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  1. Network Attached Storage (NAS) by Synology with mirrored drives plugged into our wireless router. Backs up both my ethernet attached iMac and wife's wifi attached iMac using Time Machine.
  2. Chuck - Point taken. There certainly will be instances when chasing an unreported usage/infringer is productive. However, my dismay is based on the issue of why chasing unreported usages/sales/infringements should be needed and commonplace. Why is the problem as pervasive as it appears to be? Why should it be on the image suppliers shoulders to find many of Alamy's sales and revenue leaks? Granted there's always a few that slip thru. But based on the frequency of reported instances here in Alamy's contributor forums by a few and then extrapolate that to all Alamy's many thousands of contributors - the problem must be substantial. If it is - then there's a substantial leakage of lost revenue for both Alamy and it's contributors. This is 2019 not 1959. There surely is technology and business systems to deal with the needed download-tracking/sales/invoicing/accounts receivable that should be able to reduce this revenue loss instead of suppliers being compelled to onesie-twosie track the leakage down themselves.
  3. Chasing unreported sales/infringers isn't worth the return on time/trouble given the current state of low image license pricing IMO. The crux of the issue is Alamy's inadequate invoicing / accounts receivable business systems that are losing Alamy and it's contributors substantial $$ in lost revenues. Thats a big problem IMO.
  4. A practical way might be for Alamy to pursue reported & proven cases of exclusivity violation and to sanction the Alamy contributor violator in some public fashion. That might serve to build needed trust and incur trepidation in those who may abuse or consider gaming Alamy exclusivity.
  5. Alamy seems unable/unwilling to prevent and/or police current likely large-scale infringements and unreported/un-invoiced image downloads. Based on that just how could they expand into policing exclusivity in any effective fashion?? Likely just use tick-the-exclusive-box and use photog self-policing honor system - yup.
  6. Lightroom may not be as big a time saver as imagined if submitting to stock outlets other than or in addition to Alamy. At least for keywording. Dunno about later versions but LR6 and earlier force the saving of keywords in alphabetical order. Many stock libraries want keywords in order of relevance - not alphabetic. Sorry for the commission-cut-off-topic reply.
  7. Thats an interesting and rather profound assertion. Especially since Alamy is usually perceived as mostly an editorial image portal. it would make the case for exclusivity even weaker.
  8. Yep - the Alamy exclusive check box has been available for sometime. Has Alamy made any real attempt to capitalize on it? Has anyone seen any obvious increase in marketing, sales, or income for exclusive images as a result? If they keep 50% commission for exclusive images they also need to present a real reason to be image exclusive - otherwise it's a crap shoot.
  9. "What action, if any, am I willing to take, even if temporary, to improve chances there will be just enough action or more...? The Alamy YouTube video has garnered lots of comments and some industry media attention. This Forum thread is not public. Which do you suppose has greater potential to influence public opinion, perceptions, and perhaps even influence Alamy's thinking?
  10. Looking for infringements is a band-aid. Chasing infringers should be a secondary adjunct to their business systems that invoice and track/report and bill their accounts receivable with account aging etc. based on image licenses/downloads etc. If the emphasis is trying to find infringers they are chasing horses already escaped from their barn and hiding who knows where. I'm certainly not an accountant but If their invoicing / accounts receivable business systems are inadequate and losing Alamy and suppliers perhaps big $$ in lost revenues then thats a big problem IMO.
  11. Two reports of long unreported licenses/downloads just from readers of this forum thread alone in last hour or so. If thats extrapolated to the some 70,000 Alamy contributors and 155 million images the possible magnitude of unreported and unbilled licenses and downloads the lost resulting income could be mind-boggling. Alamy probably has no clue as to the true extent of the problem if their current system is allowing the situation to exist and not tracking downloads and licenses, etc. for payment.
  12. Have seen numerous reported instances of Alamy suppliers with unreported image use licenses and downloads that are not billed even after long extended periods of time or even never. This results in significant income loss for both suppliers and Alamy. We're talking reports of annual losses up to 20% over a significant period of time. Does anyone have any inkling if this is a longterm widespread problem or likely only to specific circumstances such as Live News, a specific type license, or certain types of customers i.e. newspapers? If this is a fairly widespread problem for Alamy and it's suppliers it's inconceivable that Alamy is not aggressively addressing their internal systems to significantly reduce this income drain for both Alamy and suppliers. For Alamy to slash supplier commissions without making a strong concerted effort internally to get it's own house in order and reduce this income loss is beyond the pale.
  13. Incremental changes provide limited incremental results or we wouldn't be having this conversation now and can look forward to another round of cuts in the future. It does appear the saturation point is at hand for current models. What is needed is something radically different to continue forward meaningfully for all. Curious if a blockchain based model of an Alamy Digital Content Marketplace similar to Wemark concept has been considered as a new way forward?
  14. Skylum software's Luminar 2018 is becoming more popular as an image editor - especially attractive to anyone who doesn't wish to be tied to Adobe's monthly subscription deal. Luminar 2018 currently is $69 USD for Mac or PC and has free trial I believe. I'm not a Luminar customer - yet. But curious about it. I read that Luminar has a transform function in it's RAW Develop filter to compensate for perspective problems. Curious if anyone with Luminar 2018 can relate how it's transform tools work especially for the afore-mentioned building upright straightening?
  15. Not a major Instagram poster but when I can. www.instagram.com/na4mpix/ In Lightroom I export images bound for Instagram to 900 pixels on longest edge @ 100 ppi and quality 76 - .jpg of course. From my Google My Drive account upload the image to my Google Drive (15TB free space). Using the Google My Drive app installed on my iPhone I send an image copy from my Google Drive to my iPhone and then submit it to Instagram. Works smooth and quick.
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