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  1. From my trip to Marrakesh El Badii palace Dromedary Camel ride Bahia palace UNESCO site Jemaa El F'na - Empty during day time. Marking on the floor for the shops. Let me finish with a dessert
  2. Images: 2018 - 355 2019 - 1712 Sales: 2018 - 2 2019 - 15 (Average of $20 per image)
  3. Sales - 4 (My best month for 2019) Revenue - $ 68 Average CTR - 0.54
  4. Still in 3 stars and Image loaded yesterday evening waiting for QC .....
  5. Most places close transactions around 20th Dec so there is little or no transactions after that in Dec. This morning I got two sales reported. One which I spotted and chased a distributor license from Sep, another a sale in Nov which kind of indicated it’s a big closing accounts update at least to me 😀 I will be very glad to see more in the next few days if they occur.
  6. My entire 2019 results with some insights Images: Unitl 2018 - 355 Added in 2019 - 1712 Sales: 2018 - 2 2019 - 15 ! Some great advise from fellow forum members helped me in 2019 Portfolio review ..and also the meet up in London organised by Lisa (Thanks again) 2019 London Alamy members meet-up Roll on 2020 !
  7. 🤣That is exactly what I thought especially with some wisdom showered earlier on that topic by fellow forum people. "learning is a lifelong journey"
  8. I now think I could have framed and focuessed this a bit better. Shot in the streets near London Old street at business finish time. This one netted to $0.96 Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Image Size: Any size Start: 01 November 2019 End: 01 November 2024 Croatia, Editorial website, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate
  9. My three - all from Dec 2018 Christmas lights in London
  10. Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in an editorial newsletter. Start: 06 December 2019 End: 06 December 2024 Low $$, First sale for Dec, RM exclusive
  11. Hi Sally, could you provide information on what "mfm" is and how does that convince copytrack team. Thanks
  12. Used this email news@alamy.com ? I tried once and got instant response although not sure if someone is monitoring this inbox 24 x 7.
  13. All, Copytrack was chasing me to find out how much I sell photos normally. I replied back saying I mostly sell through Alamy and gave a copy of the pricing page. I got the below in return. In short, chasing anything I report is uneconomical and going to deactivate my account. I'm aware that some others here use this and wondeing if you had similar emails. "Thank you your telling us that you normally sell your images through Alamy. Unfortunately, the price of your normal license practise is not economically valuable for us to work on your claim. If you claim damages from the opponent for a copyright infringement, you must be able to prove your usual licensing practice, since the damage price is always based on the author's usual licensing practice. Otherwise, everyone could simply claim as much as they want which is definitely not working in court. It could even cause losing the cases when the claim amount is considered excessive by the court. Please understand that we are a commission base company that only charge 30-45% commission when you have a won claim with us. From what we know, the price of image sales on Alamy is low. If we could only reference their price as the price reference of your claims, it is extremely difficult for us to invest resources on working on your claim. I am regretted to inform you that we could not continue our cooperation. Should you have any questions or other invoices to prove that your charge normally higher prices for the license of your images. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Otherwise, your account will be deactivated tomorrow." Gnans
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