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  1. Luxury NFT Market Could Hit $56B by 2030: Morgan Stanley https://www.coindesk.com/business/2021/11/22/metaverse-gaming-nfts-could-account-for-10-of-luxury-market-by-2030-morgan-stanley/?outputType=amp
  2. I had a few small sales today, after checking date of invoice method. But I notice that they are actually on the dashboard now as this months sales.
  3. I had images today,not showing as not on sale, on the dashboard, but pending QC im Image manager.They were approved this afternnon.
  4. On RTE radio1 in Ireland on Friday last, a long discussion on a situation where the owner of a small bed and breakfast business in a small Irish town used an image, she said she found on Google on her website. She received a letter from a German solicitor asking her to sign a cease-and-desist contract that states if anybody downloaded the image from her website, she would pay €5200 per download plus €1500 for the photographer’s legal fees. She contacted the photographer and offered him €275 (his fee) for one years use of the image. But of course, there is now a legal firm involved and photocla
  5. There is a relatively simple of doing which I eventually managed. Thanks for the replies.
  6. If I delete a pseudonym, will the images transfer to my default pseudonym? Ideally I would like to change the name of a pseudonym only. Is there a way of doing this?
  7. I usually hear the word monumental in conjunction with a mistake or error. EG it was a monumental error. Or more likely, it was a monumental cock up.
  8. Had two sales today both for .25 gross .10 net. In fairness, last month I had one for $125 gross.
  9. I wonder would Alamy provide an independent lawyer or even their own lawyer to review the contract and provide answers here. We are not in the legal profession and lay people are often apt to misinterpret contracts.
  10. Apologies Tony, it only works with jpegs. BBC are using a different image type.
  11. If you can download an image to your PC, just copy that image image into the Alamy search box. It will usually find the image you are looking for. It works just like Tineye and Google Images.
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