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  1. The business about book projects being cancelled because of lack of first printing orders is real enough. Another thing that publishers can do is cancel a book if the writer is way behind deadline. If these publishers are otherwise good clients, Alamy is likely to want to keep the client happy in expectation of future sales. Report any usage that's despite a refund.
  2. My three images: Three boys in Jinotega who were playing on the street. Two adolescent girls, one poking a finger up a statue's nose, Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive visitors center. Rosie, a Nicaraguan neighbor, and Lola, a cocker spaniel with ten percent something else, get to know each other.
  3. The latest LR has 40 as its default sharpening for raw files.. Adjust downward and see if that improves things. I changed the sharpening default for one of my cameras (a6000, I think), but don't remember precisely how I did it. Google should pull up the how-to.
  4. If you find shooting corporate headshots boring, you very likely won't get the gigs for shooting corporate headshots. Photography is what you do with the subject, not what the subject is.
  5. I've had some people friend me very obviously to promote their work (one young writer in particular. I don't like to be marketed to on FB other than some ads and information in specialized groups (photography groups, orchid group, general gardening group, some expat groups). I'm not going to bother with a person who friends me and who only posts promotional material or wants me to like their art page. I follow maybe one person because I've always liked his writings, and I blocked another writer who told me he'd done CIA work in Russia in the 1990s. Either he didn't, and I don't really want to read some guy's fabrications, or he did and I can't afford to know him considering where I'm living now. He also sent me his latest book manuscript (pdf file) without asking. Trying to promote to me on FB tends to put me off rather than interest me. The exceptions are simply exceptionally good who I found rather than who friended me to promote themselves. I put photos up on Flickr, haven't tried Pinterest or Instagram? I do put up photos on Facebook, but they're more "I was here" or "I did this" or "my cats did that" rather than attempts to build a following as a photographer. The idea appears to be that having lots of followers on Pinterest or instagram would show photo editors that the work have a broad appeal. Do photo editors consider that? Do they look at the most popular photos and then go to Alamy to find the photographer or to buy the photos they've seen on Pinterest or Instagram? Seems like if they want to buy from Alamy, they'd do searches on Alamy and judge for themselves. But I could be wrong.
  6. I've just run all my back up drives from a powered USB hub (most instructions want you to plug directly into the computer's USB ports). So you can have one of those set out from the computer as far as the USB connector and power cord allows. Mine is a Tripp-Lite SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub with eight ports, one of which is a dedicated charging port, model U360-007. There are probably other models. Set up Carbon Copy Cloner to do two repeat jobs: one a bootable back up of the whole system minus photos, and the other one a regular backup of just the photos. Create a third non-repeating job to back up the photo back up to a third drive when you attach it. Carbon Copy Cloner is a paid application, but very useful for Mac users. If you forget to do regular backups, automating them is wonderful.
  7. Thanks. I don't feel like it's really dangerous at this point, but having some Spanish and find a good hotel manager who knows the local streets is very useful.
  8. If you have anything you think is breaking news, email the Alamy News folks and ask for permission to submit those photographs as news.
  9. I asked in a Nicaraguan expat FB group about riding bulls on Ometepe. Apparently they still do, and Los Ramos tourism homestays offer sight seeing bull rides.
  10. If you're using Windows 10, I'd see what the paid version of Macrim Reflect could do. I can have two external drives connected to my iMac and use Carbon Copy Cloner to make regular backups automatically, probably to one drive first, then the other, but I haven't tested to see if CCC can handle two automated jobs at the same time.
  11. Outside the US, Canada, and Western Europe, insurance sometimes involves buying your gear back from the thieves. One of the local pros did that when his studio was burgled just before an important shoot. I've heard that insurance of places down here requires having someone in the house at all times. Friend of mine had his laptop stolen out of his truck when his foreman (a) decided to arrange a theft or (b) felt he didn't need to stay in the truck while his boss was shopping. The person who bought it from the thief took it to a repair guy who found my email address on a document I'd given my friend's wife. We established that while I hadn't been robbed recently, my friend had and the friend paid the guy who'd bought it from the thief what he'd paid for it, maybe $150 US. My friend got all his farm records back. The repair guy figured out that the computer had been stolen since everything was in English.
  12. Time Machine is Mac OS's system for making incremental backups, but this disk isn't bootable. It's absolutely great for recovering files I deleted by mistake or changed my mind about. My TM drive died and was replaced yesterday with a bigger (2 TB) drive. I think the paid version of Macrim Reflect is useful for Windows incremental backups, but I haven't got the paid version yet for my laptop. Time Machine's big strength is being able to browse backward along the time line to find things that it may have copied last year. Very useful for what it does. I don't back up photos to Time Machine and also don't have them on my internal hard drive. If you can leave a back up drive connected to your computer, automating the process makes life very much easier.
  13. We had cobblestone streets and brick streets in Philadelphia in the older neighborhoods. Nicaragua has concrete pavers that the real estate people describe as cobblestones, but they're cast commercial pavers, not stone. All of these are easy to take up and repair the road surface and lay back down. Asphalt requires more tech and skill to deal with, and I suspect that poured concrete with expansion/compression material between the pours also requires a bit more of knowing what people are doing. The blocks -- stone, brick, or concrete -- can be laid with marginally skilled labor. If labor is cheap, pavers make sense, stone or concrete. For stone or brick you need a source of stone or clay. Charleston, SC, had some streets paved with ballast stones.
  14. If people are still riding bulls on Ometepe, I simply didn't see it but we spent all our time on the Concepcion side. The other side is less built up. None of the recent visitors to Ometepe have posted any pictures of that, but I can ask if anyone has seen it.
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