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  1. Culling is definitely the toughest for me. I've been trying to shoot fewer frames of the same scene, and have been successful to some extent, but digital is so different than film and so I've been shooting way too many frames for years. The potential to "fix" an image in Photoshop also means I have way too many old images on various hard drives. I'm getting better at shooting yes and deleting more, but being indecisive makes the culling part agony. I love the rest though. Research for keywords and captions can lead to reading all kinds of unrelated but interesting facts and that t
  2. This has been an unusual year. I had no sales at all between March and July, then it picked up a little in August and then so far this month I've had 6 sales, so you never know. Like you, most of my images are travel oriented, although for me it's mostly US-based travel. With a recent upswing of cases in the US, my recent sales have still included tourist destinations in the US (as opposed to cities where, for example, they might be used to illustrate a place where cases are on the rise). Recent sales also include a couple of landscapes and one of a university.
  3. Personal Use: Sorry for your loss Bella. Nice to have made your mom so happy and proud. Glad she was able to be in her own home.
  4. It was just my husband and me for Thanksgiving in person - a first for us both coming from large families - but we enjoyed our dinner and quite a lot of good 🍷 as we zoomed with our daughter, grandson, SIL, cousins, nieces, great nieces & nephews for a couple of hours. I'm just so grateful for the technology that keeps us together. Four generations of family from my cousin who's actually my mom's first cousin (though closer to me in age) to the little greats. And of course we got to watch the Macy's parade this morning. I didn't realize they'd found a socially distanced way to
  5. I had 3 in the space of two days this month, 2 presentation and one personal use, all at $19.99, full US advertised price. Although the uptick in presentation sales could be linked to people working from home, I wonder if some are just unfamiliar buyers clicking on the simplest cheapest license they see. I say that because I had two in one day of the same state park, landscapes you would hang on your walls, one Personal Use (RF file) and the next one Presentation (RM, restricted so no PU) and wonder if the second wasn't actually someone buying both to print and hang on their walls,
  6. I was checking them out - which style did you get and did you use the liners and a pair of gloves or just the gloves? They don't seem to have temperature ratings so it's hard to guess which style is best for the weather conditions. The setup I have now is okay but the gloves are a bit bulky especially with my smaller mirrorless cameras so I'm considering trying out gloves made for outdoor winter shooting like the Vallerret ones as winter will be here soon. They have a lot of different styles.
  7. I still have a few Zuiko primes and I have adapters to use them on my Olympus and Sony mirrorless cameras. Lovely bokeh. My OM-1 got stolen out in California but they found it in a pawn shop so I got it back for $40. Was glad my dad made me be sure to copy the serial number.
  8. Thanks John. My favorite quote from Thomas Jefferson about freedom of the press: "...were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter." It's been good to see the actual press here (both in print, online and on TV) honestly reacting to what has been going on and calling out the untruths. It's hard to zip-up when democracy is on the line. I'd venture to say that it is wrong. As the Irish philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke said, "The only thing nec
  9. I loved my OM1 - got it as a senior in college for Christmas 1979 and left to take it traipsing all over Europe for a month the very next day. Then used it for a year as a reporter/photographer for a NY suburban paper before I headed off to law school. My daughter used it a generation later in a high school photo class in 2010 when they were still teaching kids darkroom techniques, in the same darkroom where I first learned photography (we graduated from the same HS). By the time she took photography at NYU a few years later, we met up at B&H and I bought her a Nikon D3000 because by then
  10. I found the original lyrics online and listened to about a quarter of it ...but did not opt for a 30-day free trial of apple music to hear the rest. I definitely have never heard it before. They may be in NY but it's clearly not a NY song. They talk like Brits (and I don't mean the non-PC stuff) just the entire cadence, not to mention "Happy Christmas your arse." Two expressions no American would ever use in just that sentence.
  11. I've never heard "Fairytale of New York" ... and I've lived in NY my entire life. I'll have to find it on Spotify.
  12. Harry, I remember my mom taking me to MoMA to see an exhibit of her work when I was a kid. It was a revelation.
  13. Chuck, When I was practicing law, I remember the first time a client asked me to fax over a motion to him and called me an hour later to see where it was. Because we could now fax something nearly instantaneously, he completely ignored the fact that I first had to do the research, frame an argument, dictate the motion, have my secretary type it up (really dating myself here -we're talking mid-1980's), proofread it, write a cover letter, have my secretary type that, and then get it out for him to look at. Just because the technology is fast, it doesn't mean we do the human stuff, li
  14. I'm making a pear bourbon pie for Thanksgiving. I love baking pies, but eating them even more. So after seeing your pie photos Betty and Thrysis, and your pie story Bryan, you all got me thinking about eating the pear bourbon pie for desert on Thanksgiving with a leftover piece for breakfast on Friday - and those thoughts are the good things that happened to me today. Thanks gang!
  15. And mine as well. Two of my grandparents came over as orphaned teenagers, and the other at age 2 when her father and grandfather, who came here not long after she was born, had saved up enough to send for her and my great-grandmother. They were all so grateful for the chance to improve their lives and would be appalled at those who would deny that opportunity to others. My daughter visited Ellis Island on a 3rd grade field trip. I'd never been but when she was 10 we had a girl from Belfast staying with us for the summer as part of a program called the Northern Irish Children's Exchange (to hel
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