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  1. I do bulk keywording as part of my upload/download process from my SD card into Lightroom. I may then tweak batches of them in LR after I've culled a shoot, but I don't usually fine tune each photo until after I've processed them. I check each processed image before upload to Alamy or elsewhere to make sure that there aren't any irrelevant or missing keywords so each image has only the keywords that are specific to it. Since different sites have different requirements and limits - for example, I also upload to fine art sites - I usually have to tweak both captions and keywords a bit for each site. Despite my best efforts, there is always something I've forgotten or missed so I periodically go in and check the live images, although now with the new tag system here, it feels daunting. But I know that while a picture is worth a thousand words, it is the keywords that get those pictures to show up in the first place.
  2. Lens repair

    Being in the US, I have no idea but I'm lucky that my two Nikon repairs were done for free. The first was a jammed kit zoom lens for my D70 still under warranty (an 18-70mm I think - it was long time ago). The second was a failed shutter on my D700 just after the warranty ended. They fixed it for free anyway and they had just stopped doing most repairs at their Melville, Long Island (NY) location but as a favor they let me ship it there overnight anyway (I'm a couple hours away) rather than to the west coast and rushed the job since I desperately needed the camera. I was still a relative newbie and had sold my D70 so I didn't have a backup camera. That convinced me to always have a backup. After the prices you are quoting, I realize I got off really cheap just paying for shipping!
  3. Ability to change the name of a pseudonym

    +1 wish we could do this.
  4. Editorial Photographer Income Survey

    Done. Nice and quick.
  5. Moving from Nikons to Sony A7III

    You were probably smart to get the A7 instead of the A7riii - I love the 42 MP but my computers don't - I need to upgrade anyway, but with the new camera it is very obvious. I also love my little Olympus EM-1, and 16 MP is fine. Glad to put your mind at ease - I may be generalizing here but I think that guys don't realize how much harder it is for most women to lug all that heavy equipment around. I crack up every time some guy says his hands are too large for a mirrorless. At 4'11" I can't even image. I turn 60 in a couple of weeks and just became a grandma so I figure I need to keep my back and neck as healthy as I can.
  6. Moving from Nikons to Sony A7III

    I'm happy I went with a full frame Sony. I bought it in March. The camera is fiddly but the photos are awesome. Low light is great. I got the A7rii and the battery life sucks but I saved over $1,000. Was torn between that and the A7riii. I kept my Nikon 20mm lens and use it with a manual adapter, I also kept an old 50mm f/1.4 (A mount?) I bought on eBay with its original leather case when I started that has the most awesome bokeh. I am torn that I didn't keep my 24-70mm. Sold my D700, D5100 and all the rest of my lenses to fund the purchase of the new camera and some Sony lenses. Even with the 90mm macro (a large lens) it is smaller and lighter than my Nikon kit. I also have an Olympus mirrorless - the Em-1 I got a few years ago. No one thinks an Olympus is a pro camera. Back during the elections, I was photographing our local Memorial Day Parade (the Clintons live three blocks from me) and used my Olympus with its tiny 40-150mm non-pro, super light zoom. I also had my 17mm with me. I had left the press area because I'm short and wanted to get some images I wasn't tall enough to shoot from that area. Heading back in under the ropes, one of the Secret Service guys looked at my tiny camera and said, "This is just for press." (none of us had anything around our necks - it was all very informal) One of Hillary's press people intervened as she'd met me before but I've been to many similar events with my Nikons and that hadn't happened, so I'd have to say the Olympus does NOT scream "pro," which I like. No one gives me a second look when I'm in NYC or any other city taking photos with either of these cameras. I'd get stopped a lot or people would duck my camera or smile and pose when I was out with my Nikons. Mirrorless are much less obvious. And it's easy enough to explain that yes, I'm a pro if I need to. I could've talked my way back under the ropes on my own if needed, grabbed my editor who was around somewhere, or handed them a business card. Took my Sony to the beach in 90 degree weather. Even then, no overheating problems.
  7. How long did it take you to make 1000 sales?

    Congrats! Great portfolio! I'm not there yet.
  8. Lots of excellent choices.
  9. A First - Entire Month Without A Zoom

    8 zooms 1 sale in August. Jill, I wouldn't worry - For years I would get sales and very few zooms, and even with zooms they often don't coincide with my sales. The past year or so zooms seem to be up, and they have been pretty steady this year, but this year sales are down. I'd take a couple more sales and no zooms any day. Hoping to see things pick up now that it's September - the summer is often slow.
  10. A new dawn cometh

    Earlier this year I sold all my Nikons except my 20mm lens and an old manual 50mm f/1.4 I bought on eBay when I started shooting digital for $40 that has the best bokeh I've ever seen (I even have the original leather case - saw similar ones on eBay for $499). Bryan, I also have the Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 (from my first SLR - the Olympus OM-1) and it is gorgeous. I bought the adapter to use it on my Olympus wireless and then bought another so I could use it on my Sony - small and light and easy to focus with lovely bokeh. I didn't keep my heavier Nikon lenses since that seemed to defeat the purpose of switching to mirrorless, but I would have considered the Nikon full frame option if I hadn't just invested in the Sony. I went with the A7rii because I got a great deal saved about $1200. Battery life is awful but otherwise love it.
  11. calendar sale

    I've had sales from between $60 for small images to $150 for larger wall calendars - one year duration. For one client, for example, if the same image was in a large and small version of a wall calendar it would be $100-150 for the large calendar (depending on print run) and $60 for the small calendar. They pay in December of the year it is published so it can be two years from the time they get an image until you are paid. It works out well if you license two or three photos for each of several calendars, but it can be a lot of work to find calendar companies that are looking for new providers and of course they all require different sizes, different keywording, captioning and naming conventions. Personally, I like seeing my work in calendars that are sold nation-wide. I haven't tried making my own calendar but it could be nice.
  12. My MacBook goes through stages where the fan runs really hard and loud for no apparent reason. It has done this for years. It will go on for a bit and then stop and it's back to normal. I brought it to Apple years ago and they said they just run hot. I got an external fan that attaches to the USB port but it's noisy itself. I usually just shut down what I'm not using and put it to sleep for a bit and it seems to stop. I have an Intel MacBook Pro Retina 13" late 2013. I worry that it is past its prime and just keep it lean - I was filling up most of the 500GB hard drive with photos all the time and now am making sure most of my photos get reviewed and then I offload them to an external hard drive and process them on my iMac. With a 42MB Sony my files really got huge, and that's when I realized I needed to keep at least 100GB free - it's running fast although still not as well as it could. I really thought it was on its last legs yesterday as I couldn't get the fan to stop it was so loud even when I shut down and rebooted but today I've been working on a writing project for hours and also still have PS, LR and firefox and safari open and it's been quiet and nowhere near as warm so all that noise must have cleared something out. Bringing it in to have it checked sounds like a good idea. I should probably do that as well with mine but I fear that the "geniuses" aren't all that, so I'll look for a third party since I'm well out of the extended warranty.
  13. Valencia, Spain?

    My lovely niece and her terrific husband live in Southern Spain. We were planning a visit in September but as our grandson is due to arrive then, we've put it off until spring. Anyway, I can see how close they are to Valencia and put you in touch with her if you have questions. She's lived there around 3 years I think (hailing from NJ) and he is Spanish. My only trip to Spain was in 1979 when I had three semesters of college Spanish (and a boyfriend who was fluent). Spent a little time in Madrid and Segovia - the people were warm and friendly and I got by with them practicing their English and me my Spanish. My sister-in-law loves the area where my niece lives and would like to retire there. She's still working so no final decision yet. I've heard great things about retiring there. If you want, I'll reach out to my niece and see if she can give you any advice. She's in her 30's and hubby in his 40's so young but not so young. LMK The town she's in - which doesn't spring to mind right now - has a US Air Force base nearby. She was working there. They live in a house across the street from the beach. My daughter was there in May-June 2017 and said it was heaven.
  14. It's for one-time personal home use (it's an RM image). Nothing in the sale description says "package." The photo makes me realize summer is nearly over.