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  1. This. If using top of the line glass why put a piece of inferior glass over them that might degrade image quality? Maybe if rolling around in sand and dirt a filter might help keep sand out of filter threads but otherwise don't bother. Hoods rarely come off my lenses and no filters. No problems. YouTube videos of guy testing this - jump to about 7:43 in this one:
  2. It will probably cost Alamy more to try and straighten out that hot mess than leaving them on their servers as is. With the captions and keywords so messed up the images will sink to the lower reaches of search results.
  3. Yep - consider if Mr Zuckerberg (Facebook's CEO - Instagram owned by FB) woke up one morning and decided over coffee to leverage Instagram's monstrous image accumulation and daily inflow (assuming they are archived) into a stock library. Game changer.
  4. 106,000 a day submitted to Alamy? While not a stock library - that's peanuts compared to Instagram. As of mid-2017: Total number of photos shared on Instagram: 34.7 billion Average number of photos uploaded each day to Instagram: 52 million With technology available to handle this quantity of images maybe we should be thankful it's only 106,000/day to Alamy.
  5. Logged into Alamy last night to find a nice surprise had dropped yesterday evening. My highest to date Alamy RM sale $277.50 - North America Editorial 1 page Front Cover. A 9 yr old image to boot.
  6. I shoot RAW only and process the RAW mages in LR after using Photo Mechanic to select/ingest keepers from memory card. No need for PS for most images as my stock workflow doesn't need layers. Maybe for stitching the rare panoramic. Export processed RAW files out of LR as JPG. I've tried shooting RAW+FINE JPG on occasion in an effort to simplify workflow. But I can't find any advantage to using FINE JPG if I process images in LR. If an image file is processed in LR it's as easy to process a RAW camera file as it is a FINE JPG. So It's RAW only. No PS or TIFF's.
  7. Interesting - Sony doesn't seem to mention DNG in their description of their software. RAW, TIFF and JPG https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/app/imagingedge/en/instruction/1_1_features.php
  8. This. The survey is not asking the right question. Should be based on pixel dimension. i.e. longest side Also a PU/Presentation refund time limit
  9. Been using both Fujifilm X-T1 and X-T2 for stock photos for a few years with no QC problems.
  10. Doesn't Sony have a free RAW converter for the A7? If so - it likely converts to TIFF or maybe DNG. If not - there's Adobe's free DNG converter. Either will allow you to continue with LR6. I'm still in PU for time being - but with current hi-res PU files consider it ripe for abuse.
  11. MacOS's built-in "Expert" mode display color calibration seems to do just fine for me as well. Have never felt the need to use an external calibrator. My system is an iMac however and not sure if/how that carries over to Macbook laptops. Hopefully it would.
  12. If I might ask - how did you calibrate (assume you're referring to your iMac's display)? An external calibrator or the MacOS's internal display color profiler?
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