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  1. Thanks guys - and Steve for pointing out the "outstanding" stuff. I think if I stay, I'll be altering pretty much all my RM images to "editorial only", even though all will indicate "property" + "release" states. My sales are generally doing ok that I shouldn't need to worry about falling into "silver". If I left here, I'd be running out of places to sell. I dropped SS when they changed their payment structure. AS doesn't make much for me, nor does DT. I am a little tempted to just remove everything from all though. Processing and key-wording is
  2. Now down to 4 days, and not sure what to do. I have scouted a bit of the official thread on contracts, but I'm looking for something that has a specfic breakdown on particulars that I should be worried about. What happens with all outstanding money owed by Alamy if I were to drop out? I have an outstanding balance of $300, some of which I have probably been waiting over a year for... This is supposed to be a relaxing side project that I work on, not something that stresses me out. All the talk of liability has me concerned though - shouldn't liability come down to usage
  3. Been a bit off the radar for a while, for so many reasons, only to come back and find this... I dropped shutterstock last year for their shenanigans regarding contributor payout, and had been managing things with the aim of moving entirely exclusive here. I.e. I stopped pushing things to other places with intention of closing them. Now, what a waste that has turned out to be. I think I "might" be ok to stay in that "gold" level - definitely based on last years earning, possibly based on this years earnings. But now not sure I should bother at all.
  4. I only really started uploading in 2018, first sale was only in 2019. Here's how my 2019 compares to 2020. 2019: sales - 8 revenue - lowish $$$ 2020: sales - 21 revenue - very high $$$. oh so nearly $$$$ almost a triple of sales volume, and a five fold increase in revenue. Am happy with that. Though, I don't hope for much of an increase over 2020 this year. While I have added more, and still have a fair few more to add, it's not as much of an increase in image count as I'd like due to covid. Have been so slow to list a lot of
  5. sweet little blue tit in the spring in a patch near home that kept me mostly sane during worst of lockdown
  6. Well, yesterday, not today, but booked a holiday to Greece. Yes, even given the current world state! Of course, things could go horribly wrong in the next 4 weeks, but I won't book anything during school holidays, and if I was having a "staycation" here in the UK, but I have my reasons for not Fingers crossed things remain good til we are there. My partner and I have been very cautious since all this began, especially with him working in care, and we both are in serious need of a timeout.
  7. This little fella was taking his life in his "hands" walking out in the open, completely exposed, right near a kestrel nest with 3 fledglings
  8. Scenes like this make me think about travelling... wonder when thats going to happen again... I'm seriously looking into what options I have this year. It's such a minefield though.
  9. They are one of my fav uk birds. I now have quite a few photos of them. I have three great locations for them near me - Richmond Park, the Thames jsut a 20 min walk away, and Windsor Park - which I was going to visit today, but am knackered after my day out yesterday 😕
  10. You were so lucky with the Waxwings - something I am still desperately after! Maybe this winter! It's such a lovely shot I know what you mean about exciting moments getting the better of you - just yesterday, I encountered my first stoat - a weasel like creature for anyone not sure. I was just so flabbergasted, I forgot how to use my camera Still got a couple of ok shots - helped by at one point it coming to within about 3 meters of me! Despite me not getting that I actually went out for - this made up for it
  11. This was a special moment for me a couple of months ago - for years I have wanted to see grebes carrying their chicks around. I wish I had been able to get lower down, but it was just lovely to see I have a special day our planned for tomorrow - going to some wetlands I have not visited since before lockdown. It was going to be two days running I was having outings, but Saturday isn't looking so good right now.
  12. My usage for this in The Financial Times from a month or two ago finally showed up low/mid $$
  13. Yeah, people do like to take advantage. With any luck, I will have a clearer idea of whether or not I'll get the promotion by end of the week.
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