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  1. I had one of those in my garden just a week ago before the landscapers started work. It used to attract Small Tortoiseshell butterflies (Aglais urticae). I do have photos of it and the butterflies but I think they are not yet on Alamy. The flower is (Echinacea purpurea), Allan
  2. The last regular passenger steam train ran on the 11th August 1968 in Britain. Obviously not taking preserved railways into account. Allan
  3. Talking about DAB and FM radios, at least Edo and Mark were, I have a question about the two. Explanation first: In the lounge I have an older hifi system with amp, tuner, tape deck and turntable for vinyl records. Just to let you get an idea of it's age. The tuner is FM and AM only so it is always on FM. (nothing on AM). The DAB radio I have is in the office about 8 yards away from the lounge and set in DAB mode. Experience: Both radios are on the same station and when I stand about halfway between the two the sound from the DAB radio is about 2 - 3 seconds behind the sound from the FM radio. (ie: DAB radio is slower to produce the sound than the FM radio). WHY? Allan
  4. I would have thought a closer comparison would have been dust bunnies. Allan
  5. Hi Bryan, I know it is a bit sad for you as a long established gardened but, as I said, I am not a gardener and consider maintaining a garden as a waste of time for myself. I do like to see nice gardens and they do fill me with joy. My hobbies are photography and building and sailing RC scale model boats. Used to build and fly RC model aircraft as well but circumstances stopped me from continuing with that brach of the hobby. Will probably be adding scale model railways in the not too distant future. Horses for courses as they say. Spraying weed will not be a problem as it does not take up too much time. The ground was sprayed with a strong weed killer before the membrane was laid. But there will always be the odd seeds the birds drop that take root later. Heavens! Is it really 2 1/2 years since you moved? Time flies. Allan
  6. I found there is a difference, yes. It is best to experiment though as it will not be the same for all images. Allan
  7. I sometimes use the "saturation/luminance" panel to increase the brightness of dull images after all other methods failed to produce the image I wanted. Method I use is to increase the saturation on all colours to +100 then lift luminance to +50. After that basic adjustment you may/will find that you have to make further adjustments up or down with the various sliders depending on the look of the image and what you are trying to achieve. It works, believe me, and yes it may seem to be too much of a fiddle but the operation can be carried out in the time it has taken me to write this post. I have rescued a few images this way. Allan
  8. Thank you John For the information. We did sort it, eventually. Allan
  9. Not lame it is natural. For anyone who has an affinity with animals, insects and other living things who have spent some time caring for them usually have a feeling of sadness, and, yes a tear or two when they pass away. Allan
  10. Stripping out ALL greenery, Laying new and sorting old slab paths the rest is to be medium gravel 3" deep. This for low maintenance garden. I am not a gardener anyway. I might lay down a large scale model railway later. Allan
  11. I am getting behind on processing 133 images on my computer so I suppose I am also lagging behind on tagging them too, but I do it in LR and just make minor adjustments in AIM. Allan
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