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  1. Lines Power lines Lines of banners, rows of chairs for a 50th Wedding anniversary. Buildings, ironwork and poles, street, New Years Day Bonfires.
  2. None of this is particularly predictable. You need to have photos that people looking for can find. For news photos in Nicaragua, I'm competing with Reuters photographers, who've been in Nicaragua for years and whose Spanish is better than mine.. If nobody wants to use a photo, it just sit on Alamy's servers.
  3. IDing a photo of a flower can depend on the bloom season. Also, people do searches for landscapes based on time of the year.
  4. One, you don't have a lot of work up. Some of it is underexposed (the photos taken on the ball field in particular. Most of it doesn't center on a subject but are crowd scenes (even in crowd scenes, it helps to have some person who is front and in focus), and you've got some similars even in that small number. I'd look at your contract which I believe spells out how you leave Alamy. Most people don't sell with fewer than 200 photos posted, and a number of people don't sell with less than 1,000 up. I've licensed images that I took in the US over ten years ago. I've also lice
  5. The optional page in Alamy Image Manager asks if there are property and people in the photo, and if so, do we have releases. If not, the photo can only be sold as editorial, and we can mark that on the optional page also.
  6. This is what telephoto lenses are for, but yeah, I avoid taking these shots, too. Humans are animals, too, but can have guns as well as teeth
  7. Royalty free allows the licensee to use the photo indefinitely. Rights Managed is a one time license (if I understand correctly). If you're selling royalty free somewhere else, you're limiting the income Alamy can collect from re-licensing the photo after the initial license to a given buyer. You're granting the other agency a more flexible and perpetual licensing arrangement. As Steve F said, many Alamy licenses are hybrids -- and Royalty free permissions from you gives Alamy more freedom to negotiate a more or less restrictive contract.
  8. Also, if it's your cat, you can write up a release and check that you have a release. Use a property release form, and sign it as the owner and the photographer. Then you can license for advertising.
  9. with the cat, the most significant thing beyond cat and his color is that he's a semi-longhair. Spend some time on All of Alamy looking at what sorts of cat-related searches come up. Alamy has a ton of cat photos, but there are also lots of searches for cats by actions (cats fighting), color (tabby, ginger, calico). Cats doing things (including sleeping in baskets or looking at mice) show up in searches. There have also been searches for cats doing funny things. I haven't had any zooms of my cat photos, though. The more photos of something Alamy has, the better an
  10. Reading Robert Capa's and Robert Frank's Wikipedia entries was illuminating.
  11. Other things are to learn about what you're photographing and to consider what Robert Capa said, "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough."
  12. My preference is for a ciabatta with spices. baked at a local grocery store, cut or torn in quarters, drizzled with virgin olive oil and smeared with chilaro (a mix of jalapeño peppers, carrots, and onions, finely chopped and pickled in white vinegar with some apple cider vinegar and balsamic in the mix). I've got an electric vegetable chopper which helps a lot, along with dish washing gloves for handling the peppers, but let my helper do it last time and sent him home with one of the jars of it plus around $3 US for making my chilero. The alternative would be avocado either just mashed or
  13. Some things don't even need five keywords. I've got ten photos to green and none of them have even been zoomed, much less sold. My sales over the last year had between five to eleven tags. Precisely what the thing is seems to be more useful than trying to get 50 tags. For plants and animals, most common name and scientific name in the caption and as separate keywords, then other common names, plant or flower description or something descriptive about the animal(s), and where and when the plant or animals were photographed. Landscape -- what's the name of what you've photographed, where
  14. One of the Welsh (?) Hobbit Houses, it looks like. I can see that as a personal use by a Lord of the Rings fan or someone interested in alternative architecture, or as an artist's photographic model. My last personal use appears to have been paid for, not refunded, and I've had at least one earlier with a note in Spanish that it would be used as an artist model. Someone else had a personal use sale with a similar note in French.
  15. No place is the next <Floyd County/ Costa Rica>. Nobody is the next <Robert Frank/ Diane Arbus/ Julia Cameron/ Gordon Parks>. On similars -- the best advice is no more than one vertical, one horizonal in any given season. Pick the best photo or photos. According to Wikipedia, Robert Frank took 28,000 shots during his American travels in the 1950s. 83 of these were selected by him for publication in The Americans.
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