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  1. Slow start, but ended with 13 licences for $211 gross. I have done better, but often worst. . . Peter
  2. March was my best month for some time 19 sales fpr $940. I only reached 19 sales once previously, that was in March 2014, but then the total was $1024. . .
  3. January 2021 was poor for me, with only 7 sales for $220 gross. 2020 total was 130 images for $3983 gross, so average per month 10.8 at average $30.6 gross. In February 2021 I had 11 sales for $331 gross, average each $30.09, so closer to last years average. . .
  4. I had only 7 sales, lowest for a couple of years. Always look on the bright side, - total gross was $220 so average $31.42 each. This was the same as the average for 2020. Usually they drop but I am flat lining. . . .
  5. Sales this year 128 - most ever. Last year it was 114 gross revenue was about $2500 same as this year. The last year which had less gross revenue than this was back in 2010 when 46 sales produced about $1900 With Covid restrictions and on-going cancer treatment I was pleased to add 855. In normal times most of my images come from towns and cities but I have been to any of those in 2020. I am still very pleased to be an Alamy Contributor - it is what I do, Thanks Alamy for doing so well in this difficult year.
  6. I shoot Christmas trees every year, this shot was a bit different to usual, with a large board beside the tree with a price on it. £40 for a tree 0.8 - 1.0 metres high. That might be a bit out for next year. Still, the end date for the license was "in perpetuity" so the buyer saw some life in it. . . .
  7. On 1st December, I was in a garden centre and did a shot of some Christmas trees, thinking "That might do for next year" I was wrong, it sold on the 2nd December. Commercial website $4, so the news could have been better.
  8. I sold 17 for $340. Passed my 1000th sale this month, 5,500 days since I became a contributor. Total sale numbers now exceed my 2019 total and are approaching 2018 total, previous best year.
  9. Quite a good month - 15 for $200 gross. . . One record breaking sale with the lowest ever price $2.20 to Italy distributor sale. On my dashboard I have total sales 994, could make it 1000 this month. . .
  10. I had 8 for $107 gross, above average number for September. I also had two PU's refunded, one 22 days after sale and the other 106 days!
  11. 13 for $232. This is quite good for numbers, but prices ain't what they used to be. August is usually a good month for me, in 2008 I had 20 sales. . .
  12. I had 10 for $375 gross, good for me, especially in these troubled times - Thanks Alamy. . . . I had a PU sale, image of a bucket of hand wipes at a supermarket. Sold June 10th. Refunded June 24th, Sold again June 23rd, refunded 29th. So presuming both sales were to the same customer, they had it for 20 days and neither Alamy or I got anything. . . I do not mind PU - I licence quite a lot of them and they nearly pay as much as newspapers these days. . .
  13. 8 sales in April. Average over the previous five Aprils was 11. I wonder whether this is good or bad in these unusual times?
  14. Thanks for that info about the use of my image of the James Cook Hospital. I am currently being treated at the hospital and I have had four appointments there in the last month. All were dealt with on time and with the greatest courtesy. That is until today when I went there for an operation to be carried out. The politeness, skill, and care were all there, but unfortunately they had to send me home because they had no bed available. . .
  15. This has been a poor year so far but July was better with 10 licences. My average for July over the last 8 years is 8.3. Prices ain't what they used to be. . ..
  16. Well, no it is OK in quite heavy rain, but I would not try to immerse it. : :
  17. I have a couple of Olympus cameras with waterproof lenses, but a cheaper option, which I also have, is a Sony RX10 (Mk1) IQ is like an RX100 M2. Handling is very good, it is laid out like a proper camera used to be. Only downside, from switching on to getting the zoom extended is slower than I would like. ..
  18. An interesting thread, and now I find I have some work to do. I have about 200 images on a POD site where many, but not all of which, also are on Alamy. All of my Alamy images are RM. I do not have any other Stock agencies, so all my Alamy images are marked "exclusive". The POD site only sells as finished prints. The commission paid per sale on the POD site is equivalent to an Alamy licence at $30 gross. It seems to me that for the Alamy images which appear on the POD site, I could either exclude them from PU, or untick the ""Exc
  19. Four for $82 not good for me. Last time I only had four in June was in 2011. . .
  20. Just for the record, CS sorted me out! The sale was reported on the forum on 2 Jun 2018. In fact the sale had been reported in May 2016, so I was paid in the year the book was published. Peter
  21. I reported this to CS, who replied as follows: I’ve taken a look and can see that there is a valid license in place for the usage you have seen. The license was reported and was displayed in your Alamy account on the 25th May 2016. Checking my sales, it had not appeared, as I had nothing between the 8th and 29th May. I have asked them to check again. In case anyone is in the same situation, here is the original list posted by SShep: Following are all from Hidden Histories by Mary-Ann Ochota. ISBN: 978-0-7112-3693-6. p28, Nine Ba
  22. I have sent the details to CS, and will advise their response
  23. OK I will contact them, and I have a document listing all the other Alamy images. I will attach that for their information . .
  24. Back on the 2nd June in the “Have you found….” thread SSHEP posted a list of some 55 images from a book called Hidden Histories by Mary-Ann Ochota. ISBN: 978-0-7112-3693-6., for which I thank him. One of the images was mine, and I was wondering about asking CS to chase up payment. I do not know the current Alamy practice, but I do know they like to allow some reasonable time before chasing customers. Is it maybe 6 months? Out of interest, I decided to buy the book, and in fact found it an interesting source of information concerning things to shoot in t
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