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  1. I had exactly the same happen a couple of days ago, an image of a pack of prescription sleeping tablets was sold and then immediately refunded. Wasn't the first time this happened. I think someone must have been very sleep deprived and desperate. 😑
  2. Also a slow month for me. 2 small distributor sales dropped in yesterday. Only one zoom for this month so far, which is unusually low for me. And a couple of sales from last year, which should have been cleared by now, are still showing as uncleared.
  3. Yup, same here. My submission from last night seems to have disappeared overnight.
  4. Third best month of the year so far for me with 6 for $134 gross / $67 net.
  5. Only 2 PU licences for $25 gross/ 12.50 net + a small DACS payment.
  6. Just saw my DACS payment. It's less than last year and even slightly less than two years ago. 😯
  7. I've noticed the same thing today. I've had one zoom that had NaN under Total CTR(%) and the corresponding total views and total zooms columns are 0 which doesn't make sense. This particular zoom happened in August but only appeared in today's measures. Can't work out what NaN means.
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