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  1. Keywording in LIGHTROOM

    Many thanks for the information Sally. I will look at it after my break. Allan
  2. Keywording in LIGHTROOM

    Thanks Sally. I have Adobe Bridge software but not the Alamy LR Bridge plug-in. Where can I get it? How much does it cost? Is it easy to use and integrate with LR 6.14? Help! Allan
  3. Keywording in LIGHTROOM

    Thanks for the info Andreas but I do not think Adobe will take much notice of one little voice in the wilderness. Besides they are not offering any more updates for LR 6.14. Allan
  4. How long would I need to be resident in Southern Ireland (Eire) before I could apply for an Irish passport. Only out of date British passport now. Allan
  5. Keywording in LIGHTROOM

    I cannot give the details you are asking but since I started tagging in LR I have not had a sale (licensed image). After seeing this, "Try to avoid adding alphabetical lists of tags. Proximity of one tag compared to another used in a multi-word search can have an effect on where it appears in the sort order, which is why we’d recommend adding phrases / multi-word tags where appropriate.", in Alamy's advice on tagging I wondered if it might just have something to do with my problem. As it is very difficult, nigh on impossible, to rearrange tags in AIM we need to look for another solution to arrange tags as we wish. Alamy has been asked for the ability to do this in AIM but has not acceded to the request as yet. I was hoping that there might have been a way to arrange tags in LR which I had missed but it seems not. It looks like i will have to either accept that tags are sent to Alamy in alphabetical order or utilise another step in my workflow, something I am loath to do. Allan Thank you to all for all the input BTW. Sorry I should have mentioned that I am using LR 6.14, the last stand alone version. ITMA
  6. porridge

    Have you Googled it? Or searched on Alamy? Allan
  7. Keywording in LIGHTROOM

    I have been looking at all settings/presets etc. in LR to see if I can find a setting which turns keyword sequencing on/off. At the moment the keywords are automatically switched to alphabetical order on finishing keywording ready to export. Has anyone found a way to switch this off so that entered keywords remain in the order they are entered? Yes I have Bridge but it is putting another step in the processing workflow and if possible I would like to continue keywording in LR but with alpha ordering switched off. Allan For "keywords" read "Tags" if you wish. ITMA
  8. Also TV uses are more difficult to follow/find. Allan
  9. porridge

    They want an images looking side on to the bowl containing porridge. How would they know it contained porridge as they would not be able to see it unless it was overflowing. Allan
  10. Alamy update

    Not for me yet. Allan
  11. I opted out of Alamy claiming DACS payments for me for books magazines etc. But allowed Alamy to claim for TV usage for me as per their contract at the time. Allan
  12. Montage how to do it help sought

    There was a plan for some new building (houses) on green fields in our village. Due to the type of building and the proposers a lot of the village people were against the idea. Then came some great news the fields had been placed on the national register of protected property because of archaeological finds within their boundaries. Sorry to be off topic. Allan
  13. No good looking in my books on British and European plants then? Sorry. Allan