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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/05/20/uk-lockdown-heatwave-pictures-hot-weather-london-scotland/dennis-pug-back-garden-early-morning-making-sunshine-gets-hot/ Simon Maycock / Alamy live news
  2. Unfortunately I find that volume has not increased as prices haven fallen on Alamy ( allowing for increased volume of images). As far as MS sites go, it's true that most sales are small but I had a $80 net sale from one on Monday. A higher net sale than I have received from Alamy since 2011.
  3. Two small sales so far and zooms are worst I've known. 3 today still only brings the total for the month so far to 4.
  4. 7 for $255, best month for a while. Zooms pretty poor but 5 on the last day improved things.
  5. I have never had the opportunity to post in this thread before but my first 3 figure sale for 3 years dropped in this morning.
  6. Nothing new about that. When I was a kid I always had holes in the knees of my trousers. 😃
  7. only 1 small sale so far, zooms at 4 are the worse since 2009 when I had far fewer images. This after having 3 record months for zooms. Sales at the other place are normal.
  8. You're preaching to the converted Ian. I went non exclusive at the last commission cut and wish I had done it earlier.
  9. There is no extra money for Alamy to make to regard 'exclusive' in the normal sense of the word.
  10. Agreed, but there is nothing in the contract that says you have to be exclusive. They are in fact saying you cannot be exclusive with some images. They already seem to be moving the goal posts, how long before statues are added. Anything that is created by humans can be considered art. This is just another way to take money from contributors. This is not the Alamy of 10 years ago, nor 5 years for that matter. There is nothing to be gained for loyalty here anymore.
  11. No I am not misunderstanding. If Alamy regard an image as not being exclusive for commission purposes, what is the point of having it only on Alamy.
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