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  1. You can’t. Take photos here

    Colllege Green is a public space, although it has a special status in that it is controlled by by the House of Commons Black Rod. The only time control is exercised is times of high political drama such as General Elections and State Opening when it is only open to Journalists like me with press passes or included within the parliamentary estate security zone. But his is rare and not the case yesterday.
  2. You can’t. Take photos here

    https://mobile.twitter.com/ianandmj/status/1052665785448054788 while working in London I saw some photograpic activity on College Green, the grass area across from the Palace of Westminster. I saw a female golfer being photographed so I took a few shots. Up rushed the PR people “you can not take photos, this is a private shoot”. I politely pointed out it could not be “private” in a public space. More PR people moved in. They asked for my name and identification. Being polite, I obliged. “OK” said the PR, I am closing the shoot”. I pointed out I already got my pictures. Had they not made such a fuss I would not have checked out the shoot. The intelligent thing, if they were really bothered would have been to buy the pictures from me. It turned out that apparently she was one of the worlds leading lady golfers with a new fashion range.... not very sensible, if the shoot was that sensitive to hold it in the middle of the day between the Palace of Westminster and the snack bar where a lot of press photographers hang Out between events. for the benefit of my learned friends, I have not put the photos into stock etc. Just a nice little story....
  3. Live News Laptop

    I am looking for recommendations for a new Windows Live News Laptop. This is to take to jobs, mostly in London, so I can rapidly process, using photo mechanic and lightroom, large numbers of Raw files. (I always take far too many pictures) It must have a long battery life, a lot of RAM and a fast processor. A good screen would be useful; however I tend to use the histogram more than processing by eye. A large, fast hard disk would also be useful. something solidly build that can take a bit of knocking around would be good. Keys that light up would again be useful but not essential. I would not use the laptop for anything else I have a budget of up to two thousand pounds. Recommendations would be appreciated.
  4. Alamy News have just confirmed that I had a (small) front page picture in The Sun of the Prime Minister.
  5. Thanks very much; I am sure he was not really checking out Claire Perry's ministerial portfolio.... I was pleased The Times used it several other PA/Reuters etc photographers got the shot as well and it was the subject of some amusement on a very long day in Downing Street, thanks again. Ian
  6. One in The Times yesterday https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hold-your-nerve-on-brexit-theresa-may-tells-cabinet-cv6drwxn5
  7. Have you found any Alamy images September 2018

    Thanks very much. Missed this one.... ian Times 25th London 24th September 2018,Sajid Javid MP PC, Home Secretary appears to check out Claire Perry MP Business Minister , at 10 Downing Street, London Credit Ian Davidson/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PPBP
  8. Online (Cloud) backup and Carbonite

    Matt, thank you for this recommendation but it appears to do the same thing as carbonite. If you delete a file on your computer it is only held on the cloud for thirty days.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good cloud backup. I have been using carbonite for about three years but found out to my surprise (and I guess it is my fault) if you delete a file from your computer the cloud backup will only hold the file for fourteen days! The entire idea of having a cloud back up was so that I could delete files from my computer to free up space and keep the deleted photos in the cloud. Fortunately, I also back up to a 5Tb Seagate backup plus drive (although their backup software is appalling bad) so I have not lost anything important. Can anyone recommend cloud storage that operates a proper archive system and an external backup drive that works well in a busy photojournalist environment where I can take several thousand raw files in a busy month.
  10. Crowdspark/NewZulu

    I am sorry New Zulu/crowdspark went under. New Zulu's London office recruited me in to photojournalism and the rest, as they say, is history. They do owe me some money - but fortunately not much but I have a friend who is a London Photojournalist/videographer who got a lot of his earnings from them and has lost a great deal of money. He is trying through the NUJ to get it back. It is a good job we have goold old, solid Alamy behind us now.
  11. Foresightnews planner

    Has anyone used Foresightnews for their news coverage planning and any idea of costs? I subscribe to another service, but it is expensive (thousands per year) and not brilliant. For photographers. I hope Foresightnews msy be better but I doubt cheaper
  12. Have you found any Alamy images in August 2018?

    P529ME World Cup fan disturbances in Brentwood Essex in the Police Federation mag page 10/11
  13. Dangers of photographer

    I too agree with Chuck. However, at least in the UK, there is an issue with reportage. Most of my local papers no longer employ photographers and many local events do not get coverage. As an example, I recently covered a local ceremony – a flag raising for Armed Forces Day. One of those speaking was a ninety year old veteran who, I was informed, was attending his last “parade”. I doubt if the image will sell, but to me it was important to record that event. Likewise I cover the local holocaust memorial event when we have someone who survived the holocaust as a speaker – but these people are sadly dying out (the speakers at the two previous events have sadly both died and at least in once case my photographs were used in the obituary) so I hope my photographs make some very small contribution to the story. Some people have, understandably, criticised the fact that I have put myself at risk covering the disorder following the world cup games. But I believe it is important (particularly if England win!!!!) In the last couple of events there has been one other, different photographer. In both cases they gave up after ten minutes due to crowd hostility. If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound…..? I have been re-reading, for about the tenth time Harold Evans (former Editor of the Times etc) book on photojournalism, Pictures on a Page, and although even the second edition is old (1997), (and difficult to find a copy) he has some trenchant comments on the nature of photojournalism truth and history. With particular reference to Chuck’s comments; on the recording of history from the great and the good to events at the local school. Although my journalism training was brief and too many years ago to relate, I do understand the context of journalism and in particular photojournalism (and Evans makes excellent points on this issue) I wish I was a better photojournalist, but have some consolation in that I enjoy the learning process and constant striving to improve, even after a few years, and the fact that I am recording events that otherwise would go unrecorded.
  14. Thanks, I spotted it and have amended, I have very recently started using photo mechanic and clearly have not quite got the hang of it... Thanks for letting me know
  15. I am going to Pride in London as an accredited photographer tomorrow. It was interesting to note that there are over five hundred accredited media. I guess a fair percentage of those will be Alamy contributors; not to mention the unaccredited Alamy togs taking images from the crowds. Thus unless you are one of Alamy’s favoured few then the chance of sales must rank very low. There are currently over eighteen thousand Pride in London images on Alamy. I am going, with my daughter, as we have a lovely time and I do get some good pictures and I also provide a selection free to Pride in London to support their excellent work. I will be rushing back for the inevitable disturbances locally following the world cup game – all in a day’s work. If you are going to Pride in London and see me say hullo……….