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  1. Thank you Mick. I could not have put it better myself. Allan
  2. Basically because notes or recordings were not made and it is difficult to remember all of what was discussed. Apart from that it would take too long to put it all in writing and I would not like to misquote anyone at the meeting. Allan I know you are in London but we did have a London based photographer at the meeting. If possible when James attends another meeting perhaps you could visit too we would love to meet you in the flesh, so to speak. ITMA
  3. Dates or time periods were not given. But I would say, and this is my personal point of view, date taken. Assuming that images are uploaded soon after date taken of course. Allan
  4. From discussions today with James Allsworth. "It pays to refresh your portfolio frequently." Allan This post was sanctioned by James. ITMA
  5. I know I am going to get some stick for this post. From what I can see from the above there seems to be some supposition going on, but I know, from the horses mouth (so to speak), that Alamy still does have the contributors welfare at heart and is constantly working to get the best it can for us. All of the above comments are placing a lot of undeserved false negativity on Alamys head. So, in the nicest possible way, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Allan
  6. Great Cambridge Group meeting today with James Allsworth in attendance. Lots of questions flew around the table and James was quick to respond to all of them. I won't go into what was asked or the answers in detail but James gave the meeting some very useful information through his answers. Suggest if you have any questions then in the meantime contact James directly, or better still come along to the next meeting that James attends and meet a great guy face to face. Allan
  7. So the world is not going to explode in the next few days?😃 Allan
  8. Thanks for the information Mick. I was leaning more to the, "there's more on the news, does that indicate an increase in activity"? Allan
  9. There seems to a lot of reports in volcanic activity in the news just now. Allan
  10. Looks like a Jenny Wren. Allan Just checked and I am wrong.
  11. Let me know when you are coming to the UK. I will probably be living in Lincoln area by then but am willing to travel anywhere in the UK to say "Hello". Allan
  12. I know I have images of the same subject which have been taken at different times of day and different times of the year. also years apart. Different lighting and yes I try to go back to obtain images with "better" lighting/skies. When it comes to similars max three of subject taken same day from different angles/lighting/landscape/portrait. Allan
  13. Edo I am not criticising just explaining convention. £ sign goes in front of 3.50 (£3.50). I realise it will be difficult to break a long standing habit. Allan
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