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  1. I don't think many of us left. So far, Alamy has removed my photos but not, apparently, my access to this. Dashboard doesn't recognize me, now. If I'd had more $$ licenses instead of three $ licenses and one $$, June would have been a great month.
  2. Last sale before the account was closed -- four sales, all mid $ except for the $50 sale of the orchid bloom Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 May 2021 End: 01 May 2026 Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. https://www.alamy.com/search.html?CreativeOn=1&adv=1&ag=0&all=1&creative=&et=0x000000000000000000000&vp=0&loc=0&qt=R5FYRK&qn=&lic=6&lic=1&imgt=0&archive=1&d
  3. Thanks. For me, photography may have been a way to procrastinate on writing a novel. I wouldn't bother to come back unless I had a couple thousand photos to create a more robust portfolio. Photography was always a different mental gear than writing was, nice switch out from writing as a break. As of June 30, I'm out of here unless I feel doing the work to bring my portfolio up to more professional standards and numbers, and licensing stock would be a bigger supplement to my pension than it's been. I think Alamy will always find that there are photographers who want something
  4. Other thing is to look at the competition on Alamy and see if there's a view of the plant or flower that is missing. Alamy has thousands of African violets but fewer double flowered African violets labeled as such. Also, one of my orchids has a common name in Spanish of El Torito (Little Bull). Most photos aren't of the view that shows how the orchid got its Latin American common name. The photos I didn't get include a black bee pollinating a terrestrial orchid that I no longer keep. Sigh. If you have a garden or if there's a nearby park, look for combinations of flowers and insects.
  5. I don't think Alamy is as concerned about individual photographers as released stock from agencies -- their blog examples tend to be these. The agencies have economy of scale and can also negotiate minimum prices, so given that quirk of the contract, Alamy sees them as more valuable. Look at the various lightboxes on the home page, see how many of those have released photos from agencies. Attracting advertising agencies is probably part of Alamy's business plan. Alamy lived for years without anyone supplying them with deaf kids using Nicaraguan sign language. They will go back to not hav
  6. All by this search term were from crops from a microfilmed copy of a magazine "The Florist's Review." I think that historical images (looks 19th Century/early 20th Century) are exempted from QC. Yeah, the quality is quite low, but Alamy is known as a source for archival images.
  7. Yep, and the more interesting photos would be behind the scenes, which would require getting permissions nailed down in Spanish. "Commercial" in our dialect of English means for advertising and promotion. In the more mundane dialect, it means doing something for money as opposed to for one's own personal use (on social media, on non-monitized websites). My impression is that if you were a known professional agency that would be able to do work for the museum, you might get permissions that a single photographer with not much of a track record would not be able to get.
  8. It was also from an agency. My ticket said photography permitted for personal use only. I'd love to get behind the scenes there which would require direct negotiation and getting permissions. An agency can do quid pro quos more credibly than I could. B. National Geographic is at least partially owned by Disney. Disney bought up Marvel and has gone after a fan kid who looks and dresses like Loki and posts his selfies. They're not suing from what I've read, but did get some of his social media posts removed. Disney also bought the Star Wars or Star Trek franchise and stop
  9. I wrote the museum about getting permission to use photography for stock and it sounded like $250 US or so. For an agency, might make sense. The website is specific about not taking photos for commercial gain. I got the impression that Alamy wants us to follow the rules on the ticket. I paid for permission to take personal photos.
  10. Agency. Wonder how or if they got permission to take a stock photo there (recognized where before seeing the caption).
  11. For botanical and biological photos, make sure you've got the common names as tags/keywords and the most common one in the caption along with the scientific name, and also have both in the tags.
  12. Thanks. This still doesn't make me $100 a month or more. I suspect I'd need in the order of 3,000 or more photos in my portfolio to do that. Basically, what I've learned: Don't start at Alamy with fewer than 1,000 photos. B. Most of what's licensed was taken in and around my house or a couple blocks away. C. I know more than most about the things I've photographed and licensed. As much as the suits want to use the creatives as manufacturers of what they want, something like a passion for a region, the toys in ones life, technology, history, comes across. Wh
  13. Country: Worldwide Usage: Marketing package - Small business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This license is for small companies - up to 10 people. Start: 23 June 2021 End: 23 June 2026 Mid $$ Okay, this is a sensible price for this native Nicaraguan Stanhopea. Third sale this month. So far, I've licensed as many cats doing things as people doing things.
  14. I think juvenile house finch, but not sure.
  15. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Editorial - websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Archive rights in perpetuity. Media: Website, app and social media Start: 07 June 2021 End: 07 June 2026 Mid $, but my first ever license of a cat doing something. One or two sales every month except March, but single $ for most and four low $$. $95 total for this year so far. Double that and I wouldn't make $250 gross in the next year. Rights managed now, but multiple use apparently. So cat photos aren't completely a waste. I can
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