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  1. Hi Mick just to say that I have had no problems running the latest software on my late 2013 27" iMac. All I did a little while ago was add some memory up to 32GB. (maxed out). Everything else is still original. Allan Maybe I have got the wrong end of the stick again.
  2. Hmm! I once had a lot of trouble with an HP printer and despite it going back to the manufacturer for repair under guarantee it still did not work when I got it back so returned it for a refund and bought a different one. My little Epson XP-335 hardly gets any use and sits idle for weeks, even months sometimes, but always fires up and prints fine when asked. Allan
  3. Hello Sally, I was OK with spirits up till about late 40's when someone gave me a glass of red wine and 15 minutes later flashing lights were everywhere. I did continue with the spirits but they gradually started to have the same effect so stopped them too. My very first migraine was when I was about 17. It started at work with my eyesight disappearing down half of one side but could still see the other half. Went to the first aid room and the nurse there sent me home to go to bed and rest. That was a journey and a half as I used to cycle to work. Cycling home avoiding the traffic was a bit he
  4. Hi Edo, no I do not believe in eggs and excessive cholesterol myth. In fact I have them on my shopping list for tomorrow. Have them either soft or hard boiled. My regular b/f consists of a mug of orange juice, (the real juice not reconstituted), bowl of cereal, fruit and fibre mostly but interspersed with the occasional other type plus plenty of milk in the bowl. Followed by a fresh orange (have to peel it) and mug of white tea (no milk) that is the name of it. Comes from harvesting just the very new growth at the top of the bush. No added milk or sugar. Hi Sally I get the odd migr
  5. Perhaps the date is set wrong and it was doing an "April fool" on you??🙂 Allan
  6. Morning Edo. Like your breakfast menu. I used to have fried breakfast many years ago but have taken a healthier option since then. My arm is aching and a bit stiff this morning after having the second covid vaccine jab yesterday. The appointment was brought forward by a week and a day by my surgery for which I am grateful. Another seven days and I should be well protected. Not that I am easing off on taking the necessary precautions while I am out and about. Allan
  7. My personal view as to what is killing/has killed the good fees is the digital camera. If we were still only able to shoot on film there would be a lot fewer photographers. JMO. Allan
  8. Thank heavens you only whipped out your camera. Allan
  9. Working on the time scales. $216 x 52 = $11,232 Assuming the same or similar income every week for a year.😉 Allan
  10. Sounds like Alamy put their foot (feet) down after finding out how long ago the images were licensed. Allan
  11. I have a set of images on Alamy of a well documented but little known place/building in Cambridge which when searched for only mine show up. Unfortunately they have never been searched for. I await the day when someone wants to buy the copyright from me. Allan DAMMIT! Just done another search and there are now some more, but not many.😡 ITMA
  12. Don't tell me, don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise. Allan
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