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  1. Don't know if it was mentioned but you are not supposed to apply any output sharpening on images intended for Alamy. Input sharpening is fine, I think most of us use it to some degree. Allan
  2. So sorry to hear of your cancer but pleased you are fighting it as best you are able. BTW John red wine gives me migraines. Allan
  3. True but it paid in smallish amounts over time so you are not hit with a big bill should you need treatment. Allan
  4. When I first read those words I saw GRASPUS GRASPUS.😀 Allan
  5. I am very sorry to hear of your problems and in particular the eye which does not work now. Worst thing that can happen to a photographer is to lose sight even in one eye. Fully sympathise with you. Sorry I do not have the answer to your financial problem but some of the suggestions above could be worth trying. Best wishes. Allan
  6. As far as I know you are better off keywording (tagging) your images yourself. Others have tried these agencies and spend more time deleting inappropriate keywords than they would if they had done it themselves in the first place. Allan
  7. If you delete the lightbox does the pasted in image disappear from the thread too? Allan
  8. You have a very good port so only lucky in that the image that sold was well spotted by the purchaser. Allan
  9. Hello Betty, Yes you are one of the best too.😄 Allan
  10. I think I will pack up photography and go home. 😭 Wait a cotton pickin' minute I am home. Allan
  11. Grey squirrel eating. Female Blackbird eating berries in winter. Three other females eating takeaway. Allan
  12. Thank you all for your replies and information. Allan
  13. Rather academic now as "My Dashboard" has just gone down/off line. Allan
  14. Thanks Paulette. I am using Safari on Mac too. Will give your method a try. Allan
  15. I have just tried to load images onto the competition site "Eating" by my usual method of drag and drop from one page to another and it is not working for me now. I also tried to do it through the "insert other media" route but that did not work either. Any help would be welcome. Allan
  16. Nice to see the "Who's on line" being populated again. Allan I'm sure I entered this in one of the other forums. Sorry it has turned up on here. ITMA
  17. This might help. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/sandpipers-snipes-phalaropes/ Allan
  18. Some great images on here already. Can I make a suggestion that we add another rule? Competitors are not allowed to vote for their own images. What do others think? Allan
  19. Thanks for the link Edo. Just what I am needing at this time. Allan
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