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  1. Hi Colin! Thanks for the contest! Here are my three: 1. A teenage girl on her trampoline: 2. Children playing in the Indian Ocean at sunset, Sri Lanka 3. A young girl being pulled behind a speedboat on a rubber ring Kumar
  2. Thanks for that spot Clare - I have now added "environmental damage" to the tags! Kumar
  3. Hi Andrew! OK, so in fact I found that I had the figures and it's been easy to update them, so; here are my numbers, slightly approx., A: 2700 B: 4320 😄 4500 😧 3120 E: 2200 F: 1050 G: 850 H: 1250 J: 540 K: 1030 M: 1035 P: 620 R: 510 T: 820 W: 37 and counting Points to note: 1. A-F comprise 2/3 of my total numbers so not unsurprising they are my main sellers (12-15 years ago, with the smaller numbers being submitted one prefix could last for nearly 2 years! 2. G to W are: 6692 (27% of collection, 24% of sales last month) 3. M to W are: 3022 (12% of collection, 5% of sales) I think many factors are in play here: 1. Many of my most recent submissions are much more purely travel - thats what I like taking most, but they may not sell quite as well as the more "bread and butter" images of stock photography 2. What SpaceCadet said 3. Remember that disaster that happened 5/12/2016 when there was a complete mess up of ranking, search engine etc. etc. Prior to that I had been on p1 of BHZ (only just finally got there!!). After the 6 months or so it took Alamy to sort that out my ranking had clearly dropped and I have been p4 BHZ ever since (you may/may not believe in BHZ but it gives an idea of whats happening particularly regarding your own relative placement). BUT interestingly my older images retained their better ranking, and my new images took on the worse ranking. Hence in my case anyway, my older images rank better than my newer ones if I take pictures of the same thing. 4. Also, many of my best sellers are repeat sellers and many newspapers etc keep them as "stock images" and roll them out whenever they run a piece on the same topic. I have a few that have sold more than 30 times)The older images obviously do better. Thats about it Comments? Cheers Kumar
  4. Hi Andrew! Hope you are well! I will let you know the answer but am away for a couple of days so wont be till Monday! Cheers Kumar
  5. Trans Maldivian Airways seaplane at its' moorings, Male airport, The Maldives (Canon 5DMk3, 24-105f4 L lens) To Australia for $ Kumar
  6. Sorry but no - I am at a wedding in Oxford Sat/Sun whole weekend Kumar
  7. Thanks for choosing one of mine Avpics - good subject! Kumar
  8. unfortunately I cant make 17th, so wish you all a great meet-up! Kumar
  9. I like the style too - as Bill says, they will stand out which is always a good thing. Not speaking your language, I cannot comment on most of the keywords I am afraid! But bearing in mind your english is excellent from your post, I wonder whether additional english tags would be a good idea, given that Alamy is based in the UK? Good luck! Kumar
  10. And I think Westminster Abbey is now £22 . 😧 Kumar
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