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  1. Sorry to hear of your painful problems Betty, made me feel squirmish just reading your post. Let's hope that things will get better quickly and you have a speedy recovery. Yesterday my wife had a minor op to remove a melanoma from her nose, involving a skin graft from elsewhere on her face. It's not a pretty sight at the moment, she warned me what to expect when I picked her up, but fortunately not too painful, local anaesthesia seemed to do the trick. She insisted on cooking the evening meal when we got home. Keep us up to date with progress Betty, we'll be rooting fo
  2. The last time I recall that we had deep snow combined with bright sunshine was in 2010, and I made some money out of that. One winter shot of Durham cathedral has almost made it into a cumulative $$$$. Winters recently have been miserable, wet and cold but not much too much snow. Freezing this evening, but no snow predicted. Like Marianne, I've been plumbing the depths of the past and processing some old images. Found a couple that were worth spending time on.
  3. I listened to a doctor on the BBC this morning who recommended continuing to wear a mask in crowded confined spaces, despite government dropping the requirement from Thursday next week. I suspect that a large number of people will stop wearing masks as quite a few ignored the law in any event. It amazed and annoyed me that many elderly bus travellers continued to go without despite the risk.
  4. Good to hear that you're not too badly affected by it ! I was talking to an acquaintance in his late 30s whose family had caught the bug over Xmas. He and their child had mild symptoms but his wife was ill and had to spend a couple of days in bed, despite full vaccination. You just don't know how you will react.
  5. Oh dear, Sad story ! We used to have Golden Orfe in our garden pond, but, over the years the, presumably, herons took them all. It's now inhabited by very cautious frogs and various plants, although a few newts would be very welcome. Our friend down the road has newts in his pond, but they appear unwilling to make the journey a few hundred yards further north.
  6. Well done Steve ! If you're looking for something to do to fill your time you might consider gardening. The largest single representative group on our allotment site comprises police officers, retired and, one only, working. You get to hear some fascinating tales sitting in the hut waiting for the rain to pass over....... The second largest group comprises retired teachers and lecturers, nothing like as interesting.
  7. BBC web news, relating to a Panorama program. Can't find the original now but I assume referring to this programme.
  8. I've just read that last year the the UK road traffic "fatality rate has risen by five per cent - the first significant rise in 40 years.", and this at a time when there has been a partial lockdown and fewer people travelling. Maybe it's due to reduced policing, or possibly it's becoming more socially acceptable to break the speed limits, use phones when driving, drive aggressively, or just become less considerate and careful. I confess that I've done a few driving related stupid things over the years and got away with it, but now, older and I hope, wiser, I'm a good
  9. Can you not make and freeze eggy items, e.g. quiche, flan, Spanish tortilla, Yorkshire puddings etc for later consumption during egg shortage ? 😉 I'm currently in dispute with the domestic authorities re choice of light fittings for extension. Me minimalist recessed, she spotlights. Might have to call upon heirs for arbitration. Raining at the moment 😟
  10. Great experience for you ! In contrast here the weather is miserable and cold. Meanwhile our garden is being devastated by the builders putting up an extension, fortunately they've not breached the house wall as yet, but worse to come. We got out for a walk yesterday, but, under grey skies, very few people about. Roll on the Spring. The most interesting thing to happen was the failure of one of the knobs controlling the hob on our gas cooker, I've attempted a repair, but also sourced a replacement. Life goes on....
  11. I have probably mentioned this in the past, but I had the opposite experience. I once delayed going to see the doctor with a persistent cold and was reprimanded for not coming sooner ! He specified antibiotics and the cold cleared up within a week. Could have led to pneumonia apparently.
  12. Still hen's teeth status in these parts. We've visited our local pharmacy on each of the last 4 days only to see a sign apologizing for the lack of kits. Becoming critical as my wife has to go into hospital for a minor procedure late next week and will need evidence of a negative test. She has been booked for a PCR test on Monday, followed by a period of isolation, and we're hoping that she will be able pick up some kits then.
  13. After years of prevarication and procrastination on my part I finally agreed to my wife's plan to have a small house extension built. The company doing the work we know and trust as we've used them in the past. So in the space of a week, we've seen a canopy removed, foundations dug, concrete poured and brickwork commenced. The builders get through prodigious quantities of tea and coffee, but they don't half graft. I've met with the building inspector and he's happy with the plans and work to date. I'm still not convinced that we actually need an extension, but the job is progressing well, any
  14. I uploaded this as a an archive/reportage image without any particular hope of a sale late November, but you never know. Low $$
  15. We're in the process of disposing of a sewing machine, one once owned by my wife's aunt who, like her mother, was a seamstress. It's a good machine, a New Home designed in the USA but made in Japan. It comes with a set of cams to do clever things with and is mounted in a standalone cabinet. It's one of two machines that we possess. My wife made our children's clothes when they were young and still uses her other machine today, last employed to make Covid face masks. However there is no-one in our family who wants the New Home, so it's up for sale at a fraction of the price of a camera. I susp
  16. New one on me, had to look it up ! Re flavours, plain yoghurt every time.
  17. While purging my stock of older images I came across some JPGs, dating back to the early 2000s, for which I couldn't find a raw file. Thinking back, those were the days of a Canon 20D and DVDs, and I still have the DVDs. Here's a shot, of the fire being dumped from a steam loco, dating back to 2006. I've a friend who volunteers for a local heritage railway, and, on seeing the photo, said that he had done that job on that very loco, and that it was very unpleasant ! Sadly the engine in question is out of action needing a heavy overhaul and there is no money available to carry out the work.
  18. The dentist we had been using went private, but we were able to get fixed up with a NHS alternative. Been using them for years now and no complaints. I would agree with MDM that NHS treatment is generally very good, I've had a few hospital visits in recent years and have been impressed with the level of care. Friendly staff, spotless and modern facilities. There is a problem with waiting lists at present, largely as a consequence of Covid, but it would be suicide for any political party to attempt to dismantle the NHS.
  19. I only backup digital raw files and JPGs and can't see the point in keeping TIFFs, other than film scans or, very occasionally, work in progress. I could do with purging some of my earlier digital repetitive rubbish, I've since learned to be much more ruthless. Current size of my photo backup is 1.17 TB containing 164,741 files, it takes a long while to back up.
  20. Nice one Michael, something most people should be able to contribute to. 1) Older couple walking the Cleveland Way in Yorkshire, England 2) People walking on windswept Northumberland beach on Christmas Day 2016 3) Cat walking on railway track, Tuscany, Italy
  21. I guess you're right, my wife occasionally asks to see a slide show of our previous jaunts, New England in autumn is her favourite. I wish I had taken more photos when I was much younger of mundane scenes that are no more, but a lack of cash and other priorities got in the way.
  22. I've installed and used FreeFileSync. It's free, or you can make a small donation and get some extra bells and whistles and maybe lose the ads. I chose the latter course. It provides many more options than SyncToy but at the basic level is easy to use and appears to work well. Do I really need to backup thousands of photos ? In truth probably not, those of family that might be of interest to offspring in the future, but stock photos ????
  23. This bad thing didn't happen to me, but might serve as a warning to others. A friend's car broke down on the motorway and had to be towed home. He later found out that the engine needed to be replaced as the timing belt had snapped and extensive damage ensued. Now this car has been maintained by the manufacturer's approved garages in accordance with their recommended service regime. His car is one of 3 at the same garage with the same fault. He is pursuing a claim against the manufacturers. The cost of a new engine for this top end motor is eye wateringly high.
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