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  1. Favourite images uploaded - May 2018

  2. How many times has an image sold?

    Or go to "Sales History" click on "All". You get a picture as well of each sale. As mentioned above look out for refunds though. Allan
  3. F22 - what is the point?

    I've never been past f16 on a full frame sensor or f11 on the APS-C size. Allan
  4. Percentage PU sales

    I hoped that with the PU scheme being relatively new, especially with long term contributors, the sales percentage would be taken from the first PU sale not from total sales going way back before the scheme was introduced. Or over the last year at least. like Reimar has just done. Most accurate would be from first PU sale to present. Allan
  5. Percentage PU sales

    $10 US about £7.50. That's better, but still need to sell a lot at that price. Allan
  6. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Nice images. Snazzy. Allan
  7. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    From what I see it looks like "The Queens Head" or something very similar. Your local? No I've never been there. Allan
  8. Percentage PU sales

    $10 Canadian is about £5.80 GBP. Not crazy about that low a figure but if I could sell 1000 PU at that price (my cut) it would be worth it. How many PU sales have you had John? Allan
  9. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    The lady second from right must have seen me. Allan
  10. Percentage PU sales

    From what I have seen from above figures (apart from Marks 14%) it hardly seems worth while joining the PU scheme. Allan
  11. Percentage PU sales

    I opted out as I am think of selling for PU myself one day and would rather glean a better price on the basis if someone wants it for the wall they must come to me. Allan
  12. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    You might say that it is a "Textbook image". Allan
  13. Percentage PU sales

    Just wondering if members would be willing to share what their % sales are "Personal Use" compared to, what might be termed "normal sales". For example sales for editorial, books, etc. I opted out of PU in the early days so have no way of checking this from my own sales figures. Thanks in advance for any information. Allan
  14. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    Strangely this one sold to commercial electronics also. Allan
  15. Plant Identification

    Your image is very dark on my calibrated monitor too Richard. It also seems to be lacking colour and contrast but maybe brightening it up will be enough? Lacking punch I believe it is called. Allan