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  1. All those places are on the other end of the country from where I live. I've been to Granada and just don't get it. Not as interesting as Harper's Ferry or some of the little historic towns in Virginia. Boaco has been, so far, the most photogenic town in Nicaragua. I took more photos there than in Leon, which I liked quite a bit, too. So far of the six photos that were licensed, one was taken in Virginia when I lived there, one was taken in a museum in Mexico, one was taken of a Mexican oregano plant in my patio, one was taken of a historic style of rifle taken while photographing an expat's arms collection, one was of a local fruit (black zapote) on my counter, and the other was a pattern of different paving materials used in front of my house. So, I dunno. I've had zooms on my Nicaraguan deaf children signing, but no sales, so I should go back and take better pictures of those. Zooms on a photo of two Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. The trick might be to do photos that are not specific to Nicaragua per se, but of more general interest -- craftsmen making things, construction work, etc, just with browner people. I don't have the money to spend time in Granada or San Juan del Sur even if I were attracted to them, which I'm not. What I'm looking for are things I can shoot in Jinotega, that I can either set up in my little studio with my strobes and reflectors, or that I can shoot walking around town. We've had brush fires on the mountain ridge to the east of town -- so yesterday was shooting that, and an elderly pug and some of the market and people here. Today, I was considering going after some leaf cutter ants with a 30mm macro lens on the a6000 and a flash that will work with it. Bill Brooks, I have an a6000 and two a7 first models and they're quite nice for walking around with. I carried the a6000 with a 24mm lens around Mexico City when a friend and I were there three years ago.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to try getting out more with the Sony a7 cameras which should allow more control of depth of field. My main street camera is an a6000 using a 24mm f/1.8 lens, but I have two a7 original models, 35mm f2.8, 55mm f/1.8, and 18mm f/2.8 e-mount lenses, and two adapted lenses -- Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 and a Yashinon 50mm f/1.7 lens (lowish contrast but very sharp). Plus assorted lenses for the a6000.
  3. My three: mammal, bird, insect -- all eating or considering the options. Bumblebee on Grey Coneflower, Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park. Gray Squirrel foraging at the base of a tree. Redtail Hawk looks up from a rabbit she's just killed and is starting to pick to see if she wants to trade the rabbit that isn't cleaned yet for some nice clean chicken on her handler's glove. The hawk looks somewhat dubious, but did trade off. Taken at a Virginia Falconry Association meet near Winchester, Virginia.
  4. No lights facing the screen. I've got an overhead light with an LED bulb off to the left of the screen, and clerestory windows at the top behind the screen that are indirectly lit from a double skylight (roof and ceiling levels) in a hall). Other light is from an open door left through a second room. My hand at three inches away doesn't cast a shadow on the screen which per indoor gardening articles means quite low light. I also have a Retina screen on a iPad Mini. Love how the screen looks, but have heeded the warnings about editing on Retina screens. They are very good for watching Netflix. Just make sure there's no light behind you.
  5. Thanks. I've got a couple of both Belle and the new cat Maude and have tried to give them color pattern labels and probably should add what their emotional expressions seem to be. Belle was a gift of another expat whose house she showed up in, and Maude decided that she wanted to live here and her first owner was the dentist next door. We discussed what was going on and Belle was allowed to make her own decision. Maude is original cat color--close to the Libyan wild cats that moved in to help humans with their rodent problems: black bottomed feet, broken tabby pattern, golden brown under the tabby, spots on the belly. Belle is a calico/tortoise shell. Maude is around six months old. Belle is over.a year. So I should make sure either the caption or the keywords mention these things? I think here is actually hard because the temptation is to do exotic photos. Taking photos of people is a collaboration between who's being photographed and the photographer. I've seen some photos taken by Nicaraguan photographers of Nicaraguans that have a directness and bold intelligence that foreign photographs may not get from the people they photograph. I've also missed shots that stay in my mind's eye: pro-Ortega kids kicking down my block's barricade and black vultures squabbling over a dead cat. I've been taking pictures on and off since getting a Asahi Pentax when I was 16. Did some photojournalism as part of a reporting job for a weekly in Virginia, didn't have a camera for years, then started in again while living in Virginia in the later 1980s and through the 1990s. Never quite made it my profession, was kinda afraid of turning a hobby more serious, but decided to start sending things to Alamy.
  6. My portfolio link is https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=328458 I will appreciate hearing from more experienced photographers on what I can do to improve.
  7. The same directions apply to Lightroom, also, which is what I use for almost all my processing. I also had been using 200% magnification to check for focus before this. Thanks for the information.
  8. You delete duplicate or similar images in the Optional pane, right side above the keyword list. Always use the scientific name if at all possible (pretty much will be possible for mammals, birds, larger and more common reptiles, and Google Image search may help with insects and spider and such that have thousands of species.
  9. Wasn't but when I did reset it to View/Actual size, Safari displayed things properly again.
  10. Safari for Mac 10.14.3 stopped aligning the picture display side on the left with the fill in the blanks section on the right. I can't see the images and the sections for adding captions and keywords at the same time. There's a huge chunk of white space that I have to scroll down to get to the section for additing information and the pictures at the top disappear as I scroll down. I can see things as they had been displaying earlier in Safari when I switch to Firefox.
  11. Thanks. That matches what I thought was the foreign income max. These days, if we have more than $10K in a foreign account, we owe the IRS some additional forms. I think the max time in the US before tax liabilities as a resident kick in is a month in any given year.
  12. People whose pictures were taken on public streets in many countries (US, Nicaragua are two who follow that law) have no expectation of privacy.
  13. Looked at The Culture Trip website. A number of travel and retirement sites get people writing for them for free or low dollars (one friend wrote an article on his retirement town for International Living and was paid something like $70). They are always upbeat and simply ignore countries that have current major problems (apparently from a report by two Estonians tourist I met in Jinotega, Nicaragua, today, tourism in Honduras is down considerably in even secure sites like Copan Ruines). Tourism in Nicaragua collapsed following the US giving the country "Reconsider Travel Plans" rating, and the country has been dropped from International Living promotions. The money is in the ads, harvesting emails, and kickbacks from rentals and real estate sales. Nice that they are paying anything -- lots of these sorts of things rip off text and photos from web forums and social media. The Costa Rican expats call the whole thing "selling rainbows and unicorns." The friend who wrote for International Living saw them change "shacks on the hillsides" to "cabins on the hillsides." The only way these sites can make money is to paint as delightful a picture of foreign travel as possible to get advertising and referral fees.
  14. I'm an American citizen who is a legal resident in Nicaragua. I pay self-employment taxes on income earned in the US over $400 or $500 a year (and those generally do send me tax forms). So far, I haven't enough from photography to pay self-employment tax on it, but I believe that foreign earned money while I'm a resident of another country is exempt up to some five figure amount. The US tends to want taxes from all its citizens, though. My earnings from Alamy don't go into a US bank, but into my Nicaraguan dollar savings account. The Nicaraguan bank is required to report activity on. my account. We've had an interesting go-around on where I am legally a resident (the US wants me to give them a US address, which I don't have). Anyone else in the same situation?
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