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  1. If you go to AIM and select the submissions of a whole year by clicking on the last submission and then going down while holding the shift key and clicking on the first submission of that year, AIM will do the accounting and display the total of submissions and the total of the images in that year. wim
  2. And make sure to follow all the links in the article. Plus read the note on the Alamy Image Manager page: Please note: it may take up to 24 hours for your data to become available. Please check here for updates. (The database updates every 24 hours usually during the night, Western European time.) wim
  3. Cabover; Cab over engine; COE; Hot Rod; Hotrod; Custom built truck. Inspired by a forties - mid fifties GMC. Try GMC COE truck in Google Images. Maybe include the Thai location or the names of a couple of the Thai hot rod garages in your search. wim
  4. Bummer! A great suggestion for a challenge! 😁 wim
  5. Yes, I thought the Intranet only detail warranted a post. I have not seen it before afaik. As for peanuts however.. 😂 Which makes me wonder how many images are there on Alamy that illustrate paying peanuts? Hey that's not a whole lot, unless I am using the wrong search term. It turns out the lack of images has a reason: clients are not looking for peanuts in that sense at all. Just Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the odd salted ones. wim
  6. First sale of the month low $ distributor. Worldwide Editorial website 01-May-2021 till 01-May-2026 Germany, Editorial website; Intranet only; Bulk discount, flat rate. Haarlem, The Netherlands - 2 km (1.25 mi) from my house. wim
  7. A rare Sunday sale: US Magazine cover or inside mid $$ The impressive Gettysburg Cyclorama. wim edit: proof that at least somewhere in the world someone is at work. 😎
  8. This was mine: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 April 2021 End: 01 April 2026 Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. mid $ wim
  9. Guy Talese was born in 1932 on Feb 7 - a Sunday. Need I say more? (How do I know? I was born on Feb 7 on a Sunday. Not in the same year.) Talese is 89 and still writing. Maybe his writing is like the batting of Joe in his article. Somehow I don't think so. What a piece! Thanks for sharing. wim
  10. Join now for free. (Can I have some commission for this referral? 😂) wim
  11. We can check your images if you like. You could put the images up somewhere, like your website or Dropbox (free); Imgbb (free); Imagebam (free) or another image or file hosting service that does not alter the image. Ideally just the same files. Maybe if you want with a cross or your watermark over it, just as long it's the exact same image you have sent Alamy. So the exact image size and jpg quality. Most regulars here can easily spot the things QC doesn't like. (note: that Dropbox link includes an invitation which gives both me and the one accepting it free 500
  12. UK Magazine - print, digital and electronic - Print run up to 500,000 - Placement Inside - $ Cherry blossom on the ground. Google first thinks it's daisies, but then counters with: Short Lived Banque d'image et photos - Alamy - I kid you not. 😂 wim
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