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  1. @Alamy how about an update, are the offices reopening, are you processing unauthorized claims again, etc?
  2. not an exciting image, but a low $$$ is $$$, likely for a textbook. Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company - multiple educational editorial use onlyIndustry sector: EducationStart: 02 July 2020Duration: Unlimited
  3. 23 sales, with the exception of 3 refund/resale of the same price, june was about the same as may. kept adding more images, mid-year standing at ~97% licenses, ~65% revenue (not counting one big one) of last year.
  4. sooth

    Hi everyone

    Hi, nice images RM on alamy is a one-time use specific license regardless if its used as an editorial in a newspaper, or used commercially in a advertisement. RF is buy-it-once, use the image many times. If you happen to have a signed model release for an image, you can indicate this by clicking on the "Optional" tab, select "Yes" to the drop down "Do you have model releases for all the people in the image?" https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/model-property-releases-stock-images/?section=7
  5. Most of my photos of specific locations don't have more than 12 tags on them. Photos of mine that are more generic, or cover things/concepts that a lot of people may have already covered, will have more tags to describe it; I also find that the longer an image is on alamy, the higher it gets placed in a search, but not always as other criteria will push it down, or pull it up. Just describe it accurately, if you try and "optimize" your photos, you end up possibly sabotaging yourself with irrelevant keywords.
  6. Seaweed salad at Miku Vancouver BC. This, and a photo of the place both $$ 3 years in print and 7 years online pdf. casual, discreet photo taken on a vacation....
  7. Alamy users are unfortunately held to a far higher standard than all others (the agencies) allowed to submit to the live news channel;. Outside agencies just have to show up and they can submit whatever even if it's not news because they are supposed to police it, but in reality, the alamy live news channel is just another channel to dump stuff. Yesterday happen to browse to through it and saw one submission that was all screencaps of a joe Biden ad like wtf? Alamly users however are required to jump through hoops if they want access. In my experience, Alamy live news is really not geared for distributing news outside of the UK and getting in becomes a double hurdle for non UK users. Sorry I have no advice, just a complaint.
  8. i think it has more to do with the fact that living in a city you don't give a crap about anybody else, there is no community in a gigantic city full of strangers, so you do whatever you want; i.e., masks are for other people. also young people feel invulnerable and how people digest "news" wrongly believe only old and fat people get sick with covid-19. what people do not get is this: wearing masks primarily is NOT to protect you from others, wearing masks are for protect YOU from others. also there is this dynamic i see where mostly males do not wear masks. even couples walking down the street you see the male not wearing the mask while the partner is, I don't get that; must be a western cultural psychological thing where people think masks make you look weak and submissive.
  9. NYC has entered "phase 2" on Monday, and some of those (neighborhood type) restaurants that had been doing takeout and delivery during this time have now setup parklets (on-the-street parking space converted to another use beside private car storage) for outdoor dining. The only restaurants that remain closed are many of the destination, high end fine dining type as there are few tourists, and most of the rich people who have originally fled and abandoned the city like rats have yet to return.
  10. If it's jumpy (this goes for a computer mouse as well), I would... A) see if you can plug the USB wireless receiver either closer, or in sight of the trackball device; there could be interference between the trackball unit and the wireless receiver B. If that doesn't work, then try plugging the wireless receiver into another usb port as ports are sometimes shared/favored by other devices whether you know it or not. Do A before B to eliminate interference as the issue, even if you have to move the computer or trackball next to each other and check your screen. If you're pretty sure interference is the issue and it's not B, and you feel you can't physically move your computer around (let's say it's sitting under your desk), then I would get some sort of USB extension cable so that tiny wireless receiver can sit on your desk somewhere.
  11. ROBERT K. CHIN 2BDAFE2 SIMONE HOGAN 2BGKF05 CHRISTOPHE COAT 2BP7968 and 2BWCXYB STEVE SKJOLD 2BH4DDF https://www.aarp.org/politics-society/history/info-2020/coronavirus-business-signs.html
  12. you can check the AIM to see what "microscope" and "microscopic" images were searched for previously.
  13. i wonder, do number of sales, ctr, factor into it also?
  14. thanks! I once had a monopod, but lost it. I used to do (non professional) video where i had a camcorder mounted on a monopod for years and it is amazing for use in protests (when you have to reach in over the heads of police with batons and stuff), and festivals. Lost the monopod at a HONK! brass band festival in Somerville boston one year on a bus trying to get home... never tried using the monopod with a dslr because I didn't have a proper way of framing anything and no remote shutter release.
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