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  1. Thank Michael. You touched a very good point I was pondering over the last week and thinking to post here asking if grey / dull sky photo do sell. You are correct in finding the make of my device (Nikon !) . I will try the selective saturation part in post-processing. I appreciate the feedback is aimed at producing better images šŸ™‚ than sales.
  2. I see consistent good reviews about this online. Thank you for that review from a stock contributor perspective. This will possibly be on my wish list if I get past a good return from the contribution šŸ™‚
  3. Interesting point on the Sony RX100 camera. How advanced are these compared to DSLR ? i.e. in terms of low light handling.
  4. Ah, that colour calibration point makes sense. I will research and do that as first along with other tips. Thanks again Joseph.
  5. Thank you Joseph for the critical comments. I get your point about the pictures in Alamy and MicroStock. I recently understood this after reading few posts here in the forum and changed my nickname in other place. Thanks for the spot on composition and cutting off images ( I think I need to take a break every now when editing and take a second look). I never realised those when editing the images. I currently shoot RAW and do post processing but always conscious not to over colour the images. If you think a slight colour pop would help then I will try that in next few batches. More focus on Title and keywords is the way forward. Best, Gnans.
  6. Welcome to the Alamy club @AlexG ! You have some great shots there. I have been drip feeding my alamy content from 2017 and seen ONLY two sales until today (!). The sales commission all together haven't crossed the $50 minimum payout šŸ™‚ Despite this I'm positive and looking for unsaturated topics to cover and keep posting. Based on my reading / research it looks like it will take quite a long time for consistent sales. Go ahead and shoot some amazing pictures.
  7. Thank you Andremichel for the feedback. Iā€™m using more generic keywords which I will try to change.
  8. Dear fellow contributors, I hope you are all doing good. I have been photographing few things around me for the past couple of years and I was solely into Alamy. I started contributing from 2017 and till date I had only two sale (one in mid 2018 and one in end of 2018). Is this normal or should I change my subjects or style ? All critical comments are welcome. Note - I live closer to London city and commute there everyday. I also shoot during holidays around Europe and post those pictures. Portfolio link for ease https://www.alamy.com/contrib-browse.asp?cid={359879D4-B122-47B5-906E-B5ED4673D2B7}&name=Gnanasekar+SUNDARAMOORTHY
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