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  1. It is feeling sorry for you after you said you weren't enjoying photography so much just now. Cameras are psychic. Allan
  2. I spy with my little eye macrodactylus subspinosus. Allan
  3. Sunrise over Yarmouth Isle of Wight Tree on horizon of ploughed field the Cotswolds Freshly ploughed field of red earth Staffordshire Allan
  4. HURRAH! I have had an email to say my beds which, if you remember delivery was held up by covid lockdown, are to be delivered on 17th July 2020. Looking forward to a comfortable good nights sleep. Allan
  5. I don't need to be told to keep my distance from crocodiles.🤣 Allan
  6. Thanks wim. I have been looking into packing boxes in boxes unfortunately there are not many of the boxes I have which will go into others. I would probably lose track of some boxes if they were in other boxes too. Unfortunately the boxes I have are all intricately designed. Allan
  7. Notification from Paypal that money has come in from Alamy for images sold. Allan
  8. That's a thought. I haven't had time to get up into the loft yet. Allan
  9. Yes there is a car in the garage which is used on a regular basis and keeping it in a locked garage reduces the insurance cost. Allan
  10. Double garage but it is full of stuff that I am having to home properly then I will see what space it left. May add a small storage space in the rafters. Allan
  11. Thank you for your useful comments and tips on storage. It looks like I am going to have to find space. Allan
  12. When I buy A camera or lens or any other item of photographic equipment they mostly come in the manufacturers packing/boxes. I have kept the boxes for everything I have in case I needed to send the item for repair or for when I might sell the item on. Space is at a premium and have been wondering about disposing of some of the boxes. Do others keep the boxes for their gear or do they not bother. Allan
  13. You are indemnifying Alamy against costs/damages brought against Alamy. In other words you have to pay the costs etc. That is the gist of the paragraph. Allan
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