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  1. Help with cereal ID

    Yup! Certainly looks like Barley. (Hordeum vulgare) Allan
  2. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Thanks Paulette I did not know that. Allan

    I have only entered a very few photo competitions a long time ago, (back in the 1970's), before I became seriously in photography. That was when you had to submit prints you had produced in your own darkroom. It seems that the gist of this thread is to read fully the terms and conditions of any comp you are thinking of entering. Allan
  4. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Fantastic news Edo. Great to hear you have settled. Lets hope you can find a longer term solution during the years grace you now have. Allan
  5. BHZ

    Been watching my "BHZ" image and it appears to be moving up and down in the ranking in time with my "CTR" going up and down as well. But you all knew that didn't you? Allan
  6. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    I stand corrected. Allan
  7. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    If the bird is wild and has a ring on it's leg it is not anyones property. It just means someone (RSPB) has ringed it for research purposes. Allan
  8. November doldrums?

    I do all my thinking lying down. Allan
  9. November doldrums?

    Thanks. Praise indeed. Allan
  10. November doldrums?

    Perhaps the answer we may be looking for as regards clock changing is next spring put the clocks forward for "Half an hour" only. Then darn well leave them at that. Allan You know, median ranking. ITMA
  11. BHZ

    I suspect that new contributors/individuals would be a special case and looked at on a regular basis to see how they are in the ranking, after had the median rank to begin with, and moved manually up or down according to how they are performing for a fixed period. Then I would expect the system to continue the ranking for them as for everyone else. Unless, as you say, the new system is even better tan we are imagining. Allan
  12. Just been out to test HHT in the dark with my RX100 mk1. Out of seven images taken I got two which could be keepers. The other five suffered from blur, but with no or very little noise. If I cannot achieve a better hit rate than 2 out of seven I don't think I'll bother. Allan
  13. What is going on?

  14. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    You also need a property release for the glove if RF. Allan
  15. November doldrums?

    Stop the planet from turning and all live in the twilight belt. At least for a short while before the Earth plunges into the sun. Allan