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  1. much better than the last 3 months ( a hopeful sign ?) but not at pre covid levels. Mostly $$ pricing not helped by a large refund. Still, views and zooms on the mend so perhaps things will be better next month
  2. In the last few days I have had a big increase in views and zooms and sales following 3 lousy months during lock down. My numbers have suddenly returned to pre lock down levels. A lot of my images are travel related and I just wondered if opening up for travel and summer holidays has magazines, newspapers, guide books etc starting to get moving again. Anyone else seeing this. I know a surge can just be a blip but 10 sales in 4 days is a good sign I think.
  3. Just like Janos I have just had a refund today from 25/6/10. I wonder if it is the same organisation Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Internal newsletterPrint run: UnlimitedImage Size: Any sizeStart: 25 June 2019End: 25 June 2024Use in a location guide for a home owner. Archival rights. Includes repeat use. seems very strange
  4. Covid has not been kind to me, both volume and revenue down 38% compared to last year following almost 10 years of year on year growth
  5. I have been doing the same over the last three years , not only removing rubbish and lots of duplicates but correcting so many errors in captions and poor key wording from my earlier images. Not a fun job but doing a few most weeks with a cup of coffee.As a result I have sold a few of my early images in the last year simply by improving captions and keywords. When I started there were nowhere as critical as they are now in the search engine. Captions and keyword improvement is the key task for me
  6. horrible. Just 4 sales for $ pricing and like many others zooms down 40% and zooms down 50%
  7. we are safeguarding so can't really get out at the moment but am using the time to go through my images and do some new captions and keywords and quite a lot of deletions. Also going through lots of my old stuff and finding quite a few I missed and are uploading them
  8. looks like my third poor month . Incredibly only 1 sale so far this month, views down 35% and zooms not great. For me the views are most worrying as this is a good indicator of activity in the market
  9. The virus has not been kind to me. Following a poor March an equally poor April. Views and zooms also down so not hopeful for the next few months
  10. I see Alamy have now passed 200 million images for the first time. I am not sure if that is good or bad.
  11. not a great month but I am alive and well and so far avoiding the virus, that seems a little more important at the moment for me
  12. My best year ever with both volume and revenue up again. Keep up the good work Alamy
  13. good to hear some of you are having your best month for a while. I continue to have poor sales although ( 5th weak month is a row) but a couple of $$$ is nice to see. Best month for views and zooms for ages so perhaps next month ..............
  14. my third disapointing month in a row only 5 sales and big fall in views and zooms so next month may not be great either. Not much I can do apart from keep snapping and uploading more diverse subjects
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