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  1. Periodic table homepage pic

    Some are quite beautiful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_periodic_tables wim
  2. Hi from the Netherlands

    Welkom! wim
  3. Periodic table homepage pic

    Thank you! Tom Lehrer mine: wim
  4. Hello from Istanbul

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose-ringed_parakeet wim
  5. A possible test is to set everything to MF and see if you can replicate it. My guess is that most of those kit lenses will have some decentering. Mine has some. But less than my Canon 70-200 after adjustment. If it comes from a real shop, I would try a couple and pick the best wim
  6. I think the general idea is that they work together. But when you disengage the AF on the lens; the IBIS shuts off as well. However I have not seen this in the manual. wim
  7. I think Allan may have meant the in-body OSS. Not sure what the possible combinations are on a A6500, so you will have to google around a bit. Having had my A7R2 set to 12mm ruined quite some shots. The same for 400mm. So it's easily overlooked. Correction: I seem to easily overlook it. Juggling adapters doesn't help either. wim
  8. Why not look it up on Google images and some of the competing stock sites: if the other images are all the same, you have your answer. If they're all quite different, you have your answer too. wim
  9. Which are the most(the first 5) best sellers themes are here?

    Really useful. Alamy 363 dog 239 london 222 v 220 cat 201 new york 162 login 161
  10. Jeff Bezos and National Enquirer - Copyright law

    Did he give his phone so that they could have his images? Probably not. If not how did they obtain the images? Is there a law in the US against breaking into someone's phone? I bet there is. Is there a law against using or profiting from stolen goods? Of course there is. So they must somehow fabricate a previous publication, which they can then cover and claim they're entitled to do that because it's newsworthy. It's an old trick that many respectable newspapers are using again and again. What they can not do is steal and publish. What was that UK newspaper again that did this? wim
  11. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    Yes been there done that. I meant the other forums, so they can see for themselves. wim
  12. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    Maybe tell Tech (a bit more detailed) through contributor relations. They don't read everything here. wim
  13. Vote for the January 2019 Challenge

    Yes yes, including this one, you had 4 wins ;-) -Thank you, but undeserved. Actually I'm close to innumerate so I do have to keep records of lots of things. Also I don't like doing stuff twice. Which usually hits me when I do something for the third or fourth time ;-) wim
  14. Vote for the January 2019 Challenge

    And you had a win for each year ;-) wim
  15. Vote for the January 2019 Challenge

    With another cute baby animal. Plus a cute little boy. Huge bonus for the goat's smile of course! wim