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  1. Lately, micros is more of a drip drip drip of poison seeing that the average RPI across the board has dropped considerably in the past 6 months (30-40% year on year).
  2. A. Fair enough, some Alamy buyers will go to micros and micro buyers won't go to Alamy. That's indisputable, although difficult to know for certain what is the prevalence. B. However, would you say that it's equally logical that some micro buyers have never heard of Alamy / don't have an account at Alamy and would license strictly from micros? Therefore, if what is lost potential income from A is less than what is gained from B than it would make sense from a business point of view to duplicate everywhere and RF. Would make for an interesting case-study but need to have buyers on board to be honest about their purchasing habits.
  3. With due respect, my friend, I could say the same about you for not licensing at micros. Not that it would affect sales but by ignoring microstock you're hurting your bottom line and hence cheating yourself out of extra income. In Setemper, you licensed via Alamy 39 images for $1,070 gross on 70,000 images. which equates to 15cents an image/download gross or $1.80/year gross. This is about similar to mine and Alamy only makes up something like 20% of my overall earnings. I do have about 900 Alamy exclusive images as RM and they perform quite badly even after many years. Don't know how many of those are exclusive but assuming most are, those returns above, for the size of your port, are comparable with some of the lower-end microstock agencies (combined): Dreamstime, 123RF, Depositphotos. Now, you have a great port and deserve more. Many of us do but we the reality is that the market is getting more difficult, blame oversaturation, well before Covid even became an issue. I'm gonna get lots of down arrows and don't care. Alamy has midstock aspirations but the returns are, well all is said and done, at a high-end microstock levels. There are some occasional big sales but those are few and far between - just too much inconsistency. Hope the new partnership will stir things up with management to ensure the volumes return and license prices don't head the wrong way. Alamy is my favourite agency and I hope they turn things around in these tough economic times.
  4. Alamy cheated on me by promising me gold and instead delivering coal!
  5. 3 for $65 gross. Gross. Crunched some numbers - Sept 2019 vs Sept 2020: Rise in images (from 11,195 to 12,094) = +7% Drop in sales (from 7 to 3) Drop in views (from 6,642 to 4,634) = (30%) Drop in zooms (from 29 to 10) = (66%) Drop in CTR (from 0.39 to 0.18) = (54%) Detailed report on all my September earnings from all stock agencies.
  6. Thanks Alamy has one of the softer QC requirements with their batch review, so if someone is having constant rejections on here they would probably struggle elsewhere especially now that Shutterstock is using AI to review and is full of bugs.
  7. 4 for $54 gross, which is gross. Detailed August 2020 earnings report for all stock agencies
  8. Alamy is blatently turning a blind eye to buyers purchasing wrong licenses. Had this one in the past month. I would love to opt out but not possible with RF (90% of my port) or how about this one from last year, also licensed as PU:
  9. 3 for $39 gross. wow. Link to my detailed July stock earnings report
  10. He still gives a lot of information away for free. The rest he hopes to recover some of his costs, which is reasonable since he's not running a charity
  11. Alamy does have some microstock elements, which I don't think is necessarily a bad business decision...it's just catering to buyers' evolving needs. One instance of "microstocky" behaviour is offering the image-packs which is just a fancy way to call them subscriptions (albeit at higher priced than at full-on micros). A more clear example are the heavy discounts given to "bulk discount, flat sales" purchases: Here are some of the gross prices I've seen for such recent sales: - $3.14 - $3.48 - $4.80 - $2.98 - $3.14 etc But fortunately, these are offset by larger sales, such as the following recent gross prices: - $109 - $105 - $377 etc
  12. Not sure yet. Covid messed up a lot of business plans, including mine. While I admire the audacity of some contributors for permanently deactivating huge ports from SS (some I've read are 50,000+ assets), I think it's a foolish/rash/emotional decision considering the "sunken costs" associated and loss of passive future income, however diminished. In addition, SS contributors simply don't have enough stats yet to determine just how bad the drop will be in earnings (I still managed to pick up a $90 net sale this month on SS for an extended license). Permanently shutting down is not something I will even contemplate...farthest I'll go is reluctantly supporting these temporarily shut-downs since we're stronger in numbers. My focus these days is on producing high-quality 4K video (likely to be uploaded to Pond5 exclusivity soon for 60% earnings and ability to set my own price) and submitting book cover stock (Rights-Managed exclusive) to Arcangel Images, which sell for me at around $150 net average a license. Those two avenues seem to be more resilient to market forces, at least for the time being. Perhaps I'll start submitting more to Alamy RM exclusive as well for that added 20% revenue, however, I'm quite annoyed at their Customer Service for not dealing seriously with ongoing suspicious Personal Usage license usages despite numerous follow-ups. Appreciate all for keeping the exchange civilized...I know this topic can hit some nerves as we're talking about sustainability of livelihoods.
  13. Going non-exclusive RF is a no-brainer imo and a good business decision but need to keep an eye on agencies as some make harmful decisions, such as the latest with SS which is causing a stir and iStock's 15% non-exclusive 2cent debacle about two years ago. For argument's sake, are you implying that if I were to be exclusive on Alamy with 10,800 images I would have earned in 2019 over $5,000 net (instead of my current $1,140)? I think that is far fetched, although almost impossible to know...we can only speculate. However, I do have some stats on the small but high-quality RM exclusive on RM (about 800) and those have vastly under-performed vs the non-exclusive RF batch.
  14. Yes, I'm not sure what going back into formal employment has has to do with the discussion. My earnings are all open for perusal and even living in Portugal earning $10,000 a year isn't enough for anything close to decent standard of living...but is enough to guilt-free equipment upgrades and travel (which is near impossible now). I'm a lawyer by training which pays much more than photography / videography and was given an offer I couldn't refuse in Madrid, however, the project was cut short because of Covid. Now back to full-time stock and have another shocker with SS in the space of a few weeks. Oh well, such is life, but I'm optimistic.
  15. Question: Does submitting images to subscription-based Microstock sites impact potentially higher-priced sales on Alamy (RF)?
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