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  1. I don't have a basement yet, waiting for the next sink hole to open up. Just a small freezer and separate small fridge. I do stock up on dry goods and tinned foods for convenience. Allan
  2. Ognyan got it in one. Lawn bowls. Yes it is also a roll up cigarette. sb. But not this time I don't smoke. Well not the tobacco or drugs kind. Not into golf Thyrsis and I think Ed described the game quite well, at least the way i played it when I gave it a try. Betty it is nothing to do with food. A roll up in lawn bowls is just having a bit of practice and not in competition. Also good exercise as Betty said. Allan
  3. Sorry Mick I just had to laugh at Betty's remark. I would probably be there too, looking on benevolently. Allan We didn't tell you but Cambridge (Alamy) meet ups usually have about 15 of us in a group. There are more members listed but we do not usually all meet up at the same time. ITMA (Founder member)
  4. Just flagged up "House sparrow" on Google images. Agree with you that it does not look like any of the images on google but have you seen the massive variety of plumage these birds have. Very easy to make a mistake if you do not know your birds. Who is the bird expert on the forums? Allan
  5. Sorry can't give you an answer but there appears to be something on the end of it's beak. Like it has swallowed something and what looks like a hook has caught on it's beak. Allan
  6. New friend Chris called about lunchtime asking me if I would like to participate in a roll up about 3.00pm. Agreed and had a nice couple of hours in the sun on the green. Not serious competition but had some fun and laughs. Allan
  7. Find I need to go to the store every two weeks. That is when my freezer level becomes extremely low. Allan
  8. Hi Betty they look very delicious, making my mouth water just looking at them. Over here in Blighty they would be called "Apple Pasties" because of the shape. Suggest you add "pastie/s" to your keywords. Allan
  9. 38% Of last years sales. 51% of last years revenue. Allan
  10. Lincoln to London KX - change at Newark £39.60 London KX to Lincoln - Direct £22.60 Allan I saw an intercity train pulling into Lincoln station a little while ago. ITMA
  11. So long as the sensor is of a suitable size. Preferably NOT less than what they term as a 1" sensor. Allan
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