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  1. For a few years I've used the Alamy Sizer Checker program by David Anderson. An extremely useful program for checking image sizes and colour profile prior to uploading a batch. It used to check for updates as it opened but now reports an error at this stage. Fortunately, it still works as a program. Does anyone know if David is still making this program available? John
  2. Thanks Sultanpepa. My M6 is in pristine condition and has now sold bringing in more money than my well used M6 and M3 would. My newer M3 is used by my wife. Both the M3 and M6 cameras give superb results. Now Sold
  3. Not sure if this is allowed - apologies Alamy if not allowed. Now Sold My second Sony RX100 M6 which is practically as new in for sale on Ebay at over £300 below my purchased price. SONY M6 It's a great camera but I have not used the extra reach of the zoom so will continue with my other RX100 M6 and M3 cameras. Nearly every image in my Alamy port was taken on Sony RX100 cameras. John
  4. All of my images on Alamy are exclusive and I'm more than happy for them to chase any infringements. I've found a number of infringements of my images over the years but I feel that Alamy is far better armed than me in chasing them up. It's in both Alamy and my interest.
  5. Just one image short of my 2019 total. Revenue on a par.
  6. Recently, I've noticed a sudden increase in Presentation Sales. It actually represents 63% of my sales and there are variations in the price. Previously, I've only had the occasional Presentation Sale. I've not changed any of my settings. Any thoughts on why this might be?
  7. Good morning to you Edo (I had to look Bon dia, tots up 😀 ) Enjoyed your blog as always. Like Allan, I thought you would feel settled in Liverpool. It seemed to fit all your needs. It would have been so much better, if this bloody virus hadn't arrived. Liverpool is such a vibrant place in normal times. I doubt there's anywhere in the World that's perfect at the moment. I live in the lovely city of Canterbury but it's changed beyond recognition. We have a population of around 50,000 residents and over 50,000 students. It's estimated 30,000 freshers arrived 2 weeks ago. One
  8. Interesting observation. Usually by month end there are around 15 pages in the 'Have you found any Alamy photos' thread. We're near month end and I see we're only at 8 pages. I realise that it can vary due to images being inserted but I'm sure this is the lowest I've seen in a very long time. As mentioned in another thread, my sales are minimal so far this month too. What does it mean? "We're all Doomed, Captain Mainwaring". 😂
  9. Just had an unexpected QC fail. I check every image before uploading so was surprised to see the fail. The reason was noise and I just don't have noise (usually) in my images. I checked the image in question and it looked sharp and no apparent noise so what was going on? Then I spotted it. Against the clear sky, under a tree on the extreme right were loads of black spots and blurs. Probably a wasp nest. Top marks to the QC person for spotting that one. I have 5 star rating so my images usually go through immediately. I'm guessing this was a QC spot [sic] check or perhaps t
  10. Might be a staff shortage at Alamy etc. 15 sales last month but only 2 so far this month. Perhaps there will be a massive surge on Monday
  11. As others have already said Edo - another enjoyable blog. I don't possess slippers but I do wear heavy duty walking socks as a substitute. Just enough to take the chill off but not enough to protect against escapee drawing pins etc!. I am fortunate to have most of my treasured possessions stored in my flat. As always, they are probably only of value to me and will most likely be dumped when I pop my clogs. The only thing I have done is write my memoir (childhood to current) and have shared copies amongst my children. Not of great interest to them at the moment but
  12. Thanks for your replies. Looks like payment could/might be due soon. Fingers crossed.
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