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  1. Alamy measures

    I find all these conspiracy theories amazing.It's not the first time it has happened and no doubt it won't be the last.

    2 of my 3 sales this month are the same. The other is an obviously fraudulent PU sale. Just about had my fill with Alamy's pricing policy.
  3. How was your January?

    2652 views - above average 17 zooms - about average 3 sales for $24.97 below average and lowest ever average fee. Completely unsustainable prices, no longer even worth thinking about spending time uploading more images at these rates.
  4. How was your 2018 (and December!)

    December: 6 sales for $86, while the sales are slightly above average, the average price continues to fall to a degree if this was the yearly average it would no longer be worthwhile continuing to upload. 2018: Sales and revenue up 26% but images up 75%. Best year in regard to amount of sales but still way behind by best year in revenue (2011).
  5. very quiet

    Thought I was heading for my first blank month for nearly 3 years, then 4 tiddlers dropped in this morning.
  6. Merry Christmas

    I am not sure if I can get on again before Christmas, so I will take this opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you one and all. Hope you have all had a good year and wish you a better one still in 2019.
  7. Personal Use

    I really cannot see the point in restricting PU when the other PU (presentation use) is still available. Contributors that have done so are reporting an upsurge in this use. we need to be able to opt out of both to have any effect.
  8. You managed to encompass everyone in one post.
  9. I think he was just jumping on the Brexit bandwagon, they have an office in Germany which will circumvent any possible supply issues which may, or may not happen upon the UK leaving the EU. The rest of the world will be completely unaffected.
  10. This abuse of the system is getting out of hand. If organisations like the UN, who don't have to worry too much about budget, are playing the system, then the system is broke. Come on Alamy pull your finger out and address the situation.
  11. this is going way off topic. Please in you want to discuss brexit start another thread.
  12. I am one of the retired. I also think Alamy will have to treat live news as a special case and give the 50% If the image is used from the feed, maybe for 7 days. Once the image becomes another stock image it will be subject to the same rules as any other image. I don't feel 'I'm all right Jack' I would have much rather seen the status quo. I also think it's better that some of us will be affected rather than all. Alamy also have to step up and do something about the abuses that are taking place and maybe make up some of the losses that the non-exclusives will suffer. As for myself I will submit to other agencies but with different work to maintain my exclusive status at Alamy.
  13. Exclusivity

    I would say yes because they could practically be the same image just the colouring changed. They are obviously both from the same shoot regardless.
  14. Exclusivity

    You can only be responsible for your own images, not everyone's. I would imagine some locations, i.e tower bridge will have thousands of similar images.
  15. Don't fall into the trap of thinking every image needs 50 keywords, this will hurt your rank in the long run.