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  1. My three. Lots of good photos already posted. German resident of Nicaragua working on a church clock in Jinotega, Nicaragua. My cobbler working on my new shoe in Jinotega, NI. Two teenagers getting fresh with a statue of a Civilian Conservation Corp worker in a visitor's Center on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.
  2. Congratulations on your second sale so soon after your first one.
  3. I did the math on subscription vs. what I'd spent updating programs, and i pay once a year for Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. It's competitive with upgrading in terms of price, and I started with a friend's $50 copy of Photoshop (he was an employee leaving and one perk was multiple copies at employee price) and a student/teacher version of Lightroom, so my initial cost in the original products was less than most would have paid. I can install it on two machines as long as they're not running simultaneously. I've installed the suite on an iMac and a Windows laptop. You'd get a small discount if you pay annually.
  4. I've looked at what you uploaded, at what Alamy posted, and it was over-sharpened. I suggest you consider what Betty posted earlier. It's obvious to all of us and not obvious to you. You might want to get an eye exam, check for cataracts and glaucoma. This looks like someone used an engraving filter, as someone else said.
  5. Friend here is involved with natural preservation project. His group rescued a capuchin monkey. The monkey made friends with one particular human, but when they took her to the forest where a capuchin troops had been spotted, she moved off into the forest without looking back. Hard to think she didn't understand that we were not her kind, and that her real life with the other capuchins, not with the man who'd been her friend while she was in rehab. No lingering, no looking back (I saw the video tape).
  6. Chimpanzees seem to be prone to being very hostile to being looked at while caged. I've seen one chimp scoop up water with his lower lip and spit at the onlookers, and read that chimps in the North Carolina Zoo were throwing rocks. On the other hand, the mouflon herd at the Bronx Zoo seemed to be doing fine. The more intelligent, the more unhappy. One zookeeper said the great apes tended to be bitter and would try to hurt their keepers.
  7. Macrium Reflect did an excellent job of moving my boot and application partitions to a new SSD M.2 drive. There are videos on YouTube that will talk you through the process. Photos, videos, and such get stored on the spinning disk drive. From everything I've read, variations in i7 or i5 are more significant than i7 vs. i5. Look at the clock speed.
  8. Nicaragua has the same law as the US, but one photographer a few years back was roughed up by a cop when he photographed a bank building at 8 p.m. (dark here). The local pro photography FB group commented that he was legally in the right to photograph, but reality was that cops kinda make their own rules. Also happens in the US from time to time, and obviously in the UK. Some photographers carry a card with the relevant state law on it and simply hand that to whoever is challenging them.
  9. This may be useful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photography_and_the_law
  10. Early silver barrel versions of this appeared to be more problematic than later black barrel versions made in Thailand. Some were made in Japan and are supposed to be the best. One came with my a3000 and went to a friend later. I've been tempted to figure out how to get it back. In my experience, the best prime for the APS-C Sony cameras is the Sony/Zeiss 24mm f/1.8. It will do close focusing and is the same angle of view as a 35mm lens on the full frames.
  11. I've noticed more recent searches for things Nicaraguan. Wonder if you've also noticed that. Still, my biggest payout was from fish.
  12. I believe that someone has. Mentioned in one of those long threads earlier. The drill is email with a sample within the hour. They give access or not. This would be for high profile breaking news.
  13. My keyword for subs is "AlamySubs" in Lightroom. Things being selected for submission go into a Lightroom collection "Possible for Alamy."
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