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  1. Happened to me once, unfortunately one was soon refunded! Alamy will let you know if that is the case. As your payment differs in amounts you should be OK (mine was the same amount so I suspected an error)- but don't spend it all just yet||||
  2. Make sure the image is .jpg and the resolution is at the minimum required level. Double check against the Alamy instructions regarding image size etc.
  3. Thanks Betty, very helpful. I obviously missed the notification of the changes to this. I'll tuck them away in a folder as you suggest and hope to remember where they are should any be required. Regards. Dave.
  4. I have uploaded Model Release forms in the past but there doesn't seem to be a facility for this since my last upload. In the user guide (p21) an upload icon is shown but doesn't seem to be anywhere in the image details panels. Only link is to existing release forms in the "Assign Existing Release".
  5. Just started assessing this as a possible useful source for images either in my files or to consider for future shoots. I selected a couple of possibilities, however, when trying to re-locate my choices to revise them, there is no quick way to get to my selections, i.e. no link on the "pic needs covered by you". Probably find them eventually by scrolling down through the entire options list which is not very convenient and time consuming (I gave up on that being faced with over 4 thousand options!). The search field didn't help either. Any suggestions?
  6. For my key-wording I use the Synonyms drop down tool in Microsoft Word document. Firstly, I list all relevant keywords that I can think of which I enter into a word document. To increase the list of keywords and still keeping them relevant, right clicking on a word brings up additional options under the Synonym tab. There are also links there to the Thesaurus which can provide more possibilities. If still stuck, I'll do a search in Wikipedia for the subject, amazing the otherwise missed useful keywords that can be found there. However, best to use the "grey matter" in the first instance for as many key-words as you can before looking for alternatives as explained.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I have an Alamy link set up on my web page, I wondered if there was a "Reverse" set up i.e Alamy to my web page, but I assume not (probably not a commercial possibility for Alamy?!). Thanks again.
  8. I am in the process of setting up a new website (via Clikpic). I can show a link on the link page to my Alamy page. Can I create a link on Alamy to my new Website, if so, how? Thanks.
  9. Having problems too, tried both systems and nothing being uploaded.
  10. I've recently renewed my acquaintance with Alamy now that I have more time to do so. I'm using the trial version of Keyword Perfect (as recommended by Alamy who have a promo code for it). Over the past couple of weeks I have used the software for key-wording and uploaded my images. The keyword generating seems fine to me as the keywords can be edited as you go if not happy with them. When happy, I Process the keywords to IPTC and also save as an Alamy worksheet ( I select the Alamy option in preferences). What I find frustrating is that the images having passed QC now need to have the keywords re-entered in the various keyword fields for each image (albeit the copy and paste does help!). However, I had assumed that attaching keywords to the image IPTC would have done that or there was some sort of "plug-in" link with Alamy? I've read on their tutorial that the Alamy worksheet can be used simply by emailing as an attachment to Alamy, how does that work? Despite this, I'll probably splash out and buy the software as there doesn't seem to be any other options - apart from manually inputting. I'd be interested on hearing from other users on this.
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