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  1. https://www.instagram.com/brutallyhonest_alex/
  2. Just had a low 3-figure sale pop in this morning on here despite the image being widely available on 14 other agencies....for as little as 2cents. Do Alamy buyers shop around...most don't and won't for many reasons and some have nothing to do with price points. I tried to answer this crucial question on a blog post.
  3. The strict definition (at least for me) of a micro site is one that offers a subscription service. Alamy appeared to be heading in that direction, not sure what happened to that plan.
  4. From a quick look at your port, I believe that your isolated illustrative editorials of products would do OK on there. Probably only earn a subs though but they do add up. Also the more general touristy type UK shots, especially in sunny weather.
  5. 8 item(s) totalling $167.13 At this stage in the game, a complete failure. fml.
  6. Martini, shaken not stirred at "Spy Bar" in Hotel Palacio, Estoril, Portugal. Drinking hole of Ian Fleming and other WWII spies.
  7. Spotted mine and few others 15/01/2019 Why Brazilians Love Baby Talk - BBC Travel http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20190114-why-brazilians-love-baby-talk?ocid=ww.social.link.twitter Alexandre Rotenberg above Yadid Levy Pulsar Imagens Filipe Frazao Fred Pinheiro
  8. Seems like an extra headache (and cost) to police those who claim the content is exclusive when it's not. The extra 20% isn't enough for me to encourage exclusivity but I suppose it's better than nothing. At another agency I won't mention here the difference between non-exclusive (15%) and exclusive (40%) is considerable.
  9. Perhaps. Difficult to say for sure. But we're going round in circles here since I mentioned earlier that those 7,000 duplicated images earn me on average 3-4x what they do here on any given month. So if they sell there, instead of here, it's still a sale nevertheless...could be lower priced on average but in the grand scheme of things it's still hugely ++ for me (probably because volumes make up for it)...although I would need data to work with which is pretty much impossible to obtain on buyers' habits/intentions. I do have some 2,000 RM exclusive images on here which mainly just take up some obscure server space with no benefit to me, sadly. Mainly Live News stuff that I never duplicated but also some interesting shots from Dubai and Israel. Experiment gone wrong. Frustrating. Also did a series on refugees in Milan, Italy of about 30 images about a year ago and put them all up as RM exclusive and not even zooms.
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