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  1. Pretty decent month for me, 14 licenses for $350 gross / $140 net.
  2. There also is a problem with searching for images. I think they are having some major issues. Sales report still seems to be working, so that's at least something good.
  3. Slow month here too. I suspect it's because of the school holidays in the UK. Maybe even staff shortages due to Covid. Hopefully, things will pick up in September.
  4. Very good in terms of volume, but revenue is a different story. 12 for $146 ($65 net)
  5. Happened to me too. Two $$ licenses suddenly appear to be 'uncleared', one from March and one from May. Have sent an email to Alamy about this.
  6. Editorial website, app & social media - Low $ Gatwick Airport last year July
  7. 8 for $97 gross / $42 net. Happy with the volume of sales, but average price way too low.
  8. I also didn't receive the email. Checked all my email folders - nothing. Has this been communicated anywhere else?
  9. Low $$ Country: Germany ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Travel guides -print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 5,000 ; Placement: Inside
  10. Thanks very much Steve. It was zoomed last week, never sold before.
  11. Quite a good month for me, March always seems to be a strong one for me. 10 for $302 gross ($145 net).
  12. A rare Saturday sale just dropped in, Winchester Cathedral, Website, app & social media for mid $$
  13. 5 for only $48 gross ($23 net). I'm getting lots of PUs lately.
  14. I had exactly the same happen a couple of days ago, an image of a pack of prescription sleeping tablets was sold and then immediately refunded. Wasn't the first time this happened. I think someone must have been very sleep deprived and desperate. 😑
  15. Also a slow month for me. 2 small distributor sales dropped in yesterday. Only one zoom for this month so far, which is unusually low for me. And a couple of sales from last year, which should have been cleared by now, are still showing as uncleared.
  16. Yup, same here. My submission from last night seems to have disappeared overnight.
  17. Third best month of the year so far for me with 6 for $134 gross / $67 net.
  18. Only 2 PU licences for $25 gross/ 12.50 net + a small DACS payment.
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