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  1. HELP!!!! Is The Guardian's site https://www.theguardian.com/uk ? When I put in www.theguardian.co.uk it switches to the above, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm in the US What about the hundreds of re-pins on my images on pinterest.co.uk by others - it would seem like this is far afield. Is there a way to check whether pinterest and the various UK newspaper websites count this year? It's very confusing. Is there an approved list of UK sites? Do you run them through the CLA list? So confused. Usually DACS seems easy. Thanks! @M.Chapman
  2. PS I made slow cooker pork the other day. I shot the raw meat, rolled it in spices, and took a shot in the pot. 12 hours later when it was finally done and we were hungry, took it out let it rest on the cutting board for 20 minutes while I made some sides, then pulled it all apart before I remembered to shoot the cooked roast!!! So I took some shots of the final pulled pork but I'd also forgotten to shoot it as it was cooking. 🤦‍♀️
  3. Not cooking but I grew those tomatoes - fresh from the garden. Have cooked a lot and tried to remember to shoot what I cook but it seems I have not uploaded and new cooking pix here so I'll add them when I do. I worked as an assistant part time for a food photographer for 3 years and I could never do what she does, but food is a readily available prop, and we're lucky it is with many going hungry. Good food is certainly worth celebrating.
  4. You asked for help, so here is my take and some suggestions. First, remember that stock photos need to illustrate something - Most images need a concept, e.g. lockdown, senior issues, etc, so a mask or a person wearing one illustrates that concept, but what concept do all those cool water images illustrate? You need to think, would a website, newspaper or magazine use this to illustrate a story or would a small business use this to help them sell something? Travel images need to show why someone would want to visit a place. That's a niche where Alamy shines, for me at
  5. Glad to hear it. I guess my first Nikon lens that wasn't made in Japan and was made with far more plastic than I expected, made me think the non-Japanese manufactured lenses were inferior, but as I consider what you've said, I realize it is one of the lenses I kept to use with my Sony and it is fabulous, the plastic also makes it light. It doesn't look as nice and solid as the others, but I can't argue with the quality of the glass.
  6. I bought a used Nikon lens from the 1970's on ebay back in 2006, a 50mm f/1.2 in its original leather case, for $40, paid another $20-30 to have it converted so it fit my old D70 mount. I considered selling it when I switched to Sony and two places were willing to give me over $400 so I checked around and saw that new ones go for over $700 and since it has the best bokeh of any lens I've ever owned, I decided to keep it. Works great on the Sony with an adapter. I'm so glad I kept this legacy 50mm lens. Wish I'd kept my 24-70mm f/2.8 workhorse. I thought it would be too heavy on the
  7. I've sold images uploaded as Reportage, some long after upload, some closer to initial upload, so I don't think it hurts their rank. I'd agree the advantage is the 600-character limit on the caption if you need a longer explanation and the disadvantage is that it will say the image could have imperfections if, in fact, your image could easily pass QC. It's a good way to get newsworthy images up quickly if you don't have Live News privileges. I think @geogphotos gave you the best advice, just make a decision and upload. I know that I went through years where I agonized
  8. If you're talking about holidays such as Christmas, etc, which is what I thought initially until I saw the answers here, my early portfolio did well with images from Mardi Gras. Pi Day was also a decent seller. And Fourth of July. Not so much Christmas and Easter, a trickle of sales, though I have a lot more images shot for those holidays. In recent years, Fourth of July did best, but travel far and away is my best seller here. I uploaded about 30 Christmas illustrations last year and a lot of Easter illustrations the year before. Also New Years. None of them sold, nor were any of
  9. First image I clicked on Image ID: 2C6WYPW had incorrect keywords such as "garden spider," " wasp" and "honey bee" and many other gratuitous spammy keywords when in fact it is a Graphosoma lineatum as you correctly state - but you left out the obvious keyword "shield bug." You also describe it as being on a flower when it is actually on the stem. Many of your images, while creative, seem more akin to what is likely to sell as microstock, which is why I focused on one that seemed like it had potential. Sloppy and inaccurate keywords will hurt you, as 5 zooms in 3 years on 800 images
  10. Fell in love with the light weight and great quality of my Olympus OMD E-1 but it couldn't beat my D700 at night/in low light. The Sony a7rii fixed that - awesome in low light - can push it to ISO 2500 without a single fail on that score - so I sold my two Nikons and haven't looked back. The Sony with the 90mm G Master Macro lens, which doubles as a great portrait lens is plenty big enough to impress clients, so no worries there. When shooting news with the Oly, I once was asked to leave the Press pool area but fortunately Hillary's Press person knew me and interceded on my behalf.
  11. Editing our own work is always tough for us togs, so it's good practice to look at our work this way and whittle it down. It's nice to have a challenge where everyone has a lot of choices rather than trying hard to come up with something that fits.
  12. Swedish Bookseller in Gamla Stan, Stockholm: Rain on a car windshield (windscreen), Columbus, Ohio: Reflections in a skyscraper, Boston, Massachusetts:
  13. I've narrowed mine down to 8 and forgot to look for doors! I can also think of one on S I particularly like. Tough challenge. On Chrome on a Mac I open two windows and drag the photo from one into the discussion. It used to work with a right click and paste, but hasn't in a few years.
  14. @John MitchellThe Ursuline nuns seemed tame when I started in 6th grade compared to the much stricter nuns I had encountered at a parochial school in the Bronx. Of course, other than my class with 48 kids, they had upwards of 50 kids in each classroom (62 in my sister's class) and fear was how they kept them in line, both nuns and lay teachers, though not all of them. Of course, for kindergarten I went to a private Catholic school and with 13 kids in our class had perhaps the most terrifying nun I've ever encountered, followed by the kindest in my parochial school in first grade. My siblings
  15. Congress sends people off to war, they ought to be willing to risk their own lives to save our democracy. They took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. If they don't have the guts to do their jobs, then they ought to resign.
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