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  1. My advice would be, don't do everything on a white background. While you have a dish ready to shoot do some on a more natural background to reach a larger audience.
  2. I don't wish to put a dampener on your enthusiasm but unless you have some other source of income you will find it very difficult to make a living from stock photography alone. You would need many tens of thousands of diverse images to be able to do that.
  3. I've had a job recreating this no results problem but finally figured it out. The problem stems from the blog posts. i.e meet the creators or the guide to buying stock photos. Go to one of those and the 'hamburger ' menu appears top right. Doing a search from there vie the magnifying glass produces no results. If you then click on 'Alamy' trying to get back to the home page you get a different home page and again the search produces no results.
  4. I have discovered what the problem is. If you click on the hamburger dropdown top right, use the magnifying glass to do a search. you get no results. click on the ' Alamy' home button, you get a different home page and the search returns no results.
  5. something strange is happening. Now got a different home page and search is working.
  6. Someone had better do something quick, doing a search on the home page produces no results.
  7. Don't know about that but I enjoyed the trip back to my teens.
  8. I used to love going out on nice days, different places, since retiring that is. Now it just feels like I am subsidising Alamy, so I rarely go out now unless for another reason.
  9. Only done one wedding, my stepdaughter. Bright sunny day, white wedding dress, not the easiest of subjects. But they were happy with the results. I have to say that I was so worried about mucking it up, I paid for a photographer as well. Now my Granddaughter has asked me to do hers this coming March but this will be a smaller affair and I feel more confident.
  10. The accounts were for the year ended Dec 31st 2020 so the commission cut would have hardly been factored in to the accounts Mark.
  11. I had noticed you haven't been around for a few days and was getting a little concerned knowing you had contracted covid again. I am sorry you had a bad time again the second time round, you must be very susceptible to the illness. Glad to hear you have recovered albeit not a 100%.
  12. The decline in income in 2020 almost exactly mirrors my own drop in gross sales.
  13. It is of course no longer possible even for someone with a port your size to make a living purely from stock.
  14. Same with me. Also had 2 submissions in a row go into QC. Normally only get the odd one, otherwise goes straight through have they suspended no QC for 5 star contributors.
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