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  1. Just tried another (single) image. Passed QC in approximately 20 seconds! So far, I've not had random wait times since I got 5 stars. I doubt there will be any greyed out stars. Previously, it was only ever 3 stars, then jumped to 5. Live News should go through immediately, otherwise, it would be yesterday's news.
  2. Then there are a lot of silly contributors; choosing to fail their own images, after upload.
  3. I'm doubting that " f5.6 is right on the edge before diffraction" with that lens. But, you may be right. However, unless you've seen it, then I wouldn't worry about it. Don't believe everything you read in the photo press. (I say that as Associate Editor of a fairly well-known UK camera magazine. )
  4. With a maximum aperture of f2.8? I doubt it. Anyway, it's working for me - the 30-odd sales and 100% QC passess (and a 5* QC rating) would testify to that.
  5. Just got an email from Alamy saying response times from QC will be slower over Christmas. I tried an upload (1 image) and checked it, 3 minutes later. It had passed. Go figure!
  6. Just got an email from Alamy saying response times from QC will be slower over Christmas. I tried an upload (1 image) and checked it, 3 minutes later. It had passed. Go figure!
  7. The mechanical shutter only has an advantage over the electronic shutter, if you want to use higher ISO settings - and I don't. Certainly not on a drone camera with a 1" sensor. Image quality has to be very carefully controlled for QC to pass a drone shot. I keep the ISO as low as possible (usually 100), and the shutter in the middle(ish), around f5.6. It's been argued that the DJI lenses have better image quality when set away from the extremities. I also avoid flying in low light, although I have done so, a few times (see below), but carefully. I also always shoot in Raw.
  8. I've now got 5 (Gold) stars and I passed QC today with 10 images in a few minutes - on a Sunday. Didn't use Reportage or News upload. Very puzzling. Merry Christmas!
  9. Thanks Phil; no I hadn't seen it, although I did look for something in the QC thread before posting. I had a browse and there's no real explanation of what's changed, and it doesn't explain why I passed in minutes on a Sunday (there hasn't ever been QC at the weekend before). I wonder if the 5* rating (which was only 3* max previously, is connected. Or maybe QC is on holiday!
  10. I uploaded 10 shots 30 minutes ago and they've just passed QC. Incredibly fast considering I didn't use reportage or Alamy News upload routes (I have reportage, not news). I've also noticed that my QC rating is now 5*, when (I think) the maximum was previously 3*. Those better informed are welcome to enlighten me. Happy Christmas!
  11. I've never had a drone shot fail - and I've sold about 30 so far, including about 20 shots after snowfalls. My DJI Phantom 4 Advanced has the same camera as the Mavic Pro and MP2, I think.
  12. Sorry, for the late contribution, and most of what I wanted to say has been covered. But, I did spend a few minutes viewing your images, so I'll impose my two-cents-worth, if that's OK? I'm inclined to say that the issue is more likely to be in the "other half" of your photography - the post processing, rather than the photographing. There is a very strong green bias to the images on the first 3 pages - and it may extend to images beyond those, but I didn't look any further. This gives the shots a very unappealing look - and I know it's been mentioned already. You might want to check the camera settings and your post-processing workflow to avoid it. As mentioned, you often have very deep shadows and some images are under-exposed. QC must have been on a break when those came in. Also, the outdoor images, often have dull grey skies, which is also very unappealing to the eye. Blue skies with white (not over exposed) clouds, may be corny, but a very good photographer told me (around 1978) "don't scorn the corn", in relation to selling images. It still holds true. Make sure your shots are as appealing as possible to the viewer - show them what you would want to see!
  13. Baker by name and baker by nature, it seems. Thanks for the tip!
  14. I've got a craving lately for chocolate coated peanuts, but Alamy won't even stretch to those with some editorial sales!
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