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  1. is it possible to screenshot what you are seeing?
  2. has anybody noticed web comps, at least the more recent ones, may be missing the alamy id and alamy website? (circled in red)
  3. might also be a good time before the database update to put in a bit more info, esp to the keywords.
  4. 17 sales reported for $350 gross, nothing in the $$$ range this month; mostly $ low $$. At least 3 additional sales expected (coronavirus related--food delivery, restaurant storefront, post pandemic fast food automation) but not yet reported.
  5. Lonely Planet April 2020 https://issuu.com/loopedsaxe3/docs/lompok_r56 Cover Rafal Rozalski H6P2PR Greek island Symi p10-11 2-page Waterframe BE348T Sharm el Sheikh p6 Himangshu Sekhar EFN3D6 man,traditional,Indian,worship,devotee, pp30-31 2-page Travelscape Images CMXHEA Palm Cove jetty at dawn p59 Design Pics Inc ERMRJW Locally made pottery p60 GUIZIOU Franck/Hemis E2G0CR Greece Cyclades Islands Anafi Island p61 Hitdelight FRR38M skiathos p62 Percy Ryall CB9PMK Greek folk dancing at a Panegyri
  6. 22 February 2020 New Scientist https://issuu.com/loopedsaxe3/docs/new_scu_46 p7 Lai Li - 2AXAM5A A drone carrying a QR code placard p10 Marmaduke St. John - D5DXEY Una imagen de test de Rorschach Inkblot Deak p13 US Air Force Photo - ERD553 MQ-9 Reaper p14 Biosphoto - H8TN1T food waste p16 Robert K. Chin - W1CR1F sweaty summer p16 Thomas Söllner - PT28W0 Optic fiber cable p16 David Fleetham - MC8N4M Mangrove upsidedown jellyfish, Cassiopea xamachana p19 Les. Ladbury - BC13TP Godin Norvegien Wood Burning Stove p19 Nature Picture Library - HY1T94 Portrait of a young Badger (Meles meles). p31 Jim West - T4BTWT Bernie Sanders campaigns for President in Macomb County p41 shrimp p42 chicken p54 YAY Media AS - DN7FF2 Music notes out from Head design
  7. this is good https://ny.eater.com/2020/3/20/21187881/coronavirus-nyc-restaurant-bars-photos
  8. also photos of people seeking jobs, financial relief, unemployment benefits; photos of take-out, and of take-out delivery workers like grubhub, seamless, etc, postmates, etc. this was incidental, but somebody downloaded a photo this yesterday to illustrate a story of a business creating a relief fund for their workers. https://www.foodandwine.com/fwpro/undocumented-restaurant-workers-win-son-coronavirus
  9. most important are properly exposed photos, and proper descriptions and accurate keywords. using vague, and irrelevant keywords is like squirting dust onto your camera sensor, sabotaging yourself.
  10. Let's remember to distinguish between Chinese and Chinese government. Referring to Chinese as a whole leads to prejudice and racism because your normal average people cannot distinguish between the two. Right now there has been increased tension, harassment, xenophobia, and racist attacks against Asians all over the world blaming anybody of asian decent on this pandemic. I myself have been on heightened alert. THANK YOU.
  11. rumahmigran.com Rumah Migran You can do a Google search with your name, and/or image and/or alamy with site:rumahmigran.com as keywords Alamy will not chase as the site is Indonesian. rumah migran is owned by triple one global Triple One Global address: 81 Ubi Ave 4 #01-05 UB.One Singapore 408830 website www.tog.sg Tel : +65 65384074 | +65 8484 3836 | E : info@tog.sg
  12. viewpoint. so if the camera facing in from the water toward the beach, is that the "front", or "rear"?
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