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  1. It's all about horses for courses. Find a strategy that works for you rather than work to a strategy that somebody told you works for them.
  2. Okay 'worry' was the wrong word. But I don't think that there is much to be curious about either. The ratio will clearly depend on the content and the tightness of editing. Maybe getting a lower 'per 1000' ratio would be a better strategy if it meant more thousands on sale to get sales from.
  3. I don't see the value of this ratio or why it would be used to judge 'performance'. Within one's own personal parameters, and not in comparison with anybody else, I've always thought that the more images of potentially saleable quality that you have on sale the more sales that you are likely to get.
  4. Okay thanks, probably best stop the discussion there if it doesn't involve Alamy. A user has an image of mine that they tell me was licensed through Reporters. I don't see the image listed in my overall sales spreadsheet from all agencies. So it either hasn't been reported, wasn't actually purchased, or I have made a cock up! Not betting on which horse is favourite.😊
  5. There are photos by different photographers and from different places on my website. This gallery is from Portugal and is about the production of port wine around 1960 : https://www.geographyphotos.com/portfolio/G0000t4RbosakXAU
  6. Is there a stock photo agency called Reporters in Belgium? Is it an Alamy distributor?
  7. What bothers me is that they seem to have made some half-hearted attempts to get payments at very low prices and then gone and disappeared. ie) lack of communication, something going on behind the scenes, is costing me money. So not FREE is it?? Quite COSTLY actually. Those infringers have been alerted, had time to change their websites and now it seems Copytrack has given up, Great!
  8. I could do with some help on a few of the locations and any other specific knowledge. 24 pictures. Some great shots here in the gallery on my homepage: https://www.geographyphotos.com Thanks for looking ( if you do!) Ian
  9. Is Copytrack still functioning? Are any of you getting responses or signs of activity from staff?
  10. Thanks. I'll have a closer look. Have you been able to transfer any unresolved cases anywhere else?
  11. I've been picking up vibes that all is not well. I feel fed up that some strong commercial cases have been messed up by them asking far too little and just not following up. I get the impression that 'managers' are just looking for easy low hanging fruit to pick up a few euros. One is a major financial company with over 1000 staff. Copytrack wouldn't take it on at the calculator price and suggested 80 euros. I was naive, new to it all, went along with what the 'experts' suggested. I did say at the outset that I thought it was way too little ask. Now can't really take that anywher
  12. I'm still seeing this: COPYTRACK is 100% risk free No win, no fee – we retain a commission only in the case of success
  13. I was wondering if they have stopped functioning. Nothing seems to be happening on my 'Cases'. No reply to messages about wanting to increase the number of images. I like their search engine but not impressed otherwise.
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