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  1. Has this been accidentally posted to the wrong place. I have no idea what this is about. I'm sorry to learn that you are so unhappy Betty šŸ˜Ŗ
  2. Great contributions to image finds lately. A big thank you to all of you who contribute. Always my first port of call on the forum - I live in hope John
  3. I would have warmed that black circular cover up before attempting to pull it off like happened in the video. However, the video did show what a masterpiece of electronic design is inside the little RX100s. If they had moulded a much needed grip in the case it would have given a bit more room for some electronic wizardry.
  4. Could it be that Alamy averages out the rate over the month.
  5. A bit late to this thread - not sure how I missed it. I usually charge via a third party charger but occasionally in-camera. Batteries have not been an issue for me with my RX100's. One thing I have noticed is when the fully charged light comes on, if I take the battery out and put it straight back in, it continues to charge for a while longer. John
  6. Hi Joern You don't say when last year you had the sales. If it was, say November/December, then that's not a excessive time to wait for payment. However, if it was much earlier in the year then obviously it needs following up. I've been with Alamy since 2010 and I find them 100% trustworthy. John
  7. Strange how you lose track when you're retired. I had no idea it was a leap year! Good chance of moving over the payment threshold
  8. All is not lost. Some small sales have come through. Zooms are up by two My CTR is at .86 Cleared Sales are moving up slowly but still need another $4 to clear the payment threshold. (I'm usually way above that) And there's still a day to go!
  9. Thank you Losdemas. that was the information I was after. Was handy for checking if you had moved up a band. I can't find that info on the DACS pages now to see what the current banding is for books and magazines. John
  10. Does anyone know what the increment levels are for Books and Magazines are for moving up in payments?
  11. Update: Alamy has saved me just before I landed on the rocks - 4 sales have come in šŸ™‚. Zooms have stopped dropping but still still sitting at a low 20. John
  12. 10-Star club sounds great - do you have insider knowledge Edo? I do hope garden ants are not a protected species with the hundreds I've accidentally crushed at the allotment. šŸ˜® The good news is that money appeared in my 'Cleared Funds' this morning - movement at last!! The bad news - it was only $6
  13. Uploaded images last night. Cleared immediately as I'm a member of the 5 Star Club
  14. My pet ant just died of old age Edo. He lived a good life. I had him since he was a mere egg. I made him a tiny kennel but he preferred to sleep on my pillow. I took him to ant training classes and we used to do long walks together. I noticed that he was starting to tire after the first 8 miles so I had to pick him up and carry him. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.
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