't start with the same content as everyone else. Q) So, Alamy what policies do you have to ensure a constant supply of unique, exclusive content from your contributors? I'm thinking about the sort of material that not everyone else has. A) Well, we did cut their commission, and then we sell their images for a few cents a time because that's what other agencies do. True, their income drops, many then go off and try other agencies but even so we feel sure that they will always want to send us their best exclusive work. Does that answer your question? Q) Y
  10. This argument that ( to paraphrase) ' we have to do it because everybody else does it' makes no sense to me. I would have thought that Alamy needs to be offering clients something that nobody else is offering. Alamy advertises itself as offering unique content - when in fact only 7% of its images are exclusive. Why not build on that USP and make it more of a reality? EDIT 7% is getting towards 20 million unique exclusive images just for starters. Alamy does have a bunch of experienced, loyal contributors to start building that offering around - even if in the immediate term it is
  11. There has been quite a lot of discussion about this. Alamy posted a response only yesterday. Why not try this thread: Selling for pennies
  12. Please don't post any comments here. This thread has been reopened by Alamy and is a better place for comments. "Selling for pennies"
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