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  1. Alamy exclusive default.

    Thanks, I was also unable to find it. To be fair, why should we have to come to the forum to find out though? Another sentence in the original Tweet would have done it. Who's training these people in the fine art of communication?

    Absolutely agree with you, and I've also published low fees here - and got myself into bother with some forum regulars. The more we say about this nonsense, hopefully the more @Alamy might start to look after it's contributors, many of whom are seasoned professionals.
  3. Free Cameracraft Magazine Link Reinstated

    Thanks, I've revised the OP. Happy New Year!
  4. Free Cameracraft Magazine Link Reinstated

    Thanks for the comments Michael. I was going to PM you with additional feedback, but that doesn't seem to be possible. But, generally, certain Cameracraft personnel are currently unable to reinstate their involvement with the forum. But we hope everyone enjoys the link.
  5. License- what?

    There may still be one Italian person, using Italian as their first language still living in the UK. They'll be gone by 29th March 2019.
  6. Acceptable Drones for Alamy Pix

    I wonder what the morons at Gatwick are flying, and can we expect them to appear in the Live News thread?
  7. Yes. It's happened to everyone who has ever had a fail. The only exception is processing errors, where other images will pass (if not otherwise subject to QC fail issues).
  8. Free Cameracraft Magazine Link Reinstated

    Really? Well, we're obviously reading different threads. What exactly does being "brutally aware" have to do with a gesture of a free magazine? Chuck's post had nothing to do with the OP, so that makes it off-topic to begin with, and many posts have been red lined or reported for being that. I also had Christmas in mind, so I even find the use of the word "brutally" here inappropriate. You know what, next time I decide to do something nice, I'll do something sensible instead.
  9. Free Cameracraft Magazine Link Reinstated

    I suggest you've had one over the 8 Chuck. I was trying to do something altruistic and your post seems out of place, at the very least.
  10. Free Cameracraft Magazine Link Reinstated

    Thank you Bill, glad you enjoy it. @Bill Brooks
  11. In the meantime, put your feet up and be inspired by my link in the "let's talk about pix" thread.
  12. Christmas is coming! Seriously, you can't do night (or twilight) shoots without a tripod. A monopod isn't of any real use for long(er) exposures, as you'll definitely "wobble" after 1/15th of a second. Forget high ISO's. Low is the way to go. Low and long. On a tripod! There's too much competition in photography not to make your shots 110% perfect.
  13. Here we go again! Please don't reply after too many Martinis. Happy New Year! The new issue is available on subscription here:
  14. Blackpool Meet-Up

    I was teasing, you, too. My Irish Normandy Ancestry, which surfaced in Limerick about 1822 - nearly half past six - tells me that I'll never get rich, and certainly not with Alamy. My surname ('as gaeilge' - in Irish) is 'de Poer' which translates to...The Poor!
  15. Blackpool Meet-Up

    Are you sure he's Irish? And, are your certain he's a Colonel?