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  1. Betty - for a long time I have converted my X-T(1,2,4) .RAF files to DNGs with the Irident X-Transformer utility. Then imported the resulting .DNGs into LR. All fine. I should add - I'm still on LR 6.14 I've read that the later versions of LR's RAW converter engine do better with Fuji RAW's than the older versions.
  2. A brief update. Power mostly restored in my central region of Tx as far as I can determine. The sun is out with local temp now 57 F / 13 C and the ice and snow is quickly melting. Biggest issue continues to be the water supplies. The water treatment/distribution systems were damaged. Austin (30 mi/48km south of me) have lost/leaked hundreds of millions of gallons of water from their systems due to weather damages. It takes a long time to locate and make repairs, refill and restart the systems, and lab test the water quality. Some still have no water pressure
  3. Thanks for the thoughts. It's been a mess all over Texas. Locally it was couple mornings at 5 deg F / -15 C with several inches of snow and ice accumulation. We've not had temps above freezing for several days. We've had snow before but not this bitterly cold for this long in many decades. The extended power blackouts seem to be finally subsiding but many still without power. Many homes/businesses without power for 3-4 days now. Many homes/buildings in Texas depend on electricity for heating as well as summer cooling. The Texas electrical power grid came clos
  4. I've been using my X-T4 to shoot some video clips as well as stills - not noticed that anything is "disabled" when shooting video although there are some settings that may optimize some buttons/dials for each mode. There are 2 independent groups of menu settings - one for stills and another for video. There is a selection switch under the shutter speed dial to switch the X-T4 between the stills settings and video settings. After the stills and video menu settings are set to our liking there's no need to go back into the menus to change settings for stills or video. Flip the sti
  5. Major benefits of X-T4 compared to X-T3 are IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization), bigger longer life battery, improved AF. better rear LCD. There are others but these these are most substantial.
  6. For those wishing Fuji had Bayer sensors: https://www.fujifilm.com/news/n180925_03.html https://fujifilm-x.com/global/products/cameras/gfx-50r/ I seriously doubt there's any feasible means to switch out a X-Trans sensor for a Bayer in a camera body - there's more to it than just a different physical sensor. It isn't plug-n-plug.
  7. My 1st mirrorless was also an X-T1. Added an X-T2 then last year traded both for an X-T4. Adobe could not get their act together regarding Fuji's X-Trans sensor demosaicing for quite some time. Its my understanding that more recent versions of Adobe's camera raw engine may have it sorted out - but I'm not certain of that as I'm still using LR 6. Iriident Digital's X-Transformer Fuji RAW conversion utility got it right long before Adobe and has been part of my Fuji workflow since early on. Never any Fuji RAW Alamy QC problems as a result.
  8. Today's pay upon purchase on-line software systems should be adaptable to most any online purchase/delivery business model it would seem to me. Web site shopping carts with online checkout, payment acceptance and validation systems, and invoice generation are the rule. Anytime I buy anything online l receive an emailed invoice within seconds or the web site generates one for me to save/print. This is after payment is made via credit card, PayPal, or other means of EFT. The current system seems to be so antiquated and inefficient. Not good for Alamy, contributors. and
  9. The current system of image download then maybe remember to pay is inadequate. Wouldn't pay up front and then download the image be better? Not to say it would solve all issues but seems more equitable for most with skin in the game than current "honor" system.
  10. Google has threatened to pull the plug in Australia if the news media non-free use legislation is passed: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-55766429
  11. After owning both the X-T1 and X-T2 I traded them in on an X-T4 soon after it was available. Skipped the X-T3. X-T4 IMO is noticeably better than the 1 and 2. I am very satisfied using it for both stills and some video clip work. Yes Betty - the X-T4 has IBIS to go with any lens with or without OIS.
  12. It's called the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution - including freedom of speech and expression. Social Media platforms Twitter especially are drawing needed scrutiny for their violations.
  13. Replace with an SSD if possible - longer life.
  14. A free utility for HDD and SSD health is "CrystalDiskInfo". It can show indicators of impending drive problems https://crystaldiskinfo.en.uptodown.com/windows
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