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  1. I keep forgetting that there are threads outside of "contributor experience". And now that I am no longer contributing on Shutterstock, I need to get more active on here. One of my recently re-processed images. I'd love to get back to Costa Rica next year (or my bday in December), but not sure how realistic that is these days
  2. Lockdown months seemed to be really good for me - the more lockdown eases, the worse it gets for me. My zooms rocketed, and sales improved nicely during those restricted times. Now this month, I have not even had a zoom yet I'm sure it's all coincidence though I'm so far behind though. Hundreds of processed images not uploaded. Hundreds of images not processed at all. And still uploading a huge amount of re-processed files, and probably months worth of work going through all my files to check keywords, etc. Trying to make sure I don't get too bogged down in all that so I can enjoy the summer though But, I am optimistic everything I am doing will improve my chances of performing better here! I just want more months like last month with multiple $$$ sales
  3. Cheers. I'm sure I have a bunch of broken keywords and captions. Will be fixing as I go through all my photos one at a time to sort out issues
  4. Well, I'm all done on re-working my wildlife photos - YAY! It was painful, but I am really glad I did it. I have also deleted over 500 photos as part of this process. I am just currently getting through uploading 1200 re-processed, and then will mark the old for deletion. I am also part way through de-activating myself on a few other agencies (just waiting for payouts), and all my image on here will go back to exclusive. It will be so much easier to manage. I was hoping to do all through Alamy Lightroom Bridge, but that has made a mess pulling data down. Currently going through all of photos on here to look at keywording as well. That will be a bit by bit task over time, rather than driving myself mental trying to get through it ASAP - man, I can't believe badly I keyworded some stuff - like Rugby world cup match days, without keywords "world cup", "rugby" - Sigh
  5. For example, only display certain pseudonyms, or not list those images pending deletion?
  6. Thanks. One of the few times I had a particular image in my mind and waited for alignment 😊
  7. Thanks. Wouldn't let me get to article at all. Pity credit goes to "alamy". Oh well 🙂
  8. Favour request : can somebody with financial Times sub to a screen grab of the article head "Dalston to Twickenham"? I know an image of mine is used as primary through Google but can't see the article. Doesn't happen much for me, so was kind of excited 😊 it's cyclist going through Richmond Park Sorry : "Dalston is out Twickenham is in"
  9. I was wondering, but I didn't see him mention changing from RF to RM. Anyway, just ignore me
  10. Not sure if that was directed at me, but I'm not intending to set images to RM that have been listed on MS sites - if it's RF, it stays RF.
  11. Thanks. These would all be RF images, so don't think that would be an issue. And if Alamy can continue to sell RF images at similar prices to my last three sales, I'm quite happy sticking to RF
  12. Well, it's just gone a year more or less since I started doing this in earnest (trying to sell photos) I have made some mess (still cleaning up), and experimented with different avenues of sales, and I am thinking I'll be going exclusive with Alamy again. It will just be so much easier to manage. MS just isn't worth the effort for money I get. I recently pulled out of Shutterstock, and once I get to my next payouts on two others, I will be removing myself from them too. Ok, I do have two other agencies I will submit stuff to, but they are more boutique, and any images on those will need to be exclusive to them anyway. And of course, I will continue to sell certain images on POD sites. I do have a question though - if an image has sold on another MS site, and I remove it there, can I still mark it as exclusive? Or does the fact that it has already sold somewhere else preclude me from that?
  13. Holy hell! I'm suddenly tempted to go exclusive on Alamy again! Just had three sales pop in for Usage: Single company - multiple educational editorial use only for low $$$ each! When I think of the time spent managing images across agencies... a few occasional like this would make staying here only worthwhile? I have already stopped submitting to SS though - thieving buggers
  14. Well, nearly two thirds of the way through. There was a time not long after I started, I really started to question the effort, but the more I go through them the more sure I am it's the right thing to do. Especially as I have these listed on my own site It will take a few weeks to get the old removed and updates uploaded - on most agencies anyway. Overall number of files will drop because some I am just deleting. Doing it here will be more painful because can't instantly delete, and I doubt they will go through the effort of replacing over a thousand files.
  15. As you say MDM, it's not purely a sales thing. I like to think I have learned a fair amount - and I'd like to apply that to some of the pics I worked on before. And just cull some of the stuff that really never had any redeeming qualities! For a while my processing was so basic I was reluctant to do much more than the most basic of adjustments. It was even as bad as me being reluctant to do very much cropping, and I always shied away from adjusting colour - may be down to be being Red/Green color blind, and never sure I could trust myself! But, on sales, those images that I have done better work on more recently already sell better than a lot of my older stuff ever did, so who knows, maybe it will be worthwhile...
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