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  1. However Apple will not repair an iMac (this is about an iMac not a MacBook) which has been worked on by non-Apple technicians. So yes it's definitely possible to open an iMac and work on it, but Apple doesn't want you to do that, and will never help you with the machine ever after. Hence my comment that iMacs are not made nor meant to be taken apart. wim
  2. iMacs are not made to be taken apart. Like most Apple products. If not all, these days. wim
  3. Valencia, Spain?

    We stayed around the South end of the Alameda de Hercules. A little less touristy, but good infrastructure. Covered market nearby on Calle Feria; a good supermarket and some smaller ones nearby and lots of good tapas bars (Eslava!) within crawling walking distance. About 15 minutes to the cathedral. Friends have recommended the other side of the river as a cheap and quiet alternative. Wider and brighter streets, some with trees. Btw I could live in Seville in winter and spring, but probably not in summer. OTOH in DC we also got into the 100s once in a while. Still different from 3 months in the high 90s like Seville. Malaga is better, but our (British) relatives still had to flee to the hills 2 months ago. Train from Malaga to Seville is around Eur 25 for the slow 2.5 h one and Eur 45 for the 2 hour fast one. Bus is Eur 17, but takes 4 hours. To Cordoba it's Eur 40 for the fast 50 minute one and Eur 28 for the slow 1 hour one. Not sure about the bus, I think around Eur 15 for 2.5 hours. Friends of ours usually travel up and down the coast by bus, staying a couple of days or weeks in each stop. They only take the train for day trips from Malaga. The train from Seville to Cordoba is just over 40 minutes and costs Eur 30. Or a slow one for Eur 20 which takes a whopping 45 minutes. The bus is around 12.50 for 2 to 2.5 hours. wim
  4. Not from one's hard drive. It has to be online somewhere already. Because it's an Alamy image that has been sold, it's on Alamy. So yes: drag and drop, but from one of the Alamy pages. Make sure that box is already open in another tab or window, otherwise only the image will open in your browser. wim
  5. Statement from Alamy

    Let me point to an interview with another CEO of a company in our sort of business, albeit probably as a client of Alamy. It's from 2017. A good read on all sorts of levels for the weekend: Here. This is their HQ. Which is why I came to read it. (Keywording can be soo interesting.) Plus on Wednesday VillaMedia.nl had this - Dutch only. wim
  6. Sony RX 100 VI RAW

    Not so fast, I didn't say it could convert ARW to DNG. As far as I know nothing can right now. The DNG converter that Adobe offers, uses exactly the same camera profiles the Camera Raw Converter does and both are on release 10.4. So we're all waiting for version 10.5. Two weeks ago I was in exactly the same boat, you are in: I came home with a day's work and just had jpgs from that camera.. Luckily I always setup all cameras to record large jpgs plus RAW. So I did have the jpgs. (And the RAWS from the other camera.) What the Sony converter Imaging Edge does, is converting ARW to jpg or 8bit or 16bit tiff. It basically offers all settings/choices you have on the camera and/or to undo all of the choices you've made. With one notable exception: lens distortion. Now you probably don't ever want the uncooked RAW for that, so it's not that bad. - If you want to see a real uncooked RAW, go look at this dropbox with 3 images done 3-ways (OOC jpgs; OOC uncooked RAWs and edited jpgs, submitted as Live News). If you want to edit an image in Photoshop, my advice would be to output an image as close as you can get in Imaging Edge as a 16bit tiff and take it from there. Edge does have some warning for clipped highlights, blacks and out of gamut colors, but they're hard to see. Fortunately there's a regular histogram. Be careful though: the default setting of Edge is sRGB. If you want to set it to AdobeRGB, you'll have to know where to find that on your machine. wim
  7. Sony RX 100 VI RAW

    Have you read the other thread about this? Sony offers it's own converter: Imaging Edge. Win and Mac. wim
  8. Ethics and Model Releases

    Maybe he says: you want to be in the next Lonely Planet? Or: hey I'm Steve McCurry; you want to be famous? ;-) I think it's great work btw. wim
  9. Granada (there's not just old stuff there) Book inside 1 page. wim
  10. The hardware is indeed quite different, but it has the diagnostic routines which are exactly the same. AFAIK. wim edit: it=the manual
  11. Maybe this can help. For the mid 2010 model though. wim
  12. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    Fake news. It's contagious. wim
  13. In general a fan blowing more than usual means the processor is working harder than before. Have you tried looking for funny processes running? Try the Activity Monitor. wim edit: have you tried the obvious: air channels are all free from dog hair/cat hair/general filth?
  14. Haha! You think Bezos would fancy Alamy? ;-) wim
  15. Multiple use editorial only - Education. wim