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  1. Cheers Bryan! 🍻 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/train-driver-sues-after-allahu-akbar-bomb-drill-f670x0jn2
  2. Hopefully, if Alamy flourishes we all flourish to a greater or lesser extent. If Alamy succumbs we are mostly stuffed, are we not?
  3. I was also confused by the title, I thought it was a plea to provide additional support during difficult times. I'd be happy to support Alamy more, as I think (from my relatively little knowledge standpoint) that it does a pretty good job, and is much better than some of the other sites that offer a pittance. As contributors it is always easy to snipe and criticise commision rates and the like but the tone on here is mostly positive, I think. Do we need to 'big-up' Alamy more outside the confines of this forum? How could we do it? It would, hopefully, benefit us all.
  4. Just tried it using my various pseudonyms and it worked a treat, thanks for the tip. Do you submit your own DACS return or does Alamy do it for you?
  5. Seem to have slipped a bit since 2019 but I am no longer doing Live News (a lot of work and little $ reward, not to mention getting on the approved list) 2020 - 301 sales for $6680 gross 2019 - 337 sales for $8036 gross 2018 - 318 sales for $7897 gross CTR .5 on average ATB, John
  6. Very slow month, only 15 sales for $457. 1 x $$$ and CTR of .5. Given the Coronavirus pandemic, I'm surprised that there were even 15 sales! Here is to a more optimal 2021! 🍺 : -)
  7. Had my first pint of London Pride (bottled takeaway) bitter since September! https://www.instagram.com/p/CDTtHoNnYkI/
  8. I would be interested to know what keywords you used. When I labelled one of my portable toilets with a 'portaloo' keyword the company concerned got in touch to request that I remove it as the loo in questions was not a bone-fide portaloo. I wish I had told them to stop taking the pi**! 😉
  9. The spec ()https://www.apple.com/uk/macbook-air/) looks good but 8GB RAM seems rather underspecified. Can you upgrade to 16Gb? Would that speed things up a bit?
  10. I'm too depressed to try and snap it! 4 years of Brexit shenanigans, 10 months of Coronavirus pandemic and now chaos at Dover have depleted any reserves of enthusiasm. On which elevating note many thanks to everyone who replied; some really solid ideas. Merry Christmas! 🙂
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