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  1. Correct. Late last night my Dashboard indicated that my cleared balance of $$$ would be paid on January 1. This morning it was fixed, cleared balance 0, as it should be.
  2. Only 2 sales in November for a sad $23 gross, $9 net. Payments for DACS and ASCLR totaled $53 which was a big help, along with an affiliate commission refund of $5.
  3. I just checked - My Dashboard is working fine. But I noticed that my cleared balance will be paid on JANUARY 1? Should be December? Sometimes it seems like the wheels are falling off...
  4. Personal Use sale - just what my Jeep looks like this morning. Winter has begun in the Adirondacks! Standard US Personal Use rate.
  5. Low teens (F) here this morning, going down to around 10 F tonight. But this afternoon we had a balmy 26 F with a touch of sunshine!
  6. I joined Alamy in 2017 when license amounts were a bit higher, but I missed the good old days that I read about here. So far I am pleased with the increase in the number of licenses, so I really can't complain. I just have to keep uploading more images as much as my health allows and hope for the best. Number Average 2018. 8. 54. 2019. 8 42 2020. 16 36 2021. 24. 40
  7. I was simply responding to the posts above, not making a value judgement...
  8. That person just posted in the DACS payment received thread.
  9. One small one for me, but happy for that. Every little bit helps.
  10. Congratulations! Great to read that such sales are still possible!
  11. Last year it was received on 26 October, the year before 25 October.
  12. Two similar very welcome mid $$ licenses dropped in - Editorial Media/website, US 5 year. Here's one:
  13. Nearly all of my prices on Pond5 are at $79 for HD clips. About half of them have been transferred to Alamy, where they are priced at $66.
  14. I've found several of my videos from Pond5 in Alamy's collection, and also noticed that Pond5 is credited as the contributor, but the photographer and location is identified in the detailed information.
  15. Licensed to the Sunday Times, RF Editorial for mid $ - net about 1/4th of the cost of the meal...
  16. I just got a similar charge for "Affiliate commission charge for IY01815554 Image K". Not much money, but it would be nice to know what it means...
  17. RF Editorial website distributor sale to Finland for low $, net enough for a really small cup of coffee...
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