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  1. What I tell people who want to drive down to Central America is start 150 miles north of the US border and keep going until you're 200 or 300 miles inside Mexico. Lots of people make the drive without problems, but the standard advice is to stay on the major highways and don't stop in isolated places for the night. People who stop in isolated areas for the nature and traquility don't get how visible tourists are and if they go down a dead end road, the thieves can wait and go in later when they're asleep.
  2. My thinking is that either people keep stuff until it functionally dies or sell it on after three years so the next buyer is likely to get some value for the purchase. Switching systems is expensive to do unless your current lenses are dead and you'd have to replace them with something anyway. It's not just the cost, but the getting used to a new system. My small camera isn't as small as the rs100## series, but is small enough to be less conspicuous on the street. I'm a Sony mirrorless user with four lenses for APSC and three for full frame and two adapted manual focus lenses that can go with either.
  3. Two empty and one empty of its usual occupants but being used by cats. Two cats exploring an empty fish tank. It's a see-through box, of course. Empty glass jar on a sideboard. Saw the jar in a grocery store and decided to buy it and figure out later what to do with it. Empty woodland trail in the winter. Taken by a Hasselblad wearing a 50mm lens. I can't remember if I scanned it on an Epson flatbed scanner, or if the photo processor gave me a bigger than usual scan that time. I sometimes miss the Hasselblads I had when they were cheap, but film in Nicaragua is hard to come by.
  4. Growing various Nicaraguan orchids and documenting them (a couple of photos per species went into my Alamy portfolio, but I document each year's blooming cycle on around six different species that I have in my patio. I also have two cats and a tom kitten visitor whose owner comes looking for him here when he's missing, an American cocker/British cocker cross with about 10% terrier, and a 130 gallon fish tank with F2/F3 (generations from wild caught) convict cichlids. Have notes for another novel project, and a draft of an article that I need to finish, polish, and send somewhere. Have spent time traveling around Nicaragua, latest in September to visit a friend in Waslala out in the north Atlantic autonomous region. Went with another woman and stayed overnight in the Waslala Pizza hotel run by a Nicaraguan who worked in the states and who gives discounts to people who come to see Andrew, my friend who is recovering from a stroke and pelvic fracture. Haven't been doing much since having the knee problem, but the friend who went with me to Waslala says she'll assist me in getting out with a camera.
  5. You should be a bit more careful with composition (zebra's face got cut off in one) and make sure you don't repost the same photo or upload photos that are very similar. The White America Ibis is a pelican or you're including the small bird in the background as the ibis. It looks more like another pelican to me (Ibises have curved bills). That shot is also a duplicated shot.
  6. If you have images you think have immediate new value, email Alamy (news@alamy.com ?) and describe what you just took (two hour window?) and see if they'll give you temporary access to news uploading. When you have some news sales, ask Alamy for permanent access.
  7. Very happy to read that you finally got a place to live.
  8. Take a photo walk around where you live, take 20 to 100 photos, edit down to two that you really like, submit with the Morrison grave photo. Also check, All of Alamy for how many times anyone searched for Jim Morrison grave. One of the gotchas for stock is that your photograph has to show up in someone's keyword search to illustrate a verbal work in progress. Getting a thumbnail viewing in someone's search is the first requirement. Second, the photo has to be more visually impressive than the others.
  9. This forum topic is for portfolio critique. You've only been on Alamy since August. If you're in Mexico, there's considerable interest from travel publications and sites in that country (my first sale was of something I'd photographed in Mexico). Get some photographs up for sale, and we'd have more to react to.
  10. See "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and various other things generally in the SF/Fantasy fandoms. Wikipedia has an article on the zombie apocalypse if you want to add some information about the cultural phenomenon generally.
  11. I bought a clear glass higher end filter for a Batis 18mm lens, not a UV filter. I have polaroid filters in two sizes for other lenses, and one neutral density filter that I've never used.
  12. Okay, I misread that as the "optional" question is "Is there property?" Property release: no.
  13. It's also not "no property" as I'm sure that versions of that promotional figure are intellectual property of the company that created them.
  14. Catalina requires giving explicit permissions for programs to access drives and partitions. I haven't had any trouble with Creative Cloud programs on my iMac, but Lightroom Classic seems to load a trifle slower. If you didn't grant permission the first time you opened a program in Catalina, you can go to Systems Preferences/Security & Privacy/Privacy to give applications permission. Click the padlock and enter your user password, then make the changes.
  15. Second the suggestion to have some with people for scale.
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