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How was your February 2021?

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I'll get the ball rolling because I'm not expecting any sales on a Sunday and it's been a great month so I'm stoked!


7 sales for $301, all direct, best month ever for revenue. Thanks Alamy!



edit: Whoops, spoke to soon, another sale just popped in today. Cleaning products in a supermarket - must be personal (???) or presentation use.

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Like Steve, I had 6 sales. That's fewer than normal but one was a strong $$$. What I found most encouraging is that 3 were of NYC, my best-selling location, but the others were Montreal, Sligo, and Liverpool. 


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The full-figured lady is still singing here, but it looks as if February will go down in the books as a fairly average month with lucky 13 sales for $443 gross. Low prices overall, though, except for a healthy $$$ museum display license. Zooms and CTR have rebounded after an alarming slump during the latter part of 2020. One oddity this month was the same image licensing four times to the same UK magazine(s) publisher for the same low fee. That was a first for me.

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