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  1. 1. Daughter, embarrassed... 2. Face of Selene Vomer gamefish 3. Street photography - a man posing next to a painted face , Venice Kumar
  2. I also claim . directly and have not had anything through yet Kumar
  3. What on earth is going on with Measures these days?? Broken again today I see? Kumar
  4. Is everyone else finding that Alamy Measures is missing presumed lost again today? Kumar
  5. Congratulations on your first sale - Kumar
  6. Congrats LSP - interested to see the next challenge! Kumar
  7. Thanks Betty and AlexG - I think it may be the first time it's ever sold... That whole area is marvellous in the fall. Kumar
  8. Thanks Matt - yes e-mail seems to be working now, but not Measures yet. Kumar
  9. Webby - Is that why my btinternet e-mail is not working? Kumar
  10. 52 for a gross of $909. One $$$ for $128 Sounds good until you realise that in terms of numbers this is my worst month since Feb. 2017, and regarding gross income, my worst month since April 2011. July was also substantially below average Reasons? Not the time of the year as July/Aug usually among my best months Reduced buying due to Brexit uncertainty? More behind the scene changes by Alamy? GOK. Glad to see many others are reporting good results for them, though, so onward! Kumar
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