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  1. my average gross per image from the good old days to this year so far 2006 257.00 2007 180.00 2008 187.50 2009 63.91 2010 57.67 2011 52.09 2012 49.11 2013 58.30 2014 35.83 2015 30.42 2016 29.04 1017 25.23 2018 23.13 2019 23.27 2020 29.55 2
  2. three lowish sales this morning ( something nice to wake up to ) mid $$ ditchling beacon mid $$ ditchling beacon I wonder if one might be refunded high $ recycle centre
  3. I have been revisiting some of my Alamy images from about 15 years ago. Two things strike me, how poor they are technically, especially sharpness and noise and that just shows how much better the equipment is now. Secondly it has made me think about revisiting some of these places ( often within 50 miles of home) to take far better images of the places I had thought I had fully covered. I now have a list of about a dozen places to revisit, just waiting for some good weather and I will be back at it again, but with a purpose.
  4. I am having my best year ever , both volume and value of sales. October volume down slightly but I am seeing improved prices with more $$$ as reported over the last few months. This is a trend I hope continues
  5. its my best year ever for volume and value of sales. Seeing more $$$ sales than recent years
  6. I need to correct my earlier post . On the measures update for 30 September I had a $250 sale for television usage ( I won't show the image) but it is a long time since I had one of that value. So now this is my best year ever for number and value of licences, and there is still 3 months to go It made my day
  7. very disappointing. Only 8 sales ( although the total number of sales this year is my best year ever) but a very poor month price wise ( my total revenue still lags behind my best year despite the ok volume of sales). views and zooms remain weak for me
  8. three mid $ sales today the last 2 are for Novel use ( local calendar I suspect) as they are both from the Lytham st annes area
  9. although it is a pain as I track this data all the time I doubt it will impact rankings ( what ever that is these days) as everyone will see the same impact so our relative rankings should be largely unchanged
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