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  1. I normally sell three a year over the last three years with just a bit over 900 photos in my portfolio.
  2. This one just showed up. I think most of what I've sold have been plants and fish. Swamp milkweed in Shenandoah National Park, taken quite a while ago. Single company - multiple use editorial onlyEditorial print + digital use Medium low $$
  3. My three: Nicaragua store and Alcoholics Anonymous site over FSLN Red and Black. Sign for Indigenous women's weaving workshop in El Chile, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Golden Wedding anniversary display in Jinotega, Nicaragua.
  4. A sale reported in April of last year was finally paid for and I'll be getting a payout around the first week in June. Fish photos, which seem to be low three figures the two times I've sold those.
  5. Basically, I make or receive daily phone calls to or from an old British retired nurse. We share a helper and we're both not going out much without masks and have been sending him to shop for us. Nobody is quite sure what's happening in Jinotega or in any part of Nicaragua. The government and its opposition are using the pandemic to take digs at each other (not the different from some other countries). Haven't felt up to taking photos. Did get flu and pneumonia shots but had to go to a country clinic to get those as my town rather pissed off the government in 2018 and was doing religious processions in 2019 that felt like they were more political than not. My time-share boy cat has finally realized my dog is an ally in dealing with the ferals. Two cats spend time staring at the fish and one cat has developed a taste for fish kibble.
  6. A partially-leucistic White-throated Magpie-jay on Ometepe Island with Lago Colcibolca/ Lake Nicaragua in the background. The bird was local famous in birding circles for the mutant color and his tameness and interest in getting humans to feed him. Continuing in the theme of blue, just not of flowers.
  7. You can upload them as editorial only (on the "optional" tab. Upload them as stock. On the optional tab in the Image Manager, mark no releases and for editorial use only.
  8. Good Friday procession from 2017. This year, the Catholic Church called off all religious gatherings and parades and did services on line or on religious television stations. My street generally gets all the religious processions which have been more and more common in recent years.
  9. I used to do a lot of cycling and my younger brother and his wife still are active cyclists. When cyclists ride on the sidewalk (UK pavement) or on pedestrian only paths, they do put other people in danger. And too many cyclists do assume that they should be allowed to ride on pedestrian paths and don't have warning bells. I've accidentally brought down a cyclist because I falsely assumed that he'd slow down when he saw that the path 10 feet ahead of me was flooded. Dog on leash, me at other end. Some cyclist do put their heads down and just go on paths that are shared with pedestrians, some of whom are walking dogs and noticing things like flooded parts of the trail where the river has gone out of its banks. Felt badly about bringing him down and it was an accident. He only looked at the flood after he got up and was planning to continue his ride. Anyone who rides a bicycle on a pedestrian only path needs to stop. And if being told nicely doesn't work, that's a problem. For all the non-abiding by government suggestions about staying safer here, I've almost never seen anyone over the age of five riding any sort of bicycle on the sidewalks where I live. When I lived in NYC, I would ride out of town on NY State Route 9W and come back into town on west side streets. Going through Central Park was hazardous since while it was car-free, the roadways were full of cyclists going slowly and wobbling all over and pedestrians and roller bladers also all over the place. Getting home was much safer via the far west truck routes. Pedestrians pathways and mixed use pathways are not appropriate for bikes going at speed. Period. Racing speeds are only appropriate on empty country roads or on a roller stand. Bike club in Albany used to have time trials around the SUNY campus and some man stepped out in front of a bicycle going over 20 miles an hour and was killed. Most people see a bicycle and imagine it's going around 7 or 8 mph while racing bicycles can be doing up to 35 mph or more. Riding that fast needs to be done in areas with no pedestrians and light traffic. And yes, cars drivers can do very dangerous things to cyclists. I've had my own close calls, including having to make a very hard right to avoid a car turning on top of me.
  10. I have a sale that hasn't cleared since April last year. Sent an email to contributor relations and heard back that they were working on it (several months ago). I assume now that the sale unwound and will be happily surprised if it didn't.
  11. Ortega finally made an appearance on state TV channels. My dog walker took a look at my t.v. and said, "El vive" (He lives) and giggled. The commercial store eggs are definitely better for hard boiled, but I like omelets and stir-fried rice and lentils more than hard boiled. One of my friends said that whatever the governments are or aren't doing, we should practice social distancing, wash our hands, and wear masks and eye covering outside.
  12. My British nurse (retired) friend here told me where to get very fresh eggs. My dog walker knew the place and has been fetching them for me. They have wonderful perky yolks and I found out today just how fresh they are. The shop owner has the hens in the backyard. One of the delights of living here is the country is so close to town that some bits are actually inside it. Mangos are developing on the neighbor's tree. I get the ones that are on the branches overhanging my courtyard. Also, over the weekend, reconnected by FaceTime with a friend who I hadn't seen (virtually or otherwise) in over twenty years. So far, so good. I mask up and put on sunglasses with interchangeable lenses (use the clear lenses) when I got out.
  13. You've got a shadow rim that looks like movement blur on the leg to camera left. If you can edit that out, it will be crisper, but I think you could still use more light. Cheap way to get more light is shop trouble lights with a daylight compact fluorescent bulb or a day light or warm LED light. Little things like that are also good subjects for a Godox AD200, bare bulb with a gridded 12 inch beauty dish (metal one around US $50, and also useful for small plants like African violets).
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