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  1. What a car! Chevrolet, the cheaper version. (One vs 2 tail lights on the gate) 1951. And I would add Tin woodie surf car. Or Tin woody. 1951 trim 1952 trim: straight chrome strip. wim edit: The Beach Boys used woody, but the National Woodie Club says they spelled it wrong. (via) Surfin’ Safari
  2. Thank you! You're welcome! You may also need a time zone converter. Unless the press conference/media briefing will be at 10 GMT. wim
  3. The banner reads: Die Vernunft ist tot: Reason or common sense is dead. Berlin January 31, just before Corona/Covid struck. I sort of liked it then, but thought nothing of it and certainly didn't think it would be useful here. Meaning able to sell. I'm still not thinking it will ever sell, however in hindsight I like it a lot more. Even when the horizon is not straight, which is a bit unusual for me. In April dpa, the German Press Agency uploaded a couple of regular daylight, straight on images of the same banner here on Alamy: Now my problem: what sort of keywords to use for mine? The obvious ones: Famous Berlin Theater / Theatre; Schaubühne / Schaubuehne / Schaubuhne am Lehniner Platz; And: Banner; Die Vernunft ist tot; Reason is dead; the end of common sense. Would anybody ever want to use it for something more conceptual? A banner in German? Probably not. What would you think? wim
  4. Thank you! I figured you must live in or somewhere near Lancaster because of that book. In DC we often walked to Whole Foods on P even when it was 30 minutes on foot. Now it would be 8 min because shortly after we left, they opened a store at I St. NW. (We did make jokes about moving back - yes I know about the Whole Foods Effect.) Occasionally we would trek to the Wegmans in Fairfax. Our regular was the smallish Safeway at the Watergate, that has been closed since. That was 10 minutes. I would take the bike there, but seldom to the Whole Foods. We did take the car there sometimes though. We didn't own a car, but used Zipcar in DC. That was a bit of a culture shock, but turned out well. More so because there were 2 in our driveway, but no space for a car of our own for 5 months in the parking of our own building. By the time they offered us space we had bought 2 bicycles and we got to like the Zipcars. And we got PeaPod of course, which we had had before and still have here. Different name, but same owner btw. In the US it's groceries from Giant and Food Lion and here it's from Albert Heijn. Which is also that neighborhood store at 270 meters (less than 900 ft) from my front door. Delivery is different though. In DC they brought it up to the 9th floor. Here it's ground floor and with Corona/Covid they now have to leave it outside on our door step. Oh well. wim
  5. I have been to the Isle of Dogs, and reprimanded for taking photographs on Canary Wharf, but no I have not seen this. Nor does Google Images see it when presented with the image. However both Baidu and Yandex give multiple hits. The problem then is finding out what they're referring to. Try it and you'll see what I mean. Normally I start with Google, but I find it's not as good as it used to be. So that's when the others come to the rescue. For that I use this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/search_by_image/ Would I want to live there? Hmmm. I have yet to find a neighborhood where I would like to live in London. In the Shoe House? I do like the idea of a house like that. However I now live 3 minutes on foot from my local supermarket and I think around 10 minutes would be my preferred limit. The shops in York are about 20 minutes by bike. And the closest Whole Foods seems to be at 20 minutes by car in Lancaster. Pennsylvania is a beautiful countryside though. And I like Philly, Baltimore and DC which are not too far away. But all those people visiting? Peering through my window? Maybe not. 😂 wim
  6. Thank you! Months go by without any of mine here, and now 3 already this month. No zoom, not reported yet. Wait - it has been zoomed on August 17. Thanks again! wim
  7. https://goo.gl/maps/rwvsrSmutqWE4WU4A wim Google Images: Indescon square.
  8. Thank you! Not yet reported. Linz seems to be the theme here. Thanks again! wim
  9. It's not in the FF Archives that are on line as far as I can see. I have a vintage FF print, so I have been going through that archive a couple of times a while back. This is the best I can find. It's archive number is more clearly readable in this one (from here). But no luck on the Archives. It's from a slightly lower position than yours. And a couple of meters to the right. wim
  10. https://goo.gl/maps/9XCkNFzKHZKzCJnV9 wim edit: maybe one meter to the left
  11. wiskerke

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    This is what it looks like: wim
  12. wiskerke

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    On the frontpage of Alamy, go to the link that says Contributor homepage. Then go to the link that says Join the discussion on our forums. If you go to your Dashboard page, go the link that says Help. Now to make matters worse, there are two buttons called Help. You need the one on the line: Tools: Alamy Image Manager;Account balance; Sales history; Help From there it's like from the front page. wim
  13. Hi Chris, Sorry, I'm not Sheila nor a Sheila 😁, The popup help text on your portfolio page says this: Contributor Portfolio Introduction: You can now curate and share your Alamy image collection through your portfolio page. Your portfolio page will display your images and you can personalise it by adding a bio, profile photo and cover image. How to share your portfolio: You can share a link to your portfolio page by clicking on 'Share this portfolio' underneath your bio. The first time you share this you can personalise your URL, but once you've chosen your personalisation and shared the link you won't be able to change this again. How to curate your first page: Your first page will automatically be displayed with your most recent uploads at the top, but you can curate this. You can move images around by using the 'drag and drop' feature and can move images to the top of the page by clicking 'move to top'. You'll find both features by hovering over the images with your mouse. How to create galleries: You can create a new gallery by clicking the '+' tab next to 'All Images'. To add images simply select 'curate gallery' which will bring up all images in your collection which you can search through and add by clicking 'add to gallery'. Once you've added images to a gallery you can curate them how you would your first page. How to share galleries: Once you're in a gallery you can share a link to this by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines to the right of the gallery title and selecting 'share' from the dropdown menu. This popup text is located under the button Get help setting up your page at the top of your portfolio page in edit mode. You have to be logged in and you can reach it from your dashboard page. wim
  14. And if you see that your images are being squashed, just check that box Keep original aspect ratio. To see the checkbox: double click the image after you have inserted it here. This also works for thumbnails that have been dragged and dropped: box not ticked. box checked. wim
  15. Try deleting a pseudo that's in use. (If it's in use, it will say - in use in the Manage pseudonym window.) A pop-up warning will appear: This pseudonym is in use and cannot be deleted. And indeed it's impossible to delete a pseudonym that has images in it. wim
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