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  1. I'd opt for the second, having had an issue trying to restore from TM in the past. I'm a fan of CCC and maybe they'll find a fix for the boot issue in time. I believe they have in the past.
  2. Congrats on your win Lori - and a great topic! Ironically, for a New Yorker, it turns out that the two smallest "towns" I could find are my current and adopted home towns. Most of the little towns on Cape Cod and elsewhere in New England, or out in the midwest that I've photographed topped the 10,000 mark. And in Europe since shooting stock, every place I've been has been a city. So here are three from "home": Crowds lined up at Hole-in-the-Wall Beach at McCook's Point Park in Niantic, Connecticut, pop 2,935 (doubles or more in summer) to view a US Navy Hovercraft landi
  3. 😎 Thanks! Yesterday I ran into a neighbor who happens to be a mathematician. He asked me what my daughter's dissertation is on. I mentioned something about questions at the intersection of harmonic analysis, number theory, and geometric measure theory and he seemed to understand what I was talking about, even if I didn't.... If only she'd chosen physics and something as easy as string theory. I hung up a clothesline in my basement yesterday. Easy peasy.
  4. You’re not a nobody. And I really would be honored to read a pre-publication copy. a friend of mine who’s had a couple of non-fiction books published said the key for her was to concentrate on just one chapter at a time so she wasn’t overwhelmed by the enormity of the project. Good luck!
  5. I replied to you but up above in an edit. Can’t seem to navigate the forum from my iPhone today lol One of my earliest memories is being about 4 or 5 and telling my mother I wanted to read all the books in the library by the time I grew up. She explained that it was a more vast undertaking than even the large collection of books in our Bronx branch of the New York Public Library. But I was firmly convinced I could do it. when I think of my summer vacation the time I can spend sitting on the beach list in a book is always a big part of the attraction
  6. +1 loved it. + 1 for Angela’s Ashes too. A friend of mine got to study with him as a teacher. Was skimming backward on my iPhone @Betty LaRue when you’ve done one the first draft I’d love to read it. Your experience of life seems so different than mine though we are fairly close in age and I think that is what makes your story even more appealing. Good writing - fiction or no -fiction. When it is tru to life helps bring the world a little closer. And a good sense of humor helps. Perhaps if we all read more memoirs we might make the world a little better
  7. Those butterflies will have a long trip to appear in my New York garden... but I'll check it out next time I visit Great Britain (and the rest of the UK) 😎
  8. Touché! I bought a Butterflies of the East Coast book from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens some years back that I later found pretty useless, the drawings were unhelpful - way too vague - unlike the three bird books I have (Birds of N. America, East Coast and one on Gulls - all detailed very helpful drawings). I have lots of botanical books too (mostly with photos, some with drawings) and use them to confirm things I might find online... I may be far more dependent on my iPhone than I'd like to be, but that's modern life. With the ease of AI to search by photo, it seems
  9. I've learned to keep even the rejects of my insect images, just for this reason. You never know when you'll need another angle. Which phone apps do you find helpful? I keep meaning to upload one for when I'm out and know I may need a place to start my id. Faster than those interminable Google Images searches which invariably lead to much misinformation. Yesterday, for a plant ID, I ended up reading a Wikipedia entry and then checking the source for the AKA names, and found that the writer, despite seemingly extensive research, confused two distinct shrubs, and had the
  10. I always though the British phone boxes were so much more attractive than our utilitarian ones here in the US. To me, they were as much a symbol of the UK as the Union Jack. Sad to know they're all but gone...wish I'd taken a better photo of one when I visited Edinburgh in 2007. By then, though I didn't have a cell phone with an overseas plan, my daughter and I (I was chaperoning her acting troupe at the Festival Fringe) used a Google app to "chat" with my husband using the community computers at our hostel. I remember in summer 1975 and winter 1979-80 trips abroad having to line up to use on
  11. Really fabulous capture! Love the angle.
  12. What a good idea! I have many images from a pre-stock trip to Edinburgh in 2007 that I couldn't upsize x4 back in the day. Percentage-wise those I uploaded from that trip did well so I should give them another look. Ditto pix from Italy and France on the second & third legs of that trip. Hope you get some sales out of those zooms. Sorry to hear of your gardening woes. Such hard work.
  13. If you're gold then worth it I'd think. Otherwise not much point.
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