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  1. Off to a poor start on the 2nd when I had a sale of $1.67 gross. The lowest value licence I have ever had, followed by two more at the same price! Total for the month was 7 sales for $60 gross. Looking on the bright side my total number of sales 139, best year ever, In 2020 I had 127 sales. Total gross revenue this was 34% higher than for 2020. Reckon I will keep on doing this. . . . Peter
  2. Good month for me with 19 sales for $309. Things are looking good compared with 2020, when total sales in 12 months was 127, then my best ever year. To end november 2021 I now have 132. Total gross to end November 2021 is 31% higher than 2020 total. Sometimes, things look better. . .
  3. October was a very slow month for me until the last couple of days. Final total eight licences for $250 gross and $96 net. C.B stood at $11 until the 30th when it jumped to $120. Number of zooms dropped dramatically. . . .
  4. A good month for me 16 sales for $400 gross. Downside 2 sales were for $1.74 gross.
  5. Slow start, but ended with 13 licences for $211 gross. I have done better, but often worst. . . Peter
  6. March was my best month for some time 19 sales fpr $940. I only reached 19 sales once previously, that was in March 2014, but then the total was $1024. . .
  7. January 2021 was poor for me, with only 7 sales for $220 gross. 2020 total was 130 images for $3983 gross, so average per month 10.8 at average $30.6 gross. In February 2021 I had 11 sales for $331 gross, average each $30.09, so closer to last years average. . .
  8. I had only 7 sales, lowest for a couple of years. Always look on the bright side, - total gross was $220 so average $31.42 each. This was the same as the average for 2020. Usually they drop but I am flat lining. . . .
  9. Sales this year 128 - most ever. Last year it was 114 gross revenue was about $2500 same as this year. The last year which had less gross revenue than this was back in 2010 when 46 sales produced about $1900 With Covid restrictions and on-going cancer treatment I was pleased to add 855. In normal times most of my images come from towns and cities but I have been to any of those in 2020. I am still very pleased to be an Alamy Contributor - it is what I do, Thanks Alamy for doing so well in this difficult year.
  10. I shoot Christmas trees every year, this shot was a bit different to usual, with a large board beside the tree with a price on it. £40 for a tree 0.8 - 1.0 metres high. That might be a bit out for next year. Still, the end date for the license was "in perpetuity" so the buyer saw some life in it. . . .
  11. On 1st December, I was in a garden centre and did a shot of some Christmas trees, thinking "That might do for next year" I was wrong, it sold on the 2nd December. Commercial website $4, so the news could have been better.
  12. I sold 17 for $340. Passed my 1000th sale this month, 5,500 days since I became a contributor. Total sale numbers now exceed my 2019 total and are approaching 2018 total, previous best year.
  13. Quite a good month - 15 for $200 gross. . . One record breaking sale with the lowest ever price $2.20 to Italy distributor sale. On my dashboard I have total sales 994, could make it 1000 this month. . .
  14. I had 8 for $107 gross, above average number for September. I also had two PU's refunded, one 22 days after sale and the other 106 days!
  15. 13 for $232. This is quite good for numbers, but prices ain't what they used to be. August is usually a good month for me, in 2008 I had 20 sales. . .
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