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  1. I followed Ed's Mulberry Street Blog and found it well written and very interesting. I recommend following Ed's new blog if he does go ahead with it. Go for it Edo
  2. I've always kept myself ahead of the technology boom. I taught myself 'BASIC' programming in the early 80s and because my knowledge was well ahead of the average, I opened a computer shop in Canterbury. I did a 12 month stint on local radio answering listener's computer queries etc. How things change! It's so easy to fall behind. Now I struggle to use my mobile phone and have to look on the internet to answer any tech queries I might have. As for 'standards' dropping in the UK. It's not just the young - it's right across the age ranges. Loud, rude and obese seems to be the new' standard' as one walks the high street. Oh! - you've started something now Edo 😁
  3. Apologies if already covered. Does the Alamy Exclusivity Policy prevent an image also being used on a site where the only use is a canvas print? ie. Photo4Me etc John
  4. I've just trawled through mine and 'non-exclusived' a few which had artwork as the main subject. Fortunately I had added artwork, picture, sculpture, street art etc. as keywords so finding them was easier. I originally changed all my images to exclusive as they are only on Alamy. I hadn't allowed for the works of art etc.
  5. I have some atmospheric images that I feel would be ideal for book covers ie. Murder Mystery etc. Should I add certain keywords to attract a publisher's attention? Book Cover perhaps? Any suggestions?
  6. Only one advertising sale for me too. Used in China for gardening products as far as I recall. $800+
  7. Looks close on perfect to me - you'll never get total perfection. Liverpool is without doubt my favourite city.
  8. BitDefender is my anti-virus software and it was that which was stopping my uploads. As soon as I added the Alamy URL to the BitDefender exceptions, no more upload problems. I believe that most anti-virus software has the ability to add 'exceptions'.
  9. With regard to upload problems, I had this recently. Whenever I tried to upload a file, the progress bar would shoot to the and and then drop back to 35%. There it would stay. It turned out to be the latest update of BitDefender being over cautious. It was the on-line threat protection section. I just had to add the various URL's of the places I was uploading to as 'exceptions'. Immediately solved the problem. John
  10. A belated Happy Birthday from me too. A great way to celebrate your birthday in your new home and in a fantastic city. 😊 John
  11. I've been on page 1 about 5 rows down for some time now. I do get sales every month so I guess I'm doing something right? Out of interest though, I very rarely have an image found in the monthly Have you found any Alamy Image threads.
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