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  1. My best year ever with both volume and revenue up again. Keep up the good work Alamy
  2. good to hear some of you are having your best month for a while. I continue to have poor sales although ( 5th weak month is a row) but a couple of $$$ is nice to see. Best month for views and zooms for ages so perhaps next month ..............
  3. my third disapointing month in a row only 5 sales and big fall in views and zooms so next month may not be great either. Not much I can do apart from keep snapping and uploading more diverse subjects
  4. Worst month for 5 years with just a single sale which is very strange following 3 record months for me. Part up the ups and downs of stock I guess but still a shock to the system
  5. Anyone else noticed that a few months ago Alamy had 159 million images but today they are down to 152.5 million.That is a big loss.
  6. Just started to work on this with a small sample of my 4000 English coast images in the portfolio. Should I put them all in the portfolio rather than just a sample ? Any advice welcome https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/davideastley
  7. best year ever for volume of sales and we still have 3 months to go. Revenue about 30% behind my best ever year but it could be close
  8. my 2 year average is 4.00 but 60% of my sales are never zoomed
  9. At the end of September my year to date volume of sales equaled my previous best year ,so with 3 months to go sales volumes are looking good. Still 30% behind my best ever revenue year ( 2011) so could be close to a record revenue year as well
  10. Aiden Thanks for the Monopoly spot in the Sun, not a paper I normally read david Eastley
  11. I don't think it will have much impact on ranking as everyone will see the same effect ( I hope)
  12. No real change for me, all 4 psudos have remained almost in the same place for the last 6 re ranks so it is a bit of a non event for me. On the positive side it means I am not crashing to the bottom, but not improving much either. Best psudo page 3, worst pg14, very much reflecting the sales of each one.
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