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  1. These days I think that would not affect your ranking in the way it might have done 4 years ago. And the fact that a purchaser has specifically searched all your images is a good thing - may result in future sales. Kumar
  2. Thanks for the competition title Wim, delighted to make the cut given the number of excellent entries! Kumar
  3. Fairly stable figures for monthly sales/income for Covid-ridden 2020. 56 licences for $1224 gross. Only 1 in the low $$$ bracket. If December continues in the same vein I am heading for approx. 2014 final sale numbers, and 2012 final income amounts Kumar
  4. Sold an Image on Saturday and one on Sunday - probably the first time that has happened Kumar
  5. Have been in newspaper scheme for a while, and at the end of this month there has been a drop in my views and zooms. Losdemas must have nicked them! 🙃 Kumar
  6. Ed - I also did B&W darkroom stuff for about 10-15 years prior to digital - had a (very) brief fling with colour darkroom work but was not worth the hassle Kumar
  7. I quite enjoy all aspects of the image production as they involve different skills, but the part that takes me longest is the Image captioning and tagging. I also have a lot more of this to do - several hundred images which have passed QC but not tagged yet.... Kumar
  8. Hi Patrick, I tend to agree with you - seems the only thing in the last couple of years that changes image positions is new images being added; and there perhaps may be changes in position when an image has been purchased, if the next search uses the same keywords again (ie an image purchased moves up in search position if the same search words/phrase is used again) Kumar
  9. Going back to Ian's question 631 sales so far in 2020 2 to the United States; an advertising sale in June for my highest fee ever, and a reasonable $$ sale for TV use in November. Thats that for the USA (and I do have about 2000+ images taken in the USA) Kumar
  10. Views, Zooms and sales all down by a similar proportion, to about 66% normal. CTR therefore approximating to normal; - but mainly a travel-biased portfolio. Kumar
  11. An image I tagged 2 days ago is now on for sale, if thats of any help Kumar
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