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  1. Low $$ , presentation or newsletter Third sale this month now, which is good for me.
  2. Wicked! The only time I saw them and got a very bad) photo, it was just high up in dark canopy and didn't have a flash. Gorgeous
  3. I'm currently playing with the idea of changing all my RM here (that not sold) to RF, and moving pushing a lot of that content over to MS. You think it was worthwhile? I just want to maximise any potential earnings.
  4. mid/low $$ RF - Multiple editorial only I have much nicer parakeet images - oh well, I am not complaining
  5. I think I'll probably get all my images changed to non exclusive and made rf, then list elsewhere. I'm not that good (hopefully just yet) that I can make money 'on my own' and just want to maximise income as much as possible. Sales are slow as hell for me here. Makes sense to broaden my possibilities with the inevitable change that will occur here. I'm not saying I think the acquisition will be negative (especially for someone like me who makes almost nothing here), but it seems like the smart move for me.
  6. It's a bit early to say what impact there will be on commissions. But, certainly, all bets are off concerning previous assurances/promises made. Could this potentially improve sales volume?
  7. Right on all counts - I should have labelled I guess House mouse - I think
  8. Finally a sale after 3 dead months! And it's one of those - really, you paid how much for this photo? Mid $$ RF non-exclusive
  9. not all recent photos, but just recently processed and uploaded
  10. Wildlife is for my pleasure. I would like to venture away from that a bit to hopefully find some better way of subsidising my income, but wildlife will always be something I shoot. One of the few pics I have sold here is a goldcrest - and not a great pic. And I do sell wildlife on MS sites - but at MS prices... but strangely, its never what I consider by better photos that do sell - it's normally those that show a more natural representation of particular animal. Will I be able to compete with the best? Not now, maybe never - but i'm getting better, and not going to stop trying I'm severely limited by not having a car (or licence) , and hope to have that rectified in next couple of years. Anyway, that's enough off topic from me - sorry guys!
  11. yeah, I very rarely include for wildlife: Counts, unless seems relevant to me, like a pair mating. Precise location - this was richmond park, but I leave royal parks out of my wildlife photos, because some places won't even accept them if those are included. Same for some other places I shoot. I never considered things like "side view", etc. I can't see the relevance for a pic like this. Or most pics. I couldn't say for certain they are "young" either. As for "stag", yeah, a lot of my images went through bulk/hasty processing, and I do have a few mistakes from that such as this. definitely "winter" is omission - possibly "landscape". And I do normally include plurals - I didn't realise "deers" was actually one I know my keywording isn't perfect, and the more recent my photo was taken or processed, the better it will tend to be, as I am doing them more and more on a photo by photo basis now. Appearing in searches isn't my problem though - getting sales when I do is
  12. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I didn't have much up then, and few zooms, so dropping consistently by one if it's only a year total makes sense.
  13. I haven't sold anything for 3 months here, so it's nothing to do with earnings Getting out into nature keeps me sane. I would like to focus on doing things besides wildlife - but that may not keep my mental state as balanced... As I'm actually over 6000 already, 7500 is probably a bit low for a target. There is still 11 months after all! Of course, I have also not been seriously into photography all my life. I always had a passing interest, which in the last 5 or so years has become far more obsession-like. So, perhaps I am still in a honeymoon phase. I hope not. I'm enjoying the improvement I am seeing in my wildlife photos - hopefully one day, I will take something award winning!
  14. Nothing, nada, zip - for third month in a row. I need to stop doing wildlife
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