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  1. Favourite Photos in July

    Builder and pilot of large WW1 radio controlled model aircraft. Three children playing on seesaw. Trader demonstrating adhesives at Wings and Wheels model display and show. Allan
  2. It's oh so quiet...

    Worst year for me since 2012!!!! Allan
  3. Instagram

    What is instagram? Allan (the old fogey)
  4. July Challenge FUN

    Actually this is someone inside that machine. Allan
  5. Keepers

    Looking back over my port it would appear that I would take about 500 images on a two week holiday of which around 85% were keepers. Mind you I am still working as though I am shooting film. (Haven't got into the "It's digital so doesn't matter if I take loads as it doesn't cost me more money." frame of mind). Allan
  6. Alamy poll - picture needs

    Thank you for your response Alamy. Allan
  7. Alamy poll - picture needs

    And STILL we haven't heard anything. As I don't twitter I assume Alamy have continued with that platform. Allan

    Alamy must have changed homepage image as it is only B & W, and some greys too. Allan
  9. As far as I am concerned it won't make any difference as I have been flatlining for at least two months. Allan
  10. New Tax Rules

    So the yearly cost will go down as they are entering a market similar to stock photography. Allan
  11. DOG and TREE IDs Please

    Then again it is said that anything and everything can sell on Alamy. Allan
  12. July Challenge FUN

    Two young ladies in shuggy boat at seaside fairground. Teddybear going down slide. Number plate on invalid buggy. Allan
  13. DOG and TREE IDs Please

    I wonder too. Allan
  14. DOG and TREE IDs Please

    Thank you and yes I normally do what you are suggesting but there is so much intertwined in there it is difficult to sort the chaff from the wheat. Thanks John. It looks like I am going to have to go back and get my hands dirty sorting out which leaves go with the tree. Allan
  15. Idiots guide to keywording

    Have you paid or do you still use free version? Allan