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  1. Hi Edo One of my Beatles Statue pics has been used as the front cover on the Liverpool University Brochure without problem. Marked Editorial Only. The statue is shown in context with the Liver Building towering above them. Good payout too 🙂 John
  2. Hi MDM Edo is checking into one tomorrow I believe. Good value. John
  3. Shame there's no rooms at the Days Inn. It does get packed if there's an event on as it's near the Arena and conference centres. I always stay there but book in advance. There's a Travelodge just round the corner in The Strand - also perfectly placed for everything Liverpool. I'm sure it will have Wi-Fi. John
  4. Hi Edo I visit Liverpool at least once each year. I never tire of it or the people. So much history and despite severe blitz and council loss of buildings there's still plenty of great architecture. The two cathedrals are so different but equally amazing. You must visit the Philharmonic Dining Rooms pub frequented by many including the Beatles. Easiest is to buy a one day open top bus. You can hop on and off all day. I've sold a number of my Liverpool pics including the front cover of the Liverpool University Brochure. I always stay at the Days Inn hotel - perfect location, affordable and close to everything. You could never be bored in Liverpool. John
  5. Why is it that most times that I get a 'big' sale it's via a distributor? Always a downer when you see a 'big' sale and then see in the sales report it's a distributor sale with big minuses as commisions. Most of my Alamy direct sales are for smaller amounts. 😕 . Any ideas why this is? John
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions. 🙂 I'd been using more or less the same settings in ACR v. as I used successfully for ACR in Elements ACR v9.0. Following suggestions above I've reset ACR v. to Default and have started again. Results are very much improved and no longer have the over-processed look. John
  7. A bit of a strange one. I've been a bit disappointed that my IQ results with the Sony RX100 M6 weren't as good as those from my old Sony RX100 M3. I put it down to the different lens. Today I was editing files from my old Sony RX100 M3 using the current Adobe RAW editor (v. and noticed they also had what I can only describe as a muddy (over processed) look. I put the same Sony RX100 M3 image through my old Elements RAW (v.9.0) program and the same image seems much cleaner to me. Have any of you experienced or read about this problem?
  8. Hi Allan Have you looked into Brigg - nice little town and last time I looked prices were reasonable. John
  9. Looks like there's a regular bus service from Oranmore town centre to Galway and a rail station. Might be an answer?
  10. Would suggest RX100 M3 as a starting point in this range. Excellent lens. 95% + of my 5000+ images were taken on a Sony RX100 M3 and more recently RX100 M6. Check out my portfolio. Not one QC failure and sales every month.
  11. I always include Worldwide use when making my claim as this must include UK. Not sure if this makes a difference but I received the email yesterday.
  12. I've just checked and if I launch PS from the update box I get Adobe Photoshop Version: 20.0.4 20190227.r.76 2019/02/27: 1205725 x64 If I launch from the PS icon in the Taskbar I get Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.8 20190226.r.442 2019/02/26: 1205701 x64 I can only see one version of the program in the software list. Very confusing 😕
  13. Many thanks for confirmations Wim and MDM. I've just checked mine again and it has changed since I posed the question. It now shows Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.8 20190226.r.442 2019/02/26: 1205701 x64 John
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