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  1. I had only one of these sales thank goodness. I don't feel hard done by because of the fee. I feel hard done by because Alamy has overruled my choices, 1. have never been in nu scheme, 2. have opted out of all distributor sales.
  2. Can we be assured that any such deal in future will not include images or contributors that are not in the novel use scheme.
  3. That's probably true but according to Alamy these have been novel use sales, I have been opted out of novel use since day1, so that makes it a double WH-ALAMY.
  4. My last 4 sales. $1.15, $0.94, $5.42, $0.15. I am now teetering on the brink of calling it a day.
  5. Can you please tell me how one of my images were sold via this distributor when I have been opted out of ALL distributor sales for over 7 months?
  6. It shows as zero on your dashboard but if you look at the licence details it probably is a $0.15 sale.
  7. I opted out on the 15th May, over 7 months ago. Plenty of time to not be getting sales via distributers.
  8. I go as high as ISO6400 indoors. I use a technique of rapidly shooting 5-7 frames (must be handheld), importing as layers in photoshop, align layers and then reduce the opacity of each layer. So bottom layer 100%, next layer 75%, then 50% and so on depending on the amount of layers. Final image looks like 200-400 ISO.
  9. I am opted out of all distributer sales. Alamy seem to just ignore my wishes.
  10. 1 for me too $.15 for 8mp RF. So bad it actually shows up as zero on the dashboard An experimental 3D image that took a few hours to make. I'm very annoyed as I opted out of ALL distributer sales before the new contract was put in place.
  11. Another reasonable month for me @ 7 for $127 + $86 Dacs. Strange month in so far as the lower sales came early in the month and the better ( slightly ) came at the end. Normally it is the other way round. Worryingly only had 1 more zoom than sales. Lowest for a long long time.
  12. Got it, thanks. I always download this report at the end of the month. Never connected it with NET revenue report.
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