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  1. Not sure I understand Krisken - assuming you uploaded them as JPEGS they would generally upload at 12-20MB compressed, and then "uncompress" to 60MB each. So you have not done anything wrong, and Alamy have simply passed your images as normal. My images uploaded are 63MB each (unless I have cropped them) but as I upload them as JPEGs they upload as rather smaller files. Kumar
  2. When you view your life through a rectangular "window" and see everything in keywords... Kumar
  3. Interesting topic - here's my three: Cheers! Kumar
  4. Yup! Table booked for 12 noon, name of Kumar in case I am late! Kumar
  5. I believe there are at least 7 people coming; For anyone else who would like to join us, We are meeting Tuesday May 14th 12 noon, The wrestlers Pub, Newmarket Rd, Cambridge! Kumar
  6. Seems strange Paul - can you produce a table for the same months with view numbers, zoom numbers and sale numbers to have a look at? Kumar
  7. Pleased with this one on a "Coals to Newcastle basis"; Swisscom balloon taken at the Flims Balloon festival in Switzerland and sold for $$$ to Switzerland for Newspaper Editorial print and digital use Kumar
  8. Carnitas Nia Lola restaurant at dusk, Copan, Honduras Central America Kumar
  9. Wim - entertaining - Innovator for me! This month 72 sales for a gross of $1725; only 2 $$$ sales, best $125 Helped by 8 sales on 29/4 for $43.84 each. Zooms 236, CTR 0.64 First 4 months of this year compared with last year: Views up 3% Zooms up 12.5% Sale numbers up 4.1% Gross revenue down by 7.8% . Kumar
  10. Has Ha Ha! Thanks guys but there are people doing much better than I am in Alamy - but suspect they dont post on the forum or dont admit their sales numbers/income on a monthly basis! I dont do Live News - you are right - in 15 years have submitted I think about 3 images none of which sold - mainly because I dont do getting out of bed at dawn very well! I cover my photo-equipment costs easily with Alamy income but not the cost of travel, which TBH I would do anyway so not a problem. Not sure how well this year is going so far, but will update in the "end of April" thread when it appears. Meantime Colblimp (Andy) - I owe you a coffee! We should meet up sometime - if you are in the UK on 14th May the next Cambridge meet-up is happening! Cheers Kumar
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