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  1. A belated Happy Birthday from me too. A great way to celebrate your birthday in your new home and in a fantastic city. 😊 John
  2. I've been on page 1 about 5 rows down for some time now. I do get sales every month so I guess I'm doing something right? Out of interest though, I very rarely have an image found in the monthly Have you found any Alamy Image threads.
  3. Mine works out at 420. Is that good or bad? John
  4. I've also received a small 'Other Income' payment. I'm opted out of Alamy collecting my DACS - could this be TV use as I have had a few TV sales?
  5. I've recently looked at my B&W prints from the 80s. I think the heavyweight paper I used was called Gallery ? I would have real problems trying to re-create that feel with today's printers and paper.
  6. I must get up early enough one day and watch one set up. The ones that appear in Canterbury only ever seem to be finishing off a paw like the guy in your photo. You can pass by an hour later and they'll still be working on that same paw. 😕 That waiter guy in your other picture must struggle to get onto his steel frame with that pose! Two great photos.
  7. +1 for pricing by image pixel size. This is how another agency prices but doesn't appear to distinguish for Personal Use. Prices seem a bit steep but they are pricing based on size. PURCHASE A LICENCE All Royalty-Free licences include global use rights, comprehensive protection, and simple pricing with volume discounts available Extra small £50.00 Small £150.00 Medium £275.00 Large 5212 x 3468 px (44.13 x 29.36 cm) 300 dpi 18.1 MP £375.00 GBP GET THIS IMAGE FOR £340 ADD TO BASKET
  8. Out of interest, have any of you actually seen one of these sand dog 'sculptors' start from scratch? I've been told they carry a silicon dog moulding that has sand stuck all over it and just a small quantity of sand which they fart about with all day to make it look like they are 'sculpting'.
  9. In my experience, all my transformed images save ok as jpegs as long as I flatten the image first. More than one layer open and it saves as a PSD file. Flattening the image (if needed) before 'Save' is part of my workflow John
  10. Spot on Mark. If you don't flatten the image to a single layer it saves as PSD. John
  11. I can just imagine what these heavily tattoo'd bodies will look like when the 'wearers' are in their 80s and 90s ...... 😝
  12. Hi Liverpix, Keep in mind that you have raised your profile with Alamy now. Make sure every one of your future submissions is perfect - scrutinised at 100%. Good luck John
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