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  1. I'm curious to know not just about panoramas, but general images taken with it. 12Mpx should fit within acceptable resolution. I know they state images taken with a dslr, but image quality can be pretty good on such devices in general, in the right conditions. I won't be too upset if not, as I am generally looking to get one for video/time lapse, and any images I could submit to MS if necessary. Have you tried time lapse? Is it easy enough to do in camera? Am particularly after motion time lapse.
  2. Monitor is calibrated, and I was very happy with the colours comparing prints to my screen. But I still left the luminance above "recommended" because it just looked to dim. It never occurred to me the knock on effect it would have with printing It looks like I have had more of a processing issue with high contrast images, but I have a limited set of images to compare against.
  3. Some good info in here - having experienced this myself recently, I'll be following through a lot of this this coming weekend. Have been pretty much a screen only person until recently, and my ignorance in printing kind of caught me off guard
  4. Yeah, unfortunately I do work in a room with highly variable ambient brightness and source. Unfortunately nothing I can do about it. Mine is now adjusted to ~100 I do seem to have taken this thread somewhat off-topic though
  5. Oh, I have my screen calibrated - using spyder 4 and dispcal. Though I obviously wasn't thinking clearly on brightness (backlight level) To get my screen to more or less match luminance of prints, I had to turn my brightness way, way down. Now it looks too dark in my opinion. Previously when I had printed canvas prints, I did not find this an issue at all. So, I just don't want to do anything else until I have prints from my UK lab to compare with. I suppose I should really invest in a decent printer for home...
  6. I wouldn't stress - at least you have sales. I have had none (and zooms disappeared, for what it's worth). I'm on hold again on EVERY platform, because I received some test prints from a lab that were way, way darker than comparing to my screen, and am now terrified I have mis-processed a lot of files as far darker than they should be. Am waiting on prints from another lab to compare. In mean time, I dont' want to process/upload/submit for review to any agency/platform, and it's stressing me as really need to start making some sales somewhere, which won't happen if I can't get photos up 😕
  7. I think I'll be a mix moving forward. I have another agency that accepts editorial, so they will get first dibs on some (some will only ever go straight on here) For content on here, I am going to experiment with a mix of RF and RM - all editorial as RM. But any content I put as RF, I don't think I will mark as exclusive. And those RF files will find a broader distribution, probably including micro, so losing a little on them won't make much difference.
  8. I'm with you on not wanting to create these things - I want royalty free, micro priced models, please - if Alamy sells them that should be achievable In all seriousness though, if there was a market for this, I'd happily pay a few hundred for exclusive - though am I being cheap? But there will always be a requirement for at least "some" basic editing of the model - adjusting light and angle, distance, etc. And of course, changes of clothes!
  9. I think you are right. But, that is OK I guess. There are other agencies catered more towards creative, highly curated collections, and they have a lot of things that wouldn't even make it onto micro, so I still kind of think they are a bit unique - and there is certain content I would only think of listing here. I still think it's collection is worth more than they are charging, as I see stuff on the sold threads that I just don't think would be accepted to a great many other places - I'm just not sure Alamy sees the value, and in constant fear of Micro. And like you say, eventually, it won't be worth the effort of keywording, uploading, etc, etc. Part of me wonders if this will all level out - is it a fad for most? Will the majority get bored or come to the conclusion it's not worth the effort? And contributions dry up? I fail to imagine that most people actually want to spend much time researching and keywording. I think the company needs someone else at the helm - when the guy in charge states they are still finding their way after so many years.... well, that doesn't instill confidence in anyone. But what do I know, I have not been in this game long.
  10. I saw that and thought "Wow"! But then I thought I'd be constantly worried about a refund somewhere down the line! Anyway, my port is growing on each of my agencies now. It's been a lot of work trying to get through a chunk of my backlog, but things are moving forward, finally, with Alamy no longer my single distribution point. Now I just need to see how it all plays out - and get back to taking more photos!
  11. Oh..... I knew of stockimo, but thought one could upload news images through aim. I'll not share my opinions on what I think of all that. I do have some images taken on proper camera, but was just thinking about getting something up quicker. Will just not bother with the hassle in future - until they provide a stockimo for android.
  12. So I often see people mentioning news and weather and affects, etc, so I think it's not just about headline bbc.co.uk news type stuff So, I'm not normally in a situation where anything remotely interesting happens right in front of me, but today as was waiting for train the heavy winds lifted a gazebo over a wall and on to the rail lines. I thought, well maybe this would be of interest to someone showing affects of current weather... But was rejected. Fine, but is there a list I can peruse somewhere as to what may be acceptable? Because trying to get that image uploaded and keyworded on my phone was a right royal frigging pain in the butt. And I'd just rather save myself the time and frustration in future, should something potentially interesting happen near me. Android phone for what's its worth
  13. Apologies for my delay - you were right, is aw139 These things look awesome inside!
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