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  1. Surely you know by now Cal you are not allowed to have a different opinion to the herd. If you do you will be insulted and harangued on here.
  2. R.N.L.I Lifeboat. Lisbon skyline. Dungeness dawn
  3. Broken boat Broken bulldozer Broken tech
  4. 3 for 67, average dragged down by 2 sales which netted 1.98 each.
  5. I may be being stupid here but how was the contributor paid if the sale never cleared in the first place? If the company went into liquidation owing Alamy surely that means the image invoice was never paid, so why did they pay the contributor.
  6. I can't see any problem differentiating between account customers and pay on demand. I have said before, all that is required is a check box for PU or presentation sales saying 'I understand that I am buying an image file and refunds are not available'. I assume that account customers would not on the whole be buying PU licences.
  7. I have no objection to the PU licence as such, it's the refunds after someone has the full size image I object to.
  8. It's come to something when you get red arrows for reporting a sale.
  9. I just bought that mk 3 offer for my wife. I am very impressed with the quality of the images, so much so that I am thinking of buying one for myself. My question to more experienced RX users is the point you are making, is it worth paying so much extra for the later models?
  10. First I would like to commend everyone contributing to this thread for keeping it civil, I know the subject raises some passion in many photographers. From my own experience I cannot see my experiment with ms has had any effect on my Alamy sales. In the year I had images at SS the number of Alamy sales remained pretty much the same with just 5 less images sold, being that I am not creating much new content, I would regard this as much the same. What has changed is average sale price, from $25 the previous year to $20 the last year. I suppose that could be interpreted as the influen
  11. If you do this it would be interesting to compare shutterstocks May and June figures.
  12. Here's what I think will happen. Shutterstock will announce that they are dropping the reset in January in favour of a rolling 12 month level. Everyone will celebrate a major concession from shutterstock forgetting they will still only get 10c for the majority of sales. It won't make much difference to shutterstock as even the level 5 and 6 contributors are getting 10-17c for most sales. Unfortunately the inability of photographers to stick together and take determined action when something like this happens will only lead to it happening again some time in th
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