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  1. Lightroom 7.3 new version (BIG, big changes!)

    Very useful intro to new LR, 7.3. Thx for posting.
  2. Thanks to everyone's recommendations here I purchased a RX100, which I carry with me all the time. It has obvious limitations, compared with a full DSLR, but it's fabulous for catching those times when you don't have all your kit and need to snap something quickly. Also, great in low light conditions. Purchased at John Lewis for a very reasonable £299 with an additional £50 cash back!(not sure if the offer is still on).
  3. Live News Query

    Hi all, I uploaded some photos onto Live News yesterday and everything worked fine and they were up on the Live News website very quickly and they are still there today but when I checked in 'My Submissions' this morning it stated that they were not on sale. I am a little confused, are they on sale or not? I have now keyworded them and all is well but does this mean until you keyword photos in Live News they do not go on sale? Excuse my ignorance. Any info much appreciated.
  4. Other contributors' sales figures

    Thanks Lisa for the link. I was impressed with the $ paid. Nice work!
  5. iPad Pro 12.5

    You can do quite a lot with Camera+ - https://camera.plus/. I use it a bit. I also quite like PicsArt for some whacky effects for use with S*****mo! :-)
  6. How many use man, male, woman, female and their plurals, where appropriate, men, women? Agree that it is probably better to use preceding adjectives where possible. What about people/public for a general morass?
  7. How was your March 2018?

    29 sales for $840 gross. Happy with that. A good month.
  8. Thx for the spot HDH! Much appreciated. Also, found this one in the Guardian yesterday! :-) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/mar/21/uk-europe-housing-cost-rise-lowest-earners-report
  9. Sheep ID please

    Reminded me of a wonderful story by Murakami - A Wild Sheep Chase - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11298.A_Wild_Sheep_Chase
  10. Probably not good form noticing one of one's own but I found this on the way home in today's Evening Standard (no credits). Jansos - Silicon Roundabout in Old Street, London, UK, a digital hub for technology - JGJ463
  11. Lisa Werner IPhone Photography Tips & Tricks

    Talking about iPhones, I have the iPhone 6 SE (12MP resolution) and it sometimes allows me to post a pic to the Alamy app beginning with S and sometimes it says the size is too small ("photo must be at least 640 pixels in height and width"). Can't understand why this should vary. If the size is OK on one occasion it should work each time, if not it shouldn't work at all. I'm using the 12MP rear facing camera and not cropping the images so can't understand why some pass and others fail due to size. Any ideas?
  12. Sun chasing apps for smartphones

    Many thanks to all for helpful advice and suggestions!
  13. Geolocation apps?

    With the rapid programme of pub closure and conversion ( ) going on all around us it won't be very long before this task becomes even simpler, but I know what you mean.