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  1. I very rarely use Photoshop, but suspect that if I spent more time with it, I'd use it for things that Lightroom is less good about, like content fill and focus stacking. My annual subscription is slightly less than previous upgrade charges.
  2. I think Central America was sold to people who wanted cheaper but not really foreign. We've got basically two gringo populations in Nicaragua: people who are here who live in Nicaraguan communities that don't have more than 20 to 40 foreigners; and people who require at least 100 other English-speakers around. The gated communities in my department (equivalent to state or county in the US) basically failed or were run by out and out conmen.
  3. I've had photos taken with a micro 4/3rd 10 or 12 MP camera pass QC (Panasonic GF I), just not any that were cropped. Others have used 1 inch sensor cameras with very good lenses.
  4. Violet saberwing -- hummingbirds are birds of the Americas, not Aussies. They've got other amazing birds. This one was taken at El Jaguar private reserve near where I live. I sent it in as a single submission because I was concerned about the motion blur passing CC. When this virus gets under control, El Jaguar is a wonderful place with good birding guides. My friend saw 20 different species in around 3 hours. I also got a photo of a sloth, but not closeup enough, probably for a sale.
  5. My landlord's son, who is the dentist next door, has gotten an electronic keyboard with amplifier. I hope his skills improve quickly. More and more street vendors, which is to be expected here as the town is close to farming and truck gardening areas. None of them wearing masks. I bought from the one who licked her thumb to separate bills last week, but bought two bags of mandarins and two bags of green beans for C$100 so no change involved, and I washed the outsides of the bags. Watched lot of "Bondi Vet" and "Drunk History" on YouTube. Major shopping next week, probably by sending my dog walker with a list. I'm think at this time, hazard pay for trips is probably warranted.
  6. I made a butternut squash sauce for pasta tonight, seasoned with curry powder given to me by a friend, a bit of nutmeg, a bit of black pepper, and a bit of turmeric. Added some olive oil and water. Wasn't someone else here looking for butternut squashes? They seem to be in season now in Nicaragua.
  7. They show you their bellies to show that they trust you, not to have you come in with fingers. I've got two that are mine, one a gift from another expat (marvelous British woman, retired nurse), the second the first owner and I decided if she wanted to move in with me, she was a free cat, third, the owner love her little cat, and we do time sharing.
  8. Old scanned Hasselblad black and white film shot -- Seneca Rocks, West Virginia.
  9. Or use Facebook Container if you use Firefox as a browser. Facebook is amazingly intrusive.
  10. Weird weather for this time of year which is generally very dry, but which has been rainy almost every day lately. But this means local farmers (and I can see a coffee plantation in the hills above town) who can't get to Managua or don't think going to Managua is safe, will be selling produce in town as they did during the 2018 troubles. Our vendors are still selling mandarins which are generally done by January. Cabbage, broccoli, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, beans, corn, and coffee are local crops here within ten or 20 miles of town. As long as the ATMs are kept full, and the internet is up, we will be getting our pensions. People I care about seem to be doing self-isolation or taking protective measures fairly rigorously.
  11. I've got the orchids, the 130 gallon fish tank, two full time cats and one shared with neighbors, and street vendors for whom I need exact change since I saw one lick her thumb before separating out my change in paper and plastic bills. In case I get bored, I have a stash of crochet yarn in both acrylic and cotton and hooks, and have a helper who walks my dog twice a day and will be shopping for me. I'll buy things from the street vendors when I have exact change and will wash the outsides of plastic bags before opening. And I have Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions, and still haven't gotten up to the studio over the kitchen to do the still lifes. Mostly doing lots of social media and only watch BBC World for news. My courtyard means I can get sun without risking someone coming within 2 meters. Social distancing is very hard for Nicaraguans. So far, just two cases reported, but the health service and a cop were recently looking for an American who was apparently tested coming into Nicaragua and who wasn't at the place he said he'd be going to. I'm in favor of throwing such people into the lava lake at Volcan Masaya, not really seriously but.... Where I am doesn't get many tourists, so far, so good. My Oncidium sphacelatum has eight flower spikes that are beginning to branch and one of my Maxillarias has been blooming for over two months, now with seven blooms. They aren't particularly showy. More showy plants should be blooming in May and June.
  12. Technically, I'm not supposed to have what I have here, so I think I'll leave that bear unpoked. I do have other programs to use if I'm ever cut off.
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