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  1. Hi Ana, Welcome, I hope it works out for you. Be persistent and patient and don't be deterred. You will need to upload photos that people want on a consistent basis. IMO Alamy are one of the good guys and offer decent returns.
  2. Hi All, I know that August is a wicked month but my CTR has taken a nosedive. It has gone below .40 for the first time in years. Anyone else experiencing a drop in libido and flaccidity in this area? ;-)
  3. OK ish... 23 for $673 gross. A few $$$, some decent $$ and the unusual small ones! Zooms 927. CTR 0.53.
  4. Ah, that's interesting to know. I thought the app had cracked it! Good to know that facial recognition for plants is still some way off!
  5. Common corn-flag, a species of Gladioli. Also known a Rogues, Eastern Gladioulus, Squeakers, Whistling-jack. Botanical name Gladiolus communis (well, so my PictureThis app tells me!)
  6. There is an app for this kind of thing called PictureThis. Works really well but perhaps Apple only? https://apps.apple.com/us/app/picturethis-plant-identifier/id1252497129
  7. Hi all, If I use a website such as Blurb, or similar, to self-publish a book of photos which contain pictures of people and property, taken on public land, do I need to have 'permissions' for people/ property? I'm assuming that I do if I decide to sell the book. Is that correct? What if I were to sell the book and donate all profits to charity? Any ideas? Thanks 🙂
  8. Dzień dobry! Worth a try, I would have thought.
  9. Thanks Sally. That article and link were very useful! You have helped me answer my own question! The benefits of the newer model don't seem worth the x 2 ++ increase in cost. https://photographylife.com/sony-rx100-series-comparison
  10. I'm still using the RX100 for day to day in your pocket type stuff and am consistently pleased with results. The new Sony RX range is a lot more expensive than the original. Is the bang worth the buck?
  11. Zooms = 59 CTR .60 Views 9,825 23 sales average sale price $22 1 $$ refund from June 2019 No $$$ this month.🤭
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