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  1. Model release app

    I use the iOS app for the few releases that I have.
  2. artwork, context, and exclusivity

    I unchecked my examples of those recently when they were the subject of the photo, not part of a large scene. Indigenous communities tend to get touchy about us making money off their designs and many of these communities are now on the internet.
  3. Totally committed to Mac? I have an iMac for a main machine (24 GB memory, i5 processor, late 2015) and bought a cheaper Dell laptop (not a model with a good screen alas) and have my Adobe programs on both machines (and if I were to start editing on my Dell, I'd need a decent monitor). I've got a 2 TB spinning hard drive in the Dell and added a 512 GB SSD (M.2 form factor). Dell has a higher end range that's competitive with the MacBook Pros, I've read. SSDs are for fast boot times and for fast access within programs, not particularly necessary for image file storage. If you have a choice of internal spinning hard drives, get a somewhat faster one than the 5500 rpms (or whatever those are). If you're committed to Macs (and I understand that, too), look at their refurbished models and also order from Apple directly since I don't think Macbook Pro memory is user upgradeable. Getting a laptop with a big internal spinning drive and an SSD for the OS and programs is one way to do things. I back up to the laptop (the screen is too crappy to use for editing on the model I bought) and to an external drive formatted exFAT so I can switch between Mac and Windows. I know people who've been cursing Windows 10. I haven't had any issues with it other than having to edit the registry to have it recognize my Godox flashes when I update them. Found files that make the shift in the registry security features, and haven't had any trouble since. My 2018 Dell laptop will use either HDMI or DisplayPort. USB C appears to work the same as DisplayPort and both can support 4K monitors. Most high end monitors will have DisplayPort or USB C and HDMI. Macs do appear to be generally better made than most of the Windows machines, but not twice as well made than the better ones. I like geeking, though. If you don't, staying with Macs makes sense.
  4. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Happy getting ready to get rid of the old year: Jinotega, Nicaragua, getting the Old Year Man ready to be burned to celebrate the New Year (last year's New Year). Happy cats in an empty fish tank.
  5. Zooms collapse

    Basically, do see what searches in your area have been for, and if people can't find them and you can get the photos, get the photos. In my case, I had access that other people didn't have, but the photos were apparently less than compelling, so I'm going to reshoot with better lighting gear and both 105mm and 55 mm and maybe 18mm lenses. Think about framing, think about lighting. Bunch of owl figures but I'm not getting compelled to take a closer look. I didn't shoot the burning of the old men of the year munecas this New Years (it was raining for one thing), but next year, should do those again with tighter framing. Not all zooms count because some casual buyers and all of us zoom on stuff. Easier to use the stats from people who are consistent buyers. I think I had my first sale after around 300 or 400 images, had three in 2017 and three in 2018.
  6. I discovered Diafine (two bath developing solution) when I had film cameras back in the US. Scanned things, though, and didn't do optical printing. I think standard developing, fixing, and then going through the same process with the prints was more intimidating that it should have been, and I'm not sure that making good digital work is easier, but it certainly is cheaper. For anyone wanting to play, get a changing bag, some daylight developing cans, a Diafine kit and some fixative, and have a try with an older medium format camera (I've gotten twin lens reflexes for as little as $60 used in the past). Scan it and see what you get.
  7. Nicaragua has real sexual predators and also very desperately poor families eager enough to accommodate them (friend had parents offer him a 12 year old because all single Anglo men of a certain age are believed to have come down here for things they can't get up there). Worrying about someone photoshopping your child's face on a naked 12 year old's body is kinda silly when some of the gringo fanciers of naked 12 year olds can take those pictures in the privacy of their own homes (and if they don't post them to Facebook, as one guy did, nobody tends to care -- the girl finally complained not that she was being used sexually, but that he embarrassed her by posting to FB). Both Nicaragua and Costa Rica have been cracking down on this.
  8. True also in Nicaragua, and I suspect all over Latin America. People in general seem less afraid of having their pictures taken outside some political situations.
  9. Favourite photos uploaded January 2019

    New Year's Day Religious Procession in Jinotega, Nicaragua.
  10. My absolutely favorite lens on my a6000 is a Sony/Zeiss 24mm (36mm equivalent full frame), not in the least bit cheap anywhere, especially not new in Nicaragua with customs and 16% sales tax. Took three trips of Managua looking at it to decide to get it, but It shoots near macro to street scapes. LR says I've shot about as many frames with it as all my other APSC lenses combined. My other lenses for the a6000 are the 55-210 zoom (oddly enough sharpest at closest distances at 210mm), a 35mm Sony lens with OSS, and a 30mm Sony Macro. I sometimes miss my former 18-55mm lens that came and went with an a3000 Sony, and I had a 16mm f/2.8 for a while, but now use a Batis 18mm on full frame cameras when I want ultra wide. I think the 24mm Sony/Zeiss can be had used for around $700 to $800.
  11. Another tree ID?

    Googling around, it also could be one of the redwoods. We don't have the location or the closeups of the leaves. Redwood bark does appear to be red. And there's also something called the Dawn Redwood, from China.
  12. Merry Christmas

    Just finished tagging my latest 14 submissions. In Nicaragua, Christmas Eve is the celebration. The garbage guys were working on pick up this morning (double pay and occasional Christmas tips). I missed some photos last year that are still vivid in my mind's eye.
  13. Another tree ID?

    Range is to 500 meters. Blue Ridge Parkway is often higher. Hemlocks and spruces are higher elevation trees. This one needs a better photo of the individual leaves. Bald cypress has similar leaves, but sheds them in the winter (therefore the name "bald cypress"). Hemlocks don't. Hemlock leaves are also shorter. Anyone taking photos of unknown plants needs to do a closeup of the leaves/needles and flowers/cones if possible.
  14. Another tree ID?

    Where was this taken? For most of the conifers, you'd need to see the leaves close up and the cones. This looks vaguely hemlockish, but those have very distinctive leaves (Google should be illuminating). If this was taken in the NC mountains, hemlock or spruce are more likely than some of the other alternatives.
  15. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    One of the best sources both in Nicaragua and Mexico City for bilingual English/Spanish speakers are computer stores :). Also, expat groups tend to know people who are helpful. I have one Nicaraguan friend who goes with me to doctor's offices. The other thing to keep in mind is that the Spanish language empire is as large (in terms of native speakers) as the English language empire and often has the same attitude to those who didn't master Spanish in a month or two that English-only US citizens have, only they're more polite about. The best connection you can make now is with a bilingual Spanish person or a genuinely bilingual foreigner who is close to near native fluent in Spanish. The bureaucracy here won't admit to speaking any English, mostly, I think, to not risk sounding incompletely fluent. If you risk your bad Spanish with them, often they'll risk their bad English with you and you will be able to work the meaning you need between the two languages.