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  1. My good thing this morning was to strip the bed and remake with fresh sheets etc. Then I vacuumed and dusted. It may not look much different or seem to be a good thing but my conscience is clear which makes me happy. Allan
  2. Guildhall and market stalls Market Square Cambridge Cambridgeshire Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 03 December 2021 Duration: In perpetuity Very low $$ I do not believe this is being use as PU as who would want picture postcards etc with a grey sky? And it is an RM image in perpetuity? Allan
  3. I was AMAZED today. Watching live snooker on TV at lunchtime and did not see one person in the audience wearing a mask. Packed in like sardines too. The only mask wearing person I saw was the ref. Allan
  4. I prefer PSE for larger corrections. Find LRC is OK for small spot removals. Allan
  5. Good saleable image in many respects. Which camera were you using Ed?. Would be interested in the settings too. Allan
  6. Yes they wanted to bring Alamy contributors in line with other agencies.🙄 Allan
  7. When I got there 8.30am ish the inner relief road was packed with traffic queuing down all roads trying to get on. A lot of the traffic were trucks. Oh! And the guy in front of me at some cross road traffic lights stopped when the repeater light on the exit road turned red and waited till it turned green again before moving off, holding up traffic unnecessarily. Allan
  8. Joined late 2008 and nothing till 2011 then. Gross average/image 2011 $36.81 2012 $23.56 2013 $68.72 2014 $46.67 2015 $45.71 2016 $39.76 2017 $20.15 2018 $21.03 2019 $21.64 2020 $36.68 2021 $19.74 Allan
  9. Yup! I have had four sales to date with that POD site for an average of £19/sale. Joined them Christmas last year. Only 344 pictures with them too. Not put any photos with them for some time now. Must get going again. Allan
  10. It is warming up again soon. Then cooling down again after. Allan
  11. Well the hospital seems to be OK, at least the bit I saw was. The nurses were nice and polite. Did not get to the centre but what it really needs is a ring road to take all the through traffic away from the town altogether. Allan
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