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7 sales

3 refunds - 2 resold for $1 less than the original. 1 a PU sale!

2 sales were through dist which left me $0.97 each net!

All for $41 total. 



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10 hours ago, Colblimp said:

Great month for me - 21 sales for $733 gross.  Of those sales, 4 were $$$, but there was a lot of repeat news licences for $, which really hit the income.  However, I'm not complaining, in fact, I'm over the moon!

Excellent result from 3K images Andy!



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79 for gross $2450. 7 for $$$, best was $175

In terms of age of images:


A: 0

B: 14

😄 12


E: 10

F: 11

G: 4

H: 3

J: 5

K: 3

M: 0

N: 0

P: 2

R: 1

S: 0

T: 1


No live news, out of Novel Use; In Personal use

Compared with last year, views and zooms slightly down but good CTR, sales and income both slightly up




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June turned out to be a normal (as in consistent with past averages) month for me at Alamy.  I had 15 sales for $775 gross.  With one refund, that was only $282 net.  Gross doesn't mean much anymore.

Alamy bested that other place for the first time in several months, having had a low month there with only $229 net.

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Just a couple of $$ sales, Alamy & iPhone - but interestingly while I'm at just over 50% of last year's volume, I've broken even with last year's revenue ,so that's a great thing. 
Additionally, zooms and CTR really ramped up in May and June, so I'm hopeful that the year is going to be a good one. 


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