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  1. texts for rebuilding civilization books for rebuilding complex technology exhibit of books for preserving complex technology complex civilization books books for rebuilding the future exhibit of books for restarting civilization phrases, but who knows.
  2. Yeah, and Bolsanaro in Brazil is also similar. My suspicion is that mask wearing and staying out of bars, churches with loud singing, and restaurants is critical, and total prohibition of travel early would have been useful, with really strict quarantine for returning nationals (Nicaragua's first cases came from returning nationals). Not as sure about lockdowns -- Japan seems to have controlled thing well without that.
  3. Not the highest death rate in Europe, about third place of the larger countries -- Belgium, Czechia, and Slovenia are ahead of you.
  4. Also the more desperate poverty is and the more a country depends on tourism, the more people will work through being sick on the job and the less screening a country will do to keep cases out. Mexico has nothing keeping people from flying in without tests now though tests are required before flying back to the US unless you have been vaccinated or have recently recovered from Covid 19 and have a doctor's permission to fly. People who want to come to Nicaragua will fly into Costa Rica, get a Covid 19 test, and cross by land into Nicaragua and then have to fly back by charter to C
  5. My friend's closest Nicaragua friend lost her mother and one of her brothers, and had one brother recover, but with possible complications. Early days for it here -- April.
  6. A four color scanner/printer is going to be significantly cheaper. A photo printer can print text, but that's not a tremendously economical way to go.
  7. The flower shop owner who was charged for rioting on January 6 got permission to continue with her plans to have a bonding with employees trip to Cancun, too. I wonder if all of her employees have been vaccinated. I think the last place I'd go to now in any country would be a tourist destination.
  8. If that's a route available to you, then take the course (they would want to make sure you knew how to work their printer) and see how much you print. Getting a medium grade six color printer here would require paying serious money on FedEx shipping and about a third of the cost, including shipping, on duties and taxes, so I'm better off leaving printing to the local pro studio. But having access to a coop eight color printer that was decently maintained and used enough to not have ink clogs would be nice.
  9. Given that the pandemic is still a problem both in the US and Mexico, he could have gone to El Paso and studied how they did things right and kept their power on. The girls would have been warm and wouldn't have faced a two week quarantine from school when they got back. The idea of traveling to Cancun and believing you're safe because....why? when people are desperate enough for their jobs and returns on their investments that Mexico isn't testing people who come to Mexico, isn't requiring a test before entry, and isn't quarantining people because who wants to spend their vacati
  10. I suggested a social group since sometimes, I find I'm more interested in photography than recipes or even my own pets. I think some other photography forums have these. That might be useful in keeping politics out of the cute kitten threads and cute kittens out of the photography threads. Kinda on Alamy to decide how to handle some of us taking a certain pleasure in comparing political systems and some of us trying to tell the rest of us that this is naughty but talking about recipes, houses, and cats isn't. Or that starting non-photo threads in a section for talking about p
  11. Got one cat, Maude, and Lola the dog to the vet for vaccines and parasite control for the cat and second consultation for the dog. Luis, my helper, treated his cat wounds with iodine when he got back. One cat, Belle, left to go, but she doesn't jump up on shower curtain rods headed to the space between the ceiling tiles when she senses a trip to the vet is coming. The vet asked about Maude's eye and Luis told her it's always been that way (cataract and deformed slightly). Lola is ten years old, spayed, and incontinence is a problem for geriatric spayed female dogs, the vet said
  12. I think doing some printing is useful for really seeing how your photos work on paper. And printing showed me that yeah, I tended to have darker images than was apparent on the screen. And you can decorate your house with them (but the ones on my wall were printed by the pro photographer's shop in Jinotega). A dedicated photo printer will use more colors, can print pigments which are more light-fast, and can generally print larger or on more surfaces (canvas to glossy paper). I've given some away. If you get good at printing, you can sell them. However, you spend some money getting set
  13. Went back through my "Made in Jinotega" photos and found more for the coffee and cacao growers coop. I'll be going back there sometime next week for the exterior shots (also of my neighbor's workshops). This was the roaster for the in-house coffee shop and for local retail sales. They either ship green beans or beans roasted in larger roasters off site. The Probat is gas-fired and generally used for things like coffee shops and retail stores that sell freshly roasted beans or for sampling at wholesale roasters.
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