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  1. Sometimes I find removing the battery then re-installing it helps. Like with most types of computer equipment - pull the plug leave for a couple of minutes then plug in again. Seems to solve most problems. Allan
  2. Went to Liverpool on Thursday and met up with Edo, Andy and Fiona (Andy's lady friend). Great meeting people face to face especially when you have only conversed on the internet before. "You mean like this?" "Yes, just like this." Joined in a walk around after lunch and had some fun taking pictures. By the way Edo is a fountain of information. Even helped me to understand the nuances of picture taking. Yes I'm still learning and always will be. Fiona took a group photo of Edo, Andy and me. It was a good one too. Maybe Andy will post it on here when he has time.
  3. Woooo Hoooo! Another sale came in yesterday while I wasn't looking. Good ££ too. Sorry Alamy it was not you. No it was P4M wall art. Iron bridge on canvas. Allan
  4. Sorry Andy here's another. Sheep:- "CAREFUL! - Mind where you are pointing them shears mate." Allan I'll remove my images from the competition now, shall I? ITMA
  5. A terrible terrible thing to have happened and my heart went out on that day to all who died, their families and friends who remain, and to all those involved in the aftermath. A harrowing experience. Allan
  6. As we get closer I was thinking "shall I". Then looked at the distance and time to drive from where I am staying to NEC and back, and considering the long drive home the following day. Nah. Hey! Wait a minute! I could get the train from Crewe to Birmingham International station. Hmmm! As Edo would say, "YIKES!" not at over £25 in each direction. So Sorry guys I would love to have seen you all there but not this time. Allan Now listen to the big sighs of relief from all those going.🙂 ITMA
  7. I found this one on line which is the dearest one I saw at £284 down from £333. But resolution will depend on sensor size and I believe to get the size of image quoted on most trail cams interpolate the images with internal programming. Allan
  8. Sorry can't help other than to say would a phone call to local council works dept- gardening branch (no pun intended) be the way to go? I think they may know what they have planted. Allan
  9. Andy did you buy your entry ticket on line? Allan I have mine for the Metquarter.🤪 ITMA
  10. We need a 25% uplift in sales to pay for the 20% reduction in out income from A as long as prices remain at these levels. Allan
  11. I have too many unlicensed images that are my favourites to post in this thread.😔 Allan
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