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  1. Just issued By the NPCC police guidance Working with journalists during Covid-19 outbreak The National Police Chiefs Council Communications Advisory Group has agreed to these guidelines being circulated to, and adopted by, Police Forces in England, Wales & Northern Ireland. Police officers are likely to have contact with journalists who will continue doing their job during the Government’s Covid-19 Coronavirus restrictions. The following guidance outlines how this should be approached.  Journalists are covered as key workers  There is a public interest in keeping the population informed of the developing crisis and subsequent recovery / return to normality  Responsible journalism promotes good community relations and assists the emergency services, which is essential in the current health emergency  Journalists will be expected to carry a UK Press Card or other official record of employment  Police will engage with them if officers are unsure why they are out.  We will expect them to comply with the Public Health guidelines e.g. on numbers, social distancing, and if not we’ll explain and encourage them to do so
  2. Thanks for your response. If you look at my profile you will see that the majority of my news photos recently are local. However, I believe that multiple news sources are important Not all media organisations can afford pictures from my friends at PA and Getty. The news agencies work to specific news agendas, I do not. Alamy has been kind to me and if I can help by making highly marketable images (my Downing Street photos sell well) then I will do so. It is still my job and I need to earn income.... In general terms a free and independent media is important. We have seen regrettable occasions when the Government has restricted access to news briefings to selected media outlets.. No. 10 now has its own in-house photographer and video team releasing “news” footage that used to be covered by independent media. In times of crisis it is most important that a free media continues to operate. A demonstrator recently pointed out to me that the mere possession of a press card makes me more likely to obey police instruction etc, it did make me think...
  3. I am not entirely comfortable being labelled as a “key worker” because I have a press card. Like you while working the police have been friendly I was supposed to be going to Downing Street today but had to cancel as my wife may need to go to hospital today (non covid related) and a call from my son’s school indicated that he was not doing his homework. (He told me he was). Although I am enjoying brushing upon my simultaneous and quadratic equations to help him. Hopefully I can return to my news photography tomorrow,
  4. OK, hand up, I forgot it was Monday today..... still even for a Sunday that is a record low on measures for me.
  5. I checked my Alamy measures today and had only twelve views on one search yesterday instead of the normal 200+ Is this just me, a sign of the times or a problem with measures?
  6. This month, even before the end of the month, I have had the best revenue month in the last five years.... Roughly three or four times my normal average. several $$$ sales, one of an NHS protest I must have taken two or three years ago and another old photo used by a television company. One of the best sales was a locally taken “car in a sink hole” local works as per a Welsh photographer who’s name has slipped my mind (1984). I strongly suspect that it’s all rapidly downhill from here.... Interestingly I have been unable to find any of the high value sales and only one of the low value so I have to guess where they appeared.
  7. I am a news photographer. I have taken two sets of covid 19 pictures in the last few days. One of NHS staff in a priority line at the local Sainsbury and today of social distance lines outside local shops. sadly today some people took exception to me taking photos and questioned my parentage and what I had done to my mother.... someone threw something at me. ho hum.... Tonight I am going to try to get pictures of the clapping for NHS staff at 8pm.
  8. I agree. I came back from Downing Street after work yesterday an hour before the rush hour and the underground and trains were packed as per the photographs. I had to stand most of the way. There was about a third of the normal tog population outside number 10. I just hope (rather than expect) that I sell enough photos at a reasonable rate, to warrant the risk. I am going to carry on going to London to get the news photographs until either I cannot or until I am banned by the Government....
  9. As a Westminster (London) based news photographer I face difficult choices. To me, it is important that there is still news photography taking place. The UK is about to enact some of the most draconian legislation since the Second World War. We are living in history and to me it is important this is documented. To balance this I have to take public transport to London with the risks that entails. There are far fewer events and fewer photographers (in Downing Street yesterday about half the normal tog population). So the social distancing is less of an issue than it could be. For the moment I am in “Keep calm and carry on” mode. I guess time will tell.....
  10. I don’t like this any more than anyone else, but, in Alamy’s defence, it is not commercially in their interests to get involved in a legal copyright argument. That, even if they win, will involve a lot of time and expense.for little return in terms of licence sales.
  11. There is a well known correlation between national and global economic activity and stock sales. The worldwide economy is, arguably, heading for a massive economic shock and recession so we can reasonably expect a drop off in stock and news sales. It has already been pointed out that newspaper and newspaper production will be hit with a double whammy, people not going out to buy and reporters, photographers, printers etc not going to work hitting production and sales.
  12. It is reported that Alamy staff worked from home as a practice for coronavirus restrictions. (This has not been confirmed) As a news shooter I would need a very big lens to do that as a contributor...………...
  13. This morning I was standing outside Portcullis House, the office block for MP’s in London. My camera (a Nikon D5 and a 70-200mm lens, so Hardly inconspicuous) was out but I had not taken any pictures. Two police cars, one an Armed Response Unit, pulled up. the armed response officers, came towards me. . They asked me what I was doing. I explained that I was a press photographer and (slowly and carefully) got out my press card. At which point one of the ARV officers radioed to cancel all units responding to the “incident” at Portcullis House. The police told me that a member of the public (I am fairly sure it was one of the security staff) had reported that I had been seen taking photos of security passes. I said to the officer that while I was under no legal obligation to show him what was on my memory card exceptionally I would do so. I did show him the photos I had taken and he was satisfied. However, the other officer asked to see my press card and took details, as he said had to make a report on the “incident”. The officers were polite and business like. However, it is just a bit worrying. It is a sign of the times that I am now being stopped on many occasions photographing around Westminster I was not aware photography was, at least not yet, a crime.....
  14. There is a tweet from Laura Whitmore, who is, I understand, some minor celebrity on Love Island. It is a complaint and a video of a confrontation with a photographer at a (South African ) airport who was taking photographs. Ms Whitmore complained she was mourning the death of her friend Caroline Flack. In the comments there is a bit of an outpouring of vile against photographers including suggestions of physical violence. I do understand the issue of mourning and this is specifically mentioned in the Editors code. I would certainly not, knowingly, intrude. In the comments it is pointed out that a couple of days before she had been photographed partying at the Brits. I generally don’t photograph TV celebs, mainly because I don’t know who they are. But, I do take the view (and is the legal standpoint) that if someone is in a public place there is no expectation of privacy. My view is that if you make your fame/money in the public view then there is the cost of public recognition/interest. Those of us in the business are aware of show business agents tipping off togs about celeb visits to restaurants, clubs etc. I may be wrong but there is something about the cake and eat it situation. it was also noted that paps only take photos that sell and if there wasn’t a demand the photos would not be taken. The videoing of the photographer and the subsequent suggestions as to his future is, one could argue, just as bad.... Every photographer has their limits and the vast majority of us know how to behave. Threats, naming and shaming helps no one and will undoubtedly make all our professional lives more difficult.
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