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  1. I was not looking for numbers, just asking if you have a discount and if not ask. It doesn't hurt to ask. They can only say no or better still yes. Allan
  2. I can see vertical lines in the edges of the blue close to the black. Do you know why that might be? Allan
  3. Hope you are getting a good discount on your room for semi-permanent residency. One time my lady friend and I were enforced into a long stay at a hotel and when the manager heard why she gave us a nice discount for the length of our stay. Worth asking if you have not got one yet. Allan
  4. Thanks Matt. I can go up to 800 ISO with the Mk3. It is coming to the point where I will have to do a thorough test of all settings. Have done a trial but got variable results. Off we go again. Allan
  5. John I have the RX100 mk3, as you may have gathered, and have a lot of images from it on Alamy. I don't think any have failed QC. Also I have not encountered Edo's problem of hit and miss auto focus. Allan
  6. Edo if you are re-editing images to make the more attractive to the buyers don't bother to delete the old images as they sometimes still sell. Depends on what the buyer wants. I have some like that and just add a reference to the other image/s. Allan
  7. I too generally buy new but do have a couple of used lenses. If the sales blurb for a secondhand lens mentions "there is some dust in the lens" I am not interested. They say in the blurb that the dust will not affect the images but I believe it always will. Allan
  8. Thanks Mark but, I believe, HT produces jpegs and I am after RAWs. However I will give it a go and see what transpires. Allan
  9. Sorry Sooth I was laughing at the suggestion of a limp. I am sure I would forget about it and give the game away. Either that or find myself still limping a week later. Allan
  10. So I discovered yesterday. I will do it, just got to figure out the best way. Flash (direct, bounce or diffused), including constant light sources, tripods and monopods simply not allowed. Can only work with available light. Allan
  11. Thank you Edo note taken but tripods are not allowed. Allan
  12. Thanks wim. Nothing specific just general. Mostly reasonably well lit. Mainly static or slowish movement. General stock imagery. Allan
  13. Many thanks for the information John. You are a fountain of floral knowledge and much appreciated by all the forum members.😀 Allan
  14. Hi Mick, Thanks for the advice. I would rather leave update notifications on for security reasons. The reminder I am/was getting, not had one today, was flagging up in top right from Notifications. Allan
  15. I am going to carry out a shoot indoors just using available lighting (no flash) and would like some advice from other users of RX100's who have done this already. What settings give you the best results handheld to produce a workable RAW file? Do you use M,S,A,P, or gold or green camera setting? Thank you in advance for any replies. Allan
  16. Hope you don't mind me using this thread Janet but it would be better than starting another as it is the same subject. Hope someone can help with naming the following flowers. Daisy but what kind? No idea. Allan
  17. If I am going to upgrade to any new OS I always wait till around March the following year. But I am fed up of the constant barrage of reminders to upgrade from Apple on my mac. Allan
  18. I gave you a laugh for that. Trouble is you have set me thinking. Perhaps I should have a minder when on the industrial estate. There are always lots of people about at Tesco's. Allan
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