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  1. Everything I have on Alamy is DX Nikon and currently using D7200 and D3400. I have looked at FX but have many DX lenses that would not help much on FX. I have considered the D7500 as all my lenses would work fine on it but also looking a mirrorless as that seems to be the future.
  2. I had a problem with onedrive uploading everything on my pictures folder and didn't realize it was doing it until it started warning that I was running out of space. I tried to figure out how to just upload what I wanted but if I tried to delete out of onedrive then it would also delete them off of the hard drive. Finally just set onedrive to not upload anything. I would liked to use the free space on onedrive for what I wanted to but seemed to be linked to the Pictures folder.
  3. Nikon seems to be having a big sale. Z5 for $1k and $500 off the D850 and many of the others also.
  4. Betty I try to update photos that are close by and does not cost a lot for travel. I can be on the beach in about 2 hours and just make it a day trip. I just did a retake of the Wright Brothers Memorial and have had previous sales from there. Most of my stock is from North Carolina and the Southeast as it is not that expensive for me to travel to those locations. Just as you getting to a Beach Kansas would be a long trip for me.
  5. Just looking at Z lenses it seems they are quite a bit more expensive than the F Mount. I think I remember where some people were having trouble with the Z adapter for F mount lenses of other brands. Nikon may not share the lens interface data with independent lens makers.
  6. I was looking at the specs and liked it till I saw the price.
  7. I am currently using the Nikon DX cameras but was in the camera store and took a look at the Z system and was wondering if others was using them and what they think. In the DX series I took a look at the D7500 but I wasn't sure if everything was headed for Mirrorless. Marvin
  8. When I looked at it knew it was a early 50s Ford product. It is a Hardtop which was the more sporty option.
  9. I don't have much machinery but do sell cars and engines. Two Corvettes and a Camaro recently. I try to get muscle cars and their engines such as 327, 350,409 and 427. Good keywords and description are essential for the cars and their engines. I do enjoy photographing old abandon vehicles also.
  10. Well I made it through the Hurricane OK with just a few limbs down and power only out over night. Didn't get any pictures as it came through at night. Two people were killed in a mobile home park in the next county over. Things are getting back to normal now power back on at most places and roads cleared. It Just made me think that I sold a picture of a highway with a hurricane evacuation sign along the side. Marvin
  11. My first car was a 1950 Pontiac with the indian on the hood and a straight eight flat head engine. When I got my license had to take all the kids to school. I thought I was cool when I moved up to a 1955 Chevrolet Belair.
  12. As I only upload to Alamy I have been working on moving most of my pics to exclusive.
  13. Thanks Betty guess I would look out of place with a big Nikon.😀
  14. I was wondering if you photographed in a store do you need to ask permission or not. If it was RM and no property release is that good enough or should you ask the store.
  15. I don't have an iPhone so I am not familiar with Stockimo but if an android phone produced .jpg images that were as good as an iPhone I don't see why they wouldn't be acceptable.
  16. Betty I was just looking through some of your pics and noticed you have some made inside the stores and was wondering if you had to ask permission. I have photographed store fronts but not inside. Marvin
  17. Same here in North Carolina Dare County has closed access to the Beach and Outer Banks only allowing residents in.
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