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  1. Newbie needs help

    I find this a bit confusing. You mention that you can upload images from other cameras but you are showing zero images. Where are the images that you uploaded from these other cameras?
  2. What price range for TV use?

    Mid $$ for me too - Alamy Sales.
  3. An impressive set of images Sheila.
  4. Sorry Sharon, Can't help you with this one as all my many uploads over the years have gone smoothly. Hope you get it sorted. John
  5. Commission Change announced in email

    Out of interest and to help me understand. How would this fare under the third max rule - probably between a third and a half of the image area ?
  6. Unticking the Editorial Only box in RM

    Just my thoughts only but I think with your suggested wording you might just as well tick the Editorial Only box. Most of mine are editorial only but I have had a few sales where Alamy has contacted my to ask if I would lift the restriction. On checking the images they would have all been ok without the editorial only box ticked. I plan to work through my folio and change restrictions where I think acceptable. John
  7. How to set exclusive image for Alamy

    Are you saying we won't be able to change the 'exclusive' option if we don;t like the new contract?
  8. If there has been a last day of the month surge - it missed me this time
  9. This is Amazing!

    So - come on you experts on here - how is it done?
  10. very quiet

    I am level pegging with the number of Alamy images licensed last year. So just one more sale on the 31st and I will still have an increasing sales graph. Revenue similar too. So fingers crossed. John
  11. I'd like to say I took this on my Sony RX100 M6 - but I didn't. Look at the quality - Zoom in as far as you like - It's still in focus.
  12. very quiet

    When I look along the racks of monthly magazines and then add an unknown number of in-house magazines plus newspapers, the total number of images required per month is staggering. Add to this, books and TV. I wonder what percentage of these images are licensed by Alamy? I don't think the market is drying up - perhaps just spread out among more agencies perhaps.
  13. Probably best to ask but I never have. However, I mark them as editorial only and no releases. I've managed some shots from the public footpath shooting through the door or window.
  14. Sony RX100

    I used a Richard Franiec grip for my Mk1 RX100 but have since used the official Sony one on my Mk 3 and Mk6 models.
  15. Sony RX100

    Not my type of photography for stock but I would have to select other settings if I did go down that line.