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  1. Why on earth would they want to censor 'chinese flag' surely all chinese know what their flag looks like!
  2. There is no point being in the NU scheme then complaining about the prices.
  3. Is it me or are there 3 parallel threads running at the same time here?
  4. I was once taking photos of a fishmonger who had a stall on a public street who remonstrated with me. When I pointed out that I was in a public place and had every right to take photos of whatever I liked, he said to me ' you do realise I have a knife in my hand'. Which was of course worrying but replied threats will still not stop me exercising my rights and pointed out his customers were witness to the threats he was making and just carried on.
  5. Presumably if all photographers got together and refused to photograph her in future she would complain for being ignored.
  6. I too uploaded a couple yesterday which cleared straight away, however as there has not been a server update they are not visible to customers.
  7. Since the commission drop I have also tried MS with just over a 1000 of my images. Two things I have found. 1. Totally different images sell there than here. I have sold images there multiple times that have never sold on Alamy after years. Only a handful have sold on both platforms. 2. My number of sales have not dropped here but the average price has, and continues to drop, this I don't think can be blamed on having the same images here and there, that would have happened anyhow, as others have also complained about falling prices. For the last 3 months I have netted more there than here with less than half the amount of images. I am not a fan of MS, I would much rather they didn't exist but in MY opinion stock as a worthwhile pursuit is coming to an end, I might as well gain as much from my images as I can.
  8. Sales are pretty poor with 3 in January and just 1 so far this month. well down on the same period last year. Zooms are pretty good with 26 in jan and 10 so far in feb.
  9. 'The quickest way to make money from your camera is to sell it', priceless.
  10. Let's bear in mind that the alleged misconduct were only allegations he was not found guilty of anything.
  11. I don't see them paying for the collection and then cutting a lot out, they may however be stricter in future.
  12. I think it is positive. I was already preparing to give up on Alamy this year due to the continuing falling prices, accelerating during 2019. I have had a look at Pa's editorial offering, what exists outside of sport, celebrity and news leaves a lot to be desired so to my mind there could be an opportunity for increased sales and provided that is not accompanied by falling prices that is a positive. Lets face it Alamy has been thrashing around like a fish out of water for a couple of years, a positive direction for a change would be very welcome.
  13. I am now glad I went non exclusive when the commission changed.
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