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  1. My portfolio is now 137 clips with a few more ready to upload today. My clip portfolio is estimated 80% 4K UHD with the remainder HD. I now shoot and upload only 4K and let P5 create the HD versions at the advice to shoot/upload 4K as a "future proofing" step. My opinion on video clip pricing is much the same as for stills stock - content is king. For serious buyers a clip's price appears to be of reduced concern if a clip's content fulfills that buyers requirements. Many P5 contribs on their forums claim higher clip pricing does not negatively impact sales of quality content t
  2. I've had a Pond5 account for almost 15 months. A small video clip portfolio - no stills. My clips are Pond5 "Exclusive" but I also participate in their Global Partner Program. Alamy apparently is one of the partners in that program. However there apparently is an ambiguous price range for Pond5 clips to be offered on Alamy. I seem to recall an Alamy/P5 contrib tried testing to determine the price range but I don't recall the results. Maybe an Alamy forum search might help. One of the nice things about P5 - we have the choice of setting our own pricing. So far I've one sale o
  3. Yep - spend the time optimizing your image keywords and captions/descriptions to give them best opportunity to be found by serious buyers using external/internal search engines.
  4. Probably for the same reason photogs and so many others wear a baseball style cap backwards with the brim in back,
  5. They're itching to take to the skies and head south The Monarch's annual fall migration to Mexico is reported to be running early this year due to a strong early cold front a couple weeks ago.
  6. A/C still turned on here in central Texas but not kicking on very often. We've turned the corner from our typical hot summer temps to cooler fall ones - early morning lows hi 50s to mid 60s F. Daytime hi 80s-lo 90s F
  7. Anyone have basis to know the approximate typical quantities of images Alamy mentions to get the big discounts? Are we talking 10s 100s 1000s of images?
  8. Yep. They'll do what they believe is necessary to remain competitive and maintain and try also to increase profitability. In regards to the frequent angst over low individual image licensing fees. No easy answer and there's likely no going back to the "good 'ol days". With the glut of stock imagery there are less and less unique images to bring in higher licensing fees. These forces may require a stock image supplier mindset of what's the return on our total portfolios vs individual image license fees. Yeah - sounds like microstock. It sucks but it is what it is. Free mark
  9. Businesses dealing in "stuff" that is not highly specialized usually have more suppliers available to them than they can utilize. They can pick and choose suppliers and whittle the suppliers compensation for their goods down to the barest of minimums. As stock photographers we're all aware of the massive glut of imagery world-wide with continuing attraction and recruitment of image suppliers wanting to sell. Another example in the US is consumer goods behemoth Wal Mart. A little research will reveal how Wal Mart works their suppliers. And Wal Mart has no shortage of suppliers begging
  10. It's easy to forget that for-profit companies are in business to benefit the owners and shareholders. Not their suppliers. They usually will take advantage of every economy of scale available to them to maximize profit.
  11. One minimum primary system criteria for me now is to spec only SSD drives for the OS(C:) drive and any additional onboard drives. SSD for (C:) greatly speeds up boot and s/w startup times. I believe SSDs are now commonly used for boot drives in systems from most manfs.. But be sure to check, As mentioned my additional onboard drives for working data/image storage would also be SSDs. Really high capacity mechanical spinner HDD's are somewhat cheaper but I'd reserve those only as external archival/backup drive use IMO. If your current 32gb RAM is running at 67% max load no rea
  12. Another advantage to mirrorless is ability to select a virtually soundless electronic shutter. Choose electronic shutter and use the camera's back LCD to compose/focus and you'll blend in even better with the tourists snapping away with their pocket and phone cameras.
  13. Considering that I have a quite small Alamy portfolio July was my best month ever for sales. August not so much but not yet over. Only one single digit $. sale - others $$. and $$$. No explanation why the sudden pop.
  14. How does someone live long enough to write descriptions and keyword 5M images? Am I missing something? Do public domain images already contain the description and keyword metadata so it's just plug n play?
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