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  1. Apparently they have now reversed that decision-as per this tweet https://twitter.com/USNatArchives/status/1218613275656687621?s=20
  2. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/ireland/tds-and-senators-dine-out-on-parliamentary-leaders-allowance-nnrqpfld7 Thanks Alan, first mention here-chuffed. Noel
  3. I installed this a few years ago and can currently boot to either system. I was unaware of the those new arrangements. https://cloudreadykb.neverware.com/s/article/What-happens-to-my-existing-files-and-operating-system-when-I-install-CloudReady
  4. Another option,just to confuse you, turn your PC into a Chromebook, Googles OS, its free for personal use, very easy to install, and boots surprisingly fast. its a version of Linux. I tried it on an old laptop and was impressed. https://www.neverware.com/#intro
  5. I posed a similar question towards the of this thread in April this year.
  6. Are screenshots from movies/tv shows accepted on Alamy? I see the odd one that looks like someone took a photo of their Tv screen
  7. Ed, more reading material for you https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/moving_country/moving_to_ireland/coming_to_live_in_ireland/irish_citizens_coming_or_returning_to_ireland.html
  8. Sorry about that Ed, another version of that story https://www.portugalresident.com/2018/06/25/eight-tax-saving-considerations-when-moving-to-portugal/
  9. Ed, Just to complicate your life still further-this is an Irish Times article about moving to Portugal, it is aimed at Irish citizens but might be relevant to you. https://www.irishtimes.com/business/personal-finance/pensioners-in-portugal-all-sun-and-no-tax-1.3880034 if you are thinking of moving to Sligo, why not ring the Sligo Citizens information, 00353 761 07 6390.
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