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  1. Have you recently updated Nvidia drivers? I lost a couple of function keys and shortcuts that way last week. Uninstalled some fancy extra thingy, probably for gamers, and everything went back to normal. Well maybe, because at the moment (since 3 days or so) I've lost the plus and minus keys in Google Maps. Both in Chrome and Firefox (Chrome engine nowadays) but not in Edge. So probably unrelated. No solution yet. wim
  2. Alamy has high hopes for a trend they call Geometric Minimalism. So who knows? Many searches for geometric. Minimalism not so much. wim
  3. Yes that's why, but because of being outside of Live News your images get no chance of being pushed out actively to the newsdesks. I would (and have done the same in a case like this) submit all of the images again as regular stock. Include the old image ref # in the caption and the keywords. I put something in the caption like: This images replaces #. In the caption of the old reportage/archival images, insert the new Alamy ref # and add something like: Deleted. This image has been replaced by #. wim
  4. Because most of us have no access to Live News anymore, you have to use Reportage/archival to get your images online. And then you're stuck with This image could have imperfections as it’s either historical or reportage. Makes no difference? I beg to differ. I'm seeing [FS] which I take for a search for quality, quite often in my pseudonym summary. Looking at this set: I would say it's easy to see why revoking Live News access was not a good idea. (IF you know what we're looking at of course.) Google Utah Monolith and get 5.940.000 results. To have
  5. Do include UK and US English; words and spelling. In your case include all possible transcriptions both historic and current. Maybe even include German, French and Spanish transcriptions. And look it up in AoA to see if clients are actually using the sort of keywords you want to include and if they mean the same thing. wim
  6. Would some more images from the area be of help? https://goo.gl/maps/3jxL5citXRaerQXWA https://goo.gl/maps/nkYEg6ijuGR9txBu7 Not been up there btw. Looks like a great walk. (But I think it's not a Great Walk, is it?) wim
  7. I get 90 images for National Arts Centre ottawa over here, so it clearly does make a difference where the client is. Some agencies have large parts of the globe excluded because they have their own outlet there or a better deal with some other distributor. And so have individual contributors. That said, I have seen hiccups a couple of weeks ago where halfway through a search, going one page back, I got -A- a whole different set of images on that page and sometimes -B- only half or less of the total I was getting before. Because there were some more issues at that time, I did not pa
  8. We do not see any filters on AoA. We only see filters in our Pseudo Summary. We have no idea about the regional limitations set by agencies or contributors. wim
  9. Akaroa New Zealand - Les Crêpes d'Elise selling French crepes to cruise passengers from a food cart at French shop La Folie Jolie. (Akaroa prides itself on having French ancestry.) NZ editorial magazine low $$. No distro. wim
  10. Have some more bicycles 😁 Linz Austria main square with Pestsäule = Plague Column. Mid $ Spain editorial website distro I wonder if we'll get Corona Columns after this. wim
  11. Haha! If you're ever in the region of Hathersage, take a tour around and inside the factory. It's a round building (called the Round Building I believe) by Michael Hopkins. Brilliant place! My images are all on 35mm film, so no use, but there's not a whole lot on Alamy. Especially the visible roof structure only has one image here, while it's a thing of beauty. Very much like a bicycle wheel: (not my image) They do have a Factory Sale now and then. - However my cutlery is from Ikea. wim
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