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  1. Some writing teachers claim that writing journalism or genre fiction will ruin your creativity. One of the realities of working in journalism is that if you don't lose your preciousness about people who aren't in the arts, you'll end up writing badly because of condescension to the people you're interviewing. My year on a small country weekly was one of the best experiences I could have had as a writer and human being. One of the advantages of journalism (or stock photography, or shooting baby pictures in a department store) is that it makes the writing or photography less ego-centered. You can't be a misunderstood weekly journalist. There's nothing inherent in stock that requires less visual beauty or impact than an art photo, other than it has to do its job of illustrating something. I started writing poetry in my teens and had some readings and some small press book published, but the only way to be a poet was to teach, and I'd rather not. So, did journalism and wrote science fiction and then did technical writing. Take the best pictures you can. Look at them. Upload the ones that stick in your mind. The reality is that fashion and war journalism are where the money is absent becoming an successful art gallery photographer, where you sell to fewer people but where there's a certain amount of a different kind of hustle to make it work. I think I'd have more trouble with fashion and advertising work, and I'm too old for war journalism. The preconceptions you bring to work shaped how you work.
  2. What I like about Induro is that they provide a case that fits most heads, too, and, now, a shorter center column, and do or did give the buyer an set of spike feet in addition to the rubber ones and some tools in a pouch, too. I have the Acratech GV2 Ball Head/Gimbal Head which is no longer available. Looks like the Acra-Swiss Monoball is in the same price range. I bought Acratech because it was available in a store in the Virginia suburbs of DC. Gitzo legs didn't strike me as as great as the promotional buzz on them, so bought Induro once I had funds to replace what I'd sold when I left the US.
  3. Carbon fiber, and take a look at Acratech heads. I have an Induro set of legs that are a trifle light, would prefer the one step from from the lightest. Have my second Acratech head, but not the lightest one of those. Don't plan to sell the head ever again. If you're going to be going after birds with a long lens, try the Wimberly Sidekick or the full Wimberly gimbel head. The Sidekick fits on a regular ball head and makes more sense if birds aren't a major part of what you photograph. I used an old Nikkor manual focus 400mm f/5.6 lens on mine when I lived in the US. Look at the Gitzo Systemic if you plan to shoot at ground level but they're pricy. I got a short center column for my Induro. I prefer heads that take standard Arca Swiss plates. I went with screw clamp because Arca Swiss plates from different manufacturers may not be exactly alike. Clamps are faster.
  4. Not much money, but a sale (low $). This one is a Marantha that's a bit sun-burned. First sale of 2020 for me. To Croatia for editorial website.
  5. There appears to be a bug iin Mac OS Catalina which causes shutdown to hang up. Read a bit about the problem and people were getting annoyed that Apple hasn't fixed it yet. Sometime, when I shut down, the computer restarts, and then I have to shut it down from the log in screen. When I start it again and log in, it asks me if I want to send the crash report to Apple, which I'm now doing every time this happens. May be related to external drives, powered USB hubs, or something else. First time I've had such problems with the iMac other than another time when the Time Machine external drive was failing. Enough people with new machines are having the problem that I don't think it's the internal HD failing. Machine runs fine once it's booted up and I've logged in.
  6. Older ones from the Made in Jinotega (Nicaragua) series, but just uploaded recently: Tortilla makers in a traditional Nicaraguan kitchen. Yes, the younger woman wears that make-up every day. They have both wood-fired and gas cook tops. Dressmaker looking for patterns. NGO volunteers in the coffee shop run by UCA Soppexcca, a coffee growers's coop. The shop sells whole and ground beans as well as cups of espresso, cappuchino, and pastries. Processing was done on premises when I took photos there. They also process cacao and have coffee tastings.
  7. Windows 10 Home is locked into one language. If you buy in an English language market, that's not a problem, but I didn't want to run my machine in Spanish. Other than that, the features Windows 10 Pro has that Windows 10 Home doesn't are BitLocker, Update for Business, Remote Desktop, and Assigned Access. If those aren't things you need (BitLocker encrypts your drive(s)), and you don't need to switch languages, Windows Home is fine.
  8. If it's a real slate (slice of slate rock) board, include that.
  9. There is a new but rather pricey zoom for it now which was released recently (16-55mm, constant f/2.8 at $1,398 US). I haven't bought it but it appears to be getting favorable attention and reviews. I've been pleased with my a6000 and I think that's what others have. It's not pocketable unless you've got a jacket with big pockets. Still lighter than a number of options. The other thing to do with an a6000 series camera is stick a small prime like Optical Steady Shot 35mm f/1/8 or the 24mm Sony/Zeiss f/1.8 on it. I have both and the 30mm f/3.5 macro. My zoom is the 55-200mm, which is decent but not impressive.
  10. Any assets you have belong to Medicaid. Nicaragua has free very basic care and paid private care that's not that more than co-pays in the US. I had a writer friend in the US iwho had to declare medical bankruptcy and had to sign over his copyrights.
  11. Here has rain, volcanos, and occasional earthquakes, some times with tsunamis , but only rain and politics with occasional projectiles where I live. One tourist and guide were on one of the volcanos when it began to blow. The tourist wanted photos; the guide wanted to run away as fast as possible. The tourist came out of his encounter with the volcano a bit damaged. We did have hail once -- I got cell phone pictures, but the real cameras were on the other side of the court yard where hail around an inch across was coming down. So, wimp when non-wet rigid things are falling into my court yard.
  12. If that's what he wants to do, then he just moves the image files inside Lightroom Classic (so LR can keep track of them) to the external USB drive. Same rectangle shows up if the previews are on the C drive but the USB drive isn't plugged in. If a person knows they're never going to revisit files except on special occasions, then the Export as Catalogue using metadata for dates and highlighting all that you want exported work be simple enough -- and the previews and catalogue file would be on the USB drive. When that catalogue isn't open, the older files are gone once deleted (also do this inside LR so that LR knows the files are gone, not just missing). I'd see if the price point for an external hard drive was significantly higher or lower than than the biggest USB flash drive that could hold the data. Some of my backup drives are not much bigger than a cell phone. My whole photo collection is 478.94 GB on an external drive, backed up to two other external drives that go elsewhere, and also backed up to a 2 TB internal hard drive in my Windows laptop when I get around to it.
  13. You might need smart previews on your main drive so that if the thumb drive isn't attached, you'll still be able to do some work on the files. Export the files you want to move as a catalogue (I highlighted all scans from my home scanner and exported those as a catalogue). Export as Catalogue shows up under the File menu. Pick your destination drive and give the catalogue a name (I'm doing a small test with some scanned files just to check how this works. It works but everything connected to the thumb drive catalogue is on the thumb drive, including Smart Previews and the catalogue file. If that's okay, then do it that way. the catalogue and the smart previews on your C drive, put the image files on the thumb drive (and that will have to be a rather large thumb drive). Otherwise, move the catalogue file and the smart previews database to an appropriate location on your C drive (in my case, in my home directory/Lightroom, and in a folder I created for this catalogue. Then click on the catalog file to make sure it opens Lightroom appropriately. Tested on my machine and with a thumbdrive holding the catalogue photo files. The catalogue will open to the Smart Previews when the drive is disconnected (just tested). Rectangle under the file size is a button that shows a pop-up informing you that you're working with the Smart Previews. If you don't think you're going to work with the files much again, leave everything on the thumb drive. This is all with CC Lightroom Classic.
  14. This passed. I sent it in as a single submission. It was one of those photographs that was not the typical three to five flashes on a hummingbird sufficient to freeze its wings. Don't know if it ever will be chosen over the ones that do freeze the birds, but I was curious about this motion blur. And it looks more like a live bird. Violet Sabrewing Hummingbird.
  15. Today the sun was shining in the wrong direction for shooting a parade that was religiously flying Blue and White Nicaraguan flags while being accompanied by various police who were unarmed or not visibly armed, including transit police. I decided to bag it as I'd gotten a photo of a similar photos, without the police, earlier. :). Didn't go out last night to photograph the New Years Midnight burning of the effigies of the Men of the Old Year and Its Vices, but did get some lesser shots from my window (posted to social media, not for Alamy as quality was a bit off). Sometimes, one listens to the spider sense, and sometimes, one is just tired. And sometimes, both.
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