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  1. Razorpix - Interesting portfolio which contains pretty much consumables and related you will get in a supermarket isolated on white. https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={216191D0-551E-4408-8FAB-EE16646DA97F}&name=razorpix&st=11&mode=0&comp=1
  2. 10th Aug works for me as well. Thanks. BTW noticed new emoticons under the heart symbol which previously had only up and down voting.
  3. My best month so far :-) Thanks to forum members for the portfolio review and keywords direction. 3 sales $106.22
  4. Interested . I presume something in Zone 1 should work as location.
  5. ... and I have joined the club as well. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Internal newsletterPrint run: UnlimitedImage Size: Any sizeStart: 25 June 2019End: 25 June 2024Use in a location guide for a home owner. Archival rights. Includes repeat use
  6. You have to raise it with Alamy as Mark has mentioned above. As you have now verified the documents, paypal will accept and send the money into your mapped bank account overnight. PayPal in India (I'm guessing that's you location based on images) are not allowed to hold the money in account. This could also be the reason why they sent the money back to Alamy in first instance. I hope you get this resolved soon. Cheers, Gnans.
  7. If you are planning to visit the Fenchurch street building then also try the new block at 120 Fenchurch street. Not very high but has a rooftop garden at 15th floor and a different perspective https://www.thegardenat120.com/ Free to enter No prior booking required Open until 9 PM in Summer Tripods and Cameras allowed on top
  8. For me two sales after several months adding $19 gross.
  9. After 5 months I got a sale for $. Promising to keep uploading more as I just passed the 1K picture mark 🙂 Hoping some more to come.
  10. Thank Michael. You touched a very good point I was pondering over the last week and thinking to post here asking if grey / dull sky photo do sell. You are correct in finding the make of my device (Nikon !) . I will try the selective saturation part in post-processing. I appreciate the feedback is aimed at producing better images 🙂 than sales.
  11. I see consistent good reviews about this online. Thank you for that review from a stock contributor perspective. This will possibly be on my wish list if I get past a good return from the contribution 🙂
  12. Interesting point on the Sony RX100 camera. How advanced are these compared to DSLR ? i.e. in terms of low light handling.
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