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  1. Jools, thanks. I was going to use a grided off camera flash, but the kit is quite old, gen 1. I was surprised it still worked...,
  2. Hi, i want to photograph someone wearing night vision kit. My issue is I want to photograph it with the red leds showing on the front for dramatic effect, they come on when the kit is turned on. The problem is that I am worried about using flash in case it “blows” the night vision tube. I am going to try long exposure but the problem may be getting some one to sit perfectly still. I do have a mannequin head, but it does not look so attractive.
  3. Hi Alex, I like your portfolio. Mostly well composed and balanced. A good mix of subjects. You are lucky, from a photograph view point to live where you do, excellent light (unlike the UK). And a lot of variety. The captions are OK, perhaps some more detail and the keywords look fine to me. However, you are going to have to upload a great deal more to obtain good sales numbers. It is not until you get in to the mid thousands that sales will appear regularly. You have done well with a sale with just 200 images. I understand your comment on family commitments - I have the same issue. But, my view would be to submit a few regularly. Get into the habit of taking your camera everywhere, malls, etc and just keep shooting. Well done.
  4. https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-guardian/20191129/282600264736377 one of mine from the General Election campaign, in The Guardian
  5. A good question. I normally cover the Christmas "Lighting up Brentwood" with the Salvation Army, acts etc; but I do wonder why I bother - its one of those things that you do in hope rather than expectation. A couple of years ago I was approached by a council official who said her security people had been following me for an hour and wanted to know if I had been taking pictures of children.... That's another story. I do have some of my London Christmas lights in Regent street zoomed quite a lot - but only a couple of sales. Hope springs eternal.
  6. As I have suggested on occasions before, with approaching two hundred million images (think about that for a moment) any one contributors sales (out of more than 18,000 active contributors) variations are going to be close to random. Some have a theory that frequent submissions help with rank, but I have not seen any clear evidence for this, the Alamy ranking algorithm is, understandable, a “black box”. I am sorry for your drop drop in sales, why not try contributing on a regular basis for a while and see if that makes a difference? A type of A/B testing.
  7. It’s a long story.... However, looking forward to the Cenotaph service on Sunday (up at 5am) and two local general election stories later this morning. (It is 4am, I will get back to 🛏)
  8. I photograph the vast majority of cabinet meetings in Downing Street, as I did on Tuesday. Because of the large number of attendees at cabinet and the objective of not submitting too many news photos, I am a bit selective who I photograph to those Ministers I think are "news worthy". The one minister I did not photograph on Tuesday was Alun Cairns who resigned today.....
  9. Alamy News has already been in touch and offered me accreditation to an election event; unfortunately I had already planned to cover a cabinet meeting which is on at the same time. (and I frequently get good sales from cabinet pictures) I am more than happy with the support from Alamy News and always feel very guilty when I am unable to help. I have childcare responsibilities which stop me doing as much as I would like; but these will fall away as the children get older. My rant was more about the way the political parties, both local and national restrict access during the election campaign. I do subscribe to a very expensive news wire that gives me notice of events; the issue is getting accreditation The amount of real public contact is getting smaller and smaller as events are heavily stage managed and only the faithful and those journalists who indulge in "corporate" journalism are invited. (OK, that may be a bit harsh) I am just worried that UK politicians (I cannot speak about other countries) are getting more and more distant from the people they represent. Not, in my view, good for democracy.
  10. I will be covering the General Election. However, I find it difficult at both a local and national level. Despite asking the local political parties to but me on their mailing lists etc. I tend to find that does not happen and I find out campaigning events by chance if at all. I also have an expectation that the few “public” meetings will be ticket only and not announced until after the event in the interests of "security" (Despite having a Press card and access to Downing Street). National events tend to have press access only for the likes of PA, Reuters etc; understandable but frustrating. As a photojournalist I want to give the widest possible coverage to election activities but, as a freelance it is next to impossible; which is a sad reflection of where we are in this democracy...…
  11. This is quite an important issue. 95% of my work is live news. I am lucky if I identify 10% of the usage using all the methods described above. Today I have contacted Contributor relations over one of my live news weather photos (and I do very few of these) taken in June used by two national newspapers, neither newspaper have reported the sale. So, how many unreported sales do I have of which I know nothing.....
  12. Do the UK political leaders count as natural disasters? Asking for a friend....
  13. The Alamy accounts have been submitted and will be available on the companies House website “in five days”
  14. I highly recommend the Nikon D5. Most of my news work is fast moving and low light. The D5 works well in low light and shoots at 12 frames per second. Costs about USD 6,000 plus lens. Downside is that it is very heavy, loud and large so no inconspicuous Street photography.
  15. A charge on a property can mean that it is being used as security on a loan or mortgages. I believe a full satisfaction means the property is now not being used as a security. A little unusual to file on a Sunday. While Ian is right that the accounts are only a little overdue; these relate to December 2018 as a company has several months to submit their accounts. I submitted my own company accounts a few years ago, the first filing, 24 hours late and was fined the standard £150...
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