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  1. Hi. Michael - congrats on your win, and good topic! Here are my three: 1. Three young novice monks walking along the road to Mandalay, Bagan, Myanmar 2. Tourists walking along the crest of a sand dune in Sossuvlei, Namibia. "Big Daddy" sand dune in the back ground 3. A woman taking her dog for a walk, past an unusual shop mannequin, Barcelona, Spain Kumar
  2. Numbers quite good at 18 but poor prices - total of $246 gross Kumar
  3. Congrats Michael and great topic Abiyoyo! kumar
  4. Fantastic start to the New Year. Congratulations! Kumar
  5. 737 sales for a gross of $17,589. - Average of $24/image sold gross. - Best sale $375 gross. Opted out of all distribution except Japan and the USA in the Summer. 2021: Total sales 737, Total income (gross) $17,589 Average number of images on sale : 27,686 (c. 700 images added this year) 2020: 661 $18,514 26,900 2016 868 $ 27,798
  6. 64 sales for $1197 gross, or $19/image sold gross - poor. Only 2 in the $$$ category, best $108, TV usage. Zooms and views poor at 111 and 22,400 respectively so a CTR of 0.53, but Alamy said that zooms/views would be low until January None of these very low China fees partly because I have very few RF images, and partly because I opted out of all distribution areas apart from Japan and the USA during the summer when the new contract came in. Kumar
  7. Sold for personal use 1st January; Stopper for a Canopic Jar, head of Tutankhamun, Very low $$ Happy New Year everybody! Kumar
  8. Thanks for including one of Mine - Very difficult to choose just 8 from that lot of entries! Good choice of competition, Abiyoyo! Kumar
  9. Merry Christmas everybody, and in particular a big Thank You!! to all those who continue to find and list Alamy Sales, which benefits us all! Good luck for 2022! Kumar
  10. I have opted out of all distribution apart from Japan and the US partly also due to what seemed to me in the new contract to be very lax control over the use of our images by distributors Kumar
  11. The Stars and Stripes in Times Square NY, sold for medium $ Country: WorldwideUsage: Corporate client. Editorial website use, Any size. Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license.Industry sector: Health, Medical and PharmaceuticalStart: 06 December 2021End: 06 December 3021 Kumar. 😒
  12. I have not noticed any difference in QC stringency lately, but it may of course have just tightened up now.... Kumar
  13. Hi Jorge! Good topic for X'mas! Here's my three: 1. Cuban man in his 60's, Trinidad, Cuba, Latin America 2. Two indigenous happy Ecuadorian girls, Otavalo, Ecuador, South America 3. Teenage sisters laughing in a downpour, Singapore, Asia Kumar
  14. Congrats Jorge! Great image - summed up the competition perfectly! Kumar
  15. Really excellent. Congrats! Were these live news I suppose Sally? Kumar
  16. My good TV licence of $175 on 30/11/21 got refunded and resold today for $125. 🤨. I have requested an explanation. Kumar
  17. Thanks Michael - some very good images there! Kumar
  18. 66 for $1522 gross = average of $23 gross or $9 net. Poor return. Below the apparent average. 3 in the $$$ category, highest $175. both the highest and second highest payments were for TV use. No refunds! First month for a long time! I do my own DACS. Kumar
  19. I only select a category when it's fairly obvious. Frankly there are many images which don't fit into any of their categories - Street scenes in towns/cities, and images related to religion to name but two common subjects. I suspect it may be one of those things that Alamy decided to try but hasn't really delivered any practical value Kumar
  20. Interested to know if you decided to upgrade to version 4, Marianne, and if so what your thoughts are, as the upgrade is now half-price due to Black Friday prices. Kumar
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