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  1. Thanks for the feedback. @kay Yes it was print use. @Avpics and @losdemas It's likely that most of my other sales for that paper were online use only, other than a couple that were around mid $$. Interestingly, I got paid yesterday for another image from the same shoot, that was not submitted to Alamy. It was in the tabloid that you look at, in the bathroom. The fee I received was just over half of the gross amount of the larger sale from the Alamy tabloid. Meaning, to me at least, that you'll get roughly the same amount whether you sell directly or via Alamy.
  2. Two nice sales this morning, both for the same tabloid newspaper (the one that shines in the morning, unless it's raining and specifically in Ireland). I'm sure of that, because I saw them published weeks ago, before the sales dropped in. One was an inset image over the larger image (about half a page). The inset fee was just into $$$ and the larger one almost double that price. The sales came via Alamy Live News. I'm definitely not complaining, but a bit puzzled. I've had a lot of ALN sales with that newspaper, but have never had one above minimum or quite low $$. Just wondering if Alamy
  3. March was my best month in a few years! 7 sales for $590 gross.
  4. The factors that determine how sharp hand held moving object shots are not related to the sharpness of the lens. If it's sharp with static images, it's sharp for moving images. The way you hold the camera, the shutter speed you set, if the object is moving towards you or across the plane of focus and whether you are good at panning are the things that make moving objects shots sharp - or not.
  5. It shouldn't be necessary with a remote release attached, but essential if not. I would also lock the mirror up, if the light is low and the camera has that facility.
  6. Thank you. Maybe it was just a glitch for me too (in the right direction for a change). But, I have been more active with regards to uploading new images, and I've got a couple of shoots lined up with a 'St. Patrick's Day' theme, for the live news feed, over the next few days. So, I'm prepared to remain optimistic for another week or so.
  7. My reply is less to do with being harassed (and I've had my fair share in 40 years of professional photography), and more to do with your choice of subject to test lens sharpness. There are too many variables involved in getting a sharp image with moving objects, and I would not recommend shooting them to test image sharpness. Put the camera on a tripod (especially when testing a long lens), use remote release and shoot static objects at a reasonable distance at varying apertures. That should give you the best test results.
  8. Image sales are picking up recently, for me. Today, I had 2 sales and one of them was for a very nice mid-$$$ figure that is the highest sale I've had for one image, since I started contributing, over 15 years ago. This was for a RM (editorial) image and prior to that, my biggest sale was for a RF image, that grossed $100 less. It was for a 2-page spread, world English language use in a magazine with a print run of up to 5 million. I know that other members have had regular three and even four-figure sales, but for me, sales are usually mid-to-low 2 figures. So, maybe things are picking
  9. I emailed around the time that I made the original post. I still haven't had a response from alamy. But it's working now. It would be but what I've not had any power since 9 a.m. this morning, and it's going to be out till 5 p.m.
  10. It's back to normal for me again now. Thanks for all the responses.
  11. When I get to my dashboard on the main website's contributor page, can't move to other pages, such as Image Manager or Account Balance. I keep being sent to a log in page page called 'Alamy Intranet'. When I log in there, nothing happens. Does anyone know if the website is down at the moment? Thanks, Stephen
  12. So much for ABC's reliability then. https://www.abc.org.uk/product/7723-national-geographic-magazine
  13. Thanks Guys. The region is US. I was just wondering if it might be National Geographic, when I saw the region. I've hit the Big Time, after 40 years (hopefully!) UPDATE: NG figures are only around 97, 000 per issue as of June 2020.
  14. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 5 million Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 December 2020 End: 01 December 2025 Print run: unlimited; Duration: Life of Licensee’s Media for all editions; Reuse Included across all of Licensee’s Media
  15. Thanks Wim. I went there before I posted, to be honest. Couldn't find anything that was close to the 5M. I assume Alamy's categories are broader (up to 2M, up to 5M etc)?
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