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  1. I used to shoot Canon FF and APS-C. I've totally switched to MFT, currently two GX85s/80s, and one G85/80 which I recently added. No problems with QC and the images sell. Here are a few sellers:
  2. Mourning dove parent feeding crop milk to a youngster in our backyard. Mom and pop look the same and share parental duties, so no way to know which one it is.
  3. A cautionary tale: https://petapixel.com/2019/05/10/scientific-errors-in-those-nat-geo-milky-way-photos/ This sort of thing shows up all the time in stock photos. There are plenty of images on Alamy with the moon in an impossible place in the sky. But it’s not photojournalism. A major photo editing screw up as some of the cloning is obvious.
  4. Alamy responded after their initial response and say it’s an affiliate sale. But why the first response was that it wasn’t marked exclusive is anyone’s guess.
  5. No, but either way, I marked my images before the policy took effect.
  6. I've had a sale this month of an image that I marked exclusive when we were informed of the exclusivity payment policy. Alamy claims that it wasn't marked exclusive on the date of sale, but this is not the case. Anyone else have this happen?
  7. I see you have many Brexit protest images. Consider uploading a selection of the best to Live News when you’re covering events like this. Check the captioning guidelines for this: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-news-images/captions-headlines-dates-live-news-images/?section=3
  8. I've been continually uploading with Fetch on Mojave. No issues even with large submissions.
  9. I learned that a few decades back while working here in the states with a product manager from Aberdeen. One could say an angry drunk got pissed because he got pissed.
  10. Some sort of Cynodont, Cynognathus maybe? Edit: I think Inostrancevia is a better fit.
  11. I'm no where near Joshua tree, but if I were, I'd definitely go and take photos of the vandalism that has taken place due to you know what and you know who.
  12. My Alamy portfolio includes images shot with full-frame Canons, APS-C Canons, a Canon G10, a Sony RX100 and now two Lumix GX85(80)s . Images from every one of them have licensed, most recently one from a GX85 for a commercial poster.
  13. I don't interpret having images available on FAA for print sales only to be a violation of exclusivity for stock sales on Alamy as long as you don't make them available for stock licensing at FAA. Perhaps Alamy can clarify on whether this it acceptable to them. I never had an image license through FAA anyway, so deactivating their stock feature wasn't a big deal.
  14. Bald cypress, Taxodium distichum, methinks. It's now commonly planted as a parkway tree, even north of its natural range. This one appears planted.They don't necessarily have to grow in swamps.
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