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  1. Same here in North Carolina Dare County has closed access to the Beach and Outer Banks only allowing residents in.
  2. On my need to list I have two riding lawnmowers one has a tire that leaks down and the other has a vibration in the deck. The Craftsman has the leaky tire and the John Deer has the vibration. I can still get by pumping up the tire on the Craftsman I 'but think I will have to pull the deck on the John Deer. Just haven't been motivated to get started. I have photographed the flowers and pine trees in the back yard. Need to keyword and upload pics from the transportation museum that I made before the Virus hit. So I just need to get started or may be tomorrow.😏
  3. Thanks and let me see if there is anything left in the back yard that I need to photograph.😊
  4. Add more images of the Southeastern US. My car and car engines seem to do well so will keep that up.
  5. 12 for $546 but best sales number since 2008.
  6. Since I only sell on Alamy I have been changing all to exclusive. Still not sure about RF vs RM.
  7. 72 this month but still kicking. First camera was a Brownie Holiday and I put it on layaway because I didn't have the full Six dollars that it cost. First 35mm was a Kodak and later I moved to Minolta.
  8. Now I noticed that you can pull keywords together to form a single keyword. My question is would it be better to have keywords such as 1965 Ford Mustang as one keyword or leave them separate. Thanks Marvin
  9. Thanks for all the information and I do have a external hard drive but haven't hooked it to the new laptop. When you copy the files to the external hard drive do you have a system of knowing were everything is if it is not a mirror system. I also think I could use lightroom for organizing better. I think I will look into more external hard drives for backup. I have two out buildings at my house that I could use as off site. Thanks Marvin
  10. I don't think I have a good backup system. Just wonder what others use Cloud, extra hard drives, or off site storage?
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