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  1. That did cross my mind also. Now where to find it? Because I do like to know who has access to our images for these fees plus is able to give them away for free at the socials. wim
  2. Rare Saturday sale not being a PU. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Website, app and social media. Duration: Unlimited - low $ net: ยขยข. Fortunately not all sales are as low as this: the month's gross average is now $27.33. wim
  3. Yr Av sales 2005 - $195 6 2006 - $179 8 2007 - $458 26 2008 - $143 54 2009 - $ 73 60 2010 - $ 69 74 2011 - $ 65 92 2012 - $ 54 134 2013 - $ 52 202 2014 - $ 55 185 2015 - $ 59 219 2016 - $ 48 351 2017 - $ 46 315 2018 - $ 44 330 2019 - $ 37 322 2020 - $ 35 254 2021 - $ 30 275 no comment wim
  4. Haha the end tube is waterproof. wim
  5. Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe Rental around Eur 30 a day here. $1,449.00 at B&H. wim
  6. There's a saying in modern business that goes along this line: If someone else is eating your lunch, you may as well eat it yourself. wim
  7. Country: Maryland! Museum display high $$. The image will appear in a non-commercial video series of Bank xx Xxxxxxxx video. The video will appear on the YouTube, and on the about us landing page for a financial banking institution headquartered in XX. No marketing materials or revenue component to the video. Interesting read those details. For instance XX is not in Maryland. A museum is not a bank. Not even in Maryland. Not sure about XX though. ๐Ÿ˜‚ It's Seville btw. wim
  8. Maybe it is in their keywords? In which case the answer to the OP is clear. AoA has no ##. So there's only one way to find out: include # in one of your images and search for it next day. wim
  9. Nongsa Digital Park IT Academy in Nongsa Digital Park The live visitor from Holland was me. ๐Ÿ˜ wim
  10. What the spread over the day? Our business hours? Theirs? Then it's human. 24/7? Than it's a bot. Batam is 25km from Singapore and a sort of pleasure island. It has a special Economic Zone that attracts some interest from Malaysia (Johor is also close by of course) and China. However nothing big has been build yet. But you have probably found that out too. wim
  11. 't was Google - not me. ๐Ÿ˜‚ wim
  12. Haha you may end up with a sort of AIM page without the editing. ๐Ÿ˜ But yeah something like that has crossed my mind also. That AIM gave me an idea though. In Firefox there are these very handy tools. So in AIM I scrolled down a bit and clicked download all in the Media tab in Page Info. That gave me 553 slightly large thumbnails of around 450x350 it seems. Certainly worth exploring some more! wim
  13. For me there's an easy way out also: I do have the full size images with their correct filenames. So it's relatively easy to generate my own thumbnails and import those because one of the fields/cells already has that filename, just not the Alamy id, but my own. There will be the occasional hiccup like 2 or 3 re-visited editions of the same file, but totally workable. wim
  14. The problem is the downloading of the thumbnails I guess. One by one is a bit tedious. Doable for me, but prohibitive for people with a huge collection. The thumbs would have the Alamy ref # so that's solved. wim
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