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  1. Interesting licensing on these two images, licensed a day apart - first one is RF: "Editorial website Image Size: Any size Duration: up to 5 years" Second is a Rights Managed image: "Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Images can be used in an editorial context only across customers website and associated social channelsMedia: Website, app and social media Duration: Unlimited" Although you might assume they are the same location, the top image is Nantucket, an island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The bottom one is Mystic Seaport
  2. Guess I'm the odd (wo)man out - I really like it. It grabbed my attention, made me read different things and check out various collections. (I hated the old video on top - made me dizzy, so that alone makes me glad to see this change). One thing I don't like - if you click on "Stockimo" it only takes you to the contributor info page - not to the collection of images for sale.
  3. It was in my bank account last week. This year was double last year - biggest jump I've had. During the year, I look for UK uses from time to time and keep a running list, so it's not too hard to do it myself. I think the addition of UK websites may have helped. Anyway, it was a nice sum.
  4. Fun choices - was hard to decide - congrats to all the finalists!
  5. Last three sales cleared quickly but still not enough to make payout. DACS payment was 50% higher than last year. Zooms way up - best level in past 12 months.
  6. Re: The Vaccine - I'm still undergoing vestibular therapy for vertigo as a result of a severe autoimmune response to my second dose of the vaccine. It also sent my RA, fibromyalgia and Sjogren's Syndrome, which were pretty much in remission, back to plague me. I've been like this since April. But I don't regret getting the vaccine. Everyone I know (or who are relatives or friends of those I know) - who has died of Covid - starting back in spring 2020 - was between age 19-50 - and I'm in my 60's so I know a lot of people in the high risk group. Since the vaccine came out, anoth
  7. Funny you should say that about Italian sounding Japanese. My maiden name was Acito (Italian). I spent my junior year at Pomona College in California. One day, a friend's mother was visiting. When we were introduced, she said, "Oh, I thought you were Japanese!"
  8. Edo, my husband's grandmother was from Sligo - and his sister and two of my nephews have that red hair - but no Rooneys that I recall in the family tree - my daughter's been doing our genealogy way back. We also have red hair on my Italian side from my grandfather, though no one since.
  9. Great images - congrats to all. It was really hard to choose - I could have voted for any one of them.
  10. Something positive - as many sales to date as all of 2020 here and gross revenue is 3.4 times higher than last year. Average sale is $68, higher average than I've had in years ($9-39 higher than my average the last several year). So not all doom and gloom. Trying to stay positive yet realistic. The hardest part is that most of my sales are travel images, something I'm not able to do at the moment.
  11. My views are down to half their previous pandemic low. Even with summer vacation, I've never seen so few views. Something is definitely wrong.
  12. Yikes, I only had 719 views - pre-covid I'd be closer to 2,000 and even as it dropped as the pandemic wore on, I was seeing 1400-1500 a month which I thought was low. Something is definitely off in Measures. Earlier in the month, my one sale was actually zoomed first - a rarity for me - and 2 of my other zooms, mine was the only one zoomed, so some hope for September.
  13. Awful month - one for $15.99 - net $6.40. Sales on my other stock site this month included $20 (net) for a single image and with a third of the images there, and my best images here, it feels discouraging to be earning more there, but when those $$$ sales come in here, I know it's worth staying. Honestly, I've made a lot more with fine art sales this month - even netting $$$ through a dealer that only pays me a 15% commission. With Alamy selling images for PU, I haven't been uploading images I'd be happy to license here except I'd need to limit them to RM - and that doesn't stop th
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