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  1. Would suggest RX100 M3 as a starting point in this range. Excellent lens. 95% + of my 5000+ images were taken on a Sony RX100 M3 and more recently RX100 M6. Check out my portfolio. Not one QC failure and sales every month.
  2. I always include Worldwide use when making my claim as this must include UK. Not sure if this makes a difference but I received the email yesterday.
  3. I've just checked and if I launch PS from the update box I get Adobe Photoshop Version: 20.0.4 20190227.r.76 2019/02/27: 1205725 x64 If I launch from the PS icon in the Taskbar I get Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.8 20190226.r.442 2019/02/26: 1205701 x64 I can only see one version of the program in the software list. Very confusing 😕
  4. Many thanks for confirmations Wim and MDM. I've just checked mine again and it has changed since I posed the question. It now shows Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.8 20190226.r.442 2019/02/26: 1205701 x64 John
  5. I am on a monthly premium for Photoshop 2018 CC and it is Version . 20.0.4 and I have auto updates turned on. Is this the latest version? I was sure I had read about a 2019 version?
  6. There are acres of land prepared like this in Thanet. They grow lettuce/leaf crops mainly. It started a couple of years back with just one small area and now it look like big business. Type 'lettuce crops commercial' into Google Image Search to see some examples/ Hope this helps.
  7. I am 100% Alamy exclusive. So far this year I have doubled my sales against same period last year and at acceptable amounts so quite happy.
  8. Timelapse is extremely easy with the DJI Osmo Pocket and the results are superb. It even has programmable motionlapse. Search YouTube for sample videos.
  9. I always fill in as much accurate detail as possible in 'Optional'. I don't fancy going back over thousands of images if 'Optional' becomes more relevant in the future.
  10. Has anyone submitted a panorama from this amazing little camera. On paper it shouldn't come up to Alamy QC standards but I've seen panoramas at 100% and they look very good to me.
  11. Thanks to everyone who contibute to this thread for the time and effort put into reporting all these 'found' images. Much appreciated.
  12. The last time I ended up in the sin bin, I had time to spend with my family. They seem like nice people
  13. Thanks again Steve (Sshep) for the time and effort you put into reporting all these found images. Much appreciated.
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