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  1. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Current distance: 28.54 km (17.73 mi) Distance on Saturday: 44.19 km (27.46 mi) However most likely my distance to the television set will probably be 2m/6ft. As it is now. ;-) wim
  2. Images with Property

    For property: Yes if the owner would be able to recognize his/her property. The same for persons: If he/she; his/her mom would be able to recognize him/her self/son/daughter. Almost everything on earth is property. Everybody on earth needs a release. Yesterday I was attending a conference at a London university and all 150 people attending had to sign a release because someone was making a short video post for the organizers website. wim
  3. Multiple Delete Function for AIM

    Why not just open a new account and upload everything in one go with the right keywords attached? Or ask member services to send you a spreadsheet? For editing just a few images I do the following: I drag the tags on top of each other with a pen more or less randomly. After they've reached 10 keywords they become a black hole in which every next tag will vanish. In the end there will be only one tag left to kill by clicking the x. However even with a pen, RSI is a real danger. The designer of this tool should be forced to work with it for a month. Maybe you could let him practice on your images ;-) wim
  4. That's it?!

    Do you not stoop for a 1$ bill? I even still stoop for a dime. ;-) wim
  5. Supertag experiment

    Lol! I think I understand the difference. wim
  6. Supertag experiment

    Yes clearly. I will try this route for some mages when I'm back at my desk. With shifting images to lower/higher pseudos, I have been unlucky so far. But it has been a couple of months since I have last tried that. New round new chances. Thank you for explaining! wim
  7. Supertag experiment

    I was mainly interested in that 10/10. Still an interesting result. I would be interested in seeing results for a subject returning say 500 pages and especially in finding a way to move an image up the personal rank. Without demoting the rest obviously, I would be satisfied if I could get my 10/10 to 1/10 or 2/10 without the whole ten sliding down below my 10th. So far I have not found a way. (Especially my frequent sellers have been demoted in last year's shuffles.) wim
  8. Supertag experiment

    But not down to 10/10 again. Wow. wim
  9. Looks like a good setup. Maybe take all images in Miami including a number. Something colorful; big numbers. ABC would be another possible subject. My guess is though that this will just replicate your BHZ result. wim wim
  10. Supertag experiment

    Interesting. What is the result for Swindon Orbital without that being a supertag, but the rest staying the same? wim
  11. 29 degrees is not hot. However if your camera was in your car for an hour or so on that day, that may well have been too hot. It's generally not a problem that heals itself. As Mark says, examine the exifs for the solution. wim
  12. Than the first suspect is still that lens. Has it been too hot at some point? Oil on the aperture blades and that sort of thing? Has it had a blow? My guess: it's only when you choose a small aperture and the blades either close too slowly or they don't close at all. If it's dirty blades the effect will be less outspoken when the shutter time is longer and/or the aperture is wider. If the aperture doesn't close at all, it's really easy to spot by putting the body on manual. If they only close halfway or unevenly, it has usually had a shock or blow. Software (firmware): usually only with a newer (never experienced that with Canon) or third party lens. Body failure like dirty contacts: all images would be affected. With Canon there are no mechanical functions in the body. And while electronics can fail, it's usually the same for all images. (At least for those shot in the same way.) wim
  13. Tech has initially replied (not directly) that they did not see a problem on their side. My main problem was that I could not search further back than May 2nd when logged in. But I could search the forum all the way back when I am logged out. Including your problem, however I have never used that method knowingly, so I can only say I cannot search that way now. Not if I have ever been able to use it. Maybe check if your problem is wider than just the names search and ask Tech via the contributor staff. wim
  14. Was it all with one lens? wim