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  1. Looks like you are going great guns north of the border Kay! regards Kumar
  2. Zooms

    Many of us noticed a reduction in "proper zooms" when Alamy introduced the larger thumbnails and rollover zooms a few years ago. - Presumably as buyers didn't need proper zooms quite so much I am sure that since this affects everyone equally it should not impinge on our ranking I do notice that many sales do not seem to relate to actual zooms. However I still find that my overall number of sales does still relate to my overall number of zooms, so if my zoom numbers go down, my sale numbers follow a couple of months later Kumar
  3. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Hi Edo - great news that you have found somewhere to live ! Has it got a spare bedroom? Kumar

    I don't tend to do competitions as the small print often includes the fact that the competition holders can then use any entry in perpetuity for free! Kumar
  5. BHZ

    No real change for me Kumar
  6. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    Its a good point but I would yes there is a person in the image Kumar
  7. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    1 person in the image - Only needs a model release if you are selling it RF Kumar
  8. November Challenge

    Thanks all for some great city images - keep them coming! Kumar
  9. How was your October?

    Below average for sales and income in October - worst October for gross income since 2011, but BME for zooms so hopefully things will now improve Kumar
  10. Hi all, The topic for the November challenge is simply "The City" - can be any aspect of any city - we are not referring to London financial district - Normal rules - each contender can provide up to 3 images, all to be from Alamy; BUT; as I am away the end of November, the closing date for entries will be Midnight on Sunday 25th November. Examples of images could include: Good luck! Kumar
  11. The platform at Sawar Madopar station, Rajasthan India Country: AustraliaUsage: Newspaper Editorial print and digital use. Any size.Any Placement. One time use only.Industry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 01 November 2018End: 01 November 2019 $$ Kumar
  12. Cambridge meet up of Alamy contributors

    You would always be welcome Ed! Very enjoyable meeting the other day - great pleasure to meet more Alamy contributors! Kumar