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  1. The other linked big difference is that the Alamy Live News team “pushes” live news photos out to picture desks. Stock photos are “pulled” by picture desks etc searching for images. I tend to undertake a little marketing by tweeting etc my Alamy pictures. As an example I tweeted one of my last year Alamy London Marathon pictures with the news I had accreditation for this years’ marathon. I used the London Marathon hashtag. I immediately saw an increase in marathon search terms and some zooms for my marathon pictures from last year.
  2. Given that Alamy has more than 150 million images and the latest reported sales figures were in excess of twenty two million pounds; any individual fluctuation in sales is "noise". My understanding, and I may be wrong, is that there are around 17,000 active contributors so one contributor is 0.0058% of the contributor base and that ignores the impact of partner agency contributors. You would need to aggregate several hundred users to get any statistically significant trends
  3. You have some nice images but nothing like enough to generate consistent sales. A rule of thumb is one sale per month per thousand images. (Many will disagree with this). You our need to think of what image buyers are looking for and meet that demand photography criticism is largely subjective. My perception is that you need to work on your composition. Tighter shoots (for example of the cyclists,) are more dramatic. The photo of the boy by the car cuts him off, either he is in the picture or not. Use depth of field to draw attention to the subject. Many of your shots are from eye level. Go low and go high to get different views. being in Africa you have the potential to get stunning photos not commonly available. Go for it, produce quality and quantity and over time you should do fine
  4. Yes, it speeded up my filing by a very large margin. As noted all the above! I use the templates/stationary a lot, I have a list of cabinet ministers and just type /Gove/ and I get “Michael Gove MP PC, Secretary of State for the Environment”. Correct spelling and job title. The template already has location, date and activity and all IPTC fields complete.. So I end up with London 1st April 2019 Michael Gove MP PC Secretary of State for the Environment arrive for a cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street. All I will have typed is /Gove/. Even setting up ad-hoc events is very fast and ensures consistent format and spelling. I tend to to set up templates for specific events like London Fashion Week or Trooping the Colour and just add details to captions as required. As noted the speed of reading RAW files is unbelievable. So selection, rating and culling is as fast as you can press the keys. It will read hundreds of raw files almost instantly, if you have a high spec laptop. i would not be without it.
  5. I do upload my RAW files to my laptop via photo mechanic so I can select and use a template for caption, keywords etc, then import into lightroom for a quick edit and then upload to Alamy via mifi. About fifteen to twenty minutes for a big shoot. I have duel cards, one raw and one JPEG for a really big story I can upload using the jpegs from photo mechanic - about five minutes.
  6. Sorry about the boring heads of politicians but they sell and sell and sell....
  7. I have this work and it is a classic. Although, initially, it may seem dated, it is an outstanding manual of the craft of photojournalism.
  8. A “personal use” sale of the Defence Secretary in Downing Street. Either Gavin Williamson has an admirer or.... Low $$
  9. I really like your photos. The majority are well composed and with high production values. Niels is right though. You need to do more work on your captions and keywords. For example, in some of your Baden Powell photos you do not mention the location. Brown sea island is a key international scouting location. Buyers do not look at photos to start with. The search by keyword terms: then select the photos that match those terms. If your photo does not match it will not be looked at. However, you have made an excellent start. Alamy sales are a marathon not a sprint so keep doing what you are doing, plus some more work on captions and keywords and the sales will come - I think anyway
  10. John i have had a look at your “people” pictures. IMHO you need to do more work on the way you compose and crop your photos. Many of them lack a central point of focus and/or they have odd arms, part heads etc as such they are less like.y to be used as stock.
  11. There is also the issue of information/access. The agencies get automatic access to information and events while freelancers have to fight to get on mailing lisits and then fight again to get access to events, because we are at the bottom of the feeding chain. Thus we have to stand around for hours in Downing Street or College Green waiting while the wires turn up just in time for the appearance. Having said that the vast majority of the wire photographers are good people and very generous with information (in my early days in Westminster news photography I used to follow camera crews around!). So, it is not a level playing field, but that is part of the fun...
  12. I have the right tools but often it is about finding somewhere, out of the rain, to file. A number of Westminster togs, last week, got thrown out of The Methodist Central Hall cafe for editing/uploading on the grounds they had not purchased sufficient/any produce. There is one place that allows/tolerates editing and uploading but, for that reason, it is frequently packed. Also some togs have had bags, cameras etc nicked while uploading in public cafes etc. I often end end up having to edit and file on the train, but that only works outside rush hour....
  13. I am one of the “chosen few” (sorry). 95% of my work is hard(ish) news and my stuff gets published in the nationals. But a strict one hour limit is going to change my workflow to smaller more frequent submissions (which is probably the idea) . I sometimes have two or three stories running (Downing Street, Cabinet office, College Green), so I will have to decide which one/s to drop so I can file. The same with demos. Go in, take pictures, leave demo, edit and file then return and repeat. It will certanly focus my mind, but at the risk of perhaps missing some of the action. Fortunatly I have just upgraded to photomecanic 6 which is supposed to be even faster for culling, captions and capture.
  14. Some nice photos, but to my eyes some of your buildings have a heavy distortion. Second, I would used a smaller dof to make your main subjects stand out. Again, maybe my old eyes but several of your images look soft. Some of your keywords are incorrect, such as “police” when there are no police. I also think. And many will know better than me, that some of your keywords are too generic and likely to give false positives.
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