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  1. Zoom ratio cumulative scores

    9,156 images 210 zooms from Jan 1st until July 31st ratio: 43.6
  2. Favourite Photos in August

    Visited an old Portuguese Lighthouse in Sesimbra and met the lighthouse keeper!
  3. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    How about the ultimate Stock Photography Song - Money for Nothing
  4. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (Official Music Video)
  5. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Let's be positive As @geogphotos stated:
  6. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Hope the chairlift starts working next month
  7. Selling in other websites

    You give me 6 months and I'd double your earnings but you'll have to sell your soul...
  8. Selling in other websites

    Being exclusive on here is financial madness.
  9. RF editorial criteria

    @geogphotos When are you going to join "the dark side"?
  10. RF editorial criteria

    ^^ The most significant benefit of going down the RF route, in my opinion, is the flexibility that comes with being able to duplicate such material at other stock agencies. That should make up for any lost revenue from missed out multiple RM licenses and the rare but not impossible exclusive ones on here. A contentious red arrow point, surely.
  11. Favourite Photos in August

    Surfing spot in Munich, Germany. How do you say dude in German?
  12. RF editorial criteria

    I used to try to think of some logic here or there and just realised it's probably a waste of time/effort. I've decided to put everything but the live news stuff as RF editorial/commercial and be happy. Probably not a huge difference anymore with RM, it's all some sort of hybrid mutant micro-glorified license anyway.
  13. How was your July?

    7 for a total of $285 gross
  14. to divide or not?

    Since you asked, I would suggest to put (almost) all everywhere and RF.
  15. Favourite Photos in July

    Got lost (in a good way) in the narrow streets of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain