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  1. This guide has been mentioned here before: https://www.color-management-guide.com/how-to-choose-your-monitor.html He also has budget options and discusses them. Good tests and reviews. wim
  2. It's like the buses today: 7 at once. The highest are one presentation and one PU. This one mid $ probably to you know who. However there was one even lower with similar details. It's Tokyo. Not Vegas; not Paris. First time it's been licensed. For one more it was the first time, that one was a PU. For a PU it's not uncommon that it has never sold before. Today's total: mid $$. wim
  3. The outside is mine. You win! (It's pretty old: it's before the mural.) wim
  4. Always sit on your flak jacket, the (Russian) helicopter crews taught me. 😁 wim
  5. Mine came back as a sale today (Friday) so the client probably wants all images for one project on one bill. This is not unusual, and was explained many years ago by Alamy staff. Sometimes it's done in the hope for a bigger discount. Not in this case: the fee is the same. wim
  6. Congratulations Edo! Not a whole lot of busking going on in my port. Bach Handel and Schumann in the Vondel Park. The Royal Mile in Edinburgh. wim
  7. Only one for me: Duration: In perpetuity ; Additional Details: Multiple re-use in any and all Benchmark Education editorial products globally per the terms set forth in Asset License Agreement dated December 10, 2019. Out-of-context advertising/promo use excluded. wim edit: mine came back as a sale today (Friday)
  8. Hotel in Zaandam, just North of Amsterdam. Once named one of the ugliest in the world. Sweden Newspaper national editorial. Mid $ wim
  9. Un-gluing is not that hard. It's a bit too thick to do it chemically, besides heat is less destructive. Most if not all glues give up under heat. A simple hairdryer usually is enough. Sometimes the heat gun has to come out. Never use open flame though. With a hair dryer give it 5 to 10 minutes. 1 or 2 with a heat gun. Try to apply heat as locally as possible. I would remove the white diffuser first. One never knows if it will warp or yellow. Before removing it I would test if it maybe provides the exact solution for my own situation 😁. Which is not impossible. If so, I wo
  10. Great scene! Ah and a reference to my favorite eating scene in film: Charles Laughton! Thank you! wim
  11. Thank you! Interesting! I will look into that. Not that I ever want to copy/scan Velvia again, but I may have to at one point. I found pepper grain the biggest problem. Almost all my serious slides are Velvia 50 and 100. Up to 4x5s. wim
  12. Thank you! Never thought of that. I just open up my computer or laptop and change the drive out or add one or two. Or three. Booting up from an external device is always possible of course, like from a USB stick a CD/DVD or a network. It never occurred to me that one would boot and run a computer permanently this way. Interesting idea and I'm sure Thunderbolt 3 would make this possible. The 2013 macs have Thunderbolt 2 I think, so it would be doable, but it would not yield the speed increase an internal SSD would bring. If at all. I have just been watching this short video abo
  13. Will that boot on a mac? Not very likely. Yes breaking things is how you learn. My role usually is repairing stuff for my wife. Not breaking things; especially not her stuff. 🤕 🏃‍♂️..... 🏃‍♀️..... wim
  14. Which may apply to most Apple users? 😂 This kid in this video explains it all. - if you cannot open it, you do not own it. wim
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