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  1. Not sure of the top two but bottom one is a "Crumble" which refers to the coating on the top. Usually an apple crumble and sometimes with other fruit added like blackberry, raspberry, etc. So whatever it is it is called Apple crumble, Blackberry and Apple Crumble, etc. Usually with custard as in picture but also with cream or ice-cream too. Allan
  2. That is for when the Eskimos come to stay so they feel at home.😂 Allan
  3. Once you upload a batch of images you cannot add to that batch. You need to upload the next lot of images, or image, as a separate batch. That is unless someone else knows better.😀 Allan
  4. Please keep us informed of your positive progress. The majority of us are with you all the way and hope you get settled soon. Allan
  5. What do you think of Sony's new A7R mark 4 with 61MP FF sensor? Personally I think it is a step too far. Allan
  6. Strange! You have 30 something images for sale on Alamy but only two showing under your avatar. Allan
  7. I can see 3 images on Alamy so they must have passed. In the forums if you click on the blue number under your avatar your images with alamy for sale pop up. Allan
  8. BUMP! Hey guys! Whats happening? What date, time, place? HUH? Allan
  9. I started with the RX100 original model then moved to the mark 3 for the pop-up viewfinder and better rendering of images but that has a shorter focal length so kept the mark 1 as well. Others will suggest later models like mark 5, 5A, and the mark 6 with superzoom, Allan
  10. Omitted to mention I use Sony RX100 models too with the so called 1" sensor and have no problems with images being accepted from them. Allan
  11. It does not exist anymore. At least if you can find it it is not updated by alamy anymore. So long as you are using anything with a 4/3rds sensor and up and it is not a bridge camera with superzoom you should be ok. Allan
  12. And I am sure, as stated in an earlier post, that when I joined in 2008 I was asked to submit images as aRGB too. Allan
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