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  1. My favorite was some people noticing that there were searches for Nicaraguan Sign Language and using those keywords for photos of signs in Nicaragua -- stores, road signs, etc. What people were looking for were examples of Nicaraguan Sign Language used by deaf Nicaraguans, which was developed by deaf kids themselves apparently and since has been made more formal. My own photos could have been better, I think, and I have talked to a contact about reshooting, but, no, people weren't looking for Spanish language printed/painted signs in Nicaragua. None of mine have sold, but some have been zoomed.
  2. My only sale of 2019 since the fall of 2018 was one of these, out of 14 or so that I said I'd covered. No guarantee, but worth taking a look at and also will suggest other keywords that might be searched for in the future.
  3. Those wrens in the second post had come to what looked like a suet cake. Suet cakes also attract woodpeckers and some kinds of warblers. Other kinds of warblers seem to come to hummingbird feeders (Tennessee Warbler here in Nicaragua).
  4. My first thought on seeing the dog was English pointer because of the tail, but remembered that UK German shorthaired pointers would not currently be docked (info from The International Falconry Forum and other sources). If this was part of show competition, then dock diving and dock dog.
  5. The German pointers tend to be docked in the US, but wouldn't be in the UK these days. English pointers don't appear to have the ticked coats -- just white and a solid color, or occasionally a solid color. I've only seen docked German Pointers and undocked English setters at shows. But German pointer seems like what you've photographed since the English have outlawed docking other than actual working hunting dogs and then only by a vet and not as short as some spaniel dockings were in the past. .
  6. I think tilted horizons mostly don't work. Dutch tilt maybe works best if there is an element in the photo that's vertical or horizontal in the tilted photo. Personal opinion -- and I used to get dinged by a photographer friend for not having my horizons level.
  7. I had a Micro 4/3rds camera and compared what I got with it and a Sony a3000 (APS-C sensor) and ended up getting rid of the Micro 4/3rds gear and getting the a6000, which I still have. I have one zoom (55-210mm) and primes (30mm macro, 35mm f/1.8, and the Sony Zeiss 24mm), and two adapted manual focus lenses. I highly recommend the Sony/Zeiss 24mm if you can afford it. It's the same angle of view as a 35mm on full frame and also focuses quite close. The most fragile part of the camera turned out to the the pop-up flash which failed after around three or four years. I'm not sure the little plastic gismos that point the pop-up flashes straight up are healthy for it (I did use them). Best hot shoe flashes for it are either the smaller Godox shoe flashes or the Nissin i40 (what I have, though I have Godox for the bigger cameras and for OCF). The camera will fit in a bigger lumbar pack (bum bag in UK) or in a large purse or tote. I put wrist straps on my Sonys except for one that has the original neck strap.
  8. If you click About Photoshop, you can get the version number and the Camera Raw version number. The copyright information may not have been changed on all parts of the programs. Just looked at mine (Creative Cloud, PS, Lightroom Classic). If you're up-to-date in the Creative Cloud app, and if the version numbers are the latest, let Adobe sort out the copyright text on its own. This is Adobe's site for the latest version number for Lightroom: https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/keeping-lightroom-up-to-date.html#Whatisthemostcurrentversion https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/uptodate.html for the same information about Photoshop, and some information about whether to keep or not kept the prior version. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/uptodate.html
  9. All of Alamy under Alamy Measures was what I meant, but related searches would also be useful.
  10. You're better off looking through all of Alamy and seeing what people were searching for which might suggest that some of those terms might fit various photos of yours as accurate keywords. Also look through "what should you shoot."
  11. One sale, but for almost twice what any single earlier sale was for. Given where I am, I need to look for things I have access to that others might not have. This includes local fish, apparently.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
  13. Paypal stopped transferring money in through Xoom, apparently. Everything I've heard about Paypal here is that they're difficult and the rules change. The US is trying to cause a financial crisis in Nicaragua because that worked so well in Cuba (deep sarcasm if you haven't guessed). The Cordoba is indexed to rise against the dollar and inflation has been pretty well conrolled, but it's still a factor. I paid rent in cordobas one place and the dollar value of the rent went down around $10 US over two years. The landlady renegotiated in dollars and all my rents since (two other places) have been in dollars and my phone, internet, and cable bills are contracted in dollars and billed in cordobas. I have a dollar account with the Nicaraguan bank. The random checks I've gotten here have been in dollars. If I started making $200 to $300 a month regularly, I'd probably look into having the money go to my US bank.
  14. Probably could and may look into it. I've only had one payout so far, so at this point, it's not a huge deal. I have to have a Nicaraguan bank card to buy anything from Apple as long as I'm living here (and the bank was properly suspicious the first time I did that). Also used it occasionally when I have checks made out to me mailed here. (Adobe, amusingly enough, never checks to see where I live as long as I use a US card). I think the particulars of my US bank account is that I can do one free wire transfer a month, but I'd have to check on that. I have been living here since 2010 and haven't been back to the US in around four years, but the IRS asks my Nicaraguan bank to find out from time to time where I'm really living. I would have to do paperwork for the IRS if I had more than $10K in the account. Local bank is pretty much all over Nicaragua. I thought I could use the card in Mexico but they suspended use rather than OKed use outside Nicaragua. Fortunately, I'd told my US credit card where I was going, too.
  15. I'll have to see how to translate that into Spanish.
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