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  1. No idea. I don't think I fully understand why either. The form action looks perfect. Now find out how to adapt it to Alamy's affiliate program and you'll be getting a larger piece of the fee. 😁 And probably even get a percentage when the client decides to go with an image of a competing colleague contributor. (Here we have one portmanteau word for competing colleague: conculega. Untranslatable. Even the Germans don't have it.) wim
  2. Try salesclerk in Google Translate. Choose a couple of different languages to translate into. It gives possible equivalents with some frequency info. All are very US and not very UK oriented. I tried French: saleswoman, seller, clerk, sales clerk, shopgirl, seller, vendor, dealer, salesman, salesperson, clerk. - and Spanish: dependent, employee, salesman, shop assistant, salesclerk, sales assistant, seller, vendor, salesman, trader, salesclerk, cattleman. Then I tried salesclerk in Thesa
  3. Only 25,459 images on Alamy with that keyword. 😂 Mostly images of the new type of lightbox btw, the ones with a message. Usually something like the best dad ever. (Only 2,169.) wim
  4. Lightboxes: https://www.alamy.com/blog/how-to-use-a-lightbox-to-share-ideas https://www.alamy.com/blog/how-to-create-a-lightbox-on-alamy And maybe have a look at Your Portfolio as well: https://www.alamy.com/blog/alamyportfolio wim
  5. Oops yes I forgot about that one. You only have to ask if you want to use it to update your keywords (or anything else) this way. wim
  6. Nice topic. Michelle Obama's first kitchen garden. Wheat field in Limburg province, The Netherlands. Cows in Paradise. wim
  7. I would like to add: Preferably the exact same file(s) you have uploaded. wim
  8. If it's only the metadata you're after, you can ask CR for a spreadsheet. wim
  9. Worldwide editorial, blah blah blah, social channels and DOOH when used in an editorial context and in owned media. I had to look up DOOH. Ok sounds grand enough. But the fee was not. As in less than a coffee in a Starbucks in London. However only for 5 years not tausendjährig 🥂. wim
  10. Have you signed up? Are you logged in? Go to your dashboard and press the upload button. Here tick the boxes that apply. In your case probably Stock and Photograph. If that fails: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/uploading-my-images/?section=3 Remember for your first 3 images: only 3 and do not wipe your metadata. wim
  11. There used to be exactly such a search box. It was a bit crude, with returning only 10 images at a time. But it worked. Has that been retired with the Affiliate program or when we got the Portfolio page? I don't see it anywhere. Anyway your Portfolio page contains a search box to search for only your images. wim
  12. The glitch started probably in the weekend of August 15 or a bit later that week. My views and zooms have roughly doubled. wim
  13. Yep everything is back in order. You have all been right and I was wrong. No returning summer dip. At least not with Measures. Maybe with the tech department. August has been a very normal month equal to July. Now back to bean re-counting. 😂 wim
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