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  1. German man living in Nicaragua working on a church clock. I had permission to photograph in this tiny workshop which I lit with a Godox AD200 flash and photographed with a Zeiss Batis 18mm lens. The big trick was eliminating the distortion of his head. The framing makes his eye look very intense. I've shot three shoots where I thought something would license. This hasn't. Two out of the other shoots did.
  2. Given the area, this could be introduced or a northern Virginia mountain native. The plant ID programs had sedums of various kind as ID's for this, but they didn't have the scalloped leaves. It was fairly common where I saw it.
  3. I have a iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015). I check sometimes at 200% based on the earlier discussion of this. Haven't tried opening at lower resolution.
  4. My understanding is that things heal faster without opiates and such in the system, but the doctor did say, "if you can tolerate it..." You also need sleep.
  5. Go to the "What should I shoot" feature and it's on the right of the listing of the item under "I've covered this pic need."
  6. "Covered" alerts the Alamy team that you have posted or will post photos that match the description. To be completely useful, add the search term to your photo's keywords. It's no guarantee of a sale since others may be doing the same.
  7. You ask. I've gotten access to places before skills and gear were good enough to do them justice. You've got the skills but aren't working on the access. Most crafts people are proud of what they do. I had unique access in Nicaragua to a collection of 19th Century to mid-20th Century weaponry, to a church clock repair facility, and the refuge for the deaf. Of these three projects, two had photos that licensed. I keep tropical fish from local waters. Highest license price ever was for a pair of cichlids. I'm in Nicaragua. Half of what Alamy has up on Nicaragua are
  8. If mouse-overs are required for views, then that's the other explanation for my cobbler not registering as a shoemaker. I thought views were totals of pages looked at, but it's obvious that mouseovers on images would be the only way to count those. Given scrolling down pages of images, mouse-overs might be more random than not. So at least some zero views are simply that the person didn't look at images on the page even as far as mousing over them, not that these were not covered as categories. Some of the searches didn't find examples or not an example of an archaeologist wor
  9. One photograph on the first page of "smart fabric" that's roughly in the ball park. Two more pages eyeballed for nothing. Someone with some MIT or other tech school connections could fill this gap quite nicely. The rest looks like "British smart fabrics for smart dressers" was what was served up.
  10. I spent some time today prowling around the low end of All of Alamy. Of the more than 34,000 searches with 0 views, a huge chunk were misspelled. Some one wanted "Green Lentil tomato Watercress Soup," "Lewis County General Hospital," "Gwyneth Paltrow candle," "generic bus south america," and "archaeologist working united states." Capitalization vs lower case seems to matter more than I'd realized. "Shoemaker" vs. "shoemaker" didn't show mine when "shoemaker" was the search term and I'd capitalized "Shoemaker." This may be unique to searches that could be either last names or p
  11. Interesting that those architectural exteriors were taken in Feb. 2019, and either didn't get the right keywords or they weren't what the searcher was looking for.
  12. Over all, watching the recent sales of the month forum for a number of years, the best combination for selling regularly and for decent prices most of the time at Alamy is being both informed in subject areas beyond the level of the average tourist and being a very good photographer. Being very good as a photographer is important, but knowing what you're photographing seems to be equally important. And that's how people can escape the cliches of the obvious travel shots that everyone is steered to taking by guides and guide books. And with people doing things, it seems important to have a
  13. Um, no. I saw that people were searching for "Nicaraguan sign language" and all that was coming up were photos of Nicaraguan signs, which was not what the people looking for Nicaraguan sign language were looking for. I got access to a refuge for deaf kids who used Nicaraguan sign language, and I've pretty much still have the only photos for that. And the other option is doing the best photograph because it's unique and very good technically. I tried to find out what the search terms had been for one of my fish photographs that went for $$$, and it appears to have been "cichlid pairs" bu
  14. Photographing iconic buildings (US Capitol, White House, Arlington Cemetary) put your photos in competition with tens of thousands of other photos of these. You've been here less than a year if you only started uploading in June. I sometimes look at the All of Alamy searches where Alamy had nothing, and see if I can cover any of those searches. Someone wanted a photograph that no one of us had taken.
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