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  1. Country: TurkeyUsage: EditorialMedia: Museum display (single use)Print run: Single use onlyImage Size: Any sizeStart: 17 June 2021End: 17 June 2022Exhibition dates - 17th-20th June 2021 Mid $$ Choirokoitia neolithic roundhouses, Cyprus.
  2. Driving down to Dunstable from Grantham later today. And then up to Pocklington in Yorkshire on Sunday for a week of learning to become a gliding instructor. So glad the weather has turned..
  3. Less than PU. $ Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Travel & tourismImage Size: Any sizeStart: 11 May 2021End: 11 May 2026Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity
  4. The images are : Terry Mathews PTNHNB Charles Stirling: F0K5P5
  5. The last set of images are direct link to the BBC website. Possibly blocked to USA viewers. Works OK on my Mac/Safari. Webby
  6. Sold to the Irish Sun. Web use. low $ Limassol beach, Cyprus.
  7. Sunday PU sale. Fig Tree Bay beach, Protarus, Cyprus.
  8. Finally!! Only a PU, but the first (and hopefully not last) sale of the month. Was starting to worry. Kylesku Bridge. Sutherland, Scotland.
  9. I've flat lined! Not one sale yet this month. Zooms are well down, and CTR. I'm still doing regular uploads. Hope theres a last minute flurry this week. On a positive note, I do know of one book sale I'm waiting to see reported.
  10. Found a load of Alamy credits in this newly published book: https://www.google.co.uk/books/edition/Vintage_Campers_Trailers_Teardrops/P_oREAAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq=vintage+campers,+trailers+%26+teardrops&printsec=frontcover Names include: John Crowe Pamela Adler Jennifer Wright Zooner gmbh bir photos John Crum Andy Dean photography Kawka cmtransport Michael Wheatley Mathew Richardson x2 Richard Sheppard Justin Kase Tracey Whitefoot image broker David Askham Shaun Finch Gado Ima
  11. British Airways Newsletter RWA8P7 Will Perrett - St Martins Flats, Isle of Scilly M2257A Kay Roxby - Anstruther Harbour FA8P1E NTPL/ Joe Cornish - Murlough National Nature Reserve. https://bahighlife.com/travel-inspiration/2021/march/ten-beautiful-british-coastlines
  12. 5 for $102, plus a $28 ASCRL payment. Long time since I had a $$$ sale, but encouraging to see so many being reported.
  13. One of my favourite gliders to fly. Duo Discus. Personal Use. ( 124 search results for "Duo Discus" recorded over the weekend. Are PU now registered buyers?)
  14. Two for the same terms: Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 11 February 2021End: 11 February 2023 Mid $$
  15. Go to the Alamy home page. In the search box change "All Images" to "Social". Press the search button, on the results page click on the advanced button and enter your Pseudonym. Your Stockimo images will show. Mark them into a light box, Webby https://www.alamy.com/lightbox/details.aspx?lbId=d1b5bbc9-8eda-4e1b-ad4e-d3ed3dfc5e6b
  16. First of the month. PU of course. British Army "Red Book".
  17. 8 sales, all low $$ or $ for just on $100. Zooms are down, CTR low.
  18. One of four low editorial uses dropped in yesterday. Limassol beach, Cyprus.
  19. Reported today, found in The Metro (web use) from December. Low $$
  20. I really should have a lot more foodie shots than I have. This one has sold a few times though, for decent prices. Cafe in Barcelona, with traditional local Barcelona Bombe and Patatas Bravas, with beer.
  21. RAF Cranwell, College Hall. Sony RX100 V. Ideal camera for in the cockpit. You guessed.....PU.
  22. Used in the Times. low $$. Empty plinth waiting for a statue of Maggie Thatcher to be erected in her home town of Grantham.
  23. Many years ago I uploaded some wacky, psychedelic, computer generated backgrounds. 2 have sold, at $27 and $44. Image C4N2D1 is an example. Put your sunglasses on before looking If they are not there, they definitely won't sell. Webby
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