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  1. Hi Allan No change in the position of mine either; did you set the number of images per page to the normal for your search? Thats my most common error!! Cheers Kumar
  2. 70 sales for a gross of $2239. 4 in $$$ territory, best was $300 of an image taken in the US, for a US calendar. Zooms reasonable at 239; CTR 0.65 Kumar
  3. Clearly they didnt know what they were looking for...
  4. I have about 26,000 exclusive images with Alamy, most of which are RM. Since they introduced the "Exclusive to Alamy" system I cant say I have noticed much of a difference either way to how things were before. It's probably too early to tell and there are too many other variables which can affect the final results.... Kumar
  5. Congratulations Andy on a good number for the rolling month. For me, with 26000 images on sale (ie pretty much twice your numbers) my zoom numbers for the rolling month (ie 22/9-21/10) are 223. Highest number of zooms I have ever had in a month are 294, and that was March of this year Regards Kumar
  6. my ratio of zooms to sales has always been between 3 and 4, pretty much the whole time I have been on Alamy. I have not been as specific as Bryan at looking to see which images which were zoomed eventually sold, but my overall zoom:sale ratio for 2019 is exactly 3.5. I attach a great deal of importance to the overall number of zooms I get as it does seem to correlate well with the eventual number of sales I get, and presumably reflects interest in my images Kumar
  7. But TBH, all advice here is good - Most likely a strain of the muscles around the shoulder joint; Rest it; ice/frozen peas good; topical anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen, or, better but more expensive, diclofenac (voltarol)), and if not settling after a week to 10 days, see GP for possible injection or some physio. Frozen shoulders, where the range of movement is severely reduced in all directions by pain are more difficult and can take a long time to heal, though they will eventually. Thats all I can remember Kumar
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