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  1. Wow! This is unbelievable. Thank you. Allan Note at this rate I will soon be at 10,000 posts. ITMA
  2. Gee thanks. This is totally unexpected. You are appreciated too. Perhaps we should start the an appreciation society.☺️ Allan
  3. Oh Betty I am sorry to hear your artistic is bent. I am left handed too and when at school I was left footed. (Oops, please don't read that the wrong way.) I meant that I kicked a ball with my left foot. Yet when holding a cricket bat I hold it in the right handed mode. If I try the left handed way it feels all wrong. Also when I was in the seniors at school we had an art teacher who suggested I go to art school but I was told to get a "proper job" by someone else. You never know I could have been another Hockney or Turner.🤣 Allan Cleaned half the garage out today. Will move the rubbish to the clean half tomorrow and clean the free side out. ITMA
  4. When Administrator reaches 50,000 posts they become "Super Administrator."😉 Allan
  5. Gee thanks Paulette. As you have always been. Allan
  6. My average CTR for the last year is 0.48 highest being 1.10 lowest 0.00 Allan
  7. I liked being "Part of the furniture" it made me feel I was at home, comfortable and appreciated. Allan
  8. Crown Court sign and coat of arms Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial newspaper any editorial digital use, one time use onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 28 May 2020End: 28 May 2022 Low $$ Allan
  9. Erected the rotary drying line today. Now to get some washing done. Allan
  10. I know a couple in Canada who work in the banking business and one of them travels the world on banking business. Both pretty high up. Allan
  11. Construction site safety sign Mid $$ Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Education Start: 19 May 2020 Duration: Unlimited Allan
  12. Open manholes are the worst. But useful when a car is approaching at speed as a quick exit.😮 Allan
  13. Keep rubbing it in why don't you?🤣 Allan
  14. From what I remember of Lincoln going back to the early seventies I have seen a lot of changes particularly around the Brayford Pool area with all the new and refurbished buildings. The university on one side and recreational facilities (restaurants, cinemas, etc) on the other. Still love the old parts too but there is a lot of building/ renovation work still going on around the Cathedral so it is covered in scaffolding at times. I can wait till it clears though. Although there might be some kudos in images of the works and scaffolding. Allan
  15. Thank you one and all. Aren't you all a nice friendly bunch. I am already surrounded by nice friendly neighbours too. There's John & Angela, Richard & Ann, Tom & Jill, Ian & ????(Darn forgot the ladies name) and Jim & Toni. Allan
  16. I think I would prefer my camp bed and sleeping bag. People have been known to drape themselves over a washing line and go to sleep. Allan
  17. There is a spare bedroom for visitors. When the beds arrive.🤪 Allan
  18. Thanks Kumar. Trouble is it will be another 5 weeks before my bed is delivered. Allan
  19. Yes. Now I am doing the unpacking and not enough room to put it all. Allan
  20. Not sure if someone actually gave you the love heart but I was trying to give you an "up" green arrow and it was playing up so it might be me who gave the "love heart". Sorry. I like you but don't know if I love you YET.🤪 Allan
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