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  1. Telegraph Online 22 February Brown Hares boxing, Chris Strickland - can’t find it
  2. Telegraph Online 21 February Smiling mature man using laptop, relaxing in outdoor sofa Contributor: GOODLUZ / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: KGMKCC Mature businessman sitting in office lounge and using mobile phone. Senior executive texting on phone in office lobby. Contributor: Jacob Lund / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: PR0BMJ Happy senior couple having breakfast with their grandchildren at home Contributor: Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2A90HC0 Joyful aged woman looking at her beloved man Contributor
  3. Telegraph Digital 21 February Sizewell B nuclear power station, Suffolk UK. Contributor: Jack Hobhouse / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: BDBW71 Macau, China city skyline at dusk. Contributor: Sean Pavone / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: JWTG7J Norwegian Airlines plane Contributor: Ian Patrick / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: DK7AEH Young woman watching movie at night. Eating ice cream or chocolate with spoon. Cookies on table. Streaming show on tv Contributor: Anton Estrada / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: W4C3BA
  4. A rather disappointing haul from The Telegraph Digital Edition Telegraph Digital 20 February Europe, France, Bourgogne, Epoisses, young market gardener in a greenhouse looking after the seeds Contributor: Photononstop / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: W0F4M6 Chitting seed potatoes in egg boxes on sunny window sill to encourage strong sprouts before planting out in garden (pictured) Contributor: Deborah Vernon / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: J252EF The beach and waterfront at Aberystwyth including Constitution Hill and the Cliff Railway
  5. Telegraph Digital 15 February Edinburgh city centre, Victoria Street,Scotland, UK. 30 October 2020. The few tourists there are finding there is little open to entertain them in the centre of the city with pubs and restaurants still being closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Contributor: Arch White / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2D8J62H
  6. Telegraph Online 14 February (in addition to Telegraph Digital Edition) A senior couple with a dog in an autumn nature at sunset. Contributor: Jozef Polc / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: R1EF51 Children's playground with a closed sign due to the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, UK Contributor: Sam Oaksey / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2BKHC84
  7. Telegraph Digital edition 14 February The milky way over Skelton Tower on the North York Moors near Levisham. Contributor: Martin Williams / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: R1E0HF Statue of Venus in autumn at Rousham House and Garden, Oxfordshire, England Contributor: Tim Gainey / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: H8W80M Madagascar, Eastern coast, beside Sainte Marie Island (Nosy Boraha), the mall island of îles aux nattes Contributor: Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo Cafe Gerbeaud, Budapest Ungarn Contributor: Image Professionals Gm
  8. Telegraph Digital edition 13 February High angle view of girl painting Easter egg on table at home Contributor: Cavan Images / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: RX1TG1 Wild Bottlenose Dolphins Jumping Out Of Ocean Water At The Moray Firth Near Inverness In Scotland Contributor: Andreas Berthold / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: RHRPXE Car, Toyota MR2, Convertible, model year 2000-, yellow, driving, diagonal from the front/oben, ams 17/2000, Seite 070 Contributor: culture-images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: B4BTWA ironing
  9. Upday is a “new” news app. It appears they are paying for image rights. This could, indeed be a new income stream. Interesting....
  10. Absolutely. Although it did strike me that there is an internal investigation into the situation she “may” have the same constraints. But I do take the point made by others that her record in the area of press freedom may be open to criticism The entire government media handling is, to say the least lacking in ambition
  11. Telegraph Digital Edition 11 February Young beautiful woman in morning bed at home. Bored female person hold remote control and switch tv channels. Alone in bedroom. Bowl with popcorn on Contributor: Vlad Dmytrenko / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2BC1079 Keats urn. Contributor: Shim Harno / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2DCE648. (Not entirely sure about this)
  12. My argument was very context specific. Before lockdown the vast majority of my images were from Downing Street of UK cabinet ministers. There could be up to thirty attendees at Cabinet. That means for a live news upload I was limited to roughly one picture per attendee. Also, on occasion I had to make a decision about not taking a particular cabinet minister in favour of submitting several of one particular minister. I would take between five and ten pictures per attendee depending on who they were and how much they were on the news agenda. An example of the issues this caused can be
  13. I have reportage privilege as well as having news access. I had to fight for it, but the main reason for me is that you are limited as to how many news images you can submit; but quite often I have taken other images, equally good and newsworthy so I can submit them via the reportage route.
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