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  1. Hi Paulette, Just got mine today, how about you? This year a bit lower than last year. I'm afraid I don't fully understand how this DACS claim works since I'm not from Europe. But do Worldwide sales also count in UK license? Thanks
  2. 6 days remaining to the end of Oct, and I'm still waiting. Have you guys received yet?
  3. We're on the same boat. I also received it on Oct 11th in 2017 n Oct 17th in 2018, but I think 2019 seems bit late. According to this page: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/most-frequently-asked-questions/ "Q. When will you pay me for my DACS claim? A. We usually receive the funds from DACS at the end of September, and this will be added to your contributor account before the end of October. If your cleared balance is over $50, we’ll pay you in the November pay run." There're still days ahead. *crossing fingers*
  4. The commission share problem has been resolved, so we need to resolve another recurring problem. Just tell, Alamy needs to start seriously fix their credit control system. Clear the long wait balance by paying our previous sales. Months, even to year is not acceptable and not worth for the sales we get. The bigger amounts of Alamy uncleared balance is not just as good as pennies in microstock. I hope Alamy will not abandon our trust that we build until now. Thanks
  5. So I need to head up this thread again. It looks like (no, it's absolutely) a major problem for every photographers here. We, the loyal contributors put believe in Alamy to take care our photos sale. I personally do like Alamy more than those famous microstocks out there. So I don't have any big doubts to put 95% of my photos in here. We do very happy when there is/are sale(s) popped out on our dashboard. About the sale, it's still not like you all. Mine still very few but I'm happy because it's so worth the long hours keywording and uploading. In 2018, I got more sales than years ago. Of course I saw bright prospect if I stay with Alamy for long term investment. But the prob is... the wait for clear balance like forever. I do remember some times ago when I found one of my sold image was already shown in a web article. The balance was still unclear, so I tried to contact the writer just to make sure he/she made transaction with Alamy. You know what... maybe there's insider reported what I did, then Alamy emailed me about my contract breach. Well... okay.. I admitted that was my fault and would never do that again in the future. But I did it because my money is still in void without any details. And I found out they said it takes 3 months to clear the balance. Okay, I will wait.. That's yesterday story. Now, it happened again, and it already passed 3 months! I read about your same conditions. Some of you still unclear for more than 5 months, even year. How come this can be? It doesn't mean it's acceptable at all. As a big company, I believe Alamy is fair and will professionally handle this kind of recurring problems in no time soon. Sorry, English is not my main language. Thanks
  6. Hello dedicated photographers! This topic may have been questioned before long ago. But I need clearer answers based on your own experience, not theoretical one. Is it right RF photos are tend to get more sales than RM these days? Because I saw usual buyers are often from repeater companies, like The Sun, BBC, Guardian, and other media from British and Europe. This makes me assume ordinary buyers from another countries are prefer to buy RF than RM. What do you think? Thanks
  7. Asking here... Is it right RF photos are tend to get more sales than RM these days? Because I saw usual buyers are often from the same regular companies, like The Sun, BBC, and other media from British and Europe. This makes me assume ordinary buyers from another countries are prefer to buy RF than RM. What do u think?
  8. Here's below mine. I'm in travel photography, but not those mainstream tourist destinations. Yes, I traveled and captured pictures of antimainstream travel places. Portfolio will always update as long I can travel. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/georgemartinus Anyway, happy to see this new feature update from Alamy. So great! I know this is new and still developing for better one, so here are my suggestions for better both contributor and buyer experience: - Enable the "select all" images in creating Album section. - Don't know the others, but my header still not appear after saving it. I already try 2 different browsers. - Enable moving the Album tab: slide to left or right. Thanks Alamy for this beautiful feature!
  9. I saw most of contributors here really did a great job through out years by uploading dozens - tons photos until now. Also have heard stock photo is a 'game of number' thing. Sure, I can't talk much even brag since my gallery is still tiny compare to you all. I just reached 1000 images recently. Got around 20+ sales since 2014 joined, not so many and not so frequent sales. But just 1 thing makes me confuse when I look at your all sales in this thread.... I saw most of you all here could get $300++ for just selling around 10 images. But me so far only could earn few bucks: can be just lower than $10 per image sold. Of course I'm happy if there is a sale in my dashboard, which means there's someone out there who use my images for their needs. But the sell price is too low if based on the price calculator. Distributor sale bulk discount price is just like selling nuts at curbside (my country). So I curious, what type of image license of yours sell the most, RF or RM? What kind of industry often buy image in high price at Alamy? Thanks so much!
  10. Halo red finger! Slamat datang di Alamy! Perkenalkan, saya George dari Jakarta. Jarang-jarang bisa liat orang Indo di mari. Since you have joined here, why don't you upload your photos?
  11. Hi all! I want to ask a question, a bit out of topic obviously. But this thing really makes me confuse recently. It's about fill the "Date Taken". Since Alamy upgrade its photo manager, I got a difficult time to fill the date. The old one put us to fill the date manually. So it simply made me to write the month/year only. How about now? I try severally to delete the Add date, leave it blank. But somehow it generates the exact day, month, and year. Cannot fill the month/year only So how to write like the old one? I look forward for your reply, guys! Thanks
  12. Hello Kadek! Selamat datang di Alamy! I'm from Bekasi, but almost go and back of our capital city of Jakarta. Yes do, you should increase your portfolio and do some jobs of keywording. It's great to meet Indonesian photographers in Alamy. Hope for the best for you. --------------------------------- Care to see my portfolio? Just click the number of images below the profile pic.
  13. +$500 = magazine cover 2 months ($600) and aquarium display 1 month ($540) +$200 = 2 x magazine inside ($300 each) and a shop/restaurant display +$100 = calendars, various books and other editorial plus a royalty free image I've started this year with two >$200 sales as well, and fingers crossed they continue! Wow, thanks cbimages! I see your portfolio is special and segmented pictures. So I'm not surprised with the sales anyway. Hope you get more, thanks for sharing. ----------------------------- Hey, I just browsed some of your pics and found out you have some pics in Bali. So that makes... are from Indonesia, or at least are you Indonesian?
  14. Hello cbimages and others, Since I'm new here I want to ask about the price sales. I joined Alamy since about 2 years ago, and I only got few sales which I can count them on fingers. The prices were also so low that I couldn't brag about. *lol, kidding* So I'm a bit surprised when I see your earning sales. $100 - >$500 for just 1 sale of picture? If you don't mind, I'd like to know the details of what the buyer usage of your picture that you can got such great price for only a single sell. Giant billboard? TV commercial? or others? Thanks a lot!
  15. Thanks for spotting my image there, I really appreciate it. Do you have that print magazine with you Anyway, would you mind to spare your time to capture the page that shown my image, then send to me, please? I'm asking for your help, because I'm not from Europe. I need the clear image as a proof there was a sale for me. If it is true, so this will be the second time I find out my images were sold without any sales report from Alamy. Thanks, S Shep
  16. Hi, I'm newbie here.. and I've problem about my extra long waiting for my 3 batches. August 1st, 10th, and 15th... I've waited long enough days and no latest news about them. For info: I have 8 batches PASSED and 4 FAILED Does it mean my account being frozen? Thanks, pals!
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