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  1. Thanks guys - and Steve for pointing out the "outstanding" stuff. I think if I stay, I'll be altering pretty much all my RM images to "editorial only", even though all will indicate "property" + "release" states. My sales are generally doing ok that I shouldn't need to worry about falling into "silver". If I left here, I'd be running out of places to sell. I dropped SS when they changed their payment structure. AS doesn't make much for me, nor does DT. I am a little tempted to just remove everything from all though. Processing and key-wording is
  2. Now down to 4 days, and not sure what to do. I have scouted a bit of the official thread on contracts, but I'm looking for something that has a specfic breakdown on particulars that I should be worried about. What happens with all outstanding money owed by Alamy if I were to drop out? I have an outstanding balance of $300, some of which I have probably been waiting over a year for... This is supposed to be a relaxing side project that I work on, not something that stresses me out. All the talk of liability has me concerned though - shouldn't liability come down to usage
  3. Been a bit off the radar for a while, for so many reasons, only to come back and find this... I dropped shutterstock last year for their shenanigans regarding contributor payout, and had been managing things with the aim of moving entirely exclusive here. I.e. I stopped pushing things to other places with intention of closing them. Now, what a waste that has turned out to be. I think I "might" be ok to stay in that "gold" level - definitely based on last years earning, possibly based on this years earnings. But now not sure I should bother at all.
  4. I only really started uploading in 2018, first sale was only in 2019. Here's how my 2019 compares to 2020. 2019: sales - 8 revenue - lowish $$$ 2020: sales - 21 revenue - very high $$$. oh so nearly $$$$ almost a triple of sales volume, and a five fold increase in revenue. Am happy with that. Though, I don't hope for much of an increase over 2020 this year. While I have added more, and still have a fair few more to add, it's not as much of an increase in image count as I'd like due to covid. Have been so slow to list a lot of
  5. sweet little blue tit in the spring in a patch near home that kept me mostly sane during worst of lockdown
  6. Well, yesterday, not today, but booked a holiday to Greece. Yes, even given the current world state! Of course, things could go horribly wrong in the next 4 weeks, but I won't book anything during school holidays, and if I was having a "staycation" here in the UK, but I have my reasons for not Fingers crossed things remain good til we are there. My partner and I have been very cautious since all this began, especially with him working in care, and we both are in serious need of a timeout.
  7. This little fella was taking his life in his "hands" walking out in the open, completely exposed, right near a kestrel nest with 3 fledglings
  8. Scenes like this make me think about travelling... wonder when thats going to happen again... I'm seriously looking into what options I have this year. It's such a minefield though.
  9. They are one of my fav uk birds. I now have quite a few photos of them. I have three great locations for them near me - Richmond Park, the Thames jsut a 20 min walk away, and Windsor Park - which I was going to visit today, but am knackered after my day out yesterday 😕
  10. You were so lucky with the Waxwings - something I am still desperately after! Maybe this winter! It's such a lovely shot I know what you mean about exciting moments getting the better of you - just yesterday, I encountered my first stoat - a weasel like creature for anyone not sure. I was just so flabbergasted, I forgot how to use my camera Still got a couple of ok shots - helped by at one point it coming to within about 3 meters of me! Despite me not getting that I actually went out for - this made up for it
  11. This was a special moment for me a couple of months ago - for years I have wanted to see grebes carrying their chicks around. I wish I had been able to get lower down, but it was just lovely to see I have a special day our planned for tomorrow - going to some wetlands I have not visited since before lockdown. It was going to be two days running I was having outings, but Saturday isn't looking so good right now.
  12. My usage for this in The Financial Times from a month or two ago finally showed up low/mid $$
  13. Yeah, people do like to take advantage. With any luck, I will have a clearer idea of whether or not I'll get the promotion by end of the week.
  14. Oh my. That is insane! I had no idea anything quite so large was in use.
  15. Well, I don't know if this is a bad thing, but I'm putting my foot down today with regards to my role at work. My immediate boss resigned in December, with 3 months notice, and come March, the HOD of my department still hadn't hired anyone. So I started picking up more responsibility before my immediate boss left, and I picked up a hell of a lot more responsibility once covid kicked in. I told them I'd keep things running in the interim (work for charity, so wanted to do my bit), but it is now ~6 months later, and still nobody hired, despite having the OK to hire. I hav
  16. Finally started uploading "new" content again. I have decided to put off majority of my keyword reviewing until winter - I have a lot to fix, and I'd rather use the nicer weather to get out into nature now.
  17. phew - RF sale for low $$$, so this won't be a dry month. That makes 4th RF sale in last couple of months for those sort of prices - all wildlife too. I'd be happy for a few of those every month.
  18. Should be a limit of one week for a refund. Anyway, despite my BME last month, and the great amount of zooms have had over the previous few months, July is looking utterly dreadful. And not just here. Not even a single zoom this month, no sales here or anywhere else. Been a long time since things were this slow for me.
  19. I keep forgetting that there are threads outside of "contributor experience". And now that I am no longer contributing on Shutterstock, I need to get more active on here. One of my recently re-processed images. I'd love to get back to Costa Rica next year (or my bday in December), but not sure how realistic that is these days
  20. Lockdown months seemed to be really good for me - the more lockdown eases, the worse it gets for me. My zooms rocketed, and sales improved nicely during those restricted times. Now this month, I have not even had a zoom yet I'm sure it's all coincidence though I'm so far behind though. Hundreds of processed images not uploaded. Hundreds of images not processed at all. And still uploading a huge amount of re-processed files, and probably months worth of work going through all my files to check keywords, etc. Trying to make sure I don't get too
  21. Cheers. I'm sure I have a bunch of broken keywords and captions. Will be fixing as I go through all my photos one at a time to sort out issues
  22. Well, I'm all done on re-working my wildlife photos - YAY! It was painful, but I am really glad I did it. I have also deleted over 500 photos as part of this process. I am just currently getting through uploading 1200 re-processed, and then will mark the old for deletion. I am also part way through de-activating myself on a few other agencies (just waiting for payouts), and all my image on here will go back to exclusive. It will be so much easier to manage. I was hoping to do all through Alamy Lightroom Bridge, but that has made a mess pulling data down.
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