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  1. My turn to start the monthly sale figures topic. Mine... 32 sales, I think that's my best ever, mainly due to a bunch of calendar licences. Revenue above average.
  2. 14 sales today! A new record for one day, mostly calendars including a few front covers.
  3. 23 sales... not too bad. But with some really paltry microstock type licencing fees.
  4. Anyway, I've done what I've done, sorry to those who think I'm out of order. Bur unless we challenge these stupid concocted restrictions we won't be able to take a photo anywhere. I'm off for my dinner, goodnight all, and have a nice peaceful weekend, hopefully without being bothered by bullies.
  5. It was a joke, who has heard of... what was it called again? Oh yes Melksham.
  6. Are you going to let bullies walk all over you ar stand up to them?
  7. Are you a clairvoyant? You know what I'm upto this weekend??? I don't have to explain myself to you, but to get your blood pressure down I will. I have relatives near Bath that me and my wife are staying with, amongst other things we are planning to spend a few hours at the event.
  8. My apologies if you think I'm out of order. However, I don't react very well to bullies, and I would certainly not back down and put my camera away if I knew I was within my rights. Years ago I came across a road traffic accident on Westminster Bridge, attended by all the emergency services, I was on the opposite side of the road, about 40 yards away not interfering with there work attending to the scene. It made a good stock shot. I was jumped on by a young officer saying I can't take photographs, to which I replied you can ask me to stop but you can't prevent me, I'm not obstructing anyone, I'm a freelance press photographer and I will carry on, the officer walked away. Stand up for your rights, we live in a free country.
  9. I've just sent this email to the organisers, should make for an interesting reply... Hi, I see that you are attempting to make restrictions re photography at the event... "the individual will not be permitted to sell any moving or static images of the Festival for commercial or other gain." & "Please be aware it may be illegal to make recordings of activities at the Festival without the participant’s permission." This is a public place and you can't stop anyone from shooting images of whatever or whoever they want, and subsequently submitting them to a photo agency for editorial press. It appears you are ill informed regarding placing such restrictions in a public place, thereby trying to prevent the freedom of press, which our country holds dear. Please amend your website, as your statements are incorrect. For your info, I will be attending and photographing the event for editorial purposes, which I will make available to newspapers and other publishers. I know of others who will be doing the same, any attempt to prevent me or others going about our lawful business and I will call the police and get them to explain what you are doing is illegal.
  10. From what I've read, It's a public place open to anyone, including photographers. Apparently, you don't have to pay an entrance fee or buy a ticket. Therefore, don't be intimidated by their bully tactics, their restrictions are meaningless. If it was me I would shoot away, and upload them to Alamy and just tick the no releases boxes. Their might not be much interest in Melksham but that doesn't mean you can't get some good stock images during the day. Having said that, if you do eventually make a sale or two the royalties will probably be peanuts.
  11. I'm, intrigued. So Chris... did Ian Murray trespass on your land (giving you reason to grumble) or was it as he says, a public footpath???
  12. Good point, surely the the quality of new material is already suffering and will only get worse. I used to take my camera everywhere, and normally come home with a couple of good stock images. Increasingly now I leave it at home, yesterday I took the wife to Whitstable had a nice lunch and mooch about without thinking about getting a couple of stock shots, it was really quiet refreshing and relaxing. And if I did go to all that trouble, spend hours on photoshop, etc, my reward...peanuts.
  13. Never thought of it like that. Your comment made me laugh, but not in a good way!
  14. I know this topic has been discussed many times before, and I don't normally moan about the prices my images fetch these days, we all know they're derisory. However, it's getting rather laughable lately... Gross sales: £6.89 for a UK national newspaper £4.15 for a magazine £2.87 for a website What's the point in going out and shooting fresh material, it's just no longer viable.
  15. Rather poor... Sales = 11 $ = usual insulting licence fees
  16. 18 sales Including one Live news, still waiting to see if I'm allowed to upload anymore.
  17. Hi Liz I'm glad they have removed your image, but it dosn't stop there... I hate thieves who use other people's work to promote themselves without payment. Whilst Kenny Solicitors have now removed your work, (the pressure we put on them has clearly worked) they still owe you a royalty payment for using your image to promote their website. Ask them to pay for a retrospective licence, using the Alamy calculator I think it should be around £1,360 plus your expenses. Tony
  18. Mr Barry Kenny I would be grateful if you could help me recover due royalties from a company that is using a stolen photograph without payment or a licence. I see from your website that you can assist... SO WHY ARE YOU STILL USING SOMEONE ELSE'S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY WITHOUT PAYMENT TO PROMOTE YOUR OWN BUSINESS??? A friend of Liz Leyden
  19. Hi Liz thanks for the update. Seems like he's is a very arrogant person. If anyone else want to help Liz his email address: bkenny@kennysullivan.ie
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