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  1. Tips from the Alamy stand at the Photography Show

    Thanks for the info. All very helpful.
  2. Quiet out there

    Thanks, everybody. I feel better now.
  3. Help Ed Rooney

    A little help sent down from the Adirondack Mountains. Hope you can get things back together soon. Dave
  4. Help Ed Rooney

    I'll chip in.
  5. Sun chasing apps for smartphones

    I have TPE also, but rarely use it.
  6. Thanks for including one of mine!
  7. February Challenge: Winter activities

    Thanks. We have many quite expressive critters up here.
  8. February Challenge: Winter activities

    Too much snow. Even the deer are getting tired of it!
  9. Hi From Upstate NY

    Welcome to Alamy. Good luck with your new venture.
  10. January

    1 small sale, several zooms. Things are looking up!
  11. Bulk discount

    I also had one from Turkey on Tuesday.
  12. Dead Animal

    Gray fox in the grass - died of unknown causes.
  13. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    First sale showed up as invoiced today! Not a hugh amount, but you have to start somewhere!
  14. New Year, New Lens

    Guess I was wrong - I found this page that seems to show exactly what you have - looks like John was correct. The image of the berries half way down the page indicate the same growth pattern as in your image. http://www.gardenaction.co.uk/trees/rowan-mountain-ash/sorbus-hupehensis.asp
  15. New Year, New Lens

    I'm not sure it's in the Sorbus genus. Look at how the berries are growing - individually from the branches as opposed to in bunches, like the ones in Allan's images above. The Mountain Ash and other members of that genus all seem to have berries in bunches. I'm still looking for something with berries growing individually from the branches... (Probably should have started a separate thread for this.)