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  1. I'm afraid I am a little more cynical than you Ian. I remember the promised benefits to contributors when we took a cut in commission to open the American office. I don't think that materialised for many contributors. Since the last commission cut I have seen relatively flat sales but at way lower prices. Last month my average gross sale was $8, the lowest ever. It still seems to me that far from using the added revenue for investment, Alamy are using it for higher dividends and to cut prices even further.
  2. Just got back to the UK in the early hours and am completely shocked by this tragic news. Please if you do this type of photography take care. No photograph is worth a life.
  3. 3 for $33, worst month since I rejoined in 2015. After a reasonable couple of months prices have once again nosedived. Totally not worth the time and effort.
  4. 8 sales, which is good for me. Also the last couple of months have seen the average sale price getting up to a more realistic average even though there have been a few low ones chucked in.
  5. I was, and had intended to stay exclusive to Alamy. However since the commission change I have been gradually working to become non exclusive. I am only uploading to one other (MS) agency but am having 5-8 sales a day with a far smaller port than on Alamy, albeit at smaller prices. I made this decision as the change was a wake up call for me as to the direction I believe Alamy is taking. Lets not forget this is not the first commission change , but the second since I have been a contributor. On top of that, although my sales were holding up, the sale prices were falling through the floor. It seemed to me at the time that Alamy was using the extra profit to cut prices even further. I intend to slowly move further away from exclusivity to maximise income from my images. Having said that, the last couple of months I have found sales increasing slightly here and prices improving to the degree that I will start uploading again.
  6. Although it says perfect for those categories, it doesn't preclude anyone. If it is within your price range, an enquiry would do no harm.
  7. The site does say the price includes the image cost, so presumably it is a genuine business and it does search the Alamy database. One good thing is that it cannot be novel use fees, as my images appear and I am not in that scheme. I think they buy the image licence as and when an order is placed.
  8. 2009 - $109 2010 - $88 2011 - $73 2012 - $52 2015 - $27 2016 - $30 2017 - $26 2018 - $27 2019 - $17 I had hoped that 2017-2018 saw the bottoming out of the market, but that was rather optimistic. It seems to me that Alamy are using the extra gained from the non exclusive sales to cut prices even further. Sadly it is no longer worth my time and effort to upload more images.
  9. Depends on your income from photography, you are allowed to earn up to £1000 pa without having to pay tax.
  10. This is just plain ridiculous, You may expect the odd licence at this price but not an average of 11 sales.
  11. Views, Sales and zooms all average. However the average price is now getting beyond the pale at just $12.73 gross. Now seriously considering if it is worthwhile staying exclusive to Alamy. As others have said before these are micro prices without the micro volume.
  12. It's tragic when someone in the prime of life passes away. The only consolation is that she at least is no longer suffering. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  13. Another earth shattering event, there are cars being towed away in Vladivostok, Russia. 😂
  14. This is probably true, but by cutting out the majority of their suppliers Alamy are now even less likely to have images within minutes.
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