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  1. ah, thanks! I was going to have a search later - you saved me
  2. And I suspected my first would be one that slightly disappoints - it was only high $, but at least it wasn't stupidly broad usage at that Country: AustraliaUsage: Newspaper Editorial print and digital use. Any size.Any Placement. One time use only.Industry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 02 May 2019End: 02 May 2020
  3. I guess my port looks quite wildlife heavy as it's the section of my backlog I am focusing on currently I try to deliberately leave a number of images not too cropped. Since discovering my screen brightness was way too high, and I had mis-processed a bunch, I had a large drive to-redo a lot, paying more attention to histogram, but will have look through and see which could be problematic I've not been doing this "in earnest" for very long, and while I have improved in leaps and bounds I do still have a very long way to go - like you say, some people out there with some brilliant stuff. If only I could quit my day job!
  4. Ergh, am really needing some encouragement! Now over 1200, and even my zooms have fallen off a cliff - Ok, off the curb, cause they were never that high to start with. But just nothing for ages. Yes, am coming up in searches. Photos being viewed daily. Am just at a point where I need some kind of justification for the effort I have been putting in across the board, no matter how small... Feeling a bit like I should just go back to sharing on flickr!
  5. Well, I now have over 1200 images up, so happy to ask for some critique at this point. As I am still making my way through backlog, things often appear in chunks in my port. Still have thousands of images to sort - looking forward to flowers the least 😕 Some things I am aware I have really large chunks of that could hurt CTR, e.g. Brexit protest, but am willing to take the hit on things like that. Edit: forgot to put link My port
  6. Was quite fond of this pic I took in Richmond Park.
  7. Imagine how I feel on over 1000 images with no sales But yes, you only have 100 images. So unless someone is looking for one of those subjects specifically, on alamy, and notice yours when presented among possibly hundreds or thousands of results.... well, chances are slim! Somehow, I have managed to never get a rejection on here - but just re-review images at 1:1 before submission from a standpoint of "what's wrong with this?", and if anything stands out, either fix or don't upload it. But, yes, from everything I hear, you will need a lot more images. Sometimes people get lucky, sometimes some of us have particular content that just isn't what's wanted at that time You do have some really nice images, by the way
  8. One keyword I need to rethink on some of my wildlife images from Costa Rica is "tropical". I think it fits fine, but is returning a lot of images probably not relevant to the actual search...
  9. Oh, thanks for the reminder! I forgot April was the only time (which still strikes me as really odd)
  10. I'm sure it'll happen soon enough. My downloading (edit: uploading) slowed a lot (actually also my photo taking), as I was sorting stuff out and figuring out a workflow (and fixing a whole lot of images I had mucked up because I had screen brightness too high), but I am getting a lot more moving along a lot faster now. I'm now split with two exclusive agencies, alamy (which I am now using as a mix), and a few MS. I have decided to put a lot of my wildlife and nature type stuff up as RF, and spread it around. So, now have about close to 1500 images up across these various outlets. Now to get focus back on taking photos! Oh, and also slowly branching into footage...
  11. Couldn't help - it's now about 6 months and slowly getting near that 1K images mark, and nada I have sold more images on micro with a small port in a shorter period of time, than I have had zooms in half a year here! Not letting it deter me though - yet! Post your hopeless results too
  12. It's baffling to me the attitude on the BBC have your say. It seems people are unhappy about protection of peoples (copy) rights, because they think it will infringe on their rights. As a typical user, I have not the slightest concern about what I post going forward - as a (limited) content producer, I am all for anything that potentially offers greater protection to all who create content.
  13. I'm curious to know not just about panoramas, but general images taken with it. 12Mpx should fit within acceptable resolution. I know they state images taken with a dslr, but image quality can be pretty good on such devices in general, in the right conditions. I won't be too upset if not, as I am generally looking to get one for video/time lapse, and any images I could submit to MS if necessary. Have you tried time lapse? Is it easy enough to do in camera? Am particularly after motion time lapse.
  14. Monitor is calibrated, and I was very happy with the colours comparing prints to my screen. But I still left the luminance above "recommended" because it just looked to dim. It never occurred to me the knock on effect it would have with printing It looks like I have had more of a processing issue with high contrast images, but I have a limited set of images to compare against.
  15. Some good info in here - having experienced this myself recently, I'll be following through a lot of this this coming weekend. Have been pretty much a screen only person until recently, and my ignorance in printing kind of caught me off guard
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