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  1. Best to go for more book cover specialist agencies, such as Arcangel and/or Trevillion. https://www.stockstudio.io/post/best-places-to-sell-stock-photos-transitioning-to-book-cover-photography
  2. This sold as a Personal Usage license. Really. Then 3 weeks later it was refunded. Really. Alamy is microstock.
  3. Only 2 sales for $82.81 gross in December. - December detailed stock report here - 2020 detailed recap stock report here
  4. 11 for $97 gross, including many many suspicious Personal Usage licenses. Full detailed November report for all stock / video earnings for all agencies here.
  5. ( 10 item(s) totalling $184.49 ) Link to detailed earnings report for all agencies
  6. Lately, micros is more of a drip drip drip of poison seeing that the average RPI across the board has dropped considerably in the past 6 months (30-40% year on year).
  7. A. Fair enough, some Alamy buyers will go to micros and micro buyers won't go to Alamy. That's indisputable, although difficult to know for certain what is the prevalence. B. However, would you say that it's equally logical that some micro buyers have never heard of Alamy / don't have an account at Alamy and would license strictly from micros? Therefore, if what is lost potential income from A is less than what is gained from B than it would make sense from a business point of view to duplicate everywhere and RF. Would make for an interesting case-study but need to have
  8. With due respect, my friend, I could say the same about you for not licensing at micros. Not that it would affect sales but by ignoring microstock you're hurting your bottom line and hence cheating yourself out of extra income. In Setemper, you licensed via Alamy 39 images for $1,070 gross on 70,000 images. which equates to 15cents an image/download gross or $1.80/year gross. This is about similar to mine and Alamy only makes up something like 20% of my overall earnings. I do have about 900 Alamy exclusive images as RM and they perform quite badly even after many years.
  9. Alamy cheated on me by promising me gold and instead delivering coal!
  10. 3 for $65 gross. Gross. Crunched some numbers - Sept 2019 vs Sept 2020: Rise in images (from 11,195 to 12,094) = +7% Drop in sales (from 7 to 3) Drop in views (from 6,642 to 4,634) = (30%) Drop in zooms (from 29 to 10) = (66%) Drop in CTR (from 0.39 to 0.18) = (54%) Detailed report on all my September earnings from all stock agencies.
  11. Thanks Alamy has one of the softer QC requirements with their batch review, so if someone is having constant rejections on here they would probably struggle elsewhere especially now that Shutterstock is using AI to review and is full of bugs.
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