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  1. I am and have been reasonably happy with all my RX100's. However I have never used the viewfinder except to see how it worked. My RX100's: Mk1; 2; 5 and 6. Here's a side by side comparison from Models I to VI. wim
  2. As the song goes: Variety and Quality. Now sing with me. Make it your mantra. (honestly) wim
  3. Haha whitetail deer in all those posh Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. That doesn't make the animal in the image whitetail deer though. However it's not my department. At first sight I thought fallow deer, Dama dama, which are abundant near here and a pest on the local golf links. They are native to the Ukraine and anywhere in between here and there. The ones we eat are usually from Poland, which is a few miles from Lviv, the location given in the portfolio. They come from farms. The animal in the images (there are quite a few) doesn't look like it's in the wild. Nor do all these lions and tigers. However the antlers don't look like fallow deer either, but maybe that's not what makes the difference. So you may well have been right with the Indian species. Indian is in the keywords btw. wim
  4. I doubt it. The images in that portfolio that have a location in the caption are from the Ukraine. wim
  5. No maybe just too much red meat. No mushrooms either. Not even champignons. Hmm, where's that Neanderthal emoji?😁 wim
  6. Well the answer is that it's not in your smartphone, but in the menu of the camera. If it's not in the menu of the camera, then your camera can probably accept apps. And you can upload smart remote. And get a smartphone. And then disable.. waidaminit.. 😁 wim
  7. As a result of this thread I have bought an open box Leofoto LS-324C complete with their BH-40 ball head locally. The head came with it, I hadn't planned buying it. πŸ˜‰ My RRS BH-55 is a bit overkill on the Leofoto. The tripod without head fits in my carry-on. So it's either my heaviest travel tripod or my lightest all-round one. As such it will replace my very unstable (but very versatile) Gitzo Explorer mk1. Was it in this thread where someone mentioned The Center Column? Anyway his findings and rankings were a great help. wim
  8. The newer cameras have already done away with them. Not for the better though - I frequently have to wrestle with the RX100 mk6 for ages to get the Wifi connection going with my phone. Usually the sun has gone down; the town lies 60 miles behind me and I have forgotten what I wanted to photograph in the first place. Like when I was at Shibuya Crossing with only my mk6 and could not get the wifi to work for about an hour. Aaaaarrrgh. If I had known that the Sony HQ was only 5 stops from there by metro, I would have gone there and not left until someone promised to commit seppuku. I do have a small radio remote, but not with me of course besides I like/need to see what I'm doing. And it's 2 extra items + cable in my bag/pocket. And extra batteries. And there's no hot/cold shoe on the RX of course, so there has to be some gaffer tape... Let's stop here, the first puffs of steam are coming from my ears already. And I kid you not: at exact this same moment the Gabrieli Consort explodes from my speakers... That must be a clear sign. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wim
  9. From Sonyalpharumors: battery problems after new firmware. wim
  10. It probably is in the menu of the cameras that have come out after the in camera apps have been ditched. So my RX100 mk5 doesn't have it, nor has my A7R2, but my RX100 mk6 does have it. wim
  11. Many of those images have this line: This image could have imperfections as it’s either historical or reportage. All archival images bypass QC altogether. We have discussed funny images like this one here before. wim
  12. The Alamy Blog had this to say about it in 2017: https://www.alamy.com/blog/tips-for-photographing-private-property-and-museums wim
  13. I have uBlock Origin and using Firefox. No popups nor extra windows here. Even after disabling uBlock, still no windows. wim
  14. Oops I just shot a similar Netto (=Aldi type German discounter) sign. Maybe better to not upload it. Thomas, you can have all the sales! 😁 It's not just simple signs that go for that money though: I suspect the same distributor. Maybe not, it's $2 more. Worldwide bulk. wim
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