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  1. Mine is this one. On the road, I use a generic dual charger from USB whatever, like laptop, phone charger, car or power bank. wim
  2. I still have the first one from the original mk1 from early 2013. I do rotate the batteries randomly between two bodies and I have about 6 original and 3 aftermarket batteries. I see no differences. There may be, but there's no battery that's faulty. Two of the non-Sony batteries last maybe a little bit less. Could even be my imagination. When I'm using my phone as a remote I go through 2 or 3 batteries a day. Mainly because the Wifi is constantly on. wim
  3. Thank you! Well spotted! That's good sleuthing! It seems pretty recent. Last time the image has sold (has been licensed) was 19 March 2019. Let's keep an eye out! Thanks again. wim
  4. wiskerke

    Alamy Measures

    Hmm Klinger, have a look at that topic about those wildcards: topic here. And maybe have a look at who started it. 😁 wim
  5. Lots of tricks I didn't know. And then he says: in the old days, for old people... Yep I know that one. 👴 wim
  6. You still wearing your krama, Ed? wim
  7. How tall are the penguins these days? Penguin/nun jokes. Then again it's Mardi gras / Carnival / Fasching / Fastnacht / Carnevale so what's underneath is anybody's guess. 🤣 wim edit: my favorite from that page: here. Don't look if you're easily offended by nun jokes though. 🐧
  8. Some people use different displays, like 4K or Retina. The pixel density is much higher, meaning the pixels are much smaller. For Retina the advice is 200%. Unless maybe if you have 20/20. (Not sure what the UK equivalence is. Here it's Visus=1.) wim
  9. Here at the competition they think she's Balinese. Prajnaparamita (of Java) or Prajna paramita looks a lot like her. But if you search for Devi; Dewi Sri or Lakshmi; Dewi Parvati or Devi Tara (a form of Parvati) , they all look like her too. To me all penguins look the same. To a penguin all humans look the same. wim
  10. A Khmer goddess or just an Apsara? wim
  11. This used to be the case in the old days. Not anymore I'm afraid. Like with everything else in the stock world, as soon as soon as one company rocks the boat or leaves the boat altogether, the race to the bottom is on. Now there's a difference between the regular clients and other businesses that occasionally nick an image. It could well be argued that in the latter case it's a good idea to treat it as a marketing opportunity and offer a very moderate deal showing it's actually not that expensive at all to go legit. And that it's also quite simple and quicker than searching all of the internet. Maybe not in the direct interest of the contributor involved, but much more so for the company as a whole. And thus in the long run... wim
  12. Sorry about the Panther thing: that's misinformation from my end: it's a Panther Media Image via Alamy. So the other way around. I had just glanced it in exif viewer and misinterpreted Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo, but not downloaded the image. How long would you have people working on a job that would only bring in the fee for online use? OK it could well have been in print also. And the magazine is a men’s high–end magazine. Meaning paying high end fees? wim
  13. Oops second time I missed a bit: it's a Panther Media image via Alamy, not the other way around but again no invoice data. Could have been stripped though. It's R5N797. My bad again. You are absolutely right about the distribution. It's Mauritius and 2 others in Germany, but not Panther. The weird thing is when I search for my own name on Panther I get 49 hits, none of them mine, and 392 for Alamy. wim
  14. It's about the original images on their server. If you follow the clue from the first one, you'll get to the next. Codigo seems to be a legit client and buys from Alamy directly, but also buys Alamy via Panther. So people a bit of caution please. Alamy's clients are our clients remember. Suffice to say that my statements are correct. I have downloaded the originals and opened them in Photoshop. A simple binary view will reveal the same. The best exif viewer I know is PIE btw. wim edit: Sorry, missed the bit that you've already gotten to the originals. My bad. I don't know why you're seeing different sizes. edit 2: Ah I see now: Macos Preview.
  15. Very powerful: https://github.com/dessant/search-by-image With lots of other sources to check in the options. wim
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