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  1. Must say, I never considered the copycat angle. I use these as a reference to the kinds of photos that do sell, rather than the specifics of what sold. It's just to try and get my head in the space for thinking about what to shoot when out and about.
  2. A week in and this is all people have posted is sold? Ouch. I know not everyone comes in here, but these threads are typically a lot busier than this, no?
  3. Yeah, I know I have a few offenders for repetition. Morris dancers and royal guards come to mind in my collection. I guess I can get caught up in wondering what particular view of something someone may want and including more than necessary at times. Does Ctr really have bearing on where a person's images appear?
  4. Ah, I thought it was in the bottom part of the national park. I'll correct those - thanks
  5. So in about a week was able to get myself over 2000 images up 😊 Catalog is now a lot tidier and started sorting wildlife. More photos, but a bit easier to get through - apart from some id's...
  6. I have been meaning to read this for days - but you have given so much excellent information its taken me a while to find the time to digest it all 😂 Thanks for all that. Certainly a lot I can run by the other half - it wouldn't be just me travelling 😏 Will be doing a lot of comparison between Nicaragua and Panama. Again, brilliant info - thanks a ton!
  7. No sales. Ctr was about 1.5 last month, with my average at 0.68. Not sure that'll mean anything
  8. Bad day. General depression of late that let get better of me, and got news of a friend diagnosed with cancer and just lost my cool a bit. Thanks for the id of the missile. Was planning to find out what it was.
  9. After my first sale last month, for just low $$, nothing at all this month. Almost nothing anywhere else. Once I have cleared my backlog, I am stopping to uploading images anywhere, give it a few months, and see if things move. If not, giving up - I have better things to do with my time than spending hours upon hours processing and keywording and uploading and tagging and bla bla bla, only for it to go NOWHERE. Honestly, the more I have uploaded elsewhere, the less I have sold! Here, almost nothing happens either way. This isn't feeling like a marathon - it feels more like running on a treadmill and actually expecting to get somewhere. Finding it harder to be positive. It's actively contributing to me depression now.
  10. You are in Nicaragua, if I remember correctly? It's climbing up my list of places to visit - Costa Rica getting too expensive. I need to do a lot more research though on how good it's going to be for wildlife.
  11. First, while I had my wildlife and nature nicely categorised in Lightroom, I tried to be very general and loose with categorising everything else - one big collection for lakes and dams, one big collection for sunrise and sunset, London (really Chris?). I though this would make it easier to keyword, but it really did just make my life harder I found. So step one was to re-organise all my non-wildlife stuff. Since doing so, it has greatly improved the rate at which I can get through photos - I was just never catching up on my backlog. Another thing I was doing was to just takes small selections of a particular subject, to keep things varied. But, when getting through a backlog, this slows things down as well. So, re-organising into specific subjects, and bulk processing, has massively increased the rate of getting through photos. In about a year previously, it took me nearly a year to not even reach 1500 photos - I have gotten through about 250 already this week. Plus, this is making it easier to cull rubbish photos. While I had categorised the wildlife nicely, I had still not been bulk processing, which I will get to once I am through general stuff. At least once I have cleared my backlog, the new images processed will be varied simply be being easier to get through as they happen So, I guess this is just a heads up to anybody who may be finding it a pain to get through things - have a think about your approach - there may be a better way Heres hoping I have another 100+ ready to go by tonight!
  12. Often, I go through all searches my image shave come up in, looking for somewhere something erroneous may have occurred, probably by me putting in a bad keyword. Found one today, with tent-making bats coming up under a search for vampire bats. Was going to open the image to check the keywords and description, but while I can find it, I am unable to select and edit it. It doesn't tell me it's deleted or anything. Simply won't select. Have tried new browser window, etc. any ideas?
  13. Ok, so will post a couple examples, and get some feedback if nobody minds Would you mark these as ed only?
  14. Huh.... so, I have been following the model, if it's got (any) people and no release (I only have those for myself), mark it as editorial only... If there is recognisable property - like a city shot of London - mark it as editorial only. Am I going overboard? Am I limiting the appeal of images unnecessarily? I thought I understood all this, but from the way some approach this, I may have been being too conservative?
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