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  1. Doc, yep. Apparently they're still "working on it".
  2. BT/Yahoo mail servers been down since midnight. Maybe some connection? I blame Brexit, probably..... 😀
  3. It was me that asked the question the other week. All my keywording is done in Adobe Bridge, as they have for the last 13 years. Backup files are then kept already keyworded, and the originals uploaded via FTP. Same thing happened on the last upload as well. Doesn't seem to be any relationship to do with amounts of words or characters. Weird!!! Using Filezilla - latest version. Alamy , anything on your side?? Webby
  4. Country Life magazine on-line. Article on Tower Bridge. (you need to sign up to get past the first image) https://www.countrylife.co.uk/architecture/curious-questions-tower-bridge-work-built-like-first-place-198824 All photo's of Tower Bridge. F7J7CX - Dleiva BR7B20 - Christopher Holt BAFMY7 - Peter Cook - VIEW CPC0A2 - Andrew Michael CT47JG - iwebbtravel (mine)
  5. Disappointing: 7 sales 3 refunds - 2 resold for $1 less than the original. 1 a PU sale! 2 sales were through dist which left me $0.97 each net! All for $41 total.
  6. Hi All, Uploading quite a few big batches after a recent trip. Using Filezilla on a Macbook Pro. All images are keyworded in Bridge before uploading. All files quickly uploaded through Filezilla, but when they're opened in AIM, a lot of the keywords are missing, some have the words truncated. Never been a problem before.... Anyone any ideas?? Webby
  7. Personal use. Local Cyprus beer sign. Funnily enough, we're off to Cyprus tomorrow for our annual trip, and I'm sure a few Keo's will be sampled...
  8. 3 sales today, 2 of low $$, this one of the Passion Facade, La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona for mid $$. Really chuffed as there are thousands of pictures of the Sagrada.
  9. One of 2 today. Both low $ for editorial website. Monsal Head in the Peak District.
  10. thanks Matt. I hear what you're saying. Strangely the blue tit picture does have both "bluetit" and 'blue tit" in the keywords? Its one of my early uploads and is amongst those legacy pics that need looking at. I'll have a look at more keywords, but I don't want to overload and get too many false results. But you've certainly given me a few ideas, thanks. Views are OK at the moment... Webby
  11. Hi All, Fairly happy with my portfolio, but always open to suggestions for improvement. I'm retiring in June so will be devoting more time to taking and uploading more pictures, and getting on with legacy keywording. Ta Webby https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/iwebbtravel
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