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  1. Exclusivity

    I would say yes because they could practically be the same image just the colouring changed. They are obviously both from the same shoot regardless.
  2. Exclusivity

    You can only be responsible for your own images, not everyone's. I would imagine some locations, i.e tower bridge will have thousands of similar images.
  3. Don't fall into the trap of thinking every image needs 50 keywords, this will hurt your rank in the long run.
  4. Exclusivity

    I would imagine the contract will include similars, and you may loose your account if you flout whatever the rules will be.
  5. Just got it myself as well.
  6. But would you be better off or feel better if Bobs Buns, who does supply Wests corner shop exclusively, got the same deal as yourself.
  7. Actually live news hasn't been mentioned at all by Alamy, AFAIK
  8. He did mention the other day that he had asked Alamy to remove his forum account but still wanted to be able to view the threads.
  9. Whatever happens now, I will work differently in the future. This is a wake up call. I am 95% exclusive with Alamy and that will remain the case if they go with 50% for exclusive. If not I will not upload anymore. I will however submit to other agencies regardless but that will be different work. I uploaded to another agency that gives 50% a year ago, went on holiday and forgot about them. They are better known for video and I uploaded 6 After effects animations and 4 images. I looked at my account yesterday for the first time in a year and found they have sold 2 x animations and 1 image. You can set your own price for images. While this is not earth shattering figures it does represent over a 25% sell rate and at prices well above my Alamy average. I feel the reason Alamy needs money is because they are failing in their responsibility, not only to us, but to themselves as well. There are so many things wrong, all been touched on here. Personal and presentation use abuse, reporting failure, refunds and ridiculously low prices are just the main gripes and all of which cost us and Alamy money. Before they come taking money away from contributors they should put their house in order for all our benefits first.
  10. I just wish they would get a move on and make an announcement so we can get on with uploading/finding elsewhere/getting our life back.
  11. That is beside the point really, the point being is you should be able to sell direct via your photoshelter account.
  12. This is not my understanding of James' e-mail. quote. 'a. Exclusive with Alamy (you can sell elsewhere direct but not via other stock agencies) for 50%'
  13. Make sure you do a screen grab as proof on the use.
  14. I just wish people would state their (presumably opposing position) and add to the debate rather than red arrow.
  15. I believe most, but not all, would be honest This of course would have to be contractual, flout the rules and maybe you would lose your account. While I would prefer things to stay as they are, I can see the logic in a higher rate for exclusivity. But Alamy will have to play their part as well. If you have exclusive images then you must ask for higher prices. cut out the abuse and nonsense refunds. Contributors will have to make their own decision as to what is best for their own interests. Be non-exclusive for 40% (with the potential to earn more per image by spreading them around) of be exclusive for 50% with the possible upside for maybe higher prices. Either way it is better to have a 50/40 split for exclusivity than 40 for all. At least the choice will be in our own hands.