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  1. All will be answered here: https://discussion.alamy.com/search/?q=rx100 , if you have a day or two to spare. Short answer: yes if your photography and editing skills are good enough and don't expect it to be a dslr. wim
  2. Or the other nice young guys. (The Halloween edition; the original. Or the binge version for a wet Sunday evening. Some very funny renditions.) wim
  3. Well spotted! It seems short term memory is the first to go. πŸ˜‚ ITMA? Aha. I've checked my sales since that thread and all 25 images taken outdoors have blue skies or otherwise brilliant weather. So no new examples of bad weather with good light. These are 19 of those sales: It's clear that light does play a big role. Whether that is in my images or in the taste of the buyers I'm not sure. It could also be color or just content, and mine was on the first or second row for their search. That content has something to do with it, could be deduced from these two: The one from the previous thread which has sold 5 x and this one from the same outing: which sits on 5th row @10/row @100/page for small thumbnails; or 8th row for large thumbnails. And has not sold once. I like it better though, but clients think otherwise. Or they just don't see it because it's too far down on the page. (There are 11,929 images for Gettysburg.) Could be content: ah yes that's a monument with some interesting light as a bonus. That's God's hand or Jacob's ladder or a Sun Harp (depending on where you live and which language you speak). What's the other - just a fence? Huh? (Fences played a role on that battlefield and they looked like this.) My image is #2 for Gettysburg fence. However nobody ever searches for that. Ever. wim
  4. Maybe post some thumbnails which have sold and which have done nothing. Hmm it seems that we have done this here? But where is it? Because I remember posting this one as an example: Maybe the topic was bad light, not good light. wim
  5. Chuck, could this be your screen? Dell 2407WFP-HC Maybe it's nearing the end of it's life. This advice is not bad. Check out his pages about color management too. If you can live with sRGB his budget option looks good. But as he says, you must calibrate it. I noticed that over here the Eizo CS2420 went down in price and is now EURO 620, But in the US it has gone up quite a bit and is now around $960 at B&H. Cheapest I could find was through Amazon for $759. But the average at Amazon was around $870. Could this be the current trade wars at work? Could also be because I cannot tell Amazon to show me prices without shipping (to The Netherlands). It used to be the prices in the US were in dollars what they were over here in euros. (We have higher sales tax, which is included in all prices on the consumer level.) What I don't understand is why some of your images are perfect, but others tend to have those darker shadows and are sometimes just too dark overall. Could be changing ambient light also. Like sunshine in the room vs no light at all. The Kaepernick portraits are good and the close-ups of Condi and Kerry look good too. But the overviews of that one are a tad on the dark side. wim
  6. How high have you set the light output of the UltraSharp? BTW there's quite a bit difference between the UltraSharps. Newer ones have led lights, but older ones have CCFL backlights. Older color calibrators can struggle to get the settings right for Led backlights. I have two ancient U2010 ones that have the same LG panels inside as some macs from that time and they were really good for the money. Much easier to the eye than their Apple counterparts too because of the non-glare finish. However now I have two Eizo's I can see and feel the difference: they are less stressful for the eyes, because they are so evenly lit (uniformity in display-speak). The Dells much less so. Color wise there's not a huge difference. And the Eizo's are also non-glare. The main difference is the color depth which with the Eizo's is now real 10-bit thanks to a serious Nvidia Quadro P4000 graphics card. So no more banding in blue skies or B/W images. Back to your images. I find the shadows a bit dark and the overall feel a bit on the gloomy side. A good test is generally to try AUTO in ACR or LR. It's not always perfect of course. However I tried it on the downloaded zoom of your WA1544 and AUTO in ACR generally did with it what I would do with it. WA1544 So if you were on a Mac I would suspect your monitor brightness is too high, because that's usually the case with mac displays. (People want their movies to be bright.) My Eizo monitors are at 100 cd/m2. Let me fire up the print station to see at what levels the Dells are set. They are now also set at 100 cd/m2. Previously they were at 115 cd/m2 because the studio is quite well lit, while the station with the Eizo's is in a much darker space to the side. The Dell U2410 monitors were 400 cd/m2 out of the box according to the specs. That may well be a lot lower after 10 years and the colors have shifted also. (Which is why one uses a calibration device.) wim
  7. They are 2 different Kumars: Kumar Sriskandan - https://discussion.alamy.com/profile/221-doc/ P Kumar - https://discussion.alamy.com/profile/3144-kumar/ I hope my attribution of the wins were to the right one though. OK let's check that: 2018 October - You Wear It Well - Doc Kumar- C1A3X0 2017 January - Friendship and Friends - Kumar - DCE46T August - Digital Manipulation - Kumar - AGNMC6 2015 August - Travel Magazine - cover - Doc Kumar - EHA78Y April - Little - Bryan - CTYX0F - Doc Kumar - S05W69 (tie) 2014 February - The Unusual / The Weird / The Lucky Shot - Doc Kumar - AW4G2R Phew! wim
  8. Could it have something to do with judging an image against a white vs a black background? wim
  9. Which brings us to a list of winners so far. Please check your name/nick/pseudo to see if it's correct. Colin Woods 8 Arterra, Philippe 5 Michael Ventura 5 Wiskerke 5 Doc Kumar 4 NYCat 4 Olivier Parent 4 Russell Watkins 4 Alan Beastall 2 AVPics 2 Bryan 2 Julie Edwards 2 Kumar 2 MariaJ 2 Shpg 2 Steve Hyde 2 Ace 1 Andy Melbourne 1 Baarney 1 Chris E 1 David Davies 1 dustydingo 1 Ed Endicott 1 fotoDogue 1 Graham Morely 1 gvallee 1 imageplotter 1 John Mitchell 1 kmerr 1 LSP 1 Lynne 1 Malcolm Park 1 MDM 1 Mickfly 1 Ognyan Yosifov 1 Pazmander 1 Phil Crean 1 Pretty Pictures 1 RedSnapper 1 reeray 1 Regis 1 Sheila Smart 1 Simon Evans 1 Sprocket 1 Stu 1 TeeCee 1 Tim Gainey 1 Tom Travis 1 wim
  10. Well spotted! As for mum's birthday, that's a tough one. Has she ever forgotten yours? Probably not. Women seldom forget such important things as birthdays. Men otoh never know what day it is or when their friends (male) have their birthdays. Or so the internet says. One of the links when I asked googled this problem was called Joyriding In Autismland. Go figure. wim
  11. Because it is raining here (with a balmy 15C) and the Wayback Machine (well anything) is a tempting diversion of book keeping, here's some more. So we ended the list with 2013 April - In the Air - Which was the first on the New Forum but had started on the Old Forum. - Because the All new Alamy Forum was announced on the old forum by Alamy on April 22. Further on the Old forum: March - Minimalism February - Forgotten January - Alone 2012 December - Togetherness November - A Magical Moment October - Autumn - which was probably the first: Because there is this thread started by Arterra Monthly challenges - This is NOT a camera club! with a last post by Munty on Monday, October 08, 2012 4:21 PM. The rest was not archived, so that's all we know can find online. And there are no previous posts with the word Challenge or otherwise hinting at something like that. Does anybody remember who won those first two? November - A Magical Moment October - Autumn With what images? Why could the winner of November not been found in December? Or was it just not in time, which happens sometimes and has happened recently. And with what images did reeray and dustydingo win those December - Togetherness and January - Alone challenges? February - Forgotten - was won by Baarney with CWH6C5, March - Minimalism - by Stu with CYK71X. The section of the old forum Let's talk about pics (where the Challenges have been taken place) had been started with this announcement by Alamy on Tuesday, August 28, 2012: You will notice that we have changed the Alamy Forum so it is now has three categories; 1. "Alamy Quality control and technical queries" -this will be devoted to understanding QC, reasons for failure, allowing failed images to be posted up so an independent view can be given. Plus this topic will be for questions related to photography, cameras and software inc Photoshop and scanning etc. 2. "Ask the Forum" - anyone with a question related to Alamy or the Stock Industry can ask it here and hopefully get an answer from a well informed fellow photographer. 3. "Let's talk about pics" - Purely to talk about and share images, portfolio critique, inspire and general positivity. wim
  12. The link to the old forum on the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20170915000000*/alamy.com/forums wim
  13. Haha! OK just to check if my idea of going to the Wayback machine would work: December/January challenge: TOGETHERNESS That's 2012-2013! wim
  14. Maybe check AoA for those swear words or nudity; nude and naked as a keyword. Hmmm maybe do it myself. Not many searches for nudity in the rolling year: 19. Including this one: https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/lavender fields france provence?excludenudity But 7 pages (@100) for nude and 7 for naked as well. No results for strong language and only 1 search for swear words. A couple for swear or swearing (as in using swear words). Interesting. wim
  15. Thank you! You're welcome. I didn't do them in one go. Just updated them when I had to set a challenge myself. Somehow missing from that list are the only ones from the old forum I could find: Old forum: A Magical Moment Alone Forgotten There must have been more. If anyone remembers one or is able to find some more, please post them here. Maybe a nice project for a long cold wet winter's night? Trawling through the wayback machine? πŸ˜‰ wim
  16. Good challenge Ognyan! B8XWM9 - Washington DC - Washington Monument reflecting in the water of the Tidal Basin. EY1HY1 - Amsterdam - Singel Canal with DHL delivery canal boat. EEH4H3 - Chicago - United Terminal Pedestrian tunnel at O'Hare Airport. wim
  17. Micro $. Fog rolling in behind Bixby Bridge on the Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur California. Do we get bonus points for [LU]? We'll see. Are they being nicked from there? Again, we'll see. Victoria Coren Mitchell would now have us all sing: Working for the Yankee dollar. Or the original. Or the LC version. We however will sing: Working for the Micro Dollar from now on. And if you're maybe like me this will stick in your head for the rest of the week. Earworm! (Aka Stuck song syndrome.) wim
  18. As I've stated before, it's mostly the lack thereof which forces me to note it all down. 😁 wim
  19. These documents are never asked for. Until the country you want to enter all of a sudden dislikes the country you're from. Or someone on the border thinks he (seldom she) can squeeze some money from you. wim
  20. Wow! My Brompton (with titanium parts) is worth about the same our car was - before it failed the MOT. My wife's Brompton is worth even more. Good catch! (Next time maybe if you spot a car...πŸ˜‚ ) - hmm maybe not. wim
  21. Yes, for me it's the Brompton or the Giant at the moment. (MOT - called APK here - is a great thing. Until, uhmm - you get the idea. πŸ˜₯) wim
  22. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† πŸ†πŸ† wim
  23. 8 wim edit: runners up: Arterra, Philippe 5 Michael Ventura 5 Wiskerke 5
  24. Come on Ognyan we'll talk you through it. πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«πŸ˜ Fresh blood is an advantage. In this case no need for you to have done your 10.000 hours of practice here. (Besides maybe the 10.000 hours is a myth too: 1; 2; 3.) These have been the previous Challenges on this Alamy Forum. Just come up with one of your own. (Or combine two from the past or give your own twist to an old one. ) 2019 September - Faces August - Climate July - Children in Action June - Remembrance, Honouring, Celebrating May - The Thrill and Joy of Sport April - Women's Role in Todays Society March - Eating February - What is Love? Januari - Happy New! 2018 December - Converging Lines November - The City October - You Wear It Well September - Think Local August - NEWS July - FUN June - National parks scenery (pure nature) May - Twilight April - In or On the Water March - Without leaving the house (or garden) February - Winter Activities January - Music 2017 December - Taste November - Iconic October - Failure September - Critters August - On The Beach July - Street Art June - Festivals May - Transport April - Proverbs and sayings March - Urban Wildlife February - Urban Landscape January - Friendship and Friends 2016 December - Behind November - Trees October - River September - Our Native Land August - Digital Manipulation July - Pedal Power June - Help May - Worm's eye view April - City March - Joy of Travel February - The Blue Hour January - Silhouettes and Shadows 2015 December - Motion November - Solitary October - The Decisive Moment September - Concept August - Travel Magazine cover July - Skyline June - Environmentally Friendly May - Communication April - Little March - The Good Life February - I don't know why I like it.. January - Informal Portrait of a Stranger 2014 December - Festivities November - Autumn Colour (Color) October - Shoot Local September - Music August - Bridges July - My Favourite Place June - Perspective May - Rules April - Abstract/Minimalism March - Health February - The Unusual / The Weird / The Lucky Shot January - Sunset 2013 December - Peace November - Cold October - Harmony September - Triumphant August - Taking it easy July - Heat June - Night May - Excess April - In the Air Old forum: A Magical Moment Alone Forgotten wim edit: Come on Colin, you're perfectly capable of doing some coaching here! (As the most experienced πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†winner of all of us, if I may add. 😁 )
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