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  1. Halfway through the year and half last year's totals for sales. Revenue last year was boosted by two good $$$ sales (though one of which is still to be paid) so this year is not at a half of last year's revenue - but were it not for those two sales it would be.
  2. Editorial $$. Interested to see the square version sold as I have this in portrait and landscape too.
  3. One sale ($370 gross) remains uncleared from December but otherwise no issues with payments clearing.
  4. Personal use so $ and with Alamy and Affiliate commissions. Not seen Affiliate commission before so asking if anyone else has?
  5. The licence details are: Country: United StatesUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 pageStart: 21 May 2020End: 21 May 2025
  6. Are these scrappers copying the image and re-posting it or linking back to the original story? I guess if cropped it is the former. Bill, if your first post had the links I'd be interested to see how this all works - but appreciate you may not have time/inclination.
  7. Thanks Wim - fascinating story and what an adventure voyage it turned out to be.
  8. Had a couple of sales so far this month including this one for mid $$
  9. Zero new images but I do have lots of past images to post-produce. As a result I have set myself a modest target to get to 2000 images.
  10. Very lean month for me which I was expecting but good to see some here have been doing well too.
  11. My cleared balance has changed too from $203 to $91. At least it is still cleared for payment.
  12. Thanks Brian. Interesting that the image came through as a sale on the 24th March.
  13. 5 for $182.72 with one very low distributor sale at bulk discount in that mix! An adjustment of territories is planned when April comes.
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