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  1. Really useful Lightroom plugin - have started to use it and most impressed with functionality.
  2. I'm not exactly sure to be honest but given that it is uncharted water it might be useful to see what how it impacts, apart from the obvious changes in commision etc.
  3. I thought we could start a 'C' day topic to highlight any changes we notice going forward from 24th July. For me all is quiet on the western front apart from the fact that even though it is 11.01am on the 24th My Alamy, 24 Jul 2021 – Last updated on 23 Jul 2021 hasn't been updated yet. I guess there is a lot of last minute stuff still to do! 😞
  4. Editorial website, decent $$ - Terracotta statue of Euterpe the Muse of instrumental music in St George's Garden's, Camden, London.
  5. Alamy Lightroom Bridge is saving my bacon as we speak. Keywording all of my mostly un-keyworded photos in Lightroom by importing keywords and supertags from my Alamy port. Useful video here..
  6. Personal use, low $$ The Brentford Community Stadium, the new home of Brentford Football Club in Brentford, Hounslow, south west London. Editorial, Worldwide, low $ Editorial, Low $ -
  7. Lucky but most lovely. I'm sure this one will sell like hot cakes. Keep us posted re number of sales. Sunny uplands, Brexit, financial doom and gloom and all that. 🙂
  8. Apologies in advance for not having read through the full thread (its gloriously hot and sunny in London today and its just too hot to read all the way through it. Perhaps another time?). Anyway, I thought this may be of interest to Alamy Forum folk - https://www.lightroom-keywords.com/download/ . It apparently tries to do your keywords for you. It's a Lightroom plugin. Has anyone used it? Look useful???
  9. I'm still awaiting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the 'sunny uplands' that were promised and £350k for the NHS.
  10. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I have a number of pics of book covers/spines and the likes without too much context. I suppose sharp eyed 'no win, no fee' lawyers will be looking for a fast buck and could well target the confusion emanating from Alamy's change of T&Cs. Probably worth doing but there are only so many hours in a day. :-(
  11. Ok, so you are at home and you take a pic of a book you have bought, a vinyl record, a board game, toy, TV, whatever. The property is in your home and belongs to you but the book, record, board game, toy, TV etc. are easily recognisable but without obvious trademarks. Do you have to declare "No" on your Property Release?
  12. In terms of numbers(39) best month ever but in terms of revenue ($537 gross) not so fab! No $$$ this month! 😞
  13. Presentation, lowish $$ Presentation, lowish $$ Newspaper, $<10 Newspaper, $<10
  14. Thanks for the tip. Have been watching the video tutorial for NegativeLabPro and it looks really good. Going to give it a go.
  15. Anyone had any success in posting pics of Box Hill in Surrey? I noticed, once I was at the top, that it is owned by the National Trust and we all know about NT restrictions. Still quite a few of Box Hill on Alamy. Worth uploading or not?
  16. Corporate, lowish $$ Personal, lowish $$ Presentation, lowish $$
  17. This one has had quite a few repeats now - Newspaper, lowish $$ Someone is obviously into Kier. Second Kier PU this month, lowish $$ Magazine, better, mid $$.
  18. Not sure about that - too risky in my opinion to not indicate that there is property in the image. The rewards "$', '$$' or occasionally '$$$' do not cover the risk.
  19. I wonder if we are all overthinking it? These very precise descriptions are probably no longer used by young, underpaid, picture editors searching for photos. We probably need to start using more 'street' type descriptions to be in with a chance of getting minted, innit?
  20. Don't have a signed release - who can be arsed to get one for a few $$? Just going to be stating "No property release" on everything so as to avoid any doubt/confusion, even where a property release is probably not required - e.g. cluster of buildings with no identifiable single point of focus.
  21. Sorry, I probably worded it badly. Not so much a specific property but one where someone, if they chose to be difficult, could argue that the photo included a part of their property. I'm thinking of shots where there is no singular property in the shot - more a cluster of buildings.
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