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  1. You've probably googled yourself nuts by now, but just in case: expat health care in spain for non eu. and: https://www.expatica.com/es/health-insurance-quotes/ Once a resident, you can apply for seguridad apparently. Not sure after how long. I'm guessing all those British expats will find themselves in the same boat after Brexit. wim
  2. You could use the 24 fps with full continous af,, if it's not about the video, but the stills. Otherwise if it is about the video, but you would like to have a better quality still than a frame: https://helpguide.sony.net/dsc/1750/v1/en/contents/TP0001138325.html I have never tried this myself, but it looks as it's jpg only at 17 megapixel & XFine. (This is how I read the 17M from the menu.) Both the buffer and the AF in the M6 have improved over the M5: AFAIK the AF is not continuous in burst on the M5. wim
  3. In case you've missed it those 5 years + 3 days you've been here: A. We receive over 100,000 images a day so itโ€™s simply not possible for us to check every image. We check a small sample of your images and if all images in that sample are ok then weโ€™ll pass the whole submission. If we find one failure then all images awaiting QC will fail. We take the view that every image you submit should meet our QC standards so when we look at a random sample we expect it to represent the quality of all images submitted. Our top tip is to check all images at 100% (actual pixels) before you submit. (https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/quality-control/?section=4) wim
  4. If your images are on Alamy,, you will probably have them available on your desktop/laptop already, so no downloading needed. If you're on a PC, my favorite is IrfanView. Just copy all image to one folder/directory/map and do this. You can even make an automated one with music, or a cd that starts automatcally when inserted (Irfan has been around for a while ๐Ÿ˜‰) But there's a quick and dirty solution in the File Explorer here. And if you're on a mac there's an equivalent, just use the preview function of the Finder like so. wim
  5. Automated bike parking in Kyoto. Worldwide. Magazines and books.mid $$ wim
  6. Which tells you why. They sell. German clients buy from them. They speak German and their clients speak German. The clients know how to pay them with two or 3 clicks in 5 seconds. They may even have an account. wim
  7. Really interesting specifications and impressive reviews. I'll definitely look into it when I'm ready to shop for carbon legs for my BH-55. wim
  8. The Brexit recession?. Any chance there is a before 23 June 2016 trend and an after trend? wim
  9. OUT OF MEMORY: RUN ALZHEIMER.COM? (Y/N) Y Candela! Compact Disc! Creative Director! Ah cd: change directory. (and 250 other meanings) wim
  10. You mean something like this: Windows Mac wim edit: windows apps here
  11. I am in all schemes and distributors, but just do not have a lot of sales to UK newspapers and their websites. Lack of appropriate content probably. (Not sure if the opposite is a possible solution: stop making newspaper content and start making images with higher production value.) My guess is that some of those bulk deals really drive the average down. And bulk deals on distributors doubly so. However those sales can be viewed as extra. Cherries on cake, albeit very small cherries. Remember they do help improving rank. wim
  12. As you can see, the problem that seems to occur is that if you update from Bridge you can get a different link to a different version. This is both on Mac and Windows. It's actually a feature, giving you the security of the old version with probably plugins and personal settings that keep on working, plus the new version that may not be totally compatible with all settings and plugins. Or just happens to work differently like with the 2018-2019 changes. Now the problem is that the system creates 2 links: one from inside Bridge and a different one from the dock/desktop/start menu sending you to the old version. wim
  13. Some earlier lists of averages in these topics: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/3924-sales-prices-comparison/ https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/7625-big-editorial-sales/ (There have been more.) 2005 - $195 2006 - $179 2007 - $425 2008 - $136 2009 - $124 2010 - $ 68 2011 - $ 80 2012 - $ 65 2013 - $ 68 2014 - $ 55 2015 - $ 59 2016 - $ 48 2017 - $ 46 2018 - $ 44 2019 - $ 40.3 - so far. - all gross. Nothing wrong with falling averages if the total keeps getting higher. Which sadly for me has not always been the case: 2016 was my best year; 2017 a bit lower; 2018 slightly higher again. Year total figures are in the various how was your year threads. wim
  14. In some cases Alamy may contact us asking for exclusivity for a certain category or region. That usually comes with a limitation on duration. (And can sometimes be negotiated if the sums are high enough.) wim
  15. Worldwide editorial. Beer $. (+2 more, so 3 beers.) No stepladder involved. wim
  16. Good and achievable goal! Go for it! I would study their imagery and try to understand their needs. Follow trending topics and try to predict them. (That will involve politics ๐Ÿ˜.) Because you already had a conversation, maybe go back and ask them about it: what are those trending and future topics; what quality; what specific criteria, certainly what are their no-no's and what sort of things are hard to find for them. Because what clients really like is when you are able to solve problems for them. And share your dream objective with them, sometimes (if not mostly) people are genuinely helpful. wim
  17. Less than 100 views means there's only one page @100 for that keywords, so your images will be seen whatever rank you have. Or rather: what rank your images have. Now providing your images are good, you do get a fair shot at sales. Mind it's about the keyword, so it could also mean you already have the images, but with different keywords. In any case there has been a customer who came looking for it. I would not go out and shoot a subject with only one customer per year though. But with a large port you could. If the views are exactly 100 or 200, there probably are more images. You could check them of course, but I would start with the ones with views below a 100. wim
  18. Did you happen to take images of these people? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7015683/Queen-Maxima-daughters-look-stunning-vibrant-flamenco-dresses.html https://www.newmyroyals.com/2019/05/dutch-royal-familiy-visited-april-fair.html They are celebrating the fact that they met each other for the first time there 20 years ago, together with some of the friends that were present at the time. And with their kids. wim
  19. +1 for Lilac Wonder. ๐Ÿ˜‰ wim
  20. While we wait for the sellers to declare themselves... You know how AoA works? Clients do search for kaleidoscope and kaleidoscopic. Try %kaleidoscop% or %abstract% and set the starting date to 01-May-2018, which is the 1st of the rolling year. Click UCO first to see how many searches there have been; click Search Term to find patterns (no pun) and which keywords to use; click Views to see which search terms yield less than 100 views, and would therefore be a good subject. kaleidoscope = 1 page @100 abstract = 32 pages @100 wim
  21. Click on the thumbnail in my post? So probably only in winter. If you set yourself to it, any bird will come to a feeder. Provided it's somewhere near of course and will come near a house. However it may mean constructing and maintaining specialized feeders. I've seen some, but mine are pretty standard be it with a diy cage around it. wim This proves that getting the Latin name right is important. The wrens in the US are totally different from the wrens in the old world: Cactus wren ( Campylorhynchus) and Carolina wren ( Thryothorus ), the one from the thumbnail. We here in the old world have only one: Troglodytes troglodytes great song! These do occur in the US as well though. The dutch name translates as little winter king.
  22. If you look at their beaks, they're seed eaters. On my feeders I have the same: a female and a young house sparrow. Pretty pleased they're back. Exactly which sparrow is hard to tell, because Passeriformes, include more than half of all bird species. But my guess is passer domesticus i.e. house sparrow. However because the location is given as Texas, I don't know. US sparrows are different from old world sparrows. (They're actually more like our finches and buntings.) Besides I'm from Amsterdam where we were only able to distinguish 2 types of bird: sijssies en drijfsijssies, roughly translated as Siskin and Water-siskin. But then in the Amsterdam dialect. (Oh and Pipits have long pointy beaks which means they will probably eat insects. But they're still Passeriformes. We call them Piepers. Nice song.) wim edit: My knowledge of birds does not extend much further than my 2 bird feeders and the trees in my street. Taking into account the Amsterdam upbringing I've come pretty far though. Recently four of these settled in the neighborhood and are treating me to wonderful lunchtime concerts.
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