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  1. I shall be there on the Sunday from about 10 o'clock onwards Kumar
  2. Average post-COVID month for me - 50 sales for gross of $1233. Numbers of views 25,800 - which is pretty much what has been the COVID/post COVID level, compared with an average of 35,000+ views pre-covid. 2 $$$ sales, both to Japan, best was $110. CTR good at 0.80 Kumar
  3. Thanks Nigel! John beat you to it, but better to be told twice than not at all! Best wishes Kum,ar
  4. Editorial website, $$$ but distributor: Middle aged woman having afternoon tea in the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong Kumar
  5. Been good to know you - Thank you for all your help. Hopefully you will be able to continue to correspond on a different platform! Kumar
  6. Seems very unusual to have sold an image for use in Advertising and Promotion for such a small amount? Suggest contact member services? Kumar
  7. Nice website Russell, easy to navigate. Good luck with the new venture! Kumar
  8. 2020, sales to end of June: 344 2021, sales to end of June: 350 2020 gross income, same period: $10,570 2021, ditto $8590 Kumar
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