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  1. I'm probably being naive here. Most, if not all, of my high-value sales have been distributor sales leaving me with a very low return. My question is this. If distributors can command these high-value sales on a regular basis, why can't Alamy?
  2. Thanks Sherga. That looks good but I'm in UK - postage likely to add too much to the price.
  3. I've now tried all the suggestions with no luck so it looks like it's either fork out £400+ for a repair or buy another on Ebay. Such a shame as the camera is in 'as new' condition. Although I sell on average 12 images a month, the return per image is so low these days. I now have to consider if it's worth the outlay. Thanks again for all your suggestions.
  4. WARNING! I've stripped down my RX100 as per the instructions on Spacecadet's link. It hasn't solved the problem on my camera but I did get quite a jolt from it. There must be a high voltage generated by the circuit and stored in a capacitor. While removing the back plate one of my fingers made contact with the circuit on the base. Ouch! Nearly dropped the camera. I'll persevere a bit longer but It looks like the fault on my camera is not the same as the one in the link. Not sure it's worth paying out £400+ for the repair with the low returns on Alamy. I do think that £400+ for repairs is far too steep, considering I only paid £250 on Ebay a few years back. £200 and I wouldn't have thought twice. Perhaps time to cut my losses and just be content with any future returns from the 6000+ images I already have on Alamy.
  5. Thanks again for the suggestions. I've tried all the tricks - swapping battery, with a card, without a card. The camera sometimes reports battery exhausted and shuts down. A quick test with a meter shows the battery to be at full charge voltage. It's almost like there's a short somewhere that drops the voltage inside the camera. The link that Spacecadet kindly added looks interesting. I've nothing to lose by giving it a try. I'll update this thread once I've tried it.
  6. Thanks Allan and Bryan £400 is a lot - I can a new one on Amazon for £469. Need to do some thinking .....
  7. My Sony RX100M3 has decided to give up. I press the button to turn it on and the lens goes in and out for a few seconds, then the screen goes off and that's it. Hoping for feedback on the best place to send for repair.
  8. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? I'm trying to sort my DACS return. On the Alamy dashboard, I enter a date range from 01-01-2023 to 31-12-2023 but I only get December 2023 figures.
  9. For the past years, I've always had a healthy number of zooms (between 20 and 40) recorded at any one time, but over the last couple of months, they have gradually dropped. They are now down to just 4! I appreciate this could be a seasonal thing but never this low. So, who has stolen my zooms? 😁
  10. Nearly all my 7000+ images were shot with an RX100 M1 or RX100 M3. Most are full size but some are reduced, usually when shot in lower light. I've not had one rejection due to quality. I think I have only had one rejection and that was my fault not noticing black dots in a sky due to a swarm of insects near the edge. Most images have been shot in RAW on full auto with minor adjustments in post.
  11. Thanks for all your replies. It does appear that my friend was looking at the business user page. I'm more than happy to pay £9.99 a month for a regularly updated package. I always have the latest version. Photography Plan UK
  12. I've been subscribing to Adobe for the 'Photography Package' for a few years and I'm currently paying around £9 per month. A friend has just tried on-line to subscribe and it's quoting £20 per month. This is a massive increase and I'm wondering if he's being quoted for a commercial package rather than single user. Any advice appreciated.
  13. Mine came in yesterday. Also an increase over 2022. I claimed for more images so perhaps I've moved up the ladder?
  14. Has anyone had their DACS payment yet? Must be due soon unless I've missed a post.
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