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    Me too. What do we still have? Allan
  2. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Mine are rolling along over the last six months at a rate of 3/month. Allan
  3. Processing Failed

    Usually means that there was a problem at Alamy's end in processing your images for their system. Might be worth checking the image to see if you can spot a fault somewhere. eg you could have sent a RAW image by mistake. Allan
  4. Finding previous rejections

    Had a similar problem some time ago, tried everything including an email to CS but not resolved. I think images which failed processing sometimes just disappear. Allan

    Thanks Mark. My sub size is usually 5 to 10. Allan
  6. Hello Alamy I would like to ask for a small improvement to the web upload. When uploading images the system sometimes stops the upload partway through and does not seem to want to start again after having downloaded so many images onto your system already. At this point, because of other needs of our computer, we have to cancel the upload, which unfortunately, also cancels the already downloaded images on your system. Could it be made that if we have to cancel the upload due to needing to use the computer for other work the images already uploaded to your system are kept and processed ready for QC then when we are able the remainder of the upload could be finished at a later time? Thank you Allan

    If I was doing news shooting I would certainly go the FTP route but I don't. I stuck with the web upload because it usually works fine for me when uploading small batches, which is most of the time. If it comes to it and I start putting larger quantities in the upload on a regular basis and the web stops too often then I will go the FTP route. Allan
  8. What's wrong with my portfolio ?

    I had about 900 images on Alamy before my first sale and that was back in 2011 when sales came a bit easier. About two years of uploading and keywording (tagging) before a result. Quantity is required but NOT at the price of quality and NOT too many similars. Starsphinx did well to achieve a sale with so few images in 2018 considering there are many more images on Alamy database than in 2011. Allan Just had a look at your portfolio, after my above comments, and despite the fact that others are constructively criticising your images, which can be a bit disheartening, I would like to complement you on having some good, very good, and even one or two excellent images in your port. ITMA
  9. Hmmm, time to slash my image collection

    I have had a lot of sales with grey skies, and there is an abundance of the same subject on Alamy with better skies. Whatever the sky is like I shoot what I see. Admittedly the better skies will generally sell more readily but do not limit your photography to pretty skies or you may be missing out on sales. There are times when I know I will not be back that way again so if it is a grey sky so be it. Just try to look for a different angle. Go up and shoot down if possible or if there is something interesting in the foreground crouch down but do not point the lens up thus cropping out a lot of the sky while shooting. Allan
  10. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

    Thanks Kumar. From my record of selling images through alamy it seems this is the only thing I am good at. Anyone from Alamy coming???????? Allan
  11. Hi everyone, Just to let you all know, officially, the next Cambridge Alamy Contributors Meeting, (hereinafter called CACM), will be held at 12 Noon on 6th February 2019 in The Wrestlers pub, Newmarket Rd, Cambridge, CB5 8JE. The pub serves up the best Tai food in Cambridge and has both alcoholic and soft beverages but no coffee or tea. The venue opens at 12 noon and closes at 3.00pm. If the discussion is running on we can adjourn to a local coffee house only a short walk away. There is free parking both in the retail park across the road from the venue up to 4 hours, and in the Tesco carpark behind the venue up to 3hrs. BUT please check the notice boards just in case. To anyone who may not have been to Cambridge before the bus lanes are monitored by cameras and if you are caught using them there is a hefty fine. There are now 16 contributors in the group and I will be sending emails to each and everyone early in the New Year as a reminder. Considering all that has been happening in Alamy Towers recently there is likely to be a lot of discussion about the pro’s and con’s of our positions and possible actions that could or may be taken. Should be a lively event. Just to add to the interest Alamy have already mentioned in another thread that they will try to get someone along to listen and talk to us. If you definitely know you can make the meeting please let me know as soon as possible as we may need to book a table should the numbers be great enough. Allan This email is for NONE CACM members.
  12. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

    Final BUMP before I book a table at The Wrestlers for our meeting. If anyone else is interested in joining us please respond by 14th Jan. Allan
  13. Attention Live News Shooters:

    Smartphone:- "I have a camera too, as well as lots more functions, so I am NOT going to talk to your camera which can ONLY take photos." Allan
  14. File sizes for marketing etc.

    I am sure that a smaller file size would be adequate for layout trials. The Customer could then make their decision and purchase the hi-res file later. Allan
  15. Sony RX100

    Yes you are correct. Thanks. Allan
  16. Sony RX100

    Just brings up an empty ebay screen. Allan
  17. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

  18. NON-exclusive search option in AIM

    Thanks Mark all sorted now. As for the discussion about "only available on Alamy", and "exclusive to alamy" Just to make it clear I see AIM - "Optional" - "Only available on Alamy", and AIM - "Attributes" - scroll down - "Exclusive to Alamy". Allan
  19. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

    Thanks. Allan There are now EIGHT coming to the meeting. Methinks I will have to book a table soon. We would not like to be left out in the cold would we. No! ITMA
  20. DACS- poss to claim independently

    Mark you do surprise me. Well not you personally but Alamy certainly does in not collecting all the information as to the destination of our image sales at point of sale. I would have thought that this would be something any library would do to keep tabs on the usage. Allan
  21. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

    Just to be clear, you are referring to the meeting on the 6th February aren't you? If so I have added you. Thank you for letting me know you are coming. Allan
  22. Free Cameracraft Magazine Link Reinstated

    Ditto. Allan Hi Betty, Happy New Year. ITMA
  23. DACS- poss to claim independently

    Me too but I have let Alamy claim for me for TV rights only. Don't know if that is still available. Allan
  24. CAMBRIDGE meet up of Alamy contributors

    That is great news. So we are seven now. Ignore Mick's last remark we have ways to smuggle you in without a visa. Lets see if we get another one or two. Allan
  25. Ahh! The good old days of film. It took quite a bit of practice learning how to change film on the run, literally. Allan