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  1. Mine is a true Christmas story: we stayed in this remote place in Sumatra over Christmas. We were warned: it is the most beautiful place, very very remote and quiet, but the villagers don't want to take you there and may even warn you that it doesn't exist. All this turned out to be true. It had been planned as a Club Med. 6 or 7 huts had been finished as a pilot. Club Med had decided not to come and the owners lived in part of the dining hall. We were the only visitors. When Christmas came, the fisherman that used to bring us daily fresh fish from the lake, did not turn up. We politely d
  2. If you download your sales as a spreadsheet, it will in addition to this have a column region. wim
  3. My guess is that publications over-report to one side and under-report to the other. wim
  4. Hmm that's not what the dentist ordered this morning. Woo woo.. woo woo.. I am allowed lunch in half an hour I think. And not liquid lunch. πŸ˜‚ Woo woo.. woo woo.. wim
  5. 25 for 1348 Would have been an average month 2 years ago. Now it's the best month of the year so far. The Brexit year 2016 was the best year. After that it all went downhill. Slowly at first. A bit quicker this year. The revenue graph looks like 2008. After that came 2009 which was worse. It went up from there, but it was 5 years until it topped 2008 in 2013. What did the Bible say again about seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine... 😈 And the choir went woo woo... woo woo... ... Please allow me to introduce myself... wim
  6. Sorry guys, Bella had to move from spot 2 to 9, there was no way to get her back to spot 2. This had probably caused the freeze or the other way around. It doesn't show though, because at the viewer's end there are no numbers. Duh. So still only 8 images to choose from. All is well in the end. wim
  7. Ok I hope everything is included now. The thing had just frozen on me. This poll closes on December 5th at midnight GMT (I'm guessing the time here operates on GMT - not sure. The poll will auto shut-off.) This way the winner will have all Sunday to set a new challenge. Loved all the entries. The only one doing something not entirely right is of course the apprentice who still has her fingers in front of the lens. Humor/humour is apparent in a couple I think. Some of them made it on this shortlist like the upskirting with a twist. And the Santas. A
  8. I hope not. However the editor will not save my edits. Like at what time the poll will close. Tearing my hair out. Which is very difficult πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦² wim
  9. A Look through the Viewfinder Abiyoyo - EBP9GR Woman taking a picture with her iPad of the nave of Siena Cathedral. The Selfie Doc - HCJEB3 A family dressed as Santas taking a selfie photo in Winchester Hampshire. If Caspar David Friedrich had been a Photographer John Mitchell - AJB0YM Tourist photographing the Cenote Zaci Valladolid Yucatan Mexico. The Last Animal on Earth meanderingemu - RMCEDR Group of visitors surrounding an African Penguin in Simonstown South Africa. The Lone Photographer
  10. And we're closed! All people who have contributed, thank you! On last count you were 42 contenders strong. You can see for yourself how high the overall quality is. (And how high you think your level is among your fellow contributors.) In the last phase of this challenge I decided to create 8 categories to make the process of whittling things down easier. Because as usual you had made that pretty difficult. Such great images all! The categories were: A Look through the Viewfinder 6 Apprentice Photographers aka Children 3 I
  11. wim edit: for a total sum of $205 gross 😁
  12. Stonecrop. Here it's called Hemelsleutel or The Key to Heaven in English. I have it on my parents grave. Used to have it in the garden too. Here's a list (pdf) of all confirmed plants in the SNP. About Hylotelephium telephioides or Allegheny Stonecrop it says: P Uc N He; MF, RO, XF G4 VA: S4 P = Present Uc = Uncommon N = Native - Species naturally occurring in park or region He = Herb MF = Mesic forest - Mesic and dry-mesic forests; represents a majority of park’s forested area RO = Rock outcrop - Exposed and shaded outcrops, boulder fields, talus slopes,
  13. A quick reminder: this challenge will close on Monday at 24:00 GMT. Lots of great shots already of course, but it's not too late late to add your own! What was it again? For the new challenge let's pick a theme that we all know something about: - photographers. Some simple rules: there has to be a person and there has to be at least one camera. Preferably somebody who is using his/her camera. Groups of photographers/people using cameras are fine. People taking selfies are fine even people using their phones as a camera are fine.
  14. The add and edit buttons had been gone for some days apparently. Everything seems to be working again this afternoon. wim
  15. I'm sure it was deliberate. The idea was to promote single images that have been sold. (There has been a post from management about this I think.) However it has come with a lot of side effects. wim
  16. 1954 Mercury Monterey: Without some of its chrome trim. here With this hanging from the rear: https://continentalkit.com/gallery/#book/ wim edit: and lowered. edit 2: link
  17. I even don't see how to do that. It's been a while since I did mine. While I was testing this just now, my page showed a box upload your images here. A bit like in the AIM. Weird. Now it's gone again. wim
  18. Hmm the front bumper looks a lot like a 1955 Pontiac. My guess: it's a Christmas tree. Can you read that sign just above the bumper? wim edit: so it's a 1954 Mercury
  19. Hey I have one too! Fissiparity, same phenomenon. Only one arm though. And mine is eating a mussel. Exact same details. I stayed dry though. It's shot from a big submerged tank. wim
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