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  1. What does "Instagram Style" actually mean?

    Maybe this fits the bill. It's an image that isn't particularly sharp, the filter is old fashioned-looking (looks like something from 90s film) and a candid in-the moment genuine expression.
  2. Best examples of tags and captions

    Come on guys/gals, we're here to help each other out. <--- See a link to my portfolio on the left, looks like I'm "promoting my business"
  3. Very disappointing

    Your latest War of the Worlds shots are really cool and I'm sure they'll do well...soon enough. Hang in there!
  4. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Supermarket of the future, shot 18 months ago. Small RF fee but nice to see old stuff getting attention.
  5. Best examples of tags and captions

    It can be a wise business decision to hire someone for keywording, especially if you've got a big batch of images to go through and little time. I've hired Clemency and positively impressed with the service I've received. Free advice is, however, always welcome so hope to see you around here, @Clemency Wright Consulting Ltd often! Here's a link to the business website.
  6. Favourite images uploaded - April 2018

    One way to increase church participation...
  7. Very disappointing

    There's no sugarcoating, it's fking tough going here
  8. No sale!!

    I'm hardly setting the world on fire with my Alamy portfolio but I'll give you these comments on your port, since you asked: - The subject matter seems adequate and some interesting angle - Move the exposure to the right by 1 or 2 stops then add selective vibrance. You've done well to shoot when it's sunny in London (rare) so pity that they're not popping in the thumbnails - Would you consider licensing some of them as RF instead?
  9. Plainclothes police stop

    That's good advice. It was one week after the Manchester terrorist attack so I guess security people were jumpy. They were snapshots so didn't feel like arguing but if I caught great shots I would fight to keep the shots. The only other time I was ever asked to delete was at the airport in Tel Aviv but that's completely understandable considering their security situation. Should have been more careful there and then.
  10. Plainclothes police stop

    +1 Last year I was at the Bullhorn shopping centre in Birmingham and some jobsworth forced me to delete some images I took while inside the shopping centre. What a clown. My encounters with British police have been overwhelmingly positive.
  11. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    First sale of the month - $59 gross. Paris in the spring
  12. We'll grab a pint one day and discuss it into the late hours! However, if the bartender happens to be a robot, you cannot make the argument that "it's damaging for the retail industry"
  13. This is a relatively old thread so I've had to go back and refresh on what was said and the context. I believe the discussion centered about some on here argued that the RF model and micros in particular were "harmful" for the industry and that those contributors didn't care if by contributing to such business model they were doing harm. My argument in defense was to state a statistic that 1/3 of micro contributors at one of the largest micro sites come from three countries, notably: Russia, Ukraine and Thailand. I questioned why that is. Then I linked that statistic with the premise that perhaps in those societies the difference to making $500 a month is between destitute and an average quality of living, whereas $500 a month in London doesn't even cover the rent. Those contributors are not thinking about noble goals about preserving the industry, even if true. They're free to upload to Midstock, including Alamy, but it appears that uploading to micros comes more naturally. In the case of Ukraine, beautiful models at a fraction of hire price you would pay in London, Paris, Milan... I've never been to either of those countries stated above and would really love to visit Thailand...really fascinated by the culture - I'm from Brazil, which has many issues related to poverty, corruption and inequality. For a time I was looking to make all my editorials exclusive on Alamy (with some RM) but I re-assessed and thought that was not a good business decision. From a year ago to now (my trip to Israel), I have left the majority of such editorials are RM and exclusive on here and only 2 have sold for pittance, so I don't regret my decision to diversify. Agreed, although there's no harm and certainly not racist in trying to understand the reasons why some contributors in one geographic place choose to do something or other. If anything, that is helpful to understand local trends and agencies spend a lot of $ on writing about local trends and anticipating them for buyers of those markets. Assumptions are dangerous so glad that you, as a Thai national, has joined in the discussion to shed the some light. The people aren't undeveloped, it's the social fabric in the societies that many live, mainly due to incompetent and corrupt political systems. I don't believe that microstock is a damaging business model as I've argued in the past. I think it's more of a symptom than a cause and we're at this stage mainly due to technological advances that makes it possible to capture huge resolutions with a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment. Then send such high-resolution images over fiber optic. In terms of the 'gig economy', many people have benefited from these advances in technology. Then there's another discussion about off-sourcing and how this has hurt some industries in developed countries. I see you put quotations on forced but nobody is forced into anything. It's a business opportunity. I suppose most won't make it because as you know it's not as simple as shooting a beach with coconuts with a mobile phone, keywording and uploading. Personally, I'm motivated by avoiding the pointless rat race that has become of most corporate jobs. I enjoy the freedom and income that comes with it so I can travel and write about my experiences