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  1. When the refurb box is powered up consider cleaning up the W10 bloatware junk as well as suggested settings and tweaks for W10. Lotsa YouTube video's on this but I've liked this guy's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWHiP9K8fQ0
  2. I was going to ask the same thing... maybe goes with a secret Alamyhandshake.
  3. Yep - it gets more granular in the different states, cities, counties, and other taxing entities. In Texas local control and accountability is important. I don't live within a "city limits" but rather just at the edge of one. Our property tax liability is broken down into several pieces. By far the largest $$ amount goes to our local public school district. Then much smaller amounts to our county & county road district and one other entity. Each property is appraised annually by our local property appraisal district for it's taxable value. Each property owner can appeal their tax appraisal valuation each year if they have good reason to believe it's incorrect. So there's two pieces to the owner's tax liability - the appraised tax value and the tax rate which is also set by the taxing entity within limits. Property valuation inflation and hence property owner's tax liability growth due to an area's rapid economic/population growth is a big concern - especially for many of those on fixed incomes. Locally and in other areas around the US local taxpayers have been able to get property tax increase relief put to public vote. In many cases voters have been successful in capping/reducing rapidly increasing property tax liabilities, mainly for age 65+ and perhaps a few other qualifiers. Otherwise many on fixed incomes would be forced to move due to inability to pay rapidly increasing property tax liabilities.
  4. LR non-support for newer cameras is usually due to Adobe not updating older LR version's RAW processing engine for newer cameras. This usually can be circumvented by using separate RAW processing software to convert the new camera's RAW files to DNG or TIFF. The camera manufacturer should have the s/w available for no cost or Adobe's free DNG converter is a generic converter updated for new cameras but it may not support specific camera/lens profiles, etc. Use the DNG/TIFF files in LR.
  5. Perhaps - but IMO property taxes are a direct cost of property ownership unrelated to owner or tenet community services which either pay for separately based on need or want. Property values in many areas usually appreciate - sometimes substantially. If the tenet pays the tax directly instead of the owner the tenet doesn't t get to participate in the properties value appreciation.
  6. Understand. Just seems somewhat inequitable that a single renter pays the tax instead of property owner whereas rentals split among several tenets the property owner pays the tax if I'm understanding it correctly. We have "property appraisal" authorities to determine property taxable values and the tax rates that ignores if the property is rental or not. Here the "council/property" tax is always paid by the property owner. Of course the tax is reflected in rental rates.
  7. So - if there is only one renter of a property the landlord/owner pays no tax?? Is this some kind of government incentive/subsidy for single-renter property development/ownership and encourage multi-renter higher density rental housing?
  8. Hope you have better luck than us. We've had 3 new iMacs in our household - 2 of them had their hard drives fail prematurely. The 3rd one had been crashing frequently until I recently replaced it's internal HDD with an external boot SSD in a Thunderbolt dock. Hopefully I can get a few more years out of it now. Our little $300 Dell Windows 10 slim desktop tower has been trouble free so far.
  9. I suppose they had forgotten about recent events at White Island off coast of New Zealand. Don't poke the bear.
  10. Fuji's X-Trans sensor has a different photosite arrangement from conventional Bayer sensors. It likes a different demosaic algorithm from Bayer sensors and Irident apparently has a better handle on it than Adobe does or did in earlier versions of their LR/PS ACR engine.
  11. Good - glad it worked. I have an X-T1 and X-T2 so was not able to test with a newer Fuji camera. It was not certain to me even after some research that older versions of LR like my V6 would take the Fuji profiles in the X-Trans .dng files metadata due to LRs using Adobe's Camera RAW engine that Adobe stopped updating with newer camera info - whereas Irident refreshes X-Trans periodically for newer Fuji cameras. This stuff makes my head hurt sometimes.
  12. With Irident X-Transformer's Fuji RAF>DNG converter it seems that Fuji's camera film sim profiles are carried thru metadata and can be changed in LR's Camera Profiles. Fuji lens correction profile handling also available in Irident X-Trans and can either be applied during the conversion or passed along as DNG metadate to LR's Lens Correction which in both cases indicate "Built in lens profile applied". https://www.iridientdigital.com/products/xtransformer.html https://blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/blog/2017/3/updated-iridient-x-transformer-settings
  13. LR 6's lack of support of new/future cameras is usually an issue with older LR versions lack of being updated to recognize newer camera bodies for LR's internal RAW conversion. Thanks Adobe. But there are other ways to skin that cat. Standalone RAW > TIFF/DNG convertors should allow LR 6 to be used far into the future if one is willing to adapt their work flow to incorporate standalone RAW conversion s/w. Depending on the camera standalone RAW convertors can sometimes do better RAW conversions than LR.
  14. Still using LR 6 with perpetual license - it does what I need and more. I've no need or desire for Adobe's distasteful forced subscription model for newer LR versions. One disappointment with LR is it's insistence on forcing keywords into alphabetical order. There are cases where keywords are needed in a non-alphabetic order. That's one reason I added Photo Mechanic 6 to my work flow. No forced keyword sorting - WYSIWYG.
  15. Not wanting to get into debate over US vs UK healthcare systems - both I'm sure have their pluses/minus. Both are considerably different. The UK's NHS covers everyone I think while US Medicare is for ages 65+ or with disabilities - employer or private health insurance covers under 65 with other health care assistance available. Neither system is perfect. During our visit to London some 20 yrs ago while photographing at #10 Downing St my wife got her feet tangled in a rope barrier and fell flat on her face. A nice Bobby got her to a London hospital where after some wait to see a Dr. they determined her nose had a hairline fracture. They gave her a tetnus injection in the arm with no antiseptic alcohol swab. The hospital staff refused to clean off the blood on her from her fall and fractured nose - they showed her the women's toilet and told her to clean herself up. She was not favorably impressed with her NHS experience from a level of care aspect even though she was not charged any $$. Her fall also broke a nice Sigma zoom lens - bummer.
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