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  1. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Mine are running about 60% of normal but remember the past month, over which rolling zooms are counted includes Christmas and the New Year - not only is this including the Bank Holidays themselves, but more importantly a period of at least 2 weeks where there is a severe reduction in image purchasing compared with normal weeks. I would think in another month we will be able to make a more accurate assessment as to whether there is a problem and if so what it is Kumar
  2. Dry January

    If that was the response you had on e-mailing Alamy about this on several occasions, then although it is the Xmas season and New Year and therefore busy, it would reflect a rather sad state of affairs for how Alamy is viewing its contributors these days . Kumar
  3. Images sold in January

    Congrats - a very recently uploaded one by the looks of it - where was it taken? Kumar
  4. What's wrong with my portfolio ?

    Hi IgorK48 agree with above comments - also: 1. A number of your images eg. RBEY46, RB1GY6 and RA6XNB look s a little underexposed and also flat/low contrast. Try using the curves tool in PS to improve them 2. Alamy is mainly editorial-biased -- you have to ask yourself "What is someone going to use this image for?". If you cant answer that immediately you take the image, it probably wont sell here - I am thinking of for example, images RA6Y38, RA6YK6 and RB9XG8. Backgrounds dont tend to sell well on Alamy in my experience Hope that helps Kumar
  5. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

    Thanks for booking us in Allan - you are clearly very good at organising this! Kumar
  6. Images sold in January

  7. Images sold in January

    Congratulations John! Kumar
  8. It has been a while

    Make sure the image/images you are trying to copy the tags into do not already have other tags, making the total number of tags over 50 Kumar
  9. Commission Change announced in email

    Thanks Alamy - thats very helpful Kumar
  10. Hi Wim! Happy New Year! Congrats on the win and thanks for the new topic. Here are my submissions: 1. Happy New baby elephant - South Africa 2. Happy New baby (NOT!) Venice 3. Happy New Baby, Burano, Venice Kumar
  11. Favourite photos uploaded January 2019

    Black rhino drinking at a waterhole at night, Etosha National Park, Namibia - taken at ISO 25,600 Kumar
  12. Images sold in January

    Since it is the first sale of the New Year, Freddie Mercury's house in Stonetown Zanzibar for low $$ Kumar
  13. Zooms collapse

    Jan 2018 : 230 Feb . : 239 Mar: 205 Apr 257 May 260 Jun 254 July 253 Aug 189 Sep 171 Oct 291 Nov 256 Dec 150 For me there was a marked drop in zoom numbers and CTR which started on 1st August and finished on 1st October, to the day. Decembers numbers are fairly consistent with previous Decembers in the past few years, but Oct/Nov were back to normal. I think these changes are due to Alamy-tinkerings and the bigger the collection, the more consistently the changes will be noticed. Like others I dont have any faith in the tinkerings that go on behind the scenes and agree that they are not favouring consistent sellers/uploaders - in fact that may be a deliberate ploy on Alamy's part to spread the income amongst more contributors and get less visible images seen. AndreMichel - can you post zoom numbers for the rest of 2018, as a low December is not unusual? Kumar
  14. How many did you upload in 2018?

    2880 Kumar
  15. How was your 2018

    Agreed it does take some time Bill, but also I suspect the search engine is seeming to favour C-F images in some way at the moment Kumar