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  1. The Alamy accounts have been submitted and will be available on the companies House website “in five days”
  2. I highly recommend the Nikon D5. Most of my news work is fast moving and low light. The D5 works well in low light and shoots at 12 frames per second. Costs about USD 6,000 plus lens. Downside is that it is very heavy, loud and large so no inconspicuous Street photography.
  3. A charge on a property can mean that it is being used as security on a loan or mortgages. I believe a full satisfaction means the property is now not being used as a security. A little unusual to file on a Sunday. While Ian is right that the accounts are only a little overdue; these relate to December 2018 as a company has several months to submit their accounts. I submitted my own company accounts a few years ago, the first filing, 24 hours late and was fined the standard £150...
  4. Companies House website is now showing Alamy’s annual report and accounts as being overdue....
  5. There is a separate topic “BBC reports Keith Morris missing”. With many tributes from this community on the news of his death.
  6. I am wondering if it is the change in numbering. I noticed this morning that I had a zoom from a recent news story, but the number had truncate and the image was not displayed and the same thing when I tried to look at search results relating to that zoom.
  7. It is back up and running. Time for breakfast....
  8. Yes, it is. That is a problem as I will not get out of bed until I have I have checked my Measures. I could be here all day....
  9. The vast majority of my work is photojournalism. If there are children in a news context I don’t have a problem. Last week I covered the climate march in London. I noticed two young children in costume with banners. I took the photo. The mother came up and asked me to delete the photos. I refused. She said she did not want her children plastered all over the media. Had she said there was a protection issue I would not have deleted them, but would not have used them. I did point out to her that she was in a public place, on a demonstration and her children were in costume holding banners. I know many will disapprove, but as Ian noted above, it is about personal decisions/responsibility. In the end I did not upload the pictures, but only on the grounds I had better shots. Last year i covered an incident a couple of hundred yards away from my house. Numerous police cars, three ambulances and eventually the air ambulance. I took pictures, although not of the individual involved. I asked responders on the scene what happened, but not unexpectedly they refused to answer. I contacted the press office of the ambulance trust, they promised to get back to me, they never did. (Perhaps for reasons that will become clear later) The local paper used the pictures and I put some out on social media. I was then contacted to say the family involved were angry with me for taking (I think they meant publishing) the pictures and would I delete them. (Far too late of course) It turns out to have been a teenager attempting to hang herself. What was worse, the police attempted to resuscitate but because the ambulance took so long to respond (allegedly over 15 minutes) there was, allegedly, permanent brain damage. From a news viewpoint perfectly justifiable - had I known it was an attempted hanging would I have published, doubtful, but, on the other side of the balance, the delay by the ambulance was a matter of major public interest. These things are seldom clear cut, one uses professional judgement and the National editors guidelines. And, in any case, it is up to the “publisher” to make the final call.
  10. Will, my view (and this stuff is always subjective) is you have an excellent portfolio. You have good composition and colour. Your keywording need a little work. A number of your keywords are generic. I note, for example, on your UK images, you add the key word “UK”. If you think about it from the buyer’s perspective, are they likely to just be searching for UK? The searches will normally be far more granular. For example, “red telephone box uk”. If if you look at search terms in “all of Alamy” you will see they are, in general, quite specific. My view is to think what the buyer is looking for and key word accordingly. However, that aside, excellent portfolio.
  11. Sorry, I disagree. Alamy has about 175 million images. I estimate, very much on the back of an envelope, that Alamy sells about a million images a year. Any single contributor’s sales or lack thereof can have no statistical significance. To see any trends on a single month would take a large sample. It it is like looking at the price movement on a single share transaction and believing it has a significant impact on the global stock market. Mr Standfast is absolutely correct. Rolling long term averages is about as good an approximation as you are going to get. Even then the chances of an accurate forecast are probable about as good as a random guess,....
  12. As I have noted before, with nearly a hundred and seventy five million images and million(s) of sales a year: any one contributors sales or lack thereof is random, just noise.
  13. I agree with Helen’s comments. You need to work on your keywords and captions to give more detail. In my personal view, you need to work on your composition. A lot of your pictures are snapshots rather than photographs. Give a different viewpoint. As an example, in the defence force graveyard I would have gone really low to give a sense of depth and impact. The expensive boat is neither one thing or another. I would have gone wide to get the entire boat and then some close ups to give a sense of detail and wealth. Just my view,....
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