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  1. Before I took out the LrC subscription I did consider raw to DNG conversion but after reading everything I could find about DNGs I decided not to go that route as it was indicated that the Sony raws lost something in the conversion. Can't remember what though. Allan
  2. Have you ever had days when you started one job then realised to complete it you had to do another and so on till at the end of the day you realise you never managed to complete the first job you started with, nor the second, nor the third and so on? Allan
  3. Thanks for posting. I was missing the Texture slider. Was using Haze slider but in some cases Texture slider might be better. Yes I know they both do different actions on the image but there seems to be a crossover point. Allan
  4. I would still be on LR 6.14 if I had not been stupid enough to buy a camera whose RAWs needed the subscription plan LR (LrC) to process.🤬 Allan
  5. As you say Harry it would be another steep learning curve just like LR was when I started with it. Although I object to the monthly fee to Adobe I am comfortable with LR so will continue with LR for the time being until something approaching LR operations and layout wise comes along. Allan
  6. Thank you Mark. As you say not as sophisticated. The software still needs to come a lot closer to the LR system of keywording. Allan
  7. But it is not possible to keyword/tag images like LR. If it did I would consider a trial. Allan
  8. Sorry to hear about the accidents to the female line in your family. So you are now chief cook and bottle-washer, and do all the housework etc. Allan
  9. Heard today that someone I know, who likes a glass or two, was going to join in with the dry January theme. He is only going to drink dry gin, dry sherry, dry white wine and dry martini. Allan
  10. Yep Bull Terrier. The parents of a school friend of mine had one.
  11. You are correct. "O" can be given to any other blood group patient. Or so I was told by a hospital phlebotomist. Allan
  12. No footsteps but----- Waves breaking on beach Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight Allan
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