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  1. The sign on the roundabout says "Newmarket Racecourses; The home of Racing" Kumar
  2. Personally I tend to agree with you Bryan. And in the "Images sold in..." thread I tend to only post images that cant be easily copied Kumar
  3. If you go in the dry season (Sept-Nov), then the flow of water is rather less over the Zambian side because they also take quite a lot of water for the hydroelectric scheme - best at that time of the year to make sure you walk across the border into Zimbabwe to see the falls from their side as there's much more water going over on that side. The advantage of the dry season is you can get into Devil's pool, which you cant do in the wet season! Kumar
  4. Yup. We wish you could come down too Ed! It's not too late for anyone else to let me know you want to come to this!! Kumar
  5. Congratulations on the sale. - Didnt know we could upload these, though I have seen one in another search I did the other day; what camera are you using for these? Kumar
  6. Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls: To an Australian newspaper, low to mid $$ Kumar
  7. My first licence; June 2005; RF $270; Abu Dhabi port: Kumar
  8. Further to my last correspondence, James Allsworth, Alamy's Contributor Experience Manager has offered to come to this meeting to meet with us again (as he did last year) and try and answer any questions we have. If anyone else would like to come, please leave a message on here and let me know. The venue is in Ely, at 12.30, date as above Cheers Kumar
  9. Sadly I cant come this year as am away. Have a good time all! Kumar
  10. Ver difficult to cut it down to just eight i think Michael - thanks for including my bored cat! Kind regards Kumar
  11. 858 sales in 2019 - thats 2 more than last year, and 10 less than 2016 which was my best ever year for both numbers and gross income Gross income 2019 was $23,817, which is 10% less than 2018 and 14% less than 2016 Average income, gross per sale was $27.75 Best sale of the year was $300 gross, at 50% CTR average for the year was 0.66; Position on the BHZ scale for those who use it remains near the top of p4, 120images/page Out of interest my annual gross income this year has gone back down to approximately my income in 2013 when I had exactly half the number of images for sale, and sold pretty much half the number of images I sold in 2019 Happy New Year everybody! Kumar
  12. Best month of the year for sales with 90, but gross income of $1732, which means an average of $19.20 per image sale gross, which is very poor. Only 3 sales at $$$, best $125 Kumar
  13. Hi Everybody! Hope you all had a good Christmas! Heads up for the next Cambridge Alamy group meeting will be Wednesday 15th January at 12.30, at The Cutter Inn, Ely; there is a free car park at the Cutter in for guests and I have asked for a quiet table! Food is good for vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike. I will e-mail those regulars who come, but if anyone else is interested to come along, you would be very welcome. We normally average 5-7 photographers at these meet-ups. Let me know, but meantime, Happy New Year to you all Kumar
  14. Most licences ever in one day - 33 today. All small amounts but it all counts Kumar
  15. Just done a similar thing late this Friday night! (Friday 13th!!). Sent through 2 images which I had intended to delete within a batch of about 14!! Looks like QC have picked it up - still stuck in it this morning. As you say, good to see QC works, but could have done without it!!
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