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  1. RF mid $$ Dont think this was ever zoomed Usage: Ad and designEditorial magazine use. Print and digital. Internal and external marketing communications. Excludes advertising. One time use only.
  2. Low $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.Start: 18 September 2019End: 18 September 2024
  3. Yay! I get to post here My first RF sale here at low-mid $$ Not a great pic, but hey, I'll take it I remember this was zoomed some months back.
  4. 3 sales for $71 Bme, but only ever one sale before that a few months back. Hopefully things will keep improving.
  5. Thanks. I was beginning to feel a bit despondent with the lack of sales.
  6. Well, hopefully this marks a nice turning point. 4 months since first sale (still not cleared), and this morning, had three new sales each for low/mid $$, so mid/high $$ between them. Here's one Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 yearsIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 23 August 2019End: 23 August 2024
  7. This goes back a bit I think I had deleted it. Probably didn't clear keywords before doing so. Don't know why they don't just label it clearly as "marked for deletion" - unless I am missing that
  8. Well, I'm without job for a little bit, so made a hard push and not far from 4000 images up here. To get through things at reasonable rate, my captions are generally basic, but think my keywords are generally concise enough. As most of it is wildlife, having accurate naming is probably the most important thing. Not a lot of describing what doing, but would never get through it not processing in bulk. Probably not the best use of my time, being out of work, but just want it out of the way.
  9. Apart from my first single sale couple months back,nothing.
  10. Must say, I never considered the copycat angle. I use these as a reference to the kinds of photos that do sell, rather than the specifics of what sold. It's just to try and get my head in the space for thinking about what to shoot when out and about.
  11. A week in and this is all people have posted is sold? Ouch. I know not everyone comes in here, but these threads are typically a lot busier than this, no?
  12. Yeah, I know I have a few offenders for repetition. Morris dancers and royal guards come to mind in my collection. I guess I can get caught up in wondering what particular view of something someone may want and including more than necessary at times. Does Ctr really have bearing on where a person's images appear?
  13. Ah, I thought it was in the bottom part of the national park. I'll correct those - thanks
  14. So in about a week was able to get myself over 2000 images up 😊 Catalog is now a lot tidier and started sorting wildlife. More photos, but a bit easier to get through - apart from some id's...
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