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  1. Alamy is in rude health. One only has to look either at a UK newspaper or the pictures sold threads. I have sold well over sixty newspaper sales so far this year. I read of contributors making thousands of dollars and some of my friends make a tidy sum from Alamy sales. As I have often said, the experience of any one contributor is just statistical “noise”. There are, as I understand it, over seventeen thousand contributors with thousands of photos being added every day. We all have dry periods, moaning about it in the hope of attracting attention is meaningless and attacking Alamy on the basis of one contributor’s experience is highly counterproductive. None of us are forced to use Alamy, you “pays your money and you makes your choice.”
  2. All back to normal, no idea what happened, but I have now put my portfolio page on my Twitter account..l. @ianandmj
  3. I went to my portfolio page today to pick up the link and found the entire contents has disappeared! No header (except number of photos) and no content. Anyone else with this problem?
  4. Brian, you are a talented photographer (unlike me). You have found a happy niche. I choose not to photograph nature (yet) or landscapes but if I did I would use your portfolio as a model. As noted, and very much in my experience, people sell but you are happy with what you do so just keep doing it and get your sales by growing your excellent collection.
  5. John you have a reasonable start but 106 images are too small a sample. My view is that you need to expand your captions somewhat. You have a picture of a nice house but nothing in the caption on location. I agree with the comment from John; you may need to watch your lighting, some of your pictures would look much better with good lighting. Use one of the apps that tells you where the sun is and elevation etc. I am aware, as a Scotsman, that the sun does not always shine but it is important to get as good lighting as you can. There may be something you can do with your processing workflow to add a bit of punch. I will put my hand up and say I am no landscape photographer but to me some of your compositions need work. On occasion, in your wide shots, there is no center point of focus. You may wish to consider your work from the viewpoint of a buyer. Ask why someone would want to buy this picture? What is the concept/story? Some of your shots have pictures of people "doing things" they tend to do well on Alamy as an editorial agency. You have made a start in a beautiful part of the country (I am only very jealous living in Essex) Some of your photos are very good (I like the bird shots but that is a highly competitive area) You need to put as much work in to captions and keywords as taking the photos. Good luck...
  6. I find the portfolio page url most useful. I use it in the “signature” on my work emails, particularly when applying for accreditation. It shows an up to date example of my live news work. it was clear on the portfolio instructions that once a name was chosen it was for life (so to speak)
  7. I like your images, quite commercial. The issue is, as noted above, keywords. In my view too many generic keywords such as the year. Also some keywords could be useful added, such as your red smoke saturated demonstration, I may have missed it but no mention of red smoke flare etc, You should do OK on here, interesting, well shot images
  8. A Nigel Farage In Brentwood picture used in The Times Online $
  9. The answer is simple, the market is imperfect. No buyers have all the information, not all buyers use the same economic or pricing model. The pricing, discounting and subscription models make trying to rationalise prices and sales at more than a consolidated level pointless. Buyers do not, normally, make one purchase. They will make different purchases at different price points at different times. You have no way of measuring this so your statement is unsound. There is also the marginal cost for buyers where if it costs more to find a lower price than the difference in price then it is rational to pay the higher price. I can buy cheaper food at the next town but the time and travel costs make the difference close to zero so I stay with the higher priced food. My wife tells me off for not hunting for bargains - but I point out that the extra time I have to spend hunting is not worth, to me, the marginal cost saving. Alamy is very good, I believe, in differentiating,, segmenting and adding value to their product so buyer decisions may not just made on the pricing That is why, as an example, some people ate willing to pay more for higher octane petrol. Buyers are human agents with informational asymmetry most of the time: they are not always rational from the viewpoint of observer: but may be rational from the viewpoint of the actor. There is also the potential for second order effects. Companies often sell items at a loss - but it is rational if the price contributes towards the fixed costs of the business allowing for more items to be sold at the margin to cover variable costs. Buyers operate in the same way. I would rather sell a few items at cost “A” each month provided that every so often I make a sale (10XA) every so often. Why is is the fact that other agencies are allegedly selling better than Alamy at specific price points an issue for you? (In passing, I do not believe you have sufficient data to make that statement) Rationally, if you believe that you should go to the other agency.... as I have noted before, as individual contributors we do not have anything like sufficient information to make a judgement on the highly segmented market with non transparent demand and pricing. As individual economic actors we make choices. If I decide to shop at Sainsbury’s it is pointless to complain about their prices, I either accept them or shop at Tesco. Complaining about prices is really a pointless activity: the market has no ears. Alamy has a common economic interest with contributors and buyers to make the optimum price for the product. I trust Alamy to do that for me. Simples
  10. Not quite true I think. The Israel embassy building is, I think, in a “no photography” zone. Not due to the embassy but the area. There is at least one embassy that is on a private road so “technically” one should have permission.... last time I photographed outside the Chinese embassy (and that was a year or two ago) a number of security staff came out and watched but did not obstruct me.
  11. Joseph is spot on. Alamy does not set the prices, the market does. Alamy is in business to make money and will get the best price it can. Contributors saying they do not like the prices are wasting their time. No one has to sell via Alamy. In my limited experience of other agencies Alamy wins hands down on pricing and contributor relations.
  12. Hi, looking at your captions and keywords may I assume English is not your first language? I would suggest you put all of your captions in clear English, perhaps with a “repeat” in another language if that is your market. My guess, and I could be wrong, is that most searches are in English. it may be my iPad or my eyes but some of your images look overexposed to the point of near blown out in places. Likewise a lot of your images do not “pop” and need better post processing. The segment you appear to ar to be aiming for is highly competitive and you need to perhaps think of upping your game to get those sales.
  13. I am attending a school careers fair this week to talk on news photography. (I know, don’t do it no money...). I would like to set up a slide show of my portfolio on Alamy. Has anyone got any bright ideas how to do this short of having to import photos, individually into PowerPoint or similar.
  14. You get a letter from HMRC questioning your photography income as being “somewhat low”.
  15. Steady on. Colblimp is a respected contributor and has sale levels that most of us would give our right arm for. (Metaphorically speaking) hardly silly. Stock photography is, in economic terms, an imperfect but highly competitive market. To answer your question would require a full Market analysis and the public market data is simply not available to carry out such an analysis. As I have noted before I suspect that the 80/20 rule applies and that 80% of Alamy revenues comes from and goes to 20% of contributors. There is some work (not particularly quantitive) that indicates a potential trend for increased image usage but against that is the well documented massive increase in supply such that some may consider the market to have a trend towards saturation The image market is highly segmented and if the correct niche can be identified temporary monopolies may exist, but not for any length of time and with high elasticity of supply..
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