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  1. Museum display New York. Most probably the Pierpont Morgan, because they have a Tintoretto show. At first I thought it was the MET LOL. But the dates are slightly off: The image will appear as a banner which displayed in the temporary exhibition for a museum located in New York. The banner will be on display for three months starting October 12, 2018 through January 6, 2019. - It's Tintoretto's 500th birthday this year. (Remember to check your Wikipedia once in a while.) And before you ask: my half of around XXX Starbucks coffees. wim edit: amount ;-)
  2. Drone vs Nikon D810

    Why not rent? wim
  3. AIM update notes - Oct 2018

    FF on Win10. Everything is absolutely default on this laptop. No mouse, just a regular touchpad. wim
  4. AIM update notes - Oct 2018

    In my case on my laptop it wants to combine selected tags in stead of moving 2 or 3 selected tags. Maybe it's better on a desktop. Still a convoluted way of working with plain text. The button to delete all tags is a workaround, remember. A welcome one, but a workaround. From the Rube Goldberg school of design. wim
  5. AIM update notes - Oct 2018

    Ahh foreign characters! どうもありがとうございました Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita! (+ deep bow) wim
  6. Zooms/sales ratio

    I'm pretty sure it has even come up far more often than these 3 pages, so maybe try some more with slightly different wording. wim
  7. How was your September 2018?

    Nah. Maybe just throw in some keywords in funny UK-English (for images that could apply to UK taste of course). The opposite is true also, native UK-English speakers often won't include US-English because it's wrong. (And maybe shoot British stuff that Americans like.) A bit like US car makers (or US presidents) complaining the Japanese won't buy their cars without offering a right hand drive. wim
  8. Zooms/sales ratio

    Have you tried https://discussion.alamy.com/search/?&q=zooms sales ratio&sortby=newest ? wim
  9. How was your September 2018?

    Hmm 25 for a disappointing 724. Maybe not the best example at the moment. Thanks anyway! wim
  10. Don't forget the vitamin C one can get by licking them. A thing every tourist learns in the outback. I think I have been told 5 times a day. LOL. Yes I have tried. The bite on the tongue is interesting and not very strong. After the ants come the grubs of course. ;-) Great shot indeed. Specific behavior is always interesting. wim
  11. Verboten or Tricky Subject Matter

    Thank you! Yes I loved that cover. Shift lens hence the world at their feet. Tate Modern rules at that time were editorial only of everything except designated areas that had a no camera sign. Like the Andy Warhol show. The Gauguin show still allowed photography with some paintings having a no camera sign. Later they have restricted that to: only general photography of the building is allowed, no rooms containing artworks. My shot from the restaurant was allowed in all and every of their photo policies. Still removed. While I loved the shot and it came up very high in searches for London Skyline, it has only sold 3 times I think (I'm not near my stats). wim
  12. You're right. A problem could be that the most recent files with the exact same name are generated files with a lower resolution. So when you get an alert: there's a more recent version of this file delete/overwrite etc, you're thinking: that must be the most recent I've worked on. Version management is important in our sport. wim
  13. Quiet beach at ft Lauderdale. (Near Jeff) UK Magazine - print, digital and electronic 1 page inside run up to 500,000. If anybody spots it, I would be grateful. Could be stamp sized for that fee. wim
  14. Cleared balance decreasing

    Everything is here: https://www.alamy.com/alamycontributorreports/Reports.aspx?Rep=1 You have to be logged in. wim
  15. Hmm make a stupid mistake in one folder and it spreads itself to the next if one's not careful. Ok it's easy to do lots of damage with a real file manager too. Then again I thought the Jurassic Park one was too fancy for me. ;-) It was real btw no mock up: FSN on IRIX. wim