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  1. At the moment my BHZ image is on page 8 of 26 at 120 images per page. In a search of AOA for "river great ouse" my first image appears on page 4 out of 50. Is BHZ broken? As an aside my BHZ image is sat next to an image of dog poo. Do you think someone is trying to tell me something? Allan
  2. All my images are marked as "Do not sell for personal use". The reason is I may wish to sell my own images for personal use by way of prints for reasonable prices. Not all of my images are suitable for that purpose but it was easier just to mark them all initially instead of trawling through them now. Allan
  3. Cannot match exactly but I am looking at fungi of Britain and Northern Europe book. The nearest is Fungal mycelium. Hope it helps your search. Allan
  4. I looked at the link given thinking it might be a political party. What a disappointment!😞 Allan
  5. Not had a sale since March and they were distributor sales. Two sales of one image by same distributor (same price). Then two refunds of same image. Then two sales of same image and same distributor for 13pence MORE on each. Allan
  6. Hallooooo Betty! I'm just in the next rabbit hole.😀 Pleased to hear you have your ticket to paradise Edo. (Do they spell it "paradice" in the US? Allan
  7. Edo good luck with your new venture. Whatever you decide I am sure you will be happy in the end. All the best and keep up with the beers.🙂 Allan
  8. If anyone stops drinking beer they save money on each pint - don't they? Allan
  9. My suggestion is that Edo stops drinking beer to make the saving. Allan
  10. I am going to land myself in it right here. You don't HAVE to drink beer to have a good and full and happy life. What you save on that will help in other ways. Allan
  11. Remembrance day at Milton cenotaph WWII American cemetery Madingley Cambridgeshire Battle of Britain Squadron flypast Allan
  12. I do believe that Alamy did strike up a deal with the wallpaper site but can't find the info. Alamy? Allan
  13. I also used DPP when I had Canon gear. Very good freeware. That is until I diversified into other makes of camera then I went with PSE and then with LR. Allan
  14. Thank you for your input Simon. Read the link above and not sure what to make of it. Look forward to the result of your investigations. No never delete RAWS, even if it is necessary to buy more disc space, which it isn't. Allan
  15. Found a work around to get A7 mkIII images into LR6.14 but is rather technical for me so will probably give it a miss. But if anyone wants to give it a try it is here. Allan
  16. Thank you Bryan. Yes I have seen it and already downloaded it onto my desktop. I had a look at it in detail but at the time I stuck with LR. Now with the Sony A7mkIII I will have to take another more in depth look ans maybe even try it out. Allan
  17. There is no need to speak to people with comments like that. The use of such is seen as an attempt to get peoples backs up and/or start an argument. So please if it is possible would you kindly retract that statement. Thank you. Allan
  18. Thank you for your reply Mick. Sorry I did not explain sooner. Even so I think there are a lot of people like me who do not like the idea of the subscription model even though they can afford it and feel that Adobe has effectively locked them into it. If I had a reasonable income from my photography I would consider the subscription route and probably run with it but under duress. Allan
  19. Not for me thanks John. Too small. Lots of travelling involved too. Allan
  20. Succinctly put. You explained better than I did. Allan
  21. Dehaze is in PSE 14 which I have. Allan
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