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  1. Rather poor... Sales = 11 $ = usual insulting licence fees
  2. 18 sales Including one Live news, still waiting to see if I'm allowed to upload anymore.
  3. Hi Liz I'm glad they have removed your image, but it dosn't stop there... I hate thieves who use other people's work to promote themselves without payment. Whilst Kenny Solicitors have now removed your work, (the pressure we put on them has clearly worked) they still owe you a royalty payment for using your image to promote their website. Ask them to pay for a retrospective licence, using the Alamy calculator I think it should be around £1,360 plus your expenses. Tony
  4. Mr Barry Kenny I would be grateful if you could help me recover due royalties from a company that is using a stolen photograph without payment or a licence. I see from your website that you can assist... SO WHY ARE YOU STILL USING SOMEONE ELSE'S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY WITHOUT PAYMENT TO PROMOTE YOUR OWN BUSINESS??? A friend of Liz Leyden
  5. Hi Liz thanks for the update. Seems like he's is a very arrogant person. If anyone else want to help Liz his email address: bkenny@kennysullivan.ie
  6. I have managed to find the personal email for Barry Kenny, therefore bypassing the clerk... bkenny@kennysullivan.ie
  7. That's the way to go, cause them as much trouble for their arrogance as possible.
  8. How about sending a line or two to their local newspaper, they might be interested?
  9. So I sent each lawyer an email asking why they are using a stolen image on their website to promote their business. With links to their contact page and your photo on alamy. Signed off as a friend of Liz Layden. Funny enough, I got no reply. Personally I don't think it's worth pursuing your due royalties, but I think "name and shame" is the way to go. If anyone else wants to send them an email here is the address: info@kennysullivan.ie
  10. Liz said "Meanwhile, it's time to name and shame." I agree, that's exactly what I'm doing. I sent an email to all three solicitors asking why they are using a stolen image to promote their law firm. But I will ask the question... Cryptoprocta or Liz Leyden, do you mind if we remind the arrogant law firm, that they are using your image to promote their business without due payment. By the way they advertise that they can help with intellectual property theft!!! Tony
  11. So why don't we all send them an email... asking why they are using a stolen image to promote their business, I've just done so. How about contacting the local rag, that would hurt them if printed.
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