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  1. A frog and insect shot with the tables turned. I didn't see the mosquito until viewing it on my computer.
  2. I’ve been using Luminar 4’s sky replacement for some images I have on FAA, but I’m up front about it and call it digital art. It’s an amazing tool. I would say it’s probably fine for stock. Alamy used to have a check box for digital manipulation in the image manager. I’d probably include a notification about it. Also, Be careful with using the provided skies. I saw a landscape image posted on one of the photo forums that had a Luminar canned sky that I recognized immediately. The big issue was the sky has the sun shining through clouds, but the landscape was lit by the sun coming from behind t
  3. Even the forum is slow. Also, I just clicked on Notifications and got a bad gateway error.
  4. Some autumn foliage in a local forest preserve just the other day.
  5. Some images of LaSalle Canyon Falls at Starved Rock State Park southwest of Chicago that I took earlier this year and just got around to uploading.
  6. Kit lenses tend to vary in quality more than higher end lenses. The Panasonic app works fine if you can’t use a cable release.
  7. Salvador. James Woods is a great actor, but not one of my favorite human beings.
  8. Yes, that's Cosmos. I've not seen a white one before though.
  9. Five stars here. I submit at least once a week and it's been quite a long time since I've had a failure.
  10. Having used both the 12-32 and the 12-60 my opinion is that there's not a lot of difference in sharpness. The 12-60 is a bit sharper, but the 12-32 is plenty sharp for Alamy. The extra range of the 12-60 is nice, but once you put it on a rangefinder style body such as the GX85, you lose the compactness that I found was a great advantage for city work. I sometimes wish I hadn't sold the GX and that lens. As an aside, I also had the Leica 12-60 for a time, but found it really not that much better than the plain Lumix 12-60. It's built better, but that's about it. And since I was usin
  11. I’ve used Panasonic Lumix MFT cameras for several years now and the images sail through QC and sell just fine. I started with the GX85/80 and now use a G85/80 and a G9. They have more than enough dynamic range and image quality. You can still get a GX85 in a two lens bundle with the 12-32 and 45-150 for $500 here in the U.S. I don’t know about other markets. Add the 20mm f1.7 and you’re pretty much set.
  12. Best 2020 month volume wise, second best in revenue. 15 sales, $681 gross.
  13. On August 10 a powerful derecho blasted through Iowa and Illinois. It was most severe in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and was equivalent to a category 2 hurricane. It’s not getting much attention from the national media and may be unknown outside the US. I drove the 300 or so km from Chicago on Tuesday. Here are a few images. Edit: Here's what Wiley Plaza looked like before the storm. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/2125-2129-Wiley-Blvd-Cedar-Rapids-IA/16476284/ Edit 2: It now is estimated some areas of Cedar Rapids experie
  14. I can login but can't access the dashboard or image manager. I can get to my account balance. Something's messed up.
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